7 Best Click Link Tracking Tools & Software to Try Free in 2024

Link tracking tools are a must-have in any online marketing campaign. Period.

But, choosing not only the right but also the affordable click tracking software can be challenging in the age where tons of new tools are available.

That is why, in this article, you will find the best link tracker solutions to monitor, optimize, and capitalize on your internet marketing campaigns.

To date, it still boggles my mind to see how many marketers do not care about “tracking.”

Online marketing is a numbers game. At the end of the day, as a business owner, you want to survive and grow so that you can feed your family and improve the products/services you offer.

But how would you know if a marketing strategy is working or not precisely without tracking?

Here are several reasons why you should start using quality link tracking software:

  • Identify profitable verticles, traffic sources, and other entities: Most link analytics tools track conversions based on S2S Postback and old-fashioned pixel or image tracking methods. This allows you to monitor conversions on your own sales funnels and affiliate products and optimize campaigns so that you can kill off unprofitable campaigns and traffic zones.
  • Get to know what works: The days are gone when you have to rely on a couple of advertising networks for traffic needs. Nowadays, hundreds of traffic providers and agencies provide web traffic in multiple ways, such as contextual ads, pop ads, push notification ads, native ads, influencer ads, and email solo ads. Perhaps a specific traffic type and the provider will deliver you a more substantial ROI than others. How would you find it out? Yes, by using a reliable link tracking service.
  • Catch click fraud: Spamming and click fraud have not been climbed down over the years. In fact, it has become more sophisticated due to many shady people using click farms, bots and other unethical ways to make clicks happen. Furthermore, with the popularity of micro-jobs sites, it has become easier for a typical website owner to buy manual clicks and manipulate banner ad clicks, for example. But, with a powerful click tracker tool, you can get to know where those occur.
  • Save money: One of the benefits of using web traffic tracking tools is that you can make proper business decisions based on accurate and real-time data quickly, so you can save money without burning the ad spend on unprofitable verticles, traffic zones & websites, and offers.
  • Maintain transparency between partners and customers: A good business is built upon long-term trustworthiness. Some traffic tracking tools let you create shareable reports so that you can share them with your business partners, media buying agents, etc. One common and perfect example of this is direct solo ads buying. Many solo ad providers deliver an overview of the campaign’s performance via traffic tracking reports.
  • Link shortening, URL rotation, deep linking, and traffic routing: These are essential features you will mostly need when the time comes. Most link trackers offer these features by default.
  • Get refunds from ad networks: Did you know that approximately 39% of all bot traffic comprised bad bots? You can submit reports on bot activity to traffic sources and get refunds for fraudulent traffic sent to your campaigns.
  • Get a massive competitive advantage: You are a business at the end of the day. And other business competitors try to claim a bigger pie of your market. Using an excellent click tracking service will give a massive competitive advantage over those who do not.

Before checking out the list of click trackers, you need to know which qualities a tool should include. Here are some of them based on the profession:

Affiliate marketers

  • Service should offer conversion tracking capabilities so that you can integrate affiliate click tracker with affiliate networks such as Clickbank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, and PartnerStack.
  • Custom tracking IDs or sub-ids so you can monitor each conversion and forecast which traffic zones to optimize and which campaigns should be scaled.
  • Sales funnel tracking lets you know which part of the funnel to optimize to improve metrics such as AOV (Average Order Value) and LTV (Lifetime Order Value).
  • Calculating the ROI of paid ad campaigns by integrating both costs and revenue metrics
  • Traffic routing functionalities so that you can direct people to the right page based on their location, device, time of day, OS, etc.,
  • URL rotation feature so that you can rotate multiple affiliate offers
  • Uptime guarantee and scalability

Paid advertisers

  • Integration with advertising networks, payment processors such as Stripe, PayPal, and online checkout platforms such as ThriveCart and SamCart
  • Custom tracking IDs
  • Click fraud monitoring
  • Optimization and automation
  • Email notifications

Most of these services offer free trials (without needing credit cards) so try them out. Also, do not forget to vote for your best link tracking tool at the bottom of this page.



