MunchEye Alternatives: Top 5 I.M Product Launch Calendars

Getting an edge over the competition is always healthy (and beneficial) in this internet marketing field with fierce rivalry. MunchEye is such an established internet marketing affiliate product launch calendar used by many.

But, is not the only website when it comes to finding upcoming product launches.

In fact, many similar sites like MunchEye list future product launches, including vendor details, JV platform, affiliate commission rates, sales funnel structure, and JV resource page and affiliate contest details (if there are any).

In the recent review on MunchEye, you found out key features, pros & cons of the MunchEye IM product launch calendar.

However, in this article, you will find the best MunchEye alternatives to extend the range to search for more coming product releases. And you will find several ways to make money with MuncheEye competitors at the bottom of this page.

Why should you use a MunchEye alternative?

  • MunchEye is a popular I.M product launch calendar. That means almost EVERY affiliate marketer knows about it. But, if you want to get ahead of the competition, you need to get access to new product launches that are not listed on the MunchEye directory. Using a low-profile MunchEye alternative could get several high-converting product launches without severe competition or high exposure to other affiliates.
  • Perform better on affiliate contests – Most affiliate contests are dominated by a handful of people with HUGE email lists or who have a reasonable budget and know how to drive a large volume of traffic to affiliate links. By using a MunchEye alternative, you could find a new launch with a higher chance of dominating the affiliate contest and winning prizes.
  • MunchEye does not list ALL the product launches out there – MunchEye vets products are based on different criteria, so you might miss an excellent product launch if you only used MunchEye for your research.

Best MunchEye Alternatives for Internet Marketers

Muncheye alternatives


JVNotifyPro website

JVNotifyPro is essentially a forum that discusses internet marketing. It has a dedicated section to list (and for discussing) new product launches. Usually, product owners (aka vendors) list their products with affiliate info such as commission rates.

JV launch announcements

Unlike MunchEye, the I.M product launch calendar allows search products based on different criteria.

  • Date – Month/Year
  • General Niche – Internet Business & Marketing, Health & Fitness, Self-Help, Business & Investing are several most popular niches where most affiliate product launches can be seen
  • Offer type – Three options are: Traditional Launch, Rolling Launch, All – Affiliate Program Directory
  • Marketing System +/Or Payment Processor – ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, and DealGuardian are some of the services.
  • Ticket Size (Prize) – Low ($1 => $197), Medium ($197 => $497), High ($497+)
  • Listing Designation – VIP, New, Hot

JVNotifyPro pricing

MunchEye is free for both affiliates and vendors. One of the best advantages of MunchEye over JVNotifyPro is that any person can view the MunchEye product listing pages without registration. However, that is not the case for JVNotifyPro. You have to sign up on the website/forum to view pages.

JVNotifyPro has got two plans.

  1. Basic Membership – Free of cost
  2. VIP Memebership – $47/mo

Here is the JVNotifyPro pricing page, where you can see features and differences between the two plans.

jvnotifypro-pricing is’s dedicated website that lists internet marketing product launches. Since both sites list the same launches and the two sites are similar even in the interface, only you need to use either JVNotifyPro or JVNewsWatch.

JV Launch Space

JV Launch Space is a Facebook group dedicated to connecting affiliates with quality affiliate product launches happening in the future. It is a great place because owners can easily recruit and connect with affiliates, and affiliates can publicly discuss a specific product and ask questions.


As of writing this post, there are over 4,000 members of the JV Launch Space group. Posts are tagged so you can search specific product launches launched on preferred platforms like JVZoo, PayKickStart, and ThriveCart.

JV Launch Calendar

JV Launch Calendar is another Facebook group to find upcoming launches and new affiliate partners for your product launch.


JVZoo Launch Calendar

JVZoo offers an option on the product search page to find future launches. Click the “Show Prelaunch Listings” checkbox and click on the green search button.

JVZoo future launch listings

You will see available future product launches with their details, such as the launch dates, commission rates, and whether it’s a sales funnel or not.

