Solo Ads Arbitrage: How to Resell Traffic & Earn Easy Profits

In my previous complete guide on “How to Make Money by Selling Solo Ads,” I explained every step you need to follow to start a real solo ad business. (If you did not read it yet, I recommend you to)

But, as you have found out, it requires things that you currently might not be capable of.

What if you can make money with solo ads without an email list?

What if there is a way to overcome many barriers and steps and start making money without worrying about maintaining an email list?

Well, that is what you are going to learn in today’s tutorial on becoming a Solo ad reseller!

Culprits of becoming a professional solo ad seller

Solo Advertising as a business model can be extremely profitable because of several reasons.

  • You own the list — Not like you are buying and selling traffic from a traffic agency or ad networks.
  • Make your own decisions — As the solo ad seller, you are the owner of your business, so you can charge whatever price you want.
  • Make money by selling different types of solo ad traffic — Read my article on Solo ads vs Funnel clicks vs Mixed clicks to learn more.

But, as usual, you will have to face these difficulties when building a professional solo ad business.

  • The public face — The reality is no one will buy solos from strangers. The first thing when it comes to solo advertising is trust. So, you will have to go public and have connections, websites, and public communication mechanisms in places like Skype and social media profiles like Facebook accounts.
  • Your own website — Buyers, at least the first-time buyers, will ask you to share the link to your website so that they can check testimonials, etc. Although you can easily build a website with WordPress or builders like Brizy Cloud or Clickfunnels, it can be time-consuming or techy.
  • Invest in tools — As a professional solo ads seller, you will have to invest in tools like Clickfunnels (to share high-performing funnels with your customers), ClickMagick (to send the traffic quality report), Integrately (to connect all tools), and an email marketing tool like Getresponse to manage your email lists.

But, the good thing is that you can now start making money with solo ads without having an email list or facing the above facts!

The method is Solo ads arbitrage or Solo ad reselling!

<Landing Pages Collection for Solo Ads>

What is Arbitrage in marketing?

Most businesses use the arbitrage business model when considering current economics and supply chain dynamics. For instance, many Shopify store owners buy goods from Aliexpress and resell them in their stores with a profitable margin. Similarly, many eBay sellers use the arbitrage selling technique.

Does arbitrate work?

You bet!

Benefits of arbitrage for online marketers:

  • No need to produce goods
  • Work as a middle man and market multiple products
  • Have the flexibility to choose your niche and move to another profitable one when necessary
  • Capitalize on current trends and become an industry leader

What is Solo ads Arbitrage?

Solo Ads Arbitrate business model is reselling solo ads. Essentially, you buy a solo ad from a vendor and sell the traffic to a buyer with a profit margin.

Benefits of being a Reseller

One of the coolest things about becoming a solo ad reseller is that you can maintain the business as a part-time online job.

But that is not the only benefit. There are many:

  • Don’t incur the cost of building your own list — It takes money and effort to build a huge profitable professional solo ad business. For example, if you have a list of 100,000 people, it will cost $500+ per month for the email marketing tool alone! However, since you can start making money selling solo ads without a list, you will save more money.
  • Can start right away — Another key benefit of becoming a solo ads reseller is that you can start right now — No need to wait until your list gets bigger or have the perfect timing to send emails!
  • Don’t have to add new subscribers to your list constantly — The number of email subscribers or the size of the email list is a vanity metric. The sanity metric, particularly in solo advertising, is getting clicks. You do not have these problems when selling solo ads without a list!

Low cost to start

According to my book, the most significant benefit of solo ads arbitrage is the low start cost. The biggest benefit of the costs of solo ads reselling is not having to build an email list to get started.

For instance, let’s say you want to sell 100 clicks solo ads package for $50 ($0.50 per click). Typically, most solo ad niches’ CTR (Click-through rate) is 1% to 2%. That means your list size should be 10,000 to generate 100 clicks from a single email. Considering the current dynamics of building a list of 10,000 people in niches such as MMO, Biz Opp, MLM, or Cryptocurrency and Health costs $5,000 and upwards.