ClickMagick is one of the best traffic management and optimization tools out there for media buyers and affiliates. ClickMagick has itself become the industry-leading tracking tool in the solo advertising space.

ClickMagick URL rotator and tracker

Key features:

  • Unlimited Custom Tracking Domains – Use ClickMagick tracking URLs or use your own domain names, which not many click tracker tools provide, at least from the basic plan
  • Track & Optimize Your Entire Sales Funnel – Effortlessly track your entire sales funnel with no tracking links or redirects with industry-standard UTMs and “first-party” cookies and utilize postback, webhook, and server-to-server tracking.
  • Cross-Device Tracking – A normal user uses 3.2 devices on average. ClickMagicks makes it possible for every marketer to track, optimize, and scale with true cross-device tracking.
  • Advanced Attribution Modeling – Use the “Last Click” attribution model or multi-touch attribution models such as Linear, Position-Based, and Time Decay.
  • Optimize ad campaigns with Facebook Conversions API, Google Ads, and Tiktok Ads integrations.
  • Reduce Wasted Ad Spend with ClickShield™ – Set up simple rules to define what type of paid click behavior is acceptable to your business, and block the rest.
  • Track Your Phone Sales and Offline Conversions
  • Real-Time Stats & Reports – Get conversion rates, ad spend, profit, ROI, average order value, return on ad spend, and so much more in real time. Share campaign analysis performance via shareable links with your clients and partners.
  • Route traffic – ClickMagick’s traffic routing features allow you to direct visitors based on their GEO location, device, and much more. Plus, URL rotation functionality lets you route the right user to the right landing page to maximize conversions.
  • Affiliate Marketing Tools – From custom tracking links and automated mobile and geo-targeting to automated Postback Builder and conversion tracking, ClickMagick gives affiliate marketers a huge competitive advantage over others.
  • Automatic “Bot” Filtering
  • Click Fraud Monitoring & Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis – Determine which traffic source is performing well for you. Additionally, ClickMagick will even notify you if your click quality is suspiciously low.
  • Import/Export Your Data and Stats

ClickMagick is equipped with powerful, robust functionalities to ensure your marketing campaigns are up and running day and night. Its supportiveness for solo advertising shows how user-friendly ClickMagick is.



Because ClickMagick is one of the very few solo ads traffic tracker tools available.

But what about the pricing?


In our ClickMagick Pricing guide, we showed a detailed overview of subscription plans.

ClickMagick Pricing plans

ClickMagick offers a 14-day free trial on all plans. And its Starter plan is the cheapest, and it costs $69/mo. The Starter plan allows tracking up to 10,000 clicks a month. The Standard plan costs $149 per month, offering many new features and increased limits than the Starter plan.

Highlights of the Standard plan ($149/mo):

  • Up to 100,000 clicks a month
  • 3 team members
  • 10 custom tracking domains
  • 1-year data retention
  • 5 funnel tracking projects
  • Auto Cost Update
  • API and Zapuer access
  • Mobile App

The highest plan of ClickMagick is Pro, which costs $299/mo. The Pro plan is perfect for traffic agencies and media buyers with huge volumes.

Pros and Cons

  • 14-Day free trial
  • Custom domains
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Real-time stats and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Solo ads tracking
  • Track phone sales and offline conversions
  • Shareable reports
  • Automatic bot filtering/blocking & traffic quality analysis
  • Multi-Mode Link Rotators
  • Mobile App
  • Free training
  • Not ideal for media buying campaigns for performance marketing (i.e.: Pop ads, Native ads traffic, etc.)
  • No sub-accounts
  • Cannot set email notifications based on rules

Click here to try ClickMagick


BeMob Website Homepage

BeMob is yet another tracking software for affiliates, advertisers, publishers, and agencies with a powerful feature set. It is one of the best alternatives to popular ad trackers like Voluum with a free plan.

The cloud-based free click tracking software’s features and tools make it effortless to track and optimize campaigns in many ad formats such as Native ads, Display banners, Pop, Email, Search, Push ads, Wapclick, Social, and Video.

