7 Best HTML Weather Widgets for Websites with Automatic Location

A good weather widget with automatic location capability will not only help users to find the current weather status right from your website but also the future weather forecast for upcoming days too.

Not most website-building platforms provide a way to enable weather forecasts on websites. So, how do you add a weather widget to your website with automatic location detection capability?

You will have to use an accurate weather widget creator. In this article, you will find top weather widgets, features and live demos of them, and things to consider when embedding weather forecast plugins on a site.

Benefits of displaying weather data on your website

Showcasing current and future weather forecast details on your site can be helpful in many ways. Here are some:

Increase sales of weather-dependent goods and services

When you run an offline business, such as an outdoor event business, you can display current and future weather forecast data underneath your booking & payment widgets when you want your clients to choose a perfect day without leaving your site.

Improve user experience

With a precise weather forecast, it’s easy to find the best date & time for the planned event and book it without leaving your website. Also, with a multi-location weather widget, you can showcase the current weather stats of cities across the globe, making your site a one-to-go-stop for getting accurate weather data.

Four things to consider when using HTML Weather forecast widgets

  1. Customize the widget – Most HTML weather forecasting widget builders listed below allow you to define the location via name, ZIP code, and coordinates and change the color scheme, fonts, widget size, and more. Make use of customizing tools to integrate the meteorology widget with your site using the brand color palette, font families, etc. Before adding the widget to your site, preview it on the mobile view to ensure climate metrics are apparent.
  2. Concern about the page loading speed – The last thing you want is to increase your site’s loading time because of the weather web app! According to a report, page loading speed directly correlates with the conversion rate. You can load the weather forecast widget’s script code (JS) asynchronously to load the widget after other contents are loaded on the page. Furthermore, you can use a script manager such as Google Tag Manager or Cloudflare Zaraz and take measures such as using colors instead of animated background images.
  3. A/B test your landing pages – You will not know if adding a weather widget to a website results in increased conversions if you do not split-test your pages — experiment using different widget variations (minimalistic view, full-width, etc.) and styles.
  4. Use other conversion boosters – Using a weather widget alone on a site is not guaranteed to boost sales on your site. Utilize other techniques, such as using countdown timers, social proof software tools, feature comparison tables, and website pop-up widgets.

Top Website Weather Widgets To Use Today

Elfsight Weather widget

Elfsight weather widget

Elfsight is a widgets provider for websites. Its widgets catalog consists of over 80 different apps for purposes such as collecting data (Form Builder, Subscription Form), showcasing data (testimonials widget, file viewer plugin, animated number counter), and tools like before and after slider and age verification widget.

Elfsight’s Weather widget is a versatile & free weather forecast plugin for websites with a visual editor (see changes to your weather widget live on editor while you edit it), many features, and the capability to embed on any placement (header, sidebar, in-content, footer) on any website no matter which platform (Ex: WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace…) you use.

Elfsight Weather widget builder
Elfsight Weather widget builder is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and consists of many customization options, including custom CSS. You can edit the widget even after embedding it on your site.


  • Templates – Elfsight Weather widget creator supplies 5+ different templates to get you started quickly. Those are designed to showcase the following:
    • Detailed forecast – Displays all the details, including current weather, temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, and hourly & daily forecast
    • Current weather – Highlights temperature and weather forecast for the current hour
    • Daily forecast – This weather widget type shows weather (rain possibility and high & low temperatures) for the next seven days
    • Hourly forecast – The hour weather widget displays the weather status for the next 12 hours.
  • Weather location – You can set up the location for the weather forecast HTML widget in two ways:
    1. Visitor’s location – When you choose this option, the widget will automatically determine where your visitor is by their IP address and will display the correct weather.
    2. Specific location – Elfsight’s Weather widget lets you specify the location in three ways:
      1. Location by city – Enter the name of your targeted city and choose the accurate location from the prepopulated list of city names. When using this option, you are also able to specify a custom display name. Listing your branch or specific town names familiar to your targeted audience would be helpful.
      2. Location by ZIP code – One weakness you might find when using the Elfsight Weather forecast app is that it does not list all the cities in the world. Hence, the ZIP code option would be helpful in those cases. Even this option will have some issues, such as populating an inaccurate location.
      3. Location by coordinates – The most reliable way to add accurate weather location information is the coordinate specification. You can find the correct coordinates through Google Maps or a latitude and longitude finder such as Latlong.
  • Settings – Elfsight Weather widget supports over 30 languages, so your website users can see weather details in their native tongue. Also, change units on temperature (Fahrenheit, Celcius), wind speed (Miles per hour, Knots, etc.), pressure (Milibars, Inches of Mercury, Pounds per Square Inch, etc.), and time format (12-hour, 24-hour) to improve the comfort of using the embedded weather widget on your website.
  • Style and Customization – Change the look and feel of the weather widget by editing the background (color or themed image that will change depending on the location’s weather) and enabling icon animations. Plus, the custom CSS option is there to change the widget’s appearance further.
  • Preview widget’s appearance on mobile, clone widgets, and more.

