40 Best Solo Ads Providers: Guaranteed, Targeted Traffic Clicks

In this article, not only will you find 40+ best professional solo ads providers but also ways to filter reliable solo ad vendors with buyers traffic.

If you’d asked me to list the top 3 ways to get targeted email subscribers (let’s say 1,500 subscribers) within the next three days, Solo Ads are obviously there at the top of the list.

In fact, solo advertising is a perfect way to drive warm and buyer intent quality traffic to your product/service and opt-in pages.

Amazingly, most internet marketers utilize solo ad traffic to A/B test their checkout pages made on Clickfunnels, Kartra, ClickBank, JvZoo, WarriorPlus, ThriveCart, etc.

The vast majority of people who are involved in buying solo ads use traffic to, nonetheless, but building an email list.

Some even use solo ad traffic for affiliate marketing.

Having an email list MUST be your top priority as, in general, people’s average attention time is getting shorter and shorter (even though there are debates), and 98% of people who visit a brand website will not make a purchase the first time.

Getting people’s contact details, such as email addresses, is a pretty smart move as you can follow them up later with targeted offers and get them to buy from you. According to several marketing studies, it takes 7 contacts to make a person buy something on average.

All things aside, let’s tap into what this article is about.

It’s all about solo advertising and solo ads providers or solo ads vendors.

In my previous article, I showed numerous ways to find reputable solo ad websites with guaranteed traffic and cheap solo ads clicks.

However, I have got some private messages from my readers to list the best solo ads providers and solo ads websites so they can check them out directly.

In this article, I will list the 40+ best solo ads vendors who provide solo ad clicks. Before buying solo ads traffic, make sure you have these tools ready to use on your side. 

4 Tools That Every Solo Ads Marketer Should Use


Your solo ads campaigns will be devastated entirely unless you don’t use a robust solo ads traffic tracker.

Not all solo ad providers are honest and non-fraudulent. There are more chances of being fooled and scammed if you don’t select the right person. A good click tracking software can track solo ad traffic quality, conversion rates, etc., of each vendor and much more.

  • Check solo ad traffic quality with industry-leading technology
  • Monitor sales funnel conversion rates
  • Track and quickly identify which solo ad provider's traffic is giving you the highest EPC and ROI

In solo ads, every click costs money! In order to ensure the ongoing success of your marketing campaigns and achieve positive ROI, it's imperative to use every technique available to improve conversion rates and ultimately turn solo ads traffic into sales.

Elfsight is an HTML website widgets provider that lets you embed customized widgets on your solo ads landing pages (ex: lead capture, thank you, upsell, bridge, and OTO pages) and blogs.

Here are some Elfsight widgets you can use to make the most from every solo ads campaign:

  • Countdown timer
  • Social Chat widget (WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, etc.)
  • Social Feed widget (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Reviews widget (Google Business, Amazon, Facebook, TrustPilot, etc.)
  • Number Counter
  • Logo showcase
  • Form widget
  • Pricing table
  • YouTube Gallery
  • Popup
  • Before/After Slider
  • Photo Gallery
  • Google Maps

Solo ads marketing is a numbers game. Ones with a larger budget can scale campaigns quickly.

But, what if you can add a "viral loop" to your lead generation funnels?

It will dramatically increase email opt-ins (by referrals) and decrease the CPL (Cost per lead), right?

More leads = more profit = larger solo ad budget for future campaigns

That is what UpViral is capable of!

Add a rewards campaign to the backend of your solo ad marketing funnels and get free traffic from EVERY solo ad purchase! (the best part is with UpViral you can track each solo ads providers’ conversion rates in terms of virality)

UpViral pricing starts at $79/mo. But you can try it for just $1 by clicking the button below or get a yearly discount over here.


Not all email marketing tools support solo ad traffic. Aweber is a solo-ad-traffic-friendly email marketing service that is operating since 1998 and supports affiliate marketing businesses. If you are building your list to make money by promoting affiliate offers, Aweber is an excellent tool.

  • Supports single opt-in and almost all landing page builders have direct integration with Aweber
  • Drag-and-drop email creator
  • Email split testing
  • Autoresponder
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Get started on a 30-Days free trial

List of Solo Ads Providers that Give Results


Before reading the ultimate list of best solo ad providers, check out the…

Simple Trick I Use to Find Reputable Solo Ads Providers With Buyers Lists!

