ConvertBox Review: All You Need to Know + (Alternatives)

February 9, 2021


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In this new ConvertBox Review 2021, you will find out if ConvertBox is worth investing your time, money and efforts while there are lots of ConvertBox alternatives like Convertful in the market.

If you grab the ConvertBox Lifetime deal before it ends, you will receive all the benefits forever and never have to pay month subscription fees.

But, there any many pros and cons of ConvertBox and dozens of ConvertBox alternatives too. So, let’s dive into ConvertBox review.

This review on ConvertBox covers:

  • What is ConvertBox and Who is behind it? (Very important factor considering your entire business depends on answers to those questions)
  • Essential ConvertBox features that can double or triple your conversion rates
  • How to make a ConvertBox Easily (without coding skills or advanced techniques)
  • How I use ConvertBox on my online businesses
  • ConvertBox pricing, alternatives, pros & cons, agency plan, and more.

ConvertBox Review: Your Ultimate On-Site Conversion Toolkit to Skyrocket Leads, Interactions, and Sales

ConvertBox Demos

In this ConvertBox review, I want to be as transparent as possible. That is why I share all ConvertBox modals so that you can experience yourself how it works on your end.

Click the links below to see forms.

  1. Sticky bar Convertbox Form 
  2. Callout Modal Convertbox Form
  3. Center Modal Convertbox Form
  4. Full Page Convertbox Form
  5. And finally, check out the ConvertBox Inline form demo below.

What is ConvertBox and Who is Behind it?

When it comes to online business models (be it blogging, product launches, freelancing, digital marketing agencies or even network marketing), leads, prospects or potential customers is the backbone of your business.

Depending on your marketing skills (i.e: the ability to capture more leads and convert as many of them into customers), your business’s value will be decided.

But, what if you do not have a PhD on marketing?

What if you do not know how to make high-converting lead capture widgets without coding?

Well, that is where ConvertBox comes in.

ConvertBox is an ultimate On-Site Conversion tool that makes making lead capture forms not only easier that a five-grader can do in or less 10 minutes, but also it gets you most of people converted with nifty conversion features! (More on that later on this ConvertBox review)

If you ever used a tool like OptinMonster, Convertful, Convertflow, Hellobar or LeadPages before, ConvertBox is an excellent alternative to those.

Dean Saunders (founder of ConvertBox)

ConvertBox is founded by Dean Saunders who is an internet marketer for over 10 years from New Zealand. Josh Barnett who is the founder of well-known ThriveCart, the ultimate online cart platform supports Dean and co to spice up the platform from the day one.

ConvertBox’s History, Present and Forecast

I have been a ConvertBox user since it was founded as ConvertBar. (the ConvertBox 1.0)

Since the beginning, ConvertBox development team released updates and improved the platform a LOT on regular basis and due to their vision of making a complete platform for on-site conversions, they rebranded as ConvertBox (or ConvertBox 2.0).

Every day, ConvertBox is getting better and better and their user base getting bigger and bigger. They are on the right direction for becoming the world’s easiest and best on-site conversion toolkit!

ConvertBox’s support is also second to none and you can reach them out on for any Convertbox help.

ConvertBox Features

Since the day one, ConvertBox worked hard not only to make the platform easier to use and anyone can create a lead optin form without hassle, but also added distinct features that not only increase conversion rates of your forms but also the quality of the leads.

In this ConvertBox review article, I cannot list all ConvertBox features. If you want to find out more, I recommend checking out this page over here. But, I will list some of essential ones that most online marketers prefer to use.


Accurate Call to Action for the Right Visitor at the Precise time

ConvertBox’s Targeting options are extensive

Targeting or lead segmentation is something that can boost your revenue while reducing unsubscribers.

You can target visitors based on dozens of factors. Here are some of  them:

  • Number of visits β€” Want to display a special offer for only new visitors (i.e: visitor count = 1)? Or want to offer an irresistible discount that is only available for next few hours for returning visitors? Now you can do both on ConvertBox very easily. 
  • Seen page β€” Do you want to offer special offer for people who have visited a specific page? (e.g: someone who visited bonus page that is given after the purchase of your tripwire offer) Things are getting very much exciting with ConvertBox!
  • ESP Lists β€” Want to display a specific announcement to subscribers? That is very much possible. πŸ™‚
  • Location β€” Localize your Convertboxes and increase conversions
  • Referring site β€” i.e: Display special message for people who are coming from Twitter, Google Ads, or specific forum or from any referral site!
  • Inactive on page β€” Provide lead magnet like eBook, email course or newsletter subscription options for ones who are not active on your site.
  • Device type β€” Display device-specific lead capture widgets or survey forms.
  • Goals β€” Inside ConvertBox, you can set up Goals such as subscription, visiting a specific page etc. You can use those goals as a visitor targeting option to laser target other ConvertBox forms.
  • URL parameters β€” Display specific forms based on URL parameters. Very useful for paid advertisers to increase conversions and reduce cost-per-acquisition.
  • ESP Tags β€” Target visitors based on tags on your autoresponder. Very useful feature particularly to personalize messaging and deliver personalized offers.
  • ConvertBox activity β€” i.e: Did he/she sign up to ConvertBox A before? Then show this form.
  • Exit intent β€” Capture more leads with exit intent popups because most people who leave your site will never visit again!
  • WordPress category β€” More personalization opportunities if you are a WordPress blogger.
  • Time on page 
  • Percentage scrolled
  • And many more!