How to create a weather widget on Elfsight

Use the widget builder below to create your weather widget.

Or visit the Elfsight website, sign up, search the “Weather” app from the widgets catalog, and start designing your weather widget.

Here’s a video tutorial on using Elfsight Weather widget creator.

Weather widget embed code

Copy and paste the HTML code for the weather forecast widget on your website’s source code editor where you want to display it. You may use the ‘Custom HTML‘ block in the widgets editor on WordPress to add weather widgets to the sidebar and header widget sections.

Elfsight Weather widget embed code
Copy and paste HTML code into your post, template, or theme editor. You may also use services such as Google Tag Manager to load the JavaScript code dynamically.

Note: You only have to place the JavaScript code once on your website, even if multiple Elfsight widgets, such as the event calendar widget, are embedded on the same page.

Tip: Add 'data-elfsight-app-lazy‘ attribute to the div element to lazy load weather widget. When lazy loading is activated, the widget will appear once the user scrolls down to the viewpoint. Learn more.

<script src="https://static.elfsight.com/platform/platform.js" data-use-service-core defer></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-cb43357f-7e1d-49e9-9a44-89654ddaf508" data-elfsight-app-lazy></div>

Tip: You can use <a> anchor element to link your weather gadget to another page. Check out the first demo below. Here’s an example code:

<script src="https://static.elfsight.com/platform/platform.js" data-use-service-core defer></script>
<a href="https://www.pitiya.com/" target="_blank"> <div class="elfsight-app-cb43357f-7e1d-49e9-9a44-89654ddaf508" data-elfsight-app-lazy></div></a>


Current weather (in Los Angeles) with a link to an external website

Weather widget with automatic location detection

Hourly weather forecast widget with a specific location


Elfsight’s Weather widget is free to use. Its free plan allows one widget per account and a total of 200 widget views per month. Elfsight’s branding logo is embedded in free weather widgets. If you want to remove branding from widgets and more pageviews per month, you have to subscribe to a paid plan starting from $5 per month.

Elfsight Weather app pricing

Also, Elfsight has All Apps packs that provide access to 80+ apps, including the Weather widget. Prices start from $18/mo.

Elfsight all apps pack pricing
All Apps Pack plans are most suitable for sites that are in need of more apps. Agency plans are also available on your dashboard. Check Elfsight pricing to find more information.

Click here to try the Elfsight Weather widget.

Powr Weather App

Powr Weather app

Powr is another online service that provides free website widgets with codes (without having to code a single line of code), with 50+ plugins in its library ranging from data collection to boosting conversions. Some popular apps are the countdown timer for emails and maps widget for Google Maps.

Powr’s Weather app is free to use and lets you customize the widget to resonate with your brand and fulfill your requirements with a robust visual editor with customization capabilities.

Powr Weather widget editor


  • Global coverage – One of the best features of Powr’s Weather app is the ability to add locations from anywhere on Earth. It even supports local towns, villages, and specific places.
  • Display every key detail – Automatically display accurately current temperature, high and low, cloud cover, precipitation, wind speed, and humidity percentage. Powr supports Fahrenheit, Celcius, and Kelvin temperature units and lets you choose the forecast interval (hourly or daily) and control the forecast count.
  • Customization – Design the weather plugin the way you want. Enable graphic [background image], change colors, fonts, and plugin size to control the widget’s outlook to match your brand colors and situation.
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript code insertion, preview widget’s appearance on a tablet or mobile device before publishing, share weather app with others, add collaborators, duplicate widgets, check view count, and more.

Here’s a video that shows how to use Powr to create a weather widget for your website.



Powr’s Weather app’s prices start from free. The free plan does not limit the number of page views, unlike Elfsight; however, it limits features and contains the Powr branding on the widget. Paid plans start from $5.49/month.

Powr Weather app pricing

Click here to try the Powr Weather app.

CommonNinja Live Weather Forecast

CommonNinja Weather Forecast widget

CommonNinja is an alternative to Elfsight with over 80 widgets for different purposes ranging from user engagement to website components. Some of CommonNinja’s widgets are a pricing table maker and logo slider.

Live Weather Forecast of CommonNinja is a free weather plugin for websites with multiple layouts & skins, and customization options.