Good optin rates on Udimi Solo Ads reviews
Finding the best solo ad sellers with buyers on their email lists is hard. But I will show you a method I use to research solo ad providers who consistently provide buyers or sales for buyers.

Buy cheap solo ads with guaranteed, high-quality, targeted clicks to your MMO, MLM, Business Opportunities, Personal development, Crypto, Weight Loss, Health (or any affiliate product) offer!

Note: I DO NOT guarantee that you’ll make ANY money from buying premium solo ads from these vendors. It depends on lots of factors. I know you’re smart enough to understand it.

Step 1: Sign up on the Udimi solo ads marketplace. Udimi is the world’s largest (and unarguably the best) solo ad network, with hundreds of active, reliable sellers and thousands of buyers. Learn more in this Udimi solo ads review.

Udimi website

Step 2: Once you have signed up, go to the Forum and look for the monthly competition thread for the current month.

Competition threads in Udimi's Forum

Step 3: Scroll down the page until you find the “Top Seller Award” section. Here, you will find the top solo ads sellers whose traffic generated sales for buyers.

Top Sellers of Udimi for Current Month on Forum

Step 4: Click the profile to see the detailed overview of the solo ads seller. As you see, Brandon’s record is amazing. 81 out of the latest 100 solos, his customers have made money. (The data is based on customer reviews)

Brandon Sean Udimi Solo Ads

Just below the page, you can see the ratings and reviews for solo ad providers.

Brandon Sean Udimi reviews

Top-tier solo ads sellers

In Udimi’s “Buy Solos” section, select the “Top tier countries” option from the ‘Traffic from’ filter. Then, set a minimum “Got sales” ratio. You can also set minimal ratings. See the screenshot below.

Top-tier countries solo ad traffic sellers search filter on Udimi

This way, you will filter the best solo ad providers with buyer lists and traffic from top-tier countries.

Here is a supplier who sells top-tier solo ads on Udimi with a 78% ‘I got sales’ buyer rating.


Here is one of the best sellers on Udimi with higher ratings (sales, buyer reviews, and repeat customers). Udimi pricing starts at $0.40 per click and can go up to $2.00, depending on the vendor.

Glenn Fedoruk Udimi

Top 10 Udimi Solo Ad Sellers

Profile PictureName of Solo Ads VendorHighlightsLearn More
Thomas Freeman

Thomas Freeman

  • 2,890+ positive ratings, 80%+ reported sales
  • 100% TOP-TIER Traffic!
  • Order more than 1,000 clicks
  • 5 - 15% Overdelivery
  • ClickBank PLATINIUM awarded member (  $250K+/YEAR minimum/year in sales from email )
  • Work with Make Money Online, Affiliate marketing, Personal development, Forex, Clickbank, MLM, and Travel niches. 
Check Thomas' Solo Ads
Glenn Fedoruk

Glenn Fedoruk

  • 6,170+ positive ratings, 63% reported sales
  • Segmented, Nurtured Buyers List
  • Order more than 1,000 clicks
  • 5 - 15 % Over-delivery as a standard
  • 20-80% average opt-in rate
Check Glenn's Solo Ads
Brandon Sean

Brandon Sean

  • 2,280+ positive ratings, 81% reported sales
  • Order more than 1,000 clicks
  • 10 - 20 % Over-delivery as a standard
  •  A full squeeze page & Funnel Review
  •  Advice and help for Newbies

SPECIAL 1: Spend over $250 on a single order and get FREE Custom ad text.
SPECIAL 2: Order 500 clicks & Above - get over 100- pre-written emails

Check Brian's Solo Ads
Lia Malassa

Lia Malassa

  • 3,140+ positive ratings, 79% reported sales
  • 98% TOP-TIER Traffic!
  • Order more than 1,000 clicks
  • 10 - 20% Overdelivery as standard
  • BizOpp (Home Based Business Opportunities) & MMO (Make Money Online)
  • Buyer List included