Visit the JVZoo Launch Calendar to see future launches in the calendar view and table view.

jvzoo launch calendar
JVZoo Launch Calendar

MunchEye – Internet Marketing Launch Calendar & JV Affiliate Group

This is the official Facebook group for MunchEye. Currently, it has over 8,400 members, and the number continues to grow.

MunchEye Facebook group

Are all listed launches as good as MunchEye’s?

One of the best things about MunchEye is that it does not list all the product launches. And it categorizes I.M affiliate launches based on the vendor or the product owner. So, if you see a product under the “Big Launches” category, you can assume that an experienced or reputable vendor launches the particular offer, and the funnel is pretty good. So it is good to promote.

However, the same is not applicable to other MunchEye alternatives listed on this page. For example, in a Facebook group, anyone can post about product launches with attractive JV information. The point is you have to be cautious when choosing a product to promote, especially outside of the MunchEye affiliate product directory.

How to make money with MunchEye Alternatives

MunchEye and sites like MunchEye only list I.M product launches. Selecting products and promotions is a part of you. Here are several ways to promote IM products.

Use Solo ads

Solo advertising is a niche built upon email marketing. Since email marketing has a higher EPC (Earning per click) than most channels, solo ads traffic is a perfect way to promote product launches early and make revenue.

Another reason is you can pre-order solo ad traffic and get them (suppliers) to deliver them at the exact date you want. Also, you can use link rotator software like ClickMagick to route traffic to different offers or sales pages accurately.

There are lots of places to buy solo ads. However, the best way to get targeted solo ads traffic is through Udimi.

Angelo solo ads Udimi
The profile of a solo ad seller on Udimi. Get access to a list of massive solo ad Rolodex from here.

Since Udimi is a solo ads marketplace where you can find many sellers in different niches, the prices are low compared with, for example, direct solo ad suppliers. Learn more about Udimi in this review.

Here is a tutorial I created recently on using solo ads to promote affiliate products. Here are some guides to help you get started:

  1. What are solo ads?
  2. Facebook ads vs Solo ads vs Google ads
  3. What are the tiers of traffic in solo advertising?
  4. Solo ads vs Funnel Clicks vs Mixed Clicks
  5. How to set up a great Soloads sales funnel

Launch Jacking

Launch Jacking is finding upcoming product launches and producing content to promote them.

The main goal is to produce content such as blog posts like How-tos, listicles, comparisons, alternatives, etc., and reviews that will have time to rank before the launch.

Use keyword search tools like Semrush and to find low-competition keywords. Utilize the Keyword Golden Ratio and the allintitle ratio to find quick-win keywords.

Many people use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a method to drive traffic because organic traffic (aks SEO traffic) is targeted and free. Start a WordPress blog or a Brizy blog if you do not have a blog. Here are some SEO tips for the Blogger platform (most of those are universal and can be applied to all other blogging platforms)

Recommend: Launch Jacking step-by-step tutorial for affiliate marketers

Promote to your email list

One of the most popular and effective ways to promote MunchEye products and offers of MunchEye alternatives is via promoting to the email list. Most JV resource pages list swipe files. But I recommend writing a sequence of emails yourself because you are the person who knows your list well. And your subscribers recognize your tone.

If you do not have an email list, start now on an email marketing service like Aweber.

Build your email list by using solo ads, Facebook ads, Google ads, or holding a giveaway on a platform like UpViral. Here is a list of the best viral giveaway platforms.

I use UpViral not just because of the price of UpViral, but also because of its integrations and features like the ability to hold giveaways on UpViral pages and our websites simultaneously. Learn more in this UpViral review.

Final words on MunchEye alternatives

MunchEye product launch calendar lets you find upcoming launches prior so you can plan your promotion strategy. The benefits of knowing which product you will be promoting early are many. But, is not the only site out there for you to get to know about upcoming launches.

In this article, you found several similar sites like MunchEye. Let us know your top Muncheye contender in the comments below.

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