I do not review tools I do not use. So, here is a real-life example of How I use ConvertBox.

Target specific visitors on website – ConvertBox targeting options
  • Returning visitors, but at least more than 2 times so the visitor is interested in my content.
  • Desktop (the form is a desktop-oriented design)
  • Want to target people from United States and United Kingdom
  • Do not show if he/she is already on my list and went through the course (important)

See. How easy it is to target visitors to increase the quality of leads on ConvertBox?

Well, if you are creative enough, this can be FUN!

Intelligent targeting – Deep integration with your tools such as ESPs, Webinar platforms, and cart platforms

You get the idea, right?

ConvertBox makes it SO much easier to target visitor as every way as possible. This comes to our next feature of Convertbox which is…

Intuitive WYSIWYG Editor

Things can be difficult to design what you want if you do not have coding skills.

No more fear because Convert Box WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor makes you a pro at designing beautiful forms.

You can get started by choosing one of five models.

  1. Callout Modal
  2. Sticky bar
  3. Center Modal
  4. Full page
  5. Embedded (inline form type)
ConvertBox Modal types

Then you will be asked to select a ConvertBox template or create from scratch. If you are new to ConvertBox or want to get inspired, selecting a premade template would be a smart choice. 

ConvertBox Templates

For example, if you want to use Quiz-type lead gen form on your site and deliver bonuses, select the “Segmentation” ConvertBox template.


Recently they added a new feature specially for quizzes. It allows you to assign certain points for each button. Therefore, you can hyper personalize and target specific users based on their interests.

Watch this video to find some features of ConvertBox WYSIWYG editor.

Here are some key features of ConvertBox editor:

  1. Show your profile picture on forms to increase CVR. (Conversion rate)
  2. Change the ConvertBox type (if you want to change the Convertbox modal type from one to another later, you can do it)
  3. Steps β€” Make quizzes, segment your list, create Yes/No forms and more.
  4. Mobile editing β€” You can edit only the mobile view. (Very handy feature to make your forms more mobile friendly by specific font-sizes, line-heights etc.)
  5. Fire a custom script (Button actions) β€” Run specific JavaScript codes such as Facebook custom events, Google Analytics custom goals and Google Ads events to track your campaigns’ performances.
  6. Edit button appearance β€” Change the button shape, size, and width. Also, yo can make the ConvertBox to inherit the website fonts to not only make your widgets intuitive, but also keep leading additional font files.

Another key feature that I want to emphasize in this ConvertBox review is the Multiple Integrations with Email Service Providers, CRM software, or other apps. This might not be useful for every use case, but very specific ones that most other lead generation tools do not offer.

For instance, you might want to send subscriber data to your webinar platform like Gotowebinar and send name, email and other captured data to your Email marketing software like Aweber and tag based on actions made. This is now possible with ConvertBox, but most other lead gen tools.

Since ConvertBox also supports task automation tools such as Integrately and Zapier, you can integrate with any platform or service currently ConvertBox is not directly integrated.

This gets us to the next feature of ConvertBox lead gen tool which is very important…

A/B Test

No matter what your business model is, A/B testing is very critical to identify what works best for your audience.

ConvertBox supports A/B split testing and you can get started by just cloning the current design or making a new one from scratch on your ConvertBox editor.


Currently ConvertBox supports two A/B test types.

  1. Cookied Split test: One person will only see one variant.
  2. Regular Split test: One person will see more than one variant.

You can split test forms based on any criteria. My recommended A/B testing variants are…

  • Headline
  • CTA button text
  • CTA button background text (use contrast colors that stand out from other elements on your site.)
  • Images (Use Gifs to see how it progresses)
  • With or without emojis

ConvertBox dashboard shows any A/B test running and show you statistics so that you can pause or add new variants easily.

ConvertBox A/B testing statistics

ConverBox is a very powerful lead generation tool. As a bonus for you in this review on ConvertBox, I will list How I use Convertbox on my businesses.

How I use ConvertBox

Currently I use ConvertBox on two WordPress blogs with ConvertBox Auto Embed WordPress plugin and other platforms such as Brizy, UpViral, Replug etc.

  • Capture leads for Affiliate marketing video course by using ConvertBox. Full-page modal got highest conversion rate. I also A/B test forms to find which converts better based on time took to display and scroll percentage.
  • Display notification messages to giveaway participants on my campaigns made on UpViral. (i.e: Last 24 hours. We doubled points for referrals!) Since, ConvertBox has mobile-oriented editing features, it’s an extra advantage for me as most people come through mobile devices.
  • Use ConvertBox to build newsletter subscription forms to people who intend to leave.
  • Segment, tag and deliver highly personalized offers: By displaying targeted messages that easily segment visitors, I generate more leads with high-converting optin forms.