FREE Up-to-Speed Funnel Review And Check

Check Lia's Solo Ads
Khaled Ibrahim

Khaled Ibrahim

  • 2,670+ positive ratings, 88% reported sales
  • 94% TOP-TIER Traffic!
  • Minimum 200 clicks and the ability to order more than 1,000 clicks
  • 5 - 20% Overdelivery as a standard
  • Only work with the Make Money Online niche
Check Khaled's Solo Ads
Kevin Hansen

Kevin Hansen

  • 3,260+ positive ratings, 63%+ reported sales
  • 99% TOP-TIER Traffic!
  • Order more than 1,000 clicks
  • Up to 10% Over-delivery
  • 80%+ Buyer List Traffic Guaranteed
  • Work well with MMO, Bizopp, Work From Home, and Internet marketing niches
Check Kevin's Solo Ads
Sarah Chew

Sarah Chew

  • 1,450+ positive ratings, 50%+ reported sales
  • 80% - 100% T1 High Quality Traffic
  • Order more than 1,000 clicks
  • Fast Delivery Included
  • Traffic suitable for MMO, MLM, Biz Opp, Crypto, and Forex niches
Check Sarah's Solo Ads
Mike Dirnt

Mike Dirnt

  • 1,100+ positive ratings, 43% reported sales
  • 97% TOP-TIER Traffic!
  • Order more than 1,000 clicks
  • 5 - 20 % Overdeliver
  • Supports multiple niches:

Make Money Online (MMO), Multi-level Marketing (MLM), Cryptocurrency - BITCOIN

Weight loss, Fat loss, Keto diets,  Nutrition, Dogs - Pets

Health, Fitness, Supplements

Internet Marketing, CPA, Biz Opps, Affiliate Marketing

Personal Development - Self Improvement

Dating / Relationships

Check Mike's Solo Ads
Angelo Sayson

Angelo Sayson

  • 2,600+ positive ratings, 78%+ reported sales
  • 97% TOP-TIER Traffic!
  • Order more than 1,000 clicks
  • 10 - 20 % Over-delivery as a standard
  • Converts well with BIZ OPP, IM, MLM, CPA, and Binary offers
Check Angelo's Solo Ads
Sarah Crunk

Sarah Crunk

  • 1,350+ positive ratings, 75% reported sales
  • 100% TOP-TIER Traffic!
  • Order more than 1,000 clicks
  • 10% Overdeliver
  • Only work with Make Money Online, Work From Home, Biz Opp niches
Check Sarah's Solo Ads
Get a lengthier list of top solo ad sellers from here.

P.P.S: I recommend these tools to make the most from every solo ad click!

<Landing Pages Collection for Solo Ads>

List of 30 Best Solo Ad Providers with Guaranteed Traffic

Please get a list of the best professional solo ads providers immediately below. Check this massive Solo Ad Rolodex to get statistics of some vendors.

1 Andreea Carolhttps://www.nolimitmind.com/solo-ads.html
2Chris Gilmanhttps://straightarrowsoloads.com/
3Edgars Skujinshttp://www.soloadsworld.com/soloadsx
4Vidal Apontehttps://apontesoloads.com/
5 Phil Springerhttps://im-empowered.com/soloads/
6Phillip P. Brewerhttps://clickactiontraffic.com/
7Matija Balantichttps://matijasoloads.com/
8Tim Phhttps://www.timpsoloads.com/
9Paul Grahamhttps://smartersoloads.com/
10Jasdeep Singh Janduhttps://www.jaszdeep-soloads.com/
11Surin Anghttp://trafficformmo.com/
12Rakibul Hasanhttps://rakibsoloads.com
13Pallab Ghosalhttps://www.pallabghosal.com/soloads
14Kresimir Klukovichttps://earnmoon.com/ads/
15LJ Avileshttps://www.ljsoloads.com/
16Harshwardhan Singhhttps://oursoloads.com/
17Glenn Fedorukhttps://www.solosbyglenn.com/
18Pallab Ghosalhttps://pallabghosal.com/soloads/
19Igor Kheifetshttps://www.igorsoloads.com/
20Melessia Camposhttp://trafficboostprofits.com/
21Liviu Ungureanuhttps://liviusoloads.com/
22Mike Dirnthttps://www.soloadpro.com/
23Brandon Stewarthttps://btstewsoloads.com/
24Bjorn Bitterhttps://perpetual.club/
25 Charlie Daidonehttps://www.soloads.blog/
26Ivo Polichttps://soloads.biz/
27 Joseph Thenhttps://joessolosads.com/
28Roy Tayhttps://roysolos.com/
29Sharif Abdel-Rahmanhttps://www.sumotraffic.com/
30Sam Guerrerohttps://soloadmonster.com/
31Jeremy Turreyhttps://jtsoloads.com/

Are you a solo ads vendor?