So, to get your Return On Adspend (ROA) for building the list takes at least fifty of 100 solo ad click packages. If you sell one solo ad per day, it takes about two months to start getting profits from the initial investment.

When you join to become a solo ads reseller, you basically cut off the cost of building a list. Furthermore, you will save money on ad management tools, landing page builders, and task automation tools.

On the other hand, you can purchase a 100 clicks solo ad package for $40, sell it for $50, and take a $10 profit. During the fifty days, you would make a total of $500 profit. Obviously, this is speculation. The profit depends on many factors, which I will explore later.

Start Right Away

Another benefit of solo ad reselling is that getting started takes no time. You just need an initial investment, and you are ready to go!

But, selling solo ads with a list takes time (as I described above) and some experience to the extent of warming up the list and having a system in place.

Avoid Churn and Burn

The nature of email marketing, or especially solo advertising emails, is that you lose subscribers every time you push the send button. You will never reach a point where you sit back and send emails, make money and do it again.

But, you will forever have to add new subscribers or fresh leads to your list to make it more responsive and remove unresponsive people from your list to ensure emails are delivered to inboxes. Because these days, email service clients are using different parameters to calculate user engagement and send the email to the right folder.

However, you do not have to worry about list management when you resell solo ads to earn money.

Get started on Solo Ads Arbitrage to begin a solo ad resell business

solo ads arbitrage

Getting started on a solo ad resell business is easy. You need several things:

  1. A place to order solo ads
  2. Link tracker
  3. A way to get clients

So now get started on becoming a solo ad reseller!

The place to order solo ad clicks

First of all, go to the Udimi website over here and create your free account. Udimi is a solo ad directory where you can find hundreds of sellers in different niches and prices. Check our review about Udimi to get more details.


For instance, let’s say we want to order cheap solo ad clicks from a quality solo ad seller. Here is what I would do. Click on the “Find Seller” tab on the top navigation bar and select these filters.

  • Price (max): $0.40 — Buy cheap solo ads to maximize our profits
  • Got sales: 20% — Make sure we are buying buyers’ traffic also not freebie seekers
  • Repeat orders: 10%+ — Double check the quality of solo ad clicks of the provider
  • Ratings: 100+ — Filter experienced sellers

Finally, order sellers by “Sales.” These filters will give you quality solo ad sellers. Of course, you can fine-tune your settings and find solo ad vendors with high-quality traffic.

Udimi solo ad price of different sellers and their details

Here is a solo ad seller on Udimi who sells email clicks for $0.40/click. According to Udimi statistics, 36% of the latest solo has been marked as “got sales,” and 16% of orders are from previous customers. Also, she provides 10%+ over the delivery, and 100% of traffic is from top-tier countries. (Top tier countries are English-speaking wealthy countries based on the GDP per capita like the US, US, AUS, CAN, NZ, SG)


Benefits of using Udimi solos for your arbitrage business:

  • You could take refunds if something went wrong
  • You will receive guaranteed traffic on time
  • Udimi uses an advanced traffic filtering system to ensure you get email clicks.
  • Udimi’s spamvertising ensures the solo ad seller does not spam to his list. (i.e., you get real high-quality email clicks)
  • You do not need to write a solo ads email swipe. Just need to send the tracking link. Or you can send the customer’s email ad text. Both methods are supported.
  • You can order bulk solos on Udimi.
  • You can negotiate with solo ads providers to get discounts on large solos

Here is a list of the best Udimi sellers with details like Tier 1 traffic percentage, positive to negative reviews, and average solo ad prices.

There are several alternatives to Udimi. But, Udimi is far ahead when it comes to Solo advertising. If you have not already, sign up now and get a $5 discount on your first two orders.

Track link and deliver results

In solo advertising, ‘tracking’ is a must-step. You cannot ignore it and continue with your solo ads arbitrage business.

ClickMagick Traffic Quality Checker – Identify unique IPs, Mobile clicks, proxy clicks, and Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 click percentages.

Yes, Udimi provides a dedicated page for your solo ad purchase.


