WriterZen Review (2024): Best SEO Content Writing Tool

Whether you are a niche affiliate website owner, blogger, freelance SEO content writer, or agency that provides SEO services, you ultimately want to produce content that ranks top on Google.

Unlike good ol’ days, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become more complicated – That is why there are over 200 Google ranking factors!

You could have the most informative piece of content, but unless you follow SEO techniques, your article won’t be able to yield positive results.

If you asked me to list the top five tools to help in SEO and content marketing, there’s one tool that I cannot resist adding.

It is none other than WriterZen.

Writerzen home page
WriterZen website screenshot

In today’s review on WriterZen, I will walk you through its services of WriterZen, explain how I use it, and share my experiences and pros/cons of WritierZen.

What is WriterZen?

WriterZen is an SEO and content marketing suite that provides several services to elevate your SEO and content marketing efforts. It includes five essential tools that have improved ever since its launch from day one.

  1. Topic Discovery
  2. Keyword Explorer
  3. Keyword Importer
  4. Content Writer
  5. Plagiarism Checker

In this WriterZen review, I will briefly explain each tool’s purposes and uses.

SaaS products pop up like mushrooms here and there. Many products include common features and offer no unique services that distinguish them from competitors. In other words, most SaaS SEO tools do not have Unique Selling Propositions (USPs).

However, WriterZen is not just an SEO tool with keyword research and functions like AI content writing. It’s more than that.

Who is behind WriterZen?

It is crucial to get to know who’s behind a company because at the end of the day, you are paying for it, and if the team behind it does not improve the platform with new features, fix bugs, assist with normal technical queries, it is no value for you.

Daniel Nguyen Writerzen

The CEO of WriterZen is Daniel Nguyen, a digital marketer from Vietnam. The company behind WriterZen is based in Singapore. Learn more.

Before going international, WriterZen’s services were offered in the local market of Vietnam with good success, according to WriterZen’s founder, Daniel. As a digital marketing team managing clients worldwide, Daniel and his team helped businesses grow with successful SEO and content marketing strategies.

WriterZen is their next level-up, and it was launched to the public in 2021. As the initial promotion tactic, they launched several lifetime deals on several networks, including StackSocial and Appsumo, and currently, they are focusing on improving MRR subscriptions.

How to use WriterZen

WriterZen is one of the cheapest SEO tools when comparing its features and what competitors charge (more on that later). In order to start using WriterZen, you must have an active account.

Luckily, you can try WriterZen for free with its free trial.

Writerzen pricing

In this WriterZen review, I will shortly explain how to use the WriterZen platform.


Visit the official WriterZen website from here and create your account.

Create account on Writerzen
WriterZen free trial registration

Once registered, you will be directed to the dashboard.


Writerzen dashboard

From the dashboard, you can find several items:

  • Links to major tools
  • Workflow template for SEOs and content creators with different experience levels
  • Links to Knowledge Hub and the latest WriterZen blog article

In addition to recommended workflows, WriterZen includes several sample use cases.

Writerzen workflow templates

Topic Discovery

The first step of a successful content marketing campaign is researching topics. Topic and keyword research are two different domains, although they have common qualities.

In topic research, you are searching sub-topics based on the topic.


To get started, enter the main topic name. It is usually the primary keyword you want to rank for and used as a pillar page’s target keyword. Select the location and language and click on the “Search” button.

Now you will see several sub-topic boxes with their total monthly search volume, ranking articles, related searches, and more.


Here is a short video that reviews WriterZen’s Topic Discovery tool.

WriterZen Topic Discovery follows a specifically defined process so that you get the most recent and accurate result.

  1. Identifying the top 100 URLs
  2. Categorizing content data
  3. Segmenting key headlines
  4. Initializing topic ideas

Key features:

  • Get Google Suggest Insights and related searches (queries) under each sub-topic
  • Add Google Suggest Insights items to a list and use them on other tools such as Keyword Explorer
  • Filter topics based on the trend pattern and relevancy
  • Export as a .XLS file

In my tutorial on Semrush’s Topic Research tool, I explained how topic research works as a whole. WriterZen’s Topic Discovery is a no-complex tool for bloggers to research sub-topics to build a powerful content strategy for the long term.