CommonNinja Weather forecast widget creator


  • Location-based or user-location-based weather data – The weather widget automatically detects users’ locations and provides real-time weather information for their specific area. Or you can input a custom location by name or ZIP code and generate a location-based live weather forecast widget.
  • Layouts and skins – Quickly change the outlook of the widget by choosing a layout (out of three) and skin color (out of dozens). You can change the colors of individual elements from the Look and Feel section.
  • Multiple weather metrics – The weather forecast widget displays a variety of weather metrics, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and precipitation. And you can change the unit for temperature and speed too.
  • Customization – CommonNinja delivers one of the best weather widgets when it comes to editing capability. Utilize the Basic and Advanced editing options to change the look and feel of your widget from fonts, sizes, colors, borders, spacing, etc.,
  • Visibility – Localize your widget by changing the front end of the widget with a selection of over ten languages. Also, you can show or hide specific elements from the widget to customize it the way you want.
  • Custom CSS, widget sharing, analytics, and more.

Here’s a video tutorial that shows how to use CommonNinja to make a weather widget.



CommonNinja’s Live Weather widget is free to use. However, the free plan comes with limits and branding on the widgets. Paid plans start from $5/month.

CommonNinja Weather Forecast widget pricing

Click here to try CommonNinja.

TheWeather’s Weather Widget

TheWeather weather widget

TheWeather.com (also known as Meteored) is a website that provides weather data for major cities in several countries for the upcoming 14 days. It provides both mobile apps and web widget solutions.

TheWeather weather widget creator


  • Change language and location – Enter the city name and select it to reflect data on the widget. One downside is that many cities aren’t available on the list.
  • Change which detail to show on the widget – Meteored’s weather widget supports many metrics. They are temperature, wind, relative humidity, snowline, pressure, sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset, rain, and UV index. Also, you can change the metric unit for some items.
  • Styling – Change icons, font family, and colors.
  • Control widget’s size & number of forecast days, generate weather widget as script or image.

The browser directs to its website When any of the space of Meteored weather widgets is clicked. The page will include more information, such as hourly weather details, charts, and a lunar calendar.


Meteored Weather widget is free to use.

Click here to try Meteored widget.



Weatherwidget.org provides a few free weather widgets with automatic locations. Widgets are customizable to change colors, sections, temperature scale, background, and language.

Here’s a demo (Ticker widget type with automatic location):



This is another free weather widget provider for websites with responsive design. Enter your location, choose the temperature unit, choose a preferred theme, change the appearance, and get the code.

Here’s a demo:


Tomorrow’s Weather widget

Tomorrow Weather widget

Tomorrow.io provides true weather widgets with multiple locations capability and a weather summary report in audio format.


  • Automatic or fixed location – You can let Tomorrow.io automatically determine the user’s approximate location (based on IP address) or specify one.
  • Different weather widgets – Use one of the available options depending on your scenario.
    • Multiple locations
    • Weather summary
    • Upcoming days
    • Current air quality
    • Air quality and pollen
    • Air quality and pollutants
    • AQI (Air Quality Index) multiple locations
    • Fire risk index
  • Settings – Change the color scheme (light or dark), unit, and language. Tomorrow.io’s weather widgets creator lack of customization when compared to others.


Air Quality and Pollen (Air quality and pollen for now, today, and tomorrow)

Fire Risk Index (Current fire index value (FWI) for 6 locations)

Air Quality and Pollutants (Air quality and pollutants for now, today, and tomorrow) – Dark theme, automatic location

Click here to try Tomorrow’s weather widget.

What is the best weather widget for your website?

In this article, you discovered several free customizable weather website widgets and plugins. Also, there are several websites where you can get embed codes for free weather widgets, such as Booked.net and WeatherWX.

Most of them provide universal weather information, including temperature, wind speed, precipitation, air quality & pressure so on. However, not all services let you customize the weather forecast widget as you want.

For example, Meteored’s Weather widget has limited customization options, while Elfsight’s Weather app provides different templates, localization options, and three ways to specify a location. Tomorrow.io’s weather widgets are modern and provide more metrics. However, one downside of using services such as those is the clear branding in all weather plugins and the inability to remove external links.

Furthermore, one advantage of using services like Elfsight and Powr is that you can use other apps, such as YouTube video gallery widgets, on your site without paying for another tool. Learn about the differences between the two services in Powr vs. Elfsight article.

In a nutshell, if you want a quality weather plugin for your site with automatic weather updates, no ads, and the ability to install it on multiple websites (including your clients’), Elfsight’s Weather app and Powr Weather plugins are recommended.

Final words on best weather widgets for websites

Although you can use Google Weather or Accuweather, those services do not provide a way to display current and future meteo information on your website. Sure, you can use weather data suppliers’ API to build your weather web apps. However, that process needs money and maintenance. For that reason, you would have to use a third-party quality weather widget.

Some services provide additional metrics such as air quality and widget customization options to let you make the widget dynamic (auto-detect visitor’s location and display local weather metrics) and fine-tune the widget’s appearance.

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