List of 40 Best Solo Ads Providers: Guaranteed, Targeted Clicks

July 22, 2019


If you'd asked me to list top 3 ways to get targeted email subscribers (let's say 1500 subscribers) within next 3 days, then obviously, solo ads is there at the top of the list.

In fact, solo advertising is a perfect way to drive warm and buyer intent traffic to your product/service and optin pages.

The vast majority of people who are involved in buying solo ads are using traffic to nonetheless, but building an email list.

Having an email list MUST be your top priority as in general people's average attention time is getting shorter and shorter (even though there are debates) and 98% of people who visit a brand website will not make a purchase at the first time.

Getting people's contact details such as email address is a pretty smart move as you can follow them up later with targeted offers and get them to buy from you. According to several marketing studies, on average it takes 7 contacts to make a person buy something.

All things aside, let's tap into what this article is about.

It's all about solo advertising and solo ads providers or solo ads vendors.

In my previous article, I showed numerous ways to find reputable solo ads websites with guaranteed traffic and cheap solo ads clicks.

However, I have got some private messages from my readers to list best solo ads providers and solo ads websites so they can check them out directly.

In this article, I will list 40 best solo ads vendors who provide solo ads clicks. Before buying solo ads traffic, make sure you have these tools in ready to use at your side. 

2 tools that every solo ads buyer must use

solo ads traffic tracker

Your solo ads campaigns will be devastated entirely unless you don't use a robust solo ads traffic tracker.

Not all solo ads providers are honest and non-fraudulent. There are more chances of being fooled and scammed if you don't select the right person and right tool to track solo ads traffic quality.

I personally use and recommend ClickMagick for any solo ads buyer even you're just starting today.

funnel builder

Where would you send solo ads traffic (or email traffic) after purchasing?

Unless you're buying solo ads clicks to an affiliate offer (it's questionable), you should have a landing page where you can collect people's email address.

The most famous, non-WordPress based solution out there is Clickfunnels.

In fact, Clickfunnels has tons of high converting opt-in landing page templates for solo ads traffic!

list of solo ads providers that give results


Before reading the ultimate list of solo ads providers, check out my...

Simple Trick I use to find reliable solo ads providers with buyers list!

Note: I DO NOT guarantee that you'll ANY make money from buying premium solo ads from these vendors. It depends on lots of factors. I know you're smart enough to understand it.

Step 1: Sign up for Udimi solo ads marketplace.

Step 2: Once you sign up, go to forum and search for "movers & shakers" thread from the current month. Now you'll find a forum thread relevant to the specific month.

udimi movers shakers

Step 3: Scroll down the page until you find "Most 'I got sales' ratings" section. Where you will find the top solo ads sellers whose solo ads traffic generated sales for buyers.

best solo ads sellers current month udimi

Step 4: Click the profile to see the detailed overview of the solo ads seller. As you see Daniel's record is amazing. 54 out of latest 100 solos, his customers has made money. (The data is based on customer reviews)

solo ads seller udimi
solo ads sellers reviews udimi

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Andreea Carol


Angelo Sayson


Colin Meunier


Dennis Pippin


Gary Baker


Ivan Rendulic


Paul De Sousa


Phil Springer


Phillip P. Brewer


Zion Bar


Matija Balantic


Ray Bowring


Evan Hoeflich


Tim Ph


Mukesh Malik


Deepak Kulkarni


Zil Norvilis


Sarah Chew


Paul Graham


Jasdeep Singh Jandu


Surin Ang


Eng Kiat


Rakibul Hasan


Pallab Ghosal


Matevz Fatur


Mark Haydin


Craig Dawber


Richy McGinnis


Terence O'Rourke


Kresimir Klukovic


Shaily Gupta


Micke Karlsson


Domen Deu


Fredrik Forsman


Roy Chui


Daniel Huppertz


Marcel Koerts


LJ Aviles


Bill Douglas


Michel Sirois

Are you a solo ads vendor?

Do You Want to Add Your Name On the List?

Send me a message: chamal (at)

If done rightly, solo advertising could be your ultimate, most profitable traffic channel. In fact, it is for most internet marketers, especially ones who are involved in Internet marketing, Make Money Online, Network marketing, and Business Opportunities niches.

One key advantage of solo advertising over other advertising channels is traffic highly targeted, and they are coming from email.

The potential subscriber has to read the solo ads provider's email message (we know how difficult it's these days to get people even opened emails), click on the CTA link in the email and visit your opt-in page.

That's why most experienced internet marketers are killing solo advertising and buying traffic as fast as possible.

Because they know that every solo ads click is a potential lead, potential client and a new opportunity to pitch their services/ products or other people's products (aka promote affiliate products)

Either way, solo advertising is a highly profitable business if done currently. Nothing beats email marketing concerning ROI even though every other day new traffic sources pop up.

So, do you currently using solo advertising to grow your business? If so, who are your top solo ads providers? Share your comments in below with others!

About the author 

Chamal Rathnayaka

A blogger, Growth Hacker, and Internet Marketer since 2012. Chamal Rathnayaka is the founder of this very site and he's sharing his experience and knowledge on Internet marketing through Pitiya blog. Send him a message on


  • Great post!
    I also think that Udimi is the best place to buy solo ads. I have not found a place better than Udimi. Very high conversion rates, I recommend to everyone!


    • idiot lol Udami is probably the WORST place to buy solo ads! You do realise that people PAY to be listed on udemi right? so the people at the top of the search results aren’t the best people………they are just the ones paying udemi the most money lol


      • Hey Peter,

        Thanks for sharing your opinion on the Udimi solo ads network. I am sorry to hear that Udimi solo ads network didn’t work for you. But, do you have any alternative to Udimi?

        I have heard lots of positive reviews on Udimi from both sellers and buyers. Sellers pay a fee to increase the rank of solo deals on the Udimi website. That is why there’s a search box at the top of the site with dozens of options to find the solo ads supplier for your offer. I have started writing a guide on finding the best solo ads supplier on Udimi. I will publish at this blog soon.


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