But, you cannot send a link to the Udimi solo ad report page for your customer. It will expose that you are a solo ads reseller and where you buy solo ads clicks.

There are many solo ad trackers out there.

  1. ClickMagick — Trusted by thousands of professional internet marketers
  2. LinkTrackr — Yet another link tracking tool
  3. ClickMeter — A link tracking tool with lots of features

However, ClickMagick is the best link tracker and URL rotator tool for solo advertising. Here are why:

  • It provides specific features for the solo ads industry, like a traffic quality checker and traffic tier checker.
  • You can create separate campaigns for each solo ad client and send dedicated traffic reports.
  • Many more features such as traffic filter, link rotation, and traffic redirection based on the visitor’s location
  • ClickMagick’s subscription plans’ rates are less expensive and higher valuable than its competitors.

So, now you have the basics of solo ad resell business setup. Let’s move to the final phase; getting clients!

Getting clients

In current internet marketing, you need to have real estate on the web to build trust and have a location to show your previous work, testimonials, and reviews.

Therefore, the first step is creating a small website that shows who you are and your solo ad packages.


Here is another solo ad website of a famous solo ad vendor, Sarah Chew.

Sarah chew solo ads website

Creating a website nowadays is easier than ever. Many blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Weebly allow you to create a simple site. But my favorite landing page creator is Brizy. Learn more in this detailed review and Brizy prices overview.

Drag-and-drop Brizy Cloud page builder

However, if you are looking for a more robust landing page creator with more features, Clickfunnels is recommended. Clickfunnels was built by an internet marketer for internet marketers, and already 100,000 professional marketers use it.

On your website, do not forget to include these:

  • About yourself
  • Solo ad pricing and packages
  • How to contact you (Include Skype, Email, and Facebook ID)
  • If possible, add a live chat widget with a tool like Powr or Gist.
  • Showcase reviews
  • Include several screenshots from buyers, video reviews, and testimonials
  • Details on what kind of offers work with your solo ads traffic

Check out these websites of solo ad providers and examine how you can build a better site to convert more people. Use tools like Convertful (tutorial & review) or ConvertBox (review & pricing details) to display targeted coupons and notification widgets to get more visitors to convert into clients.

Now that you have set up the website for solo ads arbitrage business, the next step is promoting it on the internet!

Buy-and-sell solo ad groups and communities

The first method is joining Buy-sell solo ads groups and communities and looking for clients.

Facebook groups

The first place to get clients to your solo ads resell business is through Facebook private groups.



Place an ad on Warriorforum or post a new post.



Another way of getting more customers is through paid advertising. You can place ads on Google for targeted keywords and get more traffic to your site. Facebook ads can work well if done right. Do not forget small and regional search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo!

Use an ad copy optimization tool like Anyword (read my review on Anyword) to generate highly profitable ad copies. In your ad copies, mention discounts and a special bonus for first-time buyers to qualify traffic and get a higher conversion rate.

The potential of profits in reselling solo ads

Knowing the potential profit margins of a solo ad reseller is essential. Because if you do not know your numbers, it is difficult to make smart decisions.

You will need to know:

  • AOVAverage Order Value shows the median traffic clicks your customers are ordering from you. So, you can decide how much traffic you need to buy from sellers each day, week, and month so you can allocate your resources and funds for it.
  • LTVLife Time Value of the customer is another critical metric for your solo ads arbitrage business. This shows you how much a customer spends money on your business on average for the life circle. So, you can allocate the necessary funds for acquiring new clients. Even better, you can start a referral program where people can earn money by referring clients to your business. The referral fee will be decided upon by the LTV.
  • Average Visitor Cost — When you are doing paid advertising or content SEO marketing campaigns, you will have to calculate the ROI. Like you can use Semrush Traffic Costs metrics to calculate average organic visitor value, and you can calculate the average visitor cost on paid advertising campaigns. This gives you a clear picture of where to spend your money on.

In reselling solo ads and making money, the earning potential can vary.

