WriterZen Pricing for 2024: How much does it cost?

WriterZen is a content-writing-focused digital marketing toolkit equipped with many features and tools to help you grow your business online through search engine optimization. Find more details in this ultimate review on WriterZen.

Recently, WriterZen changed its pricing structure and how it calculates limits, and so on. How does this new WriterZen pricing affect you?

Is it worth investing in WriterZen while several WriterZen alternatives like SurferSEO, Mangools, Ahrefs, Semrush, and BrandOverflow give more or similar functionality at lower comparative rates?

You will learn WriterZen costs and more in this article.

Today WriterZen’s Pricing plans for 2024

Writerzen home page

Writerzen is a Singapore-based company focused on SEO. It launched an initial lifetime deal offer a while ago to get initial customers. The WriterZen lifetime price was $69, and the limits were generous enough compared with monthly pricing.


However, recently WriterZen changed its plans and structure.

Currently, there are three main plans.

  1. Lite — $23/mo
  2. Plus — $89/mo
  3. Pro — $219/mo
  4. Ultra — $399/mo

WriterZen also provides an Enterprise plan with bigger limits for large agencies, digital marketing firms, and website owners.

Writerzen pricing

Lite vs Plus vs Pro vs Ultra

Here are the apparent differences between WriterZen pricing plans.

Keyword lookup/day103050150
Keyword credits/month10,00020,00050,000100,000
Content briefs/month2050100200
AI writing words/month20,000UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Topic lookup/day1050100200
Keywords per import5,00010,00015,00020,000
Plagiarism Words check/day15,00025,00050,000150,000
Words Limit/check3,0005,0007,00012,000
Keyword list1050100200
Available member seats24
Monthly Price$23$89$219$399

WriterZen annual pricing gives a 30% OFF discount on every plan compared with the monthly plans’ total sum per year. So, WriterZen’s yearly prices are:

  1. Lite — $228/year ($19 per month)
  2. Plus — $948/year ($79 per month)
  3. Pro — $2,388/year ($199 per month)
  4. Ultra — $4,308/year ($359 per month)

Refund on WriterZen

If you are unhappy with WriterZen and think it’s not for you, you can contact WriterZen.net support within 48 hours of your purchase and ask for a refund.

WriterZen One-time credits

WriterZen offers a flexible pricing structure where customers can purchase one-time credits to top-up accounts and not overspend their budget. And the best part is these one-time credits do not expire.

So, you can basically subscribe to a small monthly tier and top up your account with the necessary credits.

Keyword CreditGoogle NLP Credit
20,000 – $1960 – $19
40,000 – $29180 – $49
150,000 – $99600 – $149
Credit amount and prices in WriterZen

Keyword Credits are used to check Keyword Golden Ratio (along with Allintitle), and Keyword Clustering features in WriterZen.

NLP credits are used for Google NLP (Natural Language Processing) Analysis, and each optimized article on WriterZen will require 3 AI credits.

Also, you can extend the number of seats (i.e., team members) for $23/seat/month.

Which WriterZen plan is worth it for you?

WriterZen is customer-friendly even when it comes to prices. It costs $23 per month to start using the tool. But the question is, which plan is worth your needs?

The Plus plan (costs $89/month) is sufficient for most bloggers and offers more features than the Lite plan. You will receive these features for $89/mo:

  • 10 Keyword lookups per day (approx. 300 per month)
  • 20,000 keyword credits per month to check Allintitle, KGR, and cluster keywords into groups
  • 50 content briefs per month
  • Unlimited AI concert writing credits
  • Sharable links to freelancer
  • 25,000 words to check for content uniqueness

Also, you can top up your account with keyword credits or AI credits anytime. This makes the Plus plan the best for any solopreneur.

However, the Standard plan is your best choice if you have a content writing team and want more limits.

The agency plan is worth it for anyone with more significant needs. With 100,000 keyword credits per month, you can go no wrong!

How does WriterZen’s pricing compare with its competitors?

When comparing the cost of WriterZen, it is better to know the value of your money investment. At the same time, there are many SEO content optimization like TextMetrics, Frase, MarketMuse, and keyword research tools like Semrush and BrandOverflow.

WriterZen vs Allintitle

If you are looking for a tool to check the Keyword Golden Ratio of keywords or cluster keywords, Allintitle.co comes to a close. However, the pricing of Allintitle is very similar to WriterZen or more expensive in some cases.

Starting Monthly price$23$49
Calculate KGRYesYes
Keyword ClusteringYesNo
Check Google NLPYesNo
Check plagiarismYesNo

The Allintitle’s Lite plan costs $49/month and provides 30,000 keyword tokens, the same amount as WriterZen’s Plus plan ($199/month). The Plus plan of WriterZen offers more features like Topic Research which Allintitle.co currently does not have.

Also, if you consider WriterZen as a mainstream keyword research tool, you can take Semrush, Ahrefs, and Mangools (KWfinder) as competitors. But, the pricing and features of those tools are different.

If you look forward to an alternative to Writerzen for content optimization, there are tools like SurferSEO (prices start from $59/month) and TextMetrics (prices start from $350/month).

Keyword Chef is another keyword research tool that gives you low competitive keywords in a different way. But, its features are very limited.

Is WriterZen cost worth the risk?

Should you invest at least $23 per month for WriterZen while you can spend a bit on tools like Semrush and get more features & tools?

Well, it depends on your use cases. Other top keyword research tools come up with features like Rank Tracking and Backlinks Analysis. But, for just $39 per month on WriterZen, not only do you get to use these four main modules on WriterZen…

…But also have access to Ahrefs data!

Another aspect to consider is that WriterZen focuses on helping you create better-quality content that ranks higher on Google SERPs. Its Keyword Golden Ratio calculator, Allintitle Checker, and Keyword Clustering tools are efficient and worth every penny you spend on WriterZen.

The Writerzen subscription limit details

Conclusion on WriterZen Pricing

I was able to rank on the first page of Google for a targeted keyword within a week after using WritreZen’s Keyword Research tool. Check out the screenshot below for proof.

The page ranked on the first page instantly after it was indexed by Google and held positions consistently.

In fact, I was fortunate enough to become an early adopter of WriterZen and start using it first. If you are looking for a quality, non-fancy tool to get your business going and boost its success with every content piece you publish, you should give WriterZen a try.

WriterZen pricing starts from $23 per month, and you can top up your account anytime as the need comes to not overspend.

The cost of WriterZen is minimal when evaluating effective tools like KGR calculation and keyword cluster, which not many tools provide.

So, what are your opinions of WriterZen prices, and is it expensive, or do you wish to give it a try?

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