ConvertBox Pricing

ConvertBox is running an early adopter program which is also known as early access Lifetime deal with that exclusive offer, you can get access to ConvertBox for life!

But, Dean, the founder of ConvertBox already expressed that they are going to move to a recurring pricing model very soon so if you want to buy ConvertBox Lifetime deal, this is the perfect time. Click here to learn more.

NOTE: ConvertBox LTD is a great one if you hate paying a monthly fee for lead generation software. Not only will you receive all future updates and bug fixes, but also features at first too!

I was lucky enough to get ConvertBox Lifetime deal. I paid only onetime fee and didn’t pay anything again!


Speaking of ConvertBox pricing plans, they currently have two tiers: ConvertBox Lifetime and ConvertBox Pro Lifetime.

What is ConvertBox Pro?

ConvertBox Pro is a different, higher tier of ConvertBox plans that comes with extra features. Some of them are:

  • More ConvertBox views per month: Perfect offer if your sites receive a high volume of traffic each month.
  • Use ConvertBox on more sites and client sites: Excellent upgrade if you are an agency owner and want to use ConvertBox lead generation tool on more sites in the future.
  • Advanced user management: If you are a medium business owner and want to give access to your ConvertBox account with specific limits such as editing access, integration access, etc., then this might be the choice you are looking for.

ConvertBox Pro upgrade also comes with one lifetime price. So, you will never pay any monthly fee again!

ConvertBox Alternatives

If you are wondering what the competitors of ConvertBox are, here are some of them:

  • Convertful: One of the best alternatives to Convertbox and Convertful offers many features and customization options. Also, I own a Convertful lifetime account that fits my on-site conversion toolset very well!
  • OptinMonster: One of the most popular optin form builders for WordPress.
  • Convertflow: Very powerful lead generation software for marketers, particularly funnel builders. In fact, ConvertBox is alike Convertflow with lots of common features.
  • RightMessage: Another lead generation tool for email marketing.
  • Sumo: One of the most popular website widgets for webmasters to generate leads, add social share plugins, etc. Sumo’s List Building tool contains features similar to ConvertBox. But, it’s not as advanced nor powerful as ConvertBox.

When comparing ConvertBox alternatives, Convertful is an universal on-site conversion kit whereas OptinMonster is limited to WordPress. Also, RightMessage is years behind ConvertBox in my opinion and Convertflow is the one that has got more feature than ConvertBlox currently. But Convertflow’s pricing is not generous compared with others!

If you are looking for a ConvertBox alternative with flexible agency features, I recommend Convertful since it allows full White Label including custom domain, unlimited sites, clients, integrations and permission options for you. (Read Convertful review to learn more about it.)

Considering the current ConvertBox lifetime deal, ConvertBox is a steal deal compared to pricing of other tools.

And feature-wise, it is also ahead of many opt-in form tools out there and it’s getting better and better every week!

Is ConvertBox Worth it?

If you are a blogger, email marketer or agency, ConvertBox is suitable for you and considering features, constant updates, and support you receive for one small lifetime price, ConvertBox is very worth it and in fact it’s a steal.

You will kick yourself if you miss this one of a lifetime deal!

Click here to create your ConvertBox account now!

Final Review on ConvertBox

As a customer of ConvertBox for over 3 years, here is what I think about ConvertBox as a whole.


  • User-friendly interface and Drag and drop editor
  • Integrations with most popular web apps and Integrately, Zapier, and Pabbly Connect
  • Easy installation (+ WordPress plugin)
  • No branding on widgets
  • Countdown timers, personalization options, hyper-segmentation, mobile editing, split testing, webhooks, and many featuresΒ 
  • Basic analytics, Custom events on Google Analytics, Goals, and more tracking features
  • Dynamic text placement, prefill field values, visibility control through conditional rules and the ability to apply quiz score value and change ConvertBox widget type
  • One time Lifetime fee. No subscription fees!


  • I’d like to see more features related to analytics & reporting such as geography etc. of my subscribers.
  • Social sign up options
  • Limited font family options. No Google Fonts integration.
  • Lack of inline formatting options. Ex: Cannot change the color of several words.
  • Ability to see the full overview of subscriber behavior on my site.
  • ConvertBox is not a complete solution for agency owners who want to have whitelabel dashboard and widgets. Compared with others such as Convertful’s agency plan, ConvertBox is lagging behind this area.

Conclusion on ConvertBox Review

ConvertBox is one of my best lead generation tools that I use on my websites to generate leads, segment visitors, announce special events, deliver lead magnets such as eBooks.

Currently ConvertBox is having a lifetime deal offer and considering how much it has to offer for your business in days to come, it is a very cheap deal.

Click here to buy ConvertBox for one time lifetime price!

So what are your thoughts and ConvertBox reviews? Drop them in the comments below.







Customization options







  • WYSIWYG Drag-n-drop builder
  • Multiple integrations on single form
  • Conversion boosting features
  • Easy installation
  • Intelligent targeting features


  • Cannot upload custom fonts
  • No Social signup options
  • Not fully whitelabel (i.e: domain is used in link tracking)
  • Limited analytics

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