Top 2 Keyword Golden Ratio Calculators (Find KGR Quickly)

Keyword Golden ratio, or KGR, determines the possibility of ranking on Google SERP without backlinks or off-page SEO.

Basically, finding the Keyword Golding Ratio of keywords is easy. But, what is the hardest part is doing it for hundreds or thousands of keywords.

So, that is why you should use a good Keyword Golden Ratio calculator or a KGR keyword tool to automate the task, save your energy and time, and expedite your content creation process.

Is there any keyword golden ratio tool that can automatically check Allintitle and calculate the KGR for bulk keywords?

Yes, there are several tools. In a previous article, I talked more detail about Keyword Golden Ratio and whether it still works for any niche or site. In this post, I will review several best Keyword Golden Ratio calculator tools.


Writerzen is just more than a keyword research tool with KGR checking features. In fact, it’s equipped with Topic Research, Plagiarism Checker, and Content Writer tool. All are high-quality ones and supplement each other. Find more details in this complete review on WriterZen.

My favorite part of WriterZen’s Keyword Research is finding Keyword Golden Ratios. Whether you want to find new keywords and their KGR or want to calculate the KGR of existing keywords, WriterZen got you covered.

Calculate Keyword Golden Ratios after Researching Keywords

In WriterZen’s Keyword Research tool, click on the ‘Allintitle’ button after researching keywords.

The golden filter of WriterZen

You will be shown how much time it does take for the Keyword Golden Ratio calculator to complete its process. In my experience, it takes less than 10 minutes for 1,000 keywords.


Once the process is finished, the WriterZen Keyword report will show you all keywords with their Allintitle and KGR scores.


Filter keywords within a specific KGR range. For instance, under 30 KGR in WriterZen is regarded as an excellent high-value keyword.


Here is the list of filtered KGR keywords that are ready to use.


Calculate Keyword Golden Ratio for existing keywords

Go to the Keyword Importer in WriterZen and import your keywords list. Currently, a maximum of 3,000 keywords are allowed to import.

Do not forget to specify the location and language. For example, if you selected the United States, WriterZen will check Allintitle for and calculate the KGR accordingly. If you want to find KGR for any specific location, use this option.


Once imported, click on the ‘Allintitle’ button at the top, and WriterZen will start calculating Keyword Golden Ratios.



WriterZen has three plans.

  1. Basic — $39/mo – 25,000 keyword credits
  2. Standard — $59/mo – 40,000 keyword credits
  3. Advanced — $99/mo – 100,000 keyword credits
Writerzen pricing

Keyword credits or tokens are used for bulk Allintitle check & Auto-Clustering functions. So, if you subscribe to the Basic plan, you can calculate the KGR for up to 25,000 keywords per month!

Now you can top up your account with keyword credits to find KGR keywords without overspending.


In fact, that is the cheapest Keyword Golden Ratio calculator option you’ve when compared with other tools.

Learn more about WriterZen pricing plans in this article.

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Allintitle is the next Keyword Golden Ratio checker tool. It is equipped with many other features related to keyword research and analysis. However, the downside of Allintitle is that its pricing is expensive compared with WriterZen.

Allintitle Keyword Golden Ratio Checker


Allintitle has a free plan, but it only includes ten one-time credits. It has three paid plans.

  1. Small — $30 – 600 tokens
  2. Medium — $75 – 1,500 tokens
  3. Large — $150 – 3,000 tokens

Each token can be used for one keyword import or one SERP lookup or one use of the keyword suggestion tool. That means if you check the KGR for ten keywords, it consumes ten tokens. Each extra token costs $0.05, and tokens won’t expire.

Also, Allintitle provides monthly subscription plans. The prices are:

  1. 100,000 tokens/month at $100/mo
  2. 150,000 tokens/month at $150/mo
  3. 200,000 tokens/month at $200/mo

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WriterZen vs Allintitle: Which is best KGR Checker?

Both are very good keyword research tools that provide KGR-checking features. However, when comparing their efficiency and value for money, WriterZen takes the lead.

Check Allintitle and KGRYesYes
Keyword ClusteringYesNo
SERPs overviewYesYes
Sales per keyword simulation (ESKP)YesNo
Price per keyword credit/token$0.001$0.05

When comparing WriterZen and Allintitle, the apparent difference is the price tag.

Writerzen is at least forty (40) times cheaper than Allintitle approximately. Also, in my experience, WriterZen is quick in checking Keyword Golden ratios and gives a more accurate definition because, in, the KGR is only valid if the keyword search volume is below 250.

However, WriterZen has developed (or enhanced, to be exact) their own Keyword Golden Ratio formula where it counts more variables, and those KGRs are more reasonable and accurate in my experience.

Here is a screenshot of my Brandoverflow Rank Tracking tool that shows how quickly a page of my site ranked on the first page of Google for a very good keyword (SV: 90, CPC: $1.14).

Notice the keyword was ranked on the #1 page of Google within days of Google indexing the URL. Now it’s consistently ranked on the first page without any backlinks, just purely using KGR keywords. — Rank Tracked by BrandOverflow. Get your BrandOverflow coupon (Lifetime discount) from here.

When comparing monthly prices, both tools come close in terms of limits. However, WriterZen is still far ahead considering the fact that it offers just more than a Keyword Golden Ratio search tool like:

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Content Writer that integrates Google NLP
  • Topic Research Tool
  • Finding Estimated Sales per Keyword

Final Words on Best Keyword Golden Ratio Calculators

Since Google recently started rewriting headlines on Google SERPs, it’s a big question how important KGR is nowadays. But, still, it proves that a lower KGR means even after rewriting headlines in Google, Google couldn’t find better content. So, according to that theory, KGR has become more useful than before.

I suggest checking the KGR of keywords and then researching the SERP for any weak websites. If a forum, Reddit, or social media post ranks on the top of SERP, you may have a chance to defeat them and replace your quality piece of content.

Also, it is worth noticing that these Keyword Golden Ratio calculators give you the current ratios. So, as time goes on, those values may change. Therefore, do your research and make a final decision on whether to use those keywords after doing good competitor research and SERP analysis.

These KGR keyword tools only give a vague value — You still need to write quality content that provides value to people.

How would you find these Keyword Golden Ratio checkers? Let us know in the comments below.

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