Keyword Explorer

WriterZen Keyword Explorer

One of the best tools in WriterZen is the Keyword Explorer.


Because of these reasons:

  • Get SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) overview and Ahrefs data (for free) such as backlinks and referral domains
  • Modify search settings. Set location and language.
  • Get keywords ranked by a website
  • Get search insights data such as People Also Asked (PAA) keywords.
  • Find out trending keywords
  • Cluster keywords
  • Check the Golden Ratio of keywords
  • Get Allintitle of keywords
  • Wildcard keyword research
  • Get revenue estimations
  • Export keyword report

Enter your keyword, select the location (global or a specific region) and language of the keyword, and click the “Search” button.

Now you will see an interface similar to the one below.

Writerzen keyword research bedroom designs
Keyword report

In this section, you can find this information:

  • SERP Overview – A breakdown of the top 10 results for the particular keyword in the region. It includes details such as Ahrefs rank, backlinks, referral domains (aka linking domains), organic traffic for the page, and organic keywords of the ranking page. This information is fetched from Ahrefs.
  • CPC data – Cost Per Click, or CPC in short, is a metric that determines how much advertisers are willing to pay for a click in search ads. WriterZen provides extra data such as KD (Keyword Difficulty) by Google ads, Content (based on allintitle and keyword competition), and Traffic and Signal (social traffic).
  • Keyword ideas – A breakdown of keyword ideas
  • Overview chart – Search volume (based on Google Keyword Planner data) and Google Trends charts

Keyword data

The keywords data section is filled with all the information you are looking for.

Writerzen keyword data

Plus, in this place, you can form functions such as filtering keywords based on include/exclude, word count, CPC filters, and calculate Golden Score, forecast revenue, etc.,

Writerzen keywords functions

Click on any keyword idea to check its details, such as SERP overview, CPC, and search volume during the previous 12 months.

Keyword idea overview Writerzen

Golden Filter

One of the best functionalities I want to emphasize in this WriterZen review is the ability to calculate the Golden Score or Golden Ratio of keywords.

What is the Golden Score?

Golden Score in WriterZen is an improved version of Doug Cunnington’s Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR). Find more information about Keyword Golden Ratio from this article.

One of the downsides of Doug Cunnington’s KGR system is that it is limited to keywords with less than 250 search volumes per month. However, WriterZen’s Golden Score is not limited to the search volume of a search query, and it has been improved by adding more variables, such as allintitle.

Click on the “Golden Score” button and confirm your choice. Each Golden Score check costs you one “Credit.” The credit limit would be based on your WriterZen plan.

Writerzen golden filter activation

Check out the video below to see how fast WriterZen calculates Golden Score and allintitle for 3,000+ keywords. (It took less than ten minutes!)

It might take more time based on the size of your keyword list and the usage of WriterZen’s Golden Score checker.

WriterZen lists both Allintitle and Golden Score metrics as columns in the Keyword Data table. The best part is you can use both Allintitle and Golden Score filters to find low-competition keywords.

Writerzen Allintitle golden score keywords

After the Golden Score calculation is completed, you can filter keywords.

Writerzen Golden Score

There are two categories:

  1. By Ranking Probability – Gives you a list of keywords with the highest chance of ranking on the first page. Specify the targeted ‘SERPs Position’ to find keywords with where you want to rank your site.
  2. By Potential Value – Not all keywords are equally valuable. Some keywords are harder to rank, but they drive sales and customers to your business.

The first category is the best choice if your site is new and no backlinks are built. Once you have a consistent flow of traffic, target high-value keywords. If budget allows, build some quality backlinks to stabilize SERP rankings.

WriterZen is one of the best KGR keyword research tools because of the speed of calculation and the value you get compared with its competitors.