Do You Want to Add Your Name To the List?

Send me a message on this form or via chamal (at) pitiya.com

If done rightly, solo advertising could be your ultimate, most profitable traffic channel. In fact, it is for most internet marketers, especially ones who are involved in Internet marketing, Make Money Online, Network marketing, and Business Opportunities niches.

One key advantage of solo advertising over other advertising channels is traffic is highly targeted and comes from email.

The potential subscriber has to read the solo ads provider’s email message (we know how difficult it’s these days even to get people to open emails), click on the CTA link in the email and visit your opt-in page.

That’s why most experienced internet marketers are killing solo advertising and buying traffic as fast as possible. It all drills down to the quality of the Solo ads sales funnel setup.

Because they know that every solo ads click is a potential lead, potential client, and a new opportunity to pitch their services/ products or other people’s products (aka promote affiliate products)

Either way, Solo Advertising is a highly profitable business if done currently. Nothing beats email marketing concerning ROI, even though new traffic sources pop up every other day.

Once you get to know Solo ads traffic properly, give funnel clicks and mixed clicks a try. They might be worth it for you! Learn the differences between Solo ads, Funnel clicks, and Mixed clicks in this article. The question is finding quality and reliable funnel clicks and mixed clicks sellers. You may find some of them on Facebook groups like this.


You can start a side Solo ads arbitrage business and make money buying and selling solos. Learn How in this tutorial.

Even better, once you become more experienced in dealing with these sellers, you can start becoming a provider and make money. Read this How to Start a Solo Ad Business tutorial to learn how to sell solo ads and make a passive income from home.

So, do you currently use solo advertising to grow your business? If so, who are your best solo ads providers? What was your best place to buy targeted traffic before (without solo ad sites) to build your list?

Share your comments below with others!

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  1. Great post!
    I also think that Udimi is the best place to buy solo ads. I have not found a place better than Udimi. Very high conversion rates, I recommend to everyone!

    • idiot lol Udami is probably the WORST place to buy solo ads! You do realise that people PAY to be listed on udemi right? so the people at the top of the search results aren’t the best people………they are just the ones paying udemi the most money lol

      • Hey Peter,

        Thanks for sharing your opinion on the Udimi solo ads network. I am sorry to hear that Udimi solo ads network didn’t work for you. But, do you have any alternative to Udimi?

        I have heard lots of positive reviews on Udimi from both sellers and buyers. Sellers pay a fee to increase the rank of solo deals on the Udimi website. That is why there’s a search box at the top of the site with dozens of options to find the solo ads supplier for your offer. I have started writing a guide on finding the best solo ads supplier on Udimi. I will publish at this blog soon.

      • They pay because it’s a advertisement
        It also says sponsored on their profile. So yeah obviously they paid to get more eyes on them. I have nothing but good results with Udimi.

        And why do you have to call him an idiot for? This is good content I’m sure nobody will see this because it’s an old comment

  2. I use Udimi because it makes all my transactions secure, and I get quality traffic. There are thousands if sellers with million of traffic. Also, their traffic filter g system is accurate. No chance of getting any quality less traffic, I mean, quality traffic is guaranteed. You might want to try it.

  3. Yes I agree udimi is the number 1 place to buy a solo ad…but there are other factors involved when building a list, your freebie offer, your follow up email sequence, not letting your list run cold and the ordeals go on. Every marketer new or seasoned knows “The money is in the list”. Really good post but you need to update the links above some are “No show”

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, you are right – Getting leads in your list is just a step of many in email marketing. I have several other articles on Pitiya related to those other areas such as follow up messages, conversion boosting techniques etc.,


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