Key features:

  • Campaign tracking – BeMob ad tracker software provides many features:
    • Cookieless & Redirectless Tracking – Track with or without redirects, allowing you to seamlessly track your Facebook, Google Ads, and Bing campaigns without bans due to campaign links.
    • Multi-cost and Payout Tracking – Set the required cost model (CPA, CPM, CPV, or Revshare) and choose the convenient payout method (auto or manual) to see the most detailed data on profit-based metrics.
    • Multi-offer, Landings, and Banners Tracking – BeMob tracker provides tons of information to get the whole picture of your campaigns and optimize them. From banner impressions, CTR rates, campaign visits, and clicks on landing pages to different types of conversions, such as email submissions and app installs, there are many ways you can utilize BeMob to track offers, landers, and promotional materials.
  • Campaign management – Since BeMob is an all-in-one tracking tool in which both traffic sources and affiliate networks are integrated and communicated back and forth on conversions and metrics and lodged on the BeMob whenever they occur, you can manage your campaign easily without having to log into your ad and affiliate networks regularly.
  • Anti-Fraud System – BeMob blocks bots and detects non-human traffic for further optimization on the side of your traffic source and lets you create your own black & white lists and forward bots to the trash, protect your landing pages from spy tools.
  • Analytics – From features like real-time stats, detailed reporting with the ability to dive deeper with Drill-down reports and data grouping to custom dashboards and access to raw data, BeMob provides all the details you need to make data-driven, informed decisions to optimize and scale your campaigns.
  • Integrations – BeMob integrates with advertising platforms such as PropellerAds, Exoclick, MGID, Revcontent, and Facebook and provides S2S Postback URLs to pass conversion data from affiliate networks such as Maxbounty to the BeMob ad tracker. Furthermore, it provides conversion pixels in case S2S Postback is not supported, or you want to track conversions on your funnels, such as email subscriptions, for example.
  • Landing page protection, custom conversions, invalid traffic tracking, smart rotations, double meta redirect, traffic distribution options, data export, team members, and more.


BeMob is one of the best free ad-tracking software with up to 100,000 events in the free plan. An event in the BeMob tracker is defined as every impression/visit/click/conversion.

BeMob pricing


  • Free plan – Up to 100,000 events, 10 campaigns, 10 offers, 5 landing pages, 5 flows, 3 traffic sources, 3 affiliate networks
  • Professional plan – $49/month – Up to 1,000,000 events, $0.05 overcharge per 1,000 events, 50 campaigns, 50 offers, 10 landing pages, 10 flows, 10 traffic sources, 10 affiliate networks
  • Business plan – $249/month – Up to 10,000,000 events, $0.025 overcharge per 1,000 events, 250 campaigns, 250 offers, 20 landing pages, 20 flows, 20 traffic sources, 20 affiliate networks, 3 tracking domains, 3 cloaking domains, 3 months of data retention
  • Business plan – $499/month – Up to 30,000,000 events, $0.02 overcharge per 1,000 events, 1,000 campaigns, 1,000 offers, 30 landing pages, 30 flows, 30 traffic sources, 30 affiliate networks, 5 tracking domains, 5 cloaking domains, 6 months of data retention

Pros and Cons

  • Multi-funnel Tracking
  • Cookieless Tracking
  • Fraud Protection
  • Advanced Rules and Targeting
  • Integrations, Tracking URLs, and Conversion Tracking Pixels
  • API-Integrated Traffic Sources
  • Instant Reporting and shared Reports
  • Workspaces and collaboration
  • No traffic quality analysis
  • No mobile app

Click here to try BeMob



Improvely is yet another conversion tracking and clicks fraud monitoring web app. Compared with power tools like ClickMagick, Improvely is on the simpler side. But it’s packed with tons of features to help marketers to optimize their online campaigns.

Additionally, its white-label dashboard makes Improvely an excellent link-tracking software for agencies and firms who want to deliver direct access to customers without showcasing third-party brand names and logos.

