10 Great Lead Capture Squeeze Pages for List Building in 2024

In online marketing, numbers mean many things, and they matter. That is why today, you will find the 10 best high-converting lead capture pages, opt-in pages, or squeeze pages for list building.

In email list building, if your typical lead conversion rate is 20%, and if you can turn it to 30%, 40%, or even as high as 50%, that will make a huge difference. Lead capture pages below are optimized for paid traffic, especially Solo advertising.

Solo ads traffic is email traffic that originates from targeted other people’s lists. Since this traffic type is targeted and warmed up, it typically has a higher subscription rate. But, most marketers struggle with getting the opt-in ratio to a break-even point in the solo ads sales funnel where they can confidently scale the campaign by buying more targeted solo ads traffic from places like Udimi.

In the Udimi solo ads marketplace, some sellers provide solo ads opt-in pages as a bonus for being a customer. But, the below ones will undoubtedly be helpful.


  • Mobile-responsive designs (Converts very well with mobile traffic)
  • Optimized for capturing the email addresses of visitors – No distractions or frictions
  • Targeted for niches such as Make Money Online, Business Opportunities (BizzOpps), Affiliate Marketing, and Internet Marketing
  • Integrate with your email marketing service such as Aweber easily
  • Load very fast (Static landing pages made with HTML and CSS)
  • Customize source code with a code editor such as Visual Code


If you are interested in these pages and want to use them on your campaigns, please download them by entering your email address on this page.

Lead Capture Pages Collection for Solo Ads List Building


Please note that since these pages are developed with the nature of solo ad traffic in mind, not many opt-in pages will not adhere to conventional ad networks like Facebook and Google. However, these landing pages very well perform with solo ad traffic and other direct ad buy networks and agencies.

Since these are static HTML web pages, you can upload them to your server, map a custom domain name, and A/B test each variant by using a quality URL rotator such as ClickMagick.

Get exclusive access

Suitable for any kind of offer (video, PDF, free eBook, or anything) and most niches such as Make Money Online and Business Opportunity. Igor Kheifets, a pro solo ads provider, used these types of landing pages to build his email list.


Email confirmation

Not all people who use the internet are tech-savvy. The following solo ads squeeze page targets people who are looking to earn money. The barrier is confirming the email address.


Final Confirmation

The following landing page for email list building utilizes animated Google Captcha images and icons of web security software and services that people are familiar with.


Cash formula

A simple opt-in landing page without a description. The title says it all.


Done-for-you hack

This landing page is designed for the MMO niche, and its minimalistic look gets attention no matter which device the visitor is using.


Shocking video

Background image, the progress bar at the top, scarcity-driven message, attention-grabbing top headline, and submit button’s CTA (Call-to-action) text give this squeeze page a top score.


Free Video

Red color CTA and the animated progress bar, and the attention-grabbing headline feature the following landing page. It’s specially made for the BizOpps niche.


Clickfunnels affiliate

Clickfunnels affiliate program is considered a profitable and consistently performing affiliate program for partners. Following landing page pitches, Clickfunnel’s programs such as OneFunnelAway and Clickfunnels affiliate program.


Home-based business

The background image, the sub-heading with red color and the direct CTA make this page highly converting for email solo ads in the home-based business niche.


New Business Opportunity

Background image of the page below intrigues hope and expectation. The big submit button directs users to enter their email and take the following steps.


How can you improve these?

Wrapping up

According to Litmus, for every $1 marketers spend on email marketing, they receive $36 in return. And the cost of traffic is skyrocketing not only just because of factors such as competition and inflation but also the scarcity of high-quality traffic.

That is why you should take all necessary steps to convert most visitors into leads. Unlike other paid advertising methods, solo ad traffic is a direct advertising method and hence does not have many barriers like you would find in Facebook Ads comparatively, for example.

Because of that, you can optimize opt-in landing pages in a way to have less content and focus on getting people to enter their email addresses and sign up for your email list or newsletter.

As you can see, all of the above lead capture pages for list building are unique. But, that does not mean all pages will have a higher conversion rate. I think you are smart enough to know that it depends on many factors, including traffic source, tiers of traffic, and ad copy.

However, you can A/B test each variant against your current best and see which page converts better. Use quality and accurate traffic tracker like ClickMagick to not only route traffic but also identify the winning variant based on statistical significance.

So, what is your favorite lead capture landing page example? If you are using solo ads for list building, share your tips on crafting a high-converting squeeze page below.

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