Keyword Clustering

You might have seen a pattern in how pages are ranked on Google. Some pages rank for multiple keywords. Keyword Clustering lets you find similar keywords in Google’s eye.

Keyword Clustering aims to find targeted keywords to use on a single page so that it will rank for multiple keywords and increase relevancy.

Click on the “Cluster” button and choose one of the two options: Cluster selected or Cluster all.

Keyword Cluster selected Writerzen

Keyword Importer

One of the weaknesses of WriterZen is it gets keyword data only from Google Keyword Planner. For that reason, WriterZen does not come up with related keywords, which you get from other keyword research services such as Semrush and Ahrefs. Also, Google does not provide data or associated keywords for sensitive keywords.

The keyword Importer tool in WriterZen is beneficial in those cases. You can import keywords in WriterZen and start calculating Golden Score, Cluster keywords, and writing SEO-friendly content.


Click on the ‘Import Keyword’ button, and you will see a pop-out window like below. Enter a name for the project, select location and language, paste keywords (or import from a file or an existing list), and click on the “+ Add” button.


Here’s a short video that shows how to use the Keyword Importer in WriterZen:

Content Creator

Creating content is the most important part of your workflow. For that reason, WriterZen makes it not only very easy to create outlines and analyze competitors’ kept secrets but also vastly improves content with Google NLP entities, OpenAI’s GPT-3 powered AI writing assistant.

Recently, WriterZen integrated with Google NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Microsoft’s OpenAPI to improve the SEO content writing process.

Create a project inside Content Creator by entering the name. Choose the appropriate location and language. There can be multiple articles organized and managed in a project.

Writerzen content creator new project

Enter the seed keyword and writer’s name, enable or disable the Google NLP entity checker, and set a deadline to set up the article.

Writerzen content creator article setting

Outline builder

One of the very useful features of Content Creator that I want to highlight in the WriterZen review is the outline builder.

Writerzen content creator outline to use

WriterZen provides:

  • SERP View for top 20 URLs in Google – Get access to all headings of competitor websites (from H1 to H6), get word count, images, and more.
  • Check whether articles rank for the seed keyword – Not all keywords are articles-friendly. Check whether articles are ranked on the first page and the amount percentage-wise
  • Exclude domains from SERP overview – Filter niche blogs and articles, not Amazon and other eCom product listings
  • Generate FAQs using AI writing assistant – Get more search traffic with the PAA (People Also Asked) search feature in Google.
  • Suggest insights – Get topics that people discuss according to Google and questions asked on Reddit.
AI Assistant for building outlines

Let AI build outlines for your content or rewrite existing headings.

Writerzen content creator outline builder AI assistant

Keywords to include

Keyword usage is an important aspect of any SEO content writing campaign. There are multiple ways you can add keywords to a blog post.

  • Headings – From post title (H1) to main headings (h2 – h3) to sub-headings (H4, H5, H6)
  • Inside content
  • Images – As alternative (Alt) text

WriterZen scans top pages ranked on Google for the seed keyword and generates related keywords and opportunities keywords.

Writerzen content creator keyword to include

Also, you can import keywords from a list and type them individually.

Writerzen content creator keyword to include import

Content writing

The last step is writing content.

Writerzen content creator content writing

Content Creator of WriterZen provides many features:

  • Import content – Do you already have a piece of content published on your site that you want to optimize inside WriterZen? Simply use the “Import” tool and enter the URL or import from a .txt file.
  • Copy outlines to the editor – No need to copy and paste blog post outlines one by one. Click the “Copy to editor” button to speed up the writing process.
  • AI writing assistant – Let AI write content for you with 40+ templates
  • Use keywords and highlight used keywords – See all the keywords generated in the previous step and monitor usage
  • Competitors – Get a summary view of each article and view your competitor content in FAQs format
  • SEO analysis – Get an analysis report on the content optimization based on outline and keywords
  • Check plagiarism – Analyze your written content to find any duplicates to prevent Google penalties
  • Give access to your writer – Generate a unique link to share with your editor
  • Export – Export content as HTML or doc

Plagiarism Checker

Content uniqueness is critical, especially when it comes to SEO. Google gives no prominence to duplicate content. WriterZen’s Plagiarism Checker is doing a great job in its department.