Let’s assume you buy a click for $0.40 from a seller on Udimi and resell it for $0.50. So, if the average order value is 100 clicks, you will spend $40 on average and make a $10 profit. ($50 – $40)

If you get 15% of repeat customers, that means if you sell 100 solos, 15 out of 100 will be from return sales. That means you will make a $150 profit without having to spend money on acquiring new clients.

Now, if you sell 5 solos per day, you will sell a total of 150 solos per month and make a $1,500 profit from arbitrating solo ads.

But, 85% of solos are bought by new customers. That means 128 out of 150 solos will be from new customers. If your solo ads website’s conversion rate is 10%, you will need to drive at least 1,280 (128 * 100/10) visitors to make a $1,500 profit per month.

If the average visitor cost is $0.5, you will have to spend about $640 to acquire the desired amount of clients.

That gives you an $860 net profit per month from swapping solo ad clicks (without considering other costs such as internet bill, the cost for link tracker and website builder, and PayPal fees!).

This is all based on paid advertising.

However, if you use Facebook groups or content marketing strategies, or influencer marketing tactics, the profit margins will be different — You might earn more or less by buying and selling solo ads.

Tips to Increase profits from merchandizing solo ads traffic

You can optimize your solo ads arbitrage business strategy and increase earning potential when you know your real numbers. For example, you can increase repeat customers and reduce ad expenditure. Also, you can invest in free traffic sources and get more clients.

Try different traffic sources like YouTube ads and LinkedIn ads to get more clients. Reward people who refer clients to you by incorporating a solo ads reseller program into your solo ads arbitrage business!

If you sell 5 solos per day, aim for double it. Then your total profits will be doubled too!

Tips for growing your solo ads arbitrage business

  • Build a separate list of buyers — Offer exclusive discounts for new orders and run special giveaways (ex: buy 1,000 clicks and get 150 extra clicks more!)
  • Retarget people who visit your website but did not buy the first time — Generally, it takes at least 7 contacts to convert a visitor. Display ads on Facebook, Twitter, and other places to make them buy from you.
  • Provide bonuses like Done-for-You (DIY) squeeze pages — Some buyers do not buy solo ads because they are not sure if they can convert more people into leads. Offer them lead catcher pages with a high opt-in rate.
  • Invest in long-term traffic-generating methods such as blog content to get free clients

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Final words on solo ads arbitrage business model

Solo advertising does not go anywhere as long as email is used as a communication medium. And according to many statistics, it seems the popularity or the usage of emails is getting bigger and bigger.

What does Amazon ask you when you sign up? Your Instagram account handle, Twitter handle, or email address?

So, emails aren’t going anywhere soon. So does the solo ads marketing. People can make money with solo advertising in two ways.

  1. Buying solo ads – And sending traffic to a solo ad optimized funnel or using solo ads to promote affiliate offers.
  2. Selling solo ads – Becoming a professional solo ads vendor or swap solo ads in an auction or exchange method.

The arbitrage business model has become so popular that many marketers earn over four figures per day by arbitrating products and services in the current marketing sphere.

However, you can hardly find people making money by arbitrating services online. Solo ads arbitrage is such a unique way of making money by reselling solo ad traffic.

The best part is you can start a solo ad resell business as a side business and make extra cash.

I hope you learned some lessons from this guide. So, what are your takeaways from becoming a solo ad reseller and solo ads arbitrage business model as a whole?

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  1. Hello, thank you for your post! It was so good.
    I have a question about what happens when you fill in your own customers email.
    Doesn’t the customer see your solo ad’s suppliers emails or their business name
    for order confirmations?

    I would hate for my customers to know I’m reselling.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Andrea,

      Thank you for your kind words! Glad you like it.

      For your question, no. You resell solo ad clicks to your customers. Customers will provide you with a tracking link, and you deliver traffic to it using your tracker. You can hide the “referrer” in your link tracking settings too.

      Arbitrate business model is prevalent in online marketing. You can see it in the eCommerce space particularly. Ex: Selling Aliexpress products on eBay and other platforms. It’s the same for solo advertising. Customers won’t see suppliers’ emails unless they are on the email lists of your suppliers and found your solo ad, which happens rarely.


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