Key features:

  • Integration with popular ad networks – Improvely includes native integration with services like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads, Taboola, and Adroll.
  • Track conversions & revenue – Easily track revenue across entire funnels and optimize each datapoint based on accurate data.
  • Built-In Click Fraud Monitoring – Monitor each suspicious activity with powerful click fraud detection features and take immediate actions to secure your advertising budget.
  • Customer Profiles – Get to know the best customers by using Improvely’s customer profile activity log.
  • Advanced Analytics – From simple but key metrics to custom reports, Improvely provides every detail you need. Plus, you can utilize ‘segments’ and ‘metrics’ data to optimize and scale campaigns quickly and without doubting your decisions.
  • Professional conversion tracking for affiliate marketing – Take your affiliate promotions to the next level with accurate link tracking and monitoring features. Improvely has already integrated with affiliate networks such as ShareASale, ClickBank, and MaxBounty (and you can add your affiliate network). Improvely affiliate tool’s key features like link cloaking & stripping referrers from traffic will help in protecting your ads and keyword lists. Also, cloaking affiliate links so you can specify which URL and title to show up on the address bar and browser will come in handy.
  • Track organic traffic conversions – In my previous guide on Semrush Traffic cost metric, I shared some arguments on why it is best to focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rather than paid ad traffic, sometimes based on profits and long-term market growth. One issue many marketers find difficult is tracking organic traffic conversions. You can use Google Analytics, but it does not give a simpler approach than Improvely.
  • Agency and white-label features – From the white-label dashboard to sub-accounts and exports, Improvely is a perfect traffic analytics tool to manage your clients’ projects/campaigns at one dashboard.

Improvely comes with all other features that you can find on professional link tracking programs, such as A/B testing, URL rotation, sub-ID tracking, custom domains, and user management.

Its API documentation is filled with everything you can accomplish, from custom reporting dashboards to manipulating data.


Improvely offers a 14-day free trial on all plans. Four different packages are offered based on each user’s needs.

Improvely pricing


  • Freelancer – $29/mo – 10,000 visits, 1 team member
  • Startup – $79/mo – 50,000 visits, 3 team member
  • Small Agency- $149/mo – 100,000 visits, unlimited team members, sub-accounts
  • Large Agency- $299+/mo – 250,000+ visits, unlimited team members, sub-accounts, white-label reporting

The Freelancer plan is the best option if you are a media buyer who manages up to 10K traffic per month.

Pros & Cons

  • Integrations with major ad and affiliate networks
  • Click fraud monitoring
  • Link cloaking and stripping referrers
  • Affiliate marketing tools
  • PPC click fraud monitoring and detection
  • Instant demo portal and 14-Day free trial
  • Sub-accounts and white-label reporting
  • No solo-ads-friendly reports
  • No mobile applications

Click here to try Improvely



LinkTrackr is one of the best link trackers out there, with over 10 years of track record. Whether you are a PPC advertiser, affiliate marketer, influencer/content creator, or agency owner, LinkTrackr has everything you would ask for.

Key features:

  • Complete conversion tracking – LinkTrackr’s conversion tracker is so powerful that it can accurately monitor every upsell, downsell, and OTOs (One-time-Offers) on your funnels and easily identify the source of your conversion by creating campaigns to track banner ads, solo email ads, links on your website, and much more. Additionally, LinkTrackr’s ROI & Profitability reports show how much you have spent to get a particular conversion, ROI, profitability, and other critical metrics such as zone IDs, mediums, and publisher names.
  • Affiliate link tracking – LinkTrackr supports major affiliate networks such as JVZoo, ClickBank, ShareASale, and HasOffers and let you import commission report from the affiliate network so that LinkTrackr can generate a complete analysis report on conversion details by matching sub-IDs. Additionally, the LinkTrackr affiliate link tracker provides both pixel & PostBack tracking functionality so that you can seamlessly optimize online ads campaigns.
  • Quality PPC ads tracking – Optimize your Facebook and Google Ads campaigns with LinkTrackr. Drill down PPC ads reports to keyword level and pay only for keywords that make money for you.
  • A/B split testing & URL rotator – Distribute traffic across multiple landing pages (to find high converting one), different affiliate offers (to find the most lucrative offer for exact traffic), same affiliate offer from different affiliate networks (to find which network’s tracking conversion better and increase affiliate payout) and route traffic among partner URLs.
  • Configurable – Set your own rules, such as custom cookie duration based on each affiliate offer, session & exclusion setting, add your own bots, and disable bots filtering altogether. LinkTrackr is a highly configurable click tracking software for advanced marketers.