Writerzen plagiarism checker

Click on the “+ New Project” button, set the project title, and import content.

Enter content to Writerzen plagiarism checker

Click on the “Add” button to start analyzing content for plagiarism.

collecting data writerzen

WriterZen will list all the sources that WriterZen has identified as origins for plagiarized content and text duplication percentage at the sentence level.


Click on the “Share report” button to share the plagiarism report with your clients or co-workers.


In this WriterZen review, you found major tools of WriterZen. But, WriterZen distinguishes itself from its competitors due to its features. Here are some of them:

Find easy-to-win keywords

WriterZen follows a proven approach to finding easy-to-win keywords no matter your business level. Whether you are a newbie blogger, an intermediate when it comes to SEO or an advanced content marketer, WriterZen provides particular tools to find keywords for your business.

  • Golden Score – The improved version of the Keyword Golden Ratio. Allows you to find keywords based on content scarcity on Google. According to Google, 15% of all keywords are never heard of. You can tap into those by checking Golden Score.
  • Allintitle score – WriterZen is one of the best Allintitle tools to calculate allintitle scores of bulk keywords.
  • Clustering – Another small but hugely impactful feature in WriterZen is the ability to find keyword similarities in Google’s eye. Keyword Clustering in WriterZen allows you to find related keywords to use on a single page.

WriterZen and only a handful of services are capable of doing all the above functions.

Wildcard keyword research

Wildcard keyword research allows you to find keywords associated with a certain word or set of words.

Select the “Wildcard” tab in Keyword Explorer and use the asterisk symbol (*) before and/or after a word (or set of words) to generate keyword ideas.

Wildcard WriterZen keyword explorer

The screenshot below shows keyword ideas related to the “cpanel” keyword.

Wildcard keyword research data

AI Writing assistant

Improve your content with the help of the AI writing assistant. From building the outline to rewriting content from a competitor and generating FAQs from competitors’ content to use on your articles, WriterZen’s AI Writing Assistant has well over 40 templates and is trained with billions of words to produce content that can hardly distinguish from human-made content.

AI content writing assistant writerzen

Here’s a video that shows WriterZen’s AI content writing tool.

Keyword List

With WriterZen’s Keyword List, you can manage keywords in one place.

Keyword list Writerzen


One of the greatest features that almost no one use I want to highlight in this WriterZen review is the ability to forecast estimated sales from SEO content marketing campaigns.

Writerzen revenue forecast

Unlike Traffic Cost in Semrush, WriterZen lets you forecast the revenue from search traffic. Existing CTR rates are industry standard averages based on statistics. You can modify CTA stats, conversion rate, conversion value, and targeted monthly goals to get suggestions.


Like you can import keywords and blog post content to WriterZen, and you can export data from WriterZen.

Export data in Writerzen

Tutorials and webinars

WriterZen team has improved the knowledge base over the previous months, and blog articles have been added. Moreover, the WriterZen dashboard includes workflow templates and tutorials on every tool. The WriterZen team holds webinars every month where you can ask questions online from the WriterZen team for free.

Writerzen keyword explorer tutorial library

Plus, WriterZen shares informative graphics and sheets to help you understand how to produce content that Google and people love, such as this Zen Matrix framework.


WriterZen offers a free trial and four paid plans:

Writerzen pricing


  • Lite – $23/mo – 10 Keyword lookups/day, 10,000 keyword credits/month, 10 Content briefs/month, 10 topic lookups/day
  • Plus – $89/mo – 75 Keyword lookups/day, 20,000 keyword credits/month, 50 Content briefs/month, 50 topic lookups/day
  • Pro – $219/mo – 150 Keyword lookups/day, 50,000 keyword credits/month, 100 Content briefs/month, 100 topic lookups/day, 2 team members
  • Ultra – $399/mo – 150 Keyword lookups/day, 100,000 keyword credits/month, 200 Content briefs/month, 200 topic lookups/day, 4 team members

Keyword credits are used for Golden Score/Allintitle investigation and cluster keywords. Check Writizen pricing article to find more details.

