Elfsight vs Powr: Comparing 2 Best Website Widget Creators

When running a business, there are circumstances where you have to choose between using an online tool or hiring someone from a freelance network.

Most times, you would be persuaded to choose a quality online service because it will be an intelligent thing and save you a lot of time and money.

Elfsight and Powr are two popular website widget providers that provide dozens of widgets and plugins to upgrade your site.

Want to add a countdown timer on your sales page or event registration page to add urgency?

Display the latest reviews posted on G2, Yelp, Trustpilot, etc., underneath the pricing page to emphasize the social proof? Even generate a customized pricing table to convert more visitors into customers?

Or showcase Instagram feed or offer live chat via WhatsApp or Telegram?

Elfsight and Powr help you implement them in your business right away.

Imagine the amount of time and money spent if you go the other way around, which is hiring a coder on a freelance network…

As good as Elfsight and Powr are similar, there is no point in using both services unless there is a strong, irresistible reason.

So in this review of Elfsight vs Powr, you will find key features, differences, pros & cons of each service.

Elfsight vs Powr: What you get

Both services provide various widgets and plugins for websites and let you install them via simple JavaScript code.

Powr HTML email countdown timer code
Powr HTML email countdown timer code – Sometimes, you get the HTML code only (no JavaScript). It solely depends on the nature of the widget.

So, if you have a WordPress site, a custom-made static HTML website, or using a platform such as Wix, Weebly, or Webflow, a blog created on Brizy, Squarespace, Blogspot, Tumblr, or even a giveaway signup page created on sweepstake creator such as UpViral, you can simply embed widgets by placing the code.


1,000,000+ website owners use Elfsight services for many different reasons.

Elfsight homepage

Currently, Elfsight contains over 80 different tools categorized into eight groups.

  1. Social
  2. Reviews
  3. ECommerce
  4. Chats
  5. Forms
  6. Video
  7. Audio
  8. Tools
Elfsight widgets
Elfsight widgets library

Some of the plugins:

  1. Instagram feed
  2. Google Reviews
  3. WhatsApp Chat
  4. Social Feed
  5. All-in-one reviews
  6. All-in-one Chat
  7. Countdown Timer
  8. Popup
  9. Facebook Feed
  10. Client Testimonials Slider
  11. YouTube Gallery
  12. Facebook Reviews
  13. Age Verification
  14. Pricing Table
  15. Form Builder
  16. FAQ
  17. Contact Form
  18. Google Maps
  19. Google Calendar
  20. Social Share Buttons
  21. Facebook Chat
  22. Number Counter
  23. Slider
  24. Before and After Slider
  25. Banner
  26. PDF Embed
  27. PayPal Button
  28. Portfolio
  29. File Embed
  30. Telegram Chat
  31. Visitor Counter

And there are 20+ coming soon widgets that will be available in the near future:

Elfsight coming soon widgets
  1. Website Translator
  2. Group Chat for website
  3. Content Locker
  4. Custom Cursor
  5. Shop
  6. Google Ads
  7. Poll
  8. Clock
  9. Announcement bar
  10. Dark Mode
  11. Navigation Menu
  12. Cricket Scoreboard
  13. Blog

And you can request new widgets by submitting this form and new features on this site.

From the Elfsight dashboard, you can access installed widgets (and edit them and get the installation script to embed on other websites and block a specific domain from using your widgets) and create new widgets.

Elfsight dashboard
Elfsight Dashboard

The widget editor will include different settings and customization options based on the widget type.

Widget installation is pretty straightforward too. Elfsight provides step-by-step guides on their help center, and video tutorials are added to the playlist on the YouTube channel.

Elfsight WhatsApp Chat Widget's HTML Code


Google Reviews

Audio Player

Coronavirus Stats


Powr plugins are used by over 8 million users worldwide.