LinkTrackr provides other essential features like link cloaking, custom domains (CNAME domain mapping only), remarketing, etc. If you already use a domain name for another project, like for a website or blog, LinkTrackr provides a redirect script that you can install on a folder on your site, so everything works perfectly.


LinkTrackr has four pricing tiers based on user needs. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Linktrackr pricing


  • Basic – $17/mo – 100 tracking links, 10,000 clicks/mo
  • Pro – $27/mo – 500 tracking links, 50,000 clicks/mo, custom domains, Pixel & Postback Tracking
  • Hyper – $47/mo – 1,000 tracking links, 100,000 clicks/mo, custom domains, Pixel & Postback Tracking, Split Testing & Rotator
  • Extreme – $77/mo – 5,000 tracking links, 500,000 clicks/mo, custom domains, Pixel & Postback Tracking, Split Testing & Rotator

Pros & Cons

  • Ad, PPC, conversion, pixel, postback, and sub-ID tracking
  • Split testing & URL rotator
  • Track sales from email campaigns
  • Viral bar (show CTA widgets on links you share through the iframe embedding method)
  • Upload affiliate reports from affiliate networks
  • 30-Day risk-free guarantee
  • No solo-ads-friendly features
  • Lack of integrations
  • Cannot add team members and lack of agency features
  • Cannot set email notifications based on rules
  • No mobile app

Click here to try LinkTrackr



If you are looking for a free click tracking service, look no further. ClixTrac is a free solution for people who are looking to get started on online ad campaigns and want to check impressions, ad clicks, visits, and sales on social media, newsletters, banners, etc. However, ClixTrac is not an ideal solution for agencies and marketing firms.

Key features:

  • Free service – No need to pay monthly or yearly subscription fees. Get started for free and try the ClixTrac click tracker
  • Link cloaking and masking – No complicated steps. ClixTrac’s link tracker is so easy to use
  • Track banner ads, PPC ads, newsletter clicks – Easily manage all links
  • Analytics – See daily stats showing ad impressions, clicks, and click-through rates (CTR)
  • URL rotator – Distribute traffic among multiple URLs
  • Reporting – Export reports as a CSV file and share stats of an ad with a client or advertiser by giving them an encrypted link
  • Pass variables through URL parameters – Pass custom variables such as Sub IDs, email addresses, or search engine keywords.


ClixTrac has got a free plan, and paid plans are available for power users. Subscription plan details aren’t shown publically on the homepage. You have to create a free account to get access to them. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Clixtrac pricing


  • Premium – $4.95/month
  • Professional – $9.95/month

Pros & Cons

  • Free link tracking software
  • Link cloaking and rotation
  • Basic Analytics
  • Basic features
  • User interface can be improved

Click here to try ClixTrac



Voluum is a world-class all-in-one tracker software especially used by performance marketers (i.e., CPA marketers). Voluum’s state-of-the-art technology, a wide variety of integrations, and advanced analytics make Voluum a perfect tracker for serious marketers who want to scale in big numbers.

Key features:

  • Integrations – From contextual ad networks, social ad networks such as TikTok to popads, native ads, and push notification ad networks, and affiliate networks such as ClickDealer and ClickBank, Voluum includes every integration in deep you’d ask for. Also, Voluum gives you the opportunity to request new integrations and build your own integration within the platform.
  • Advanced tracking features – Track every step of the funnel with Cookieless tracking, Multi-step funnels (Listicle tracking), and custom ID tracking.
  • Advanced analytics & reporting – Drill down into every bit of user activity with real-time analytics and monitor impressions, hits, CTR, conversions, CPA, CPC, EPC, ROI, and much more, and export reports easily.
  • Anti-Fraud Kit – Stop wasting money on bot traffic and maintain good relationships with offer owners. Identify invalid and protect yourself against ad fraud.
  • The Automizer – Create your own optimization rules and let Voluum automatically perform actions on your integrated traffic sources to maximize your ROI.
  • Traffic Distribution AI – Put your traffic distribution on autopilot. Let Voluum analyze your performance in real time and automatically redistribute your traffic for the best ROI.
  • Shared Reports – Create a unique link and share it with outside parties to give them access to the selected stats without giving them access to Voluum.
  • Custom domains, IP/UA filtering, mobile apps for Android and iOS, A/B split testing, redirect methods including double-meta refresh, tracking paid and organic traffic without any redirects, rule-based traffic distribution, and much more.

