Brizy Pricing 2023: How much do Brizy Cloud & WordPress cost?

Brizy is a website page builder that offers services for WordPress users (Brizy WordPress or Brizy WP) and people who would like to use a web version (or hosted version) which is known as Brizy Cloud.

For a long time, Brizy offered lifetime deals where people could buy Brizy Cloud lifetime subscription and Brizy WordPress plugin (Pro) for a one-time fee. Those offers were very popular because they were cheaper and no future subscription fees were involved.

However, in 2023, the Brizy team changed their pricing plans!

So, how much does Brizy cost in 2023 with its new pricing increase?

What are the biggest changes and the impacts on your business?

Should you look for a Brizy alternative because of this change?

That is what you are going to find out in this article.

Brizy Cloud Pricing Update


Brizy Cloud is the web or the cloud platform version of the Brizy website builder. In fact, recently, Brizy Cloud transformed into a full-fledged website designing platform that offers many features like Blogging (CMS), Popup builder, Web Stories, and many more. Find out more in-depth in this Brizy Cloud review.

The dashboard of Brizy Cloud. Easily manage websites, popups, and web stories.

According to the official announcement by the Brizy team, there will be drastic changes in the new Brizy Cloud pricing. The most significant and apparent ones are:

  1. No Brizy Cloud lifetime deal anymore
  2. No Unlimited Brizy websites
  3. New pricing tiers, new names, and new pricing structure (ex: not cheap pricing anymore)
Brizy pricing

What’s new in Brizy Cloud Pricing?

  • A New Agency plan designed for agencies & white label solutions priced at $49/mo (100 hosted websites on our servers linked with your custom domains)
  • The Agency plan includes white-label options for the Brizy Cloud dashboard and builder,
  • The Agency plan receives priority support on the support forum and ticketing system.
  • The Agency plan includes all the suite of export options Brizy has (Custom domain, Subdomain, Download HTML, Server Sync, and 3rd party hosting)
  • Yearly payment options are available with a discount: Personal Yearly ($79), Freelancer Yearly ($299), and Agency Yearly ($499).

Here is the new Brizy monthly pricing:

Brizy Cloud pricing plans
  1. Three pricing plans: Personal ($9), Freelancer ($29), Agency ($49)
  2. Personal plan is good for solopreneurs. The Freelancer plan is best for small agencies with a handful number of clients. Agency is excellent for those who are looking for whitelabel website builder solutions.
# of hosted custom domains120100
# of hosted domains
# of workspaces (e.g., projects)120100
Updates & Support1 Year1 Year 1 Year VIP
# of Visitors & Storage
Publishing Options225
Membership functionalityNoYesYes
White-labeled DashboardNoNoYes

It costs $79, $299, and $499 yearly on Personal, Freelancer, and Agency plans of Brizy Cloud on annual plans. That is an extra 20% savings compared to 12 monthly payments.

Which Brizy Cloud plan is best for you?

It is clear that the Brizy team has a clear marketing plan and wants to offer customized features according to subscription plans. For example, the Whitelabel feature is only offered in the Agency plan.

If you are a solo marketer and want to make full use of Brizy while saving money, the Freelancer plan is your best choice.


Because for just $29, you will be able to manage up to 20 websites with a custom domain instead of branding domain, drive unlimited website visitors, and utilize Brizy’s Premium CDN and SSL. You really pay more for basic features and limited allowances in the Personal plan.

Brizy WordPress Price Update

Brizy WordPress is a WordPress plugin that offers many features like Page Builder, Theme Builder, WooCommerce Builder, and much more. It provides both free and paid versions. With the Paid version, known as PRO in Brizy WordPress, users receive more features like Pro layouts, blocks, elements, and not-limited customization abilities, functionalities, etc.,

Brizy WordPress White Label settings

For a long time, Brizy WordPress was offered at a one-time price where people could buy Brizy WordPress PRO Unlimited websites for just $299. However, things have changed a bit with the new Brizy pricing for the WordPress version.

What’s new in Brizy WordPress pricing?

  • A New Agency plan designed for agencies & white label solutions priced at $86/year (500 PRO websites)
  • The white-label options are included only in the Agency plan
  • The Agency plan receives priority support on the support forum and ticketing system.
  • New Lifetime options for each plan: Personal Lifetime ($149), Freelancer Lifetime ($299), and Agency Lifetime ($399).

Here is the Brizy WordPress yearly pricing for 2023:

Brizy WordPress Yearly pricing
  1. Personal – $49/year
  2. Freelancer – $99/year
  3. Agency – $199/year

Here are the new Brizy WordPress lifetime prices for 2023:

Brizy WordPress Lifetime pricing
  1. Personal – $149
  2. Freelancer – $299
  3. Agency – $399

Which Brizy WordPress plan is worth it for you?

By looking at the new Brizy WordPress pricing, it is clear that they are going to cut off the Lifetime plans one day. Like you cannot find Elementor lifetime deals or Thrive Architect lifetime plans anymore, a day will come you cannot find a Brizy WordPress lifetime plan on their website.

So, if you use WordPress a lot in your business process and Brizy WordPress page builder is a big part, I’d recommend locking up a lifetime plan. You will be provided new features if Brizy WordPress goes full subscription pricing in one day.

The Agency plan is the best if you have clients and want to Whitelabel the WordPress plugin and offer WordPress as a Service (WPaaS) services.

What does Brizy’s pricing look like compared with its competitors?

For Brizy Cloud, the web version, there are dozens of contenders:

  1. Clickfunnels
  2. Instapages
  3. LeadPages
  4. Simovely
  5. GetResponse
  6. Kartra
  7. Kajabi
  8. SwipePages
  9. Landigi

If you check the pricing pages of all of Brizy Cloud’s competitors, you will find that Brizy Cloud still has the cheapest pricing structure. It’s a different discussion whether Brizy Cloud offers as many features as its competition.

But, if you are looking for a simple page builder to showcase your works and convert visitors into leads and sales, Brizy Cloud is the best low-cost option currently.

Also, you will find several options for Brizy WordPress Pro:

  1. Elementor
  2. Beaver Builder
  3. Oxygen
  4. Thrive Architect
  5. Divi by ElegantThemes

Basically, you get to use Brizy website builder inside your WordPress website and other tools like Popups builder, Web Stories builder, etc. When comparing Brizy WordPress PRO pricing with its competition, they provide competitive pricing with a similar number or more features.

For instance, Elementor Pro costs $49 per month per website. It is the same price as Brizy WordPress Pro personal plan.

Conclusion on Brizy Pricing Plans & Price Increase in 2023

One of the unique SaaS tools that deliver value over and over time by making the platform innovative and easy to use is Brizy. Its landing page builder is the easiest I have ever seen.

The built-in features like Content Management System did increase Brizy’s level by far, and it made people wonder when Brizy will increase its pricing and especially close down the lifetime deal.

Now, Brizy changed its pricing model and added new tiers. No matter which industry you are in, if you need a quality landing page builder with unlimited visitors and storage, look no further and give Brizy Cloud a try today.

If you are a WordPress user and looking for a good page builder plugin, Brizy WordPress PRO page builder would be a good choice. But, it is not Elementor, Beaver Builder, or Oxygen builder. However, you still get a chance to purchase Brizy WordPress for a one-off cost!

What do you think about Brizy Pricing in 2023? Is it moderately priced or just expensive or not valuable for money compared with competitors like Clickfunnels?

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