Which plan is worth it for you?

Essentially, each plan is preferred for marketers based on their usage/volume. If you are a blogger who does not publish more than 50 posts per month, the Basic plan is more than enough.

Pros and Cons


  • Discover blog post ideas based on topical relevancy
  • Keyword Explorer to get key metrics and calculate allintitle scores, and forecasting revenue
  • Golden Score to find lower competitive keywords to rank faster on Google
  • GPT-3 powered A.I Writing Assistant
  • Google NLP analysis (Analyze the sentiment of content and check how Googlebot sees competitors’ content)
  • Outline builder and content writing tool
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Cost-effective solution for topic discovery, keyword research, content creation, and plagiarism checking


  • Cannot track SERP keyword ranking
  • Keywords data are based on Google Keyword Planner. So some keywords are excluded, and using hyphens isn’t allowed.
  • Existing competitor keyword research functionality is weak
  • No competitor analysis and keyword rank tracking features

Is WriterZen worth it?

I have reviewed a couple of SEO tools on Pitiya. Semrush and BrandOverflow are two popular ones.

However, WriterZen is special when it comes to keyword research, particularly. Its revolutionary features, such as Golden Score and Keyword Clustering, are my favorite ones. The specialty is that you can import keywords into WriterZen and use those features.

Most other tools specializing in KGR calculation and keyword clustering charge higher fees than WriterZen’s prices.

On the other hand, WriterZen offers an AI Writing Assistant and plagiarism checker in every plan. As a comparison, Semrush’s Plagiarism checker comes in the Guru plan, costing $229.95/mo!

Check plagiarism on Google Docs by using Semrush

WriterZen works

I used WriterZen to find low-competition targeted keywords. Merely a couple of days after Google indexing, the targeted page ranked at the first spot.


Although WriterZen’s keyword data is based on Google Keyword Planner, you can use other keyword research tools like Semrush (ex: Semrush Keyword Magic, Keyword Gap analyzer, or other keyword research tools of Semrush), SurferSEO, Ahrefs, Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest to find a list of keywords, and import to WriterZen and calculate KGS (Keyword Golden Score), Allintitle, Cluster, etc.,

Final words on WriterZen review

Due to various reasons that do not limit to Google’s constant algorithm changes, SEO has become difficult for beginners, particularly to tap into a competitive niche.

However, some fundamentals do not change. Whether we like it or not, content optimization for search engines is still a vital part.

In this WriterZen review, you found everything about it, including key features and pros and cons. If you are already using an SEO tool like Semrush, there is no need to use WriterZen.

However, if you are looking for a tool to find low-competitive keywords to rank faster without backlinks, WriterZen is the best in the market.

Click here to try WriterZen for free.

So, what are your opinions on WriterZen? Share in the comment section below.

WriterZen Review $23
  • Keyword Research
  • Topic Discovery
  • Content Creator
  • UI & UX
  • Plagiarism Checker

Summary of WriterZen Review

WriterZen makes SEO and content marketing easy (and fun) by letting you find quick-win keywords (to rank without backlinks), research topic-related ideas (go beyond the traditional keyword research approach), and produce user-friendly content that ranks on search engines. Its features, such as keyword clustering, plagiarism checker, allintitle checker, Golden Score filter, and AI writing assistant, definitely help ordinary to professional content creators.


  • Keyword Research
  • Topic Research
  • Content Creator
  • AI Writing Assistant
  • Golden Score and Allintitle calculator
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Wildcard Keyword Research
  • Easy-to-use User Interface
  • Team members


  • Cannot find keywords of competitors
  • Cannot discover backlinks of competitor sites
  • Cannot track SERP keyword rankings

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