Powr.io homepage

Powr provides 60+ different tools for different purposes:

  1. Boost conversions
  2. Get more followers
  3. Collect information
  4. Support customers
  5. Engage visitors
Powr Apps
Powr plugins library

Some widgets Powr provides:

  1. Form Builder
  2. Social Feed
  3. Countdown timer
  4. Media Gallery
  5. Popup
  6. Paypal Button
  7. Multi Slider
  8. FAQ
  9. Chat
  10. Hit counter
  11. Pricing Table
  12. Weather
  13. PDF Embedder
  14. Restaurant Menu
  15. Order form
  16. Scroll to top
  17. Photo Editor
  18. Product Reviews
  19. Banner Slider
  20. Digital Download
  21. Microblog
  22. Event Gallery
  23. Graph
  24. YouTube Gallery
  25. Job Board
  26. Survey
  27. Reviews

You can request new plugins from this page.

Powr Dashboard shows the overview statistics of plugin usage and recently created widgets.

Powr dashboard

The plugin editor includes unique features based on the plugin.

Plugin editor of Powr for the Countdown Timer

Installation of Powr widgets is very easy. Plus, Powr provides guides for each platform on its website.


Installation options include not only “Install on a platform” such as WordPress but also sharing an app (a dedicated page) and sharing Powr widget embedded code via email.



Count up timer (counting from a date)

Product reviews

Elfsight vs Powr: Pricing

Elfsight has got two types of pricing plans: Single app pricing and All Apps pack pricing

The Single app pricing structure is pretty straightforward. You get to use the particular app you want as long as the subscription is active and prices are dependent upon the monthly view limit (i.e., how many pageviews your widget will get cumulatively).

Elfsight Google Reviews pricing

The Single App pricing may vary depending on the app.

The All Apps pack includes 80+ apps, and its prices are also based on monthly views like single app pricing.

Elfsight all apps pack pricing
  1. Basic Pack – $15/month – Unlimited websites, 5,000 views per app, 252 widgets (3 per app)
  2. Pro Pack – $30/month – Unlimited websites, 50,000 views per app, 756 widgets (9 per app)
  3. Premium Pack – $60/month – Unlimited websites, 150,000 views per app, 1,764 widgets (21 per app)

Powr also has both single app and app pricing plans. Single-app pricing varies based on the application.

Powr Pricing

Pricing for Powr’s All apps is based on the monthly pageviews. Integrations are enabled up from the 5,000 page views per month plan.

Both services offer a free plan but include brand logos on widgets.

Elfsight vs Powr: Differences

Elfsight and Powr are great tools to empower your site with different services.

Powr offers more features and customization options, and Elfsight’s widgets are more beautiful.

For example, the Pricing Table of Powr is equipped with tons of more features than Elfsight. Watch the video below, for instance.

Here’s the video for the Elfsight pricing table generator.

When comparing countdown timers of Elfsight and Powr, Powr includes more features.


You can show a unique countdown clock based on the visitor and set up count up timers with a single widget. Similarly, the pricing table generator of Powr contains much more options than Elfsight.

On the other hand, Elfsight offers more templates, layouts, and design options.

Here is a table of widget types that is unique to each other:

Age Verification PopupEmail countdown timer
Google ReviewsECommerce
Radio playerPhoto Filter
QR CodeDigital Download
Google Play reviewsPlan Comparision
Announcement BarJob Board
Sales NotificationTabs
OpenTable reviewsStripe Button
Elfsight vs Powr: Unique widgets

Elfsight is adding more widget types at a fast pace, while Powr is lagging in this department.

Which website widget provider is most suitable for you?

It depends on your requirements.

Elfsight includes more widget types, and Elfsight pricing plans are flexible for any situation. For example, if you just want to use Elfsight’s Instagram Feed widget, you can use it alone without subscribing to an All Apps pack plan.

Powr provides unique apps such as an email countdown timer, which is not only worth a lot of money but also does not cap page views per month.

Powr email countdown app pricing

Final words on Powr vs Elfsight

Powr and Elfsight are the two best widget providers for websites with cheaper and more flexible pricing. Some of its competitors, such as SocialEmbed, not only do not have enough apps but also charge a lot compared with Powr and Elfsight.

It can be tricky choosing a better one between Elfsight and Powr. Currently, Elfsight’s All Apps plans are cost-effective and provide the most value for money compared to Powr.

But, Powr contains unique apps such as ECommerce and email timer, which can be really helpful in necessary times.

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Which is your preferred choice between Elfsight and Powr?

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