Not many traffic and conversion tracker software allow adult traffic. But Voluum does not have those limitations.


Voluum is one of THE most complete link tracking software. For that reason, its pricing is expensive compared to other tools.

Voluum Pricing
  1. Discover – $199/month – Up to 1M events
  2. Profit – $349/month – Up to 5M events
  3. Scale – $599/month – Up to 10M events

Discover plan starts at $199/mo and allows 20 active campaigns, up to 3 custom domains and 1 dedicated domain, and six months of data retention. However, if you want to use powerful features and tools like rule-based paths, Automizer and Traffic Distribution AI, and the Anti-fraud kit, you have to subscribe to a higher plan.

Pros and Cons

  • State-of-the-art complete link tracker
  • Integrations
  • Team members
  • Affiliate academy, webinars, and documentation
  • Ant-fraud kit
  • AI for campaign optimization
  • Automizer to automate tasks based on rules
  • Alerts to get notifications through mobile and desktop push notifications on campaign changes
  • Mobile app
  • Collaboration tools
  • Advanced analytics
  • Automatic campaign migration from your old tracker
  • Track ZeroPark events for free
  • Used by professional marketers
  • Pricing can be a bit expensive if you are getting started on online advertising

Click here to try Voluum



This cloud-based link tracking & ad tracking software is filled with tons of features, just like Voluum. RedTrack.io Analytics provides tons of data to optimize campaigns. Its predictable algorithm delivers real-time statistics, so you can get a clear idea of where your campaigns are moving.

Key features:

  • Integrations – As a significant link tracking software for marketers, Redtrack.io has integrations with all major ad and affiliate networks such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, ClickBank, PropellerAds, Mgid, and Shopify.
  • Built-In Click Fraud Check – Take advantage of the detailed fraud reports or set rules that automatically alert you when the ratio of low-quality traffic increases.
  • Automation – Find best performing offers and direct traffic towards them
  • Instant Alerts – Real-time notifications about your campaign’s performance
  • Get data across all channels – Tracking for both online & offline events (clicks, conversions, add to cart, abandoned cart, recurring subscription, demos, purchases, etc.) and get cost-updates & revenue for all types of events
  • eCommerce tracking – With deep integrations with Facebook, Google (ex: Product listing ads), TikTok, Shopify, Woocommerce, Outbrain, and Taboola and AI optimization, offline conversion tracking, custom conversion, and ad spend uploads, RedTrack.io makes it so easy to optimize your eCommerce conversion tracking and media buying campaigns.

In addition to link tracking software, RedTrack.io provides tons of other solutions for advertisers, publishers, and ad agencies.

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Since RedTrack is a complete ad tracking & conversion attribution service to track, manage, and optimize across all devices, channels, and platforms, its pricing is expensive.

RedTrack.io has divided its pricing into three groups based on the features. Two months are provided for free if paid annually.

Pricing for affiliates

RedTrack.io’s pricing for affiliates is the ideal place to look at its functions and costs if you are looking for a quality tracker for affiliate marketing. All plans come with unlimited tracking – online, offline, mobile, media buying, and partners’ events and reliable tracking without 3rd-party cookies.

Redtrack affiliates pricing

Three main pricing plans offer different features and limits. The cheapest plan is Advanced, and it costs $149 a month. In addition to the basic subscription fee, there are add-ons that you can add later, and RedTrack will charge extra for the exceeded amount of events (calculated in 1,000’s events).

Affiliate plans are perfect for solo media buyers (i.e., individual marketers) and teams.

Pricing for advertisers

If you are looking for traffic and ad tracking software for brands, eCommerce, and SaaS businesses, RedTrack has got dedicated plans.

Redtrack advertiser pricing

Pricing for Advertisers in RedTrack has three tiers:

  1. Grow – $149/mo – Track up to $75K monthly revenue
  2. Scale – $299/mo – Track up to $100K monthly revenue, 3 users, admin account, and shared reports
  3. Prevail – $749/mo – Track up to $250K monthly revenue, 10 users, complete API access, clicks & conversion logs to cloud

All plans include a 0.3% overage revenue charge. (Ex: If tracked 95K revenue in a month, the overage charge would be $60 (20K * 0.3%))

Pricing for agencies

Not many link tracker services listed here provide agency-friendly features. RedTrack.io has got a dedicated plan for digital media agencies.

Redtrack agency pricing

Compare affiliates’ pricing from here and advertisers’ pricing from here (PDFs).

Pros & Cons

  • 150+ one-click integrations
  • Real-time reports based on raw data, API
  • Auto-optimization
  • Cross-campaign multi-touch attribution
  • Real-time alerts
  • Mobile Apps
  • Media buying and partner marketing in one UI
  • Stitching the funnel between inbound and outbound
  • Tracking without redirects and 3rd party cookies
  • White-label reporting portal and tools for teamwork
  • Costs $150 to remove the "powered by" attribution link
  • Pricing is a bit expensive for a small media buyer

Click here to try RedTrack

What is your preferred tracking tool for marketers?

Vote for your best choice:

(If you use an alternative service to the ones in this article, please select the ‘other’ option and mention the name of the tool in the comment below so that others can find out and I can add it to this list)


  1. ClickMagick
  2. BeMob
  3. Improvely
  4. LinkTrackr
  5. ClixTrac
  6. Voluum
  7. RedTrack

Having a quality, reliable, and accurate link tracker tool in your arsenal is not an option anymore; it’s a must.

There is an apparent distance between URL tracker services such as Bit.ly, TinyURL, Replug.io, and PixelMe and link tracking tools. Services such as Bitly limit their functions to URL shortening, basic click tracking, etc., while full-fledged click tracking software provides more, including affiliates & ad network integrations, conversion tracking, ROI calculation, automation, and predictions based on data and AI.

Referral tracking for online competitions

Many giveaways and online sweeps platforms such as UpViral, SweepWidget, and ViralSweep have their own in-built tracking system and integration with common services such as Google Analytics that allows you to track referrals.

For instance, UpViral, one of the best platforms we’ve ever used, offers custom tracking links that you can use to monitor different traffic sources. Find out more in this review about UpViral and this guide to useful UpViral integration methods.

UpViral UTM & custom tracking links let you track the best traffic sources in terms of conversions.

Traffic tracking for CPA marketing

Performance marketing, or CPA marketing, needs specific features and, especially, fast and reliable service with a maximum uptime guarantee. Voluum is one of the best services for tracking CPA marketing campaigns. Additionally, Voluum alternatives such as ThriveTracker, TrackingDesk, and RedTrack can be good options to consider.

Nowadays, most CRM and email marketing services such as Aweber, ActiveCampaign, GetRespose, Gist, Drip, HubSpot, and even self-hosted bulk email marketing software such as Mautic provide click tracking and even funnel tracking capabilities.

The figure shows the workflow builder of Gist that allows you to manipulate data and execute functions based on subscriber activities on your online store or site and link click activities.

Most services show basic stats on the total clicks of a broadcast and which links were clicked. The screenshot below is the account overview (Home) of Aweber.


Also, you can use any tool provided above to monitor link clicks and sales at the backend of your funnels and affiliate offers.

If you intend to become a professional email solo ads seller (or even a solo ad traffic reseller), ClickMagick is one of the best URL click tracking services for the job. Learn more.

In this review of the best link tracking tools for marketers, you found out the top services, pricing details, and pros & cons of each.

Some of these services provide free trials where you can sign up for free and try features and tools. I recommend giving a couple a try if you are not sure which one to use.

So, what link tracking tool and software are you using and why? Share your opinions below.

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