Online marketing isn’t so fun as it seems to be. You can’t expect to get everything done perfectly in overnight.

If you’re using paid ads such as Google Adwords, Twitter ads, Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads, then you would know well that competition for certain niches has increased over time within past couple of years.

However, if you’re a smart marketer, then you might be using “retargeting” for your business. If you’re not, then you should implement it right away!

Today, I am going to review a tool which I have been using since past couple of months for my businesses.

It’s actually a pretty-new service (or you can call as an online software) for savvy marketers.


What is PixelMe and How Does it Work?

In simple words, PixelMe is an online tool that adds retargeting pixels to every link you share. However, PixelMe team’s purpose is to enable people to create ads within PixelMe. So, as time goes, you will see new features and various options in PixelMe.

Recently, PixelMe featured in ProductHunt, in which it got many positive feedbacks.

If you’re an online marketer, blogger, SaaS business owner and a social media marketer who wants to,

  • Create shorten links under your brand name (ex:
  • Add retargeting pixels of multiple platforms at once,
  • Have a reliable URL shortening tool that does not steal your web traffic,
  • Retarget people with every link your share even popular websites like,,

You should be considering using PixelMe for your business.

Here’s how PixelMe works…

pixelme how it works
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How Works (Click on Image to enlarge)

It’s a very simple three-step process.

Shorten an URL using PixelMe and share it on social networks.

People click on shared link. PixelMe adds retargeting pixels into each visitor's computer.

Create custom audiences based on each link shared and interests.

PixelMe Key Features


PixelMe will automatically include retargeting pixels in every link you shorten. It works same as other URL shortening services like, or, but better for you.

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Shorten URLs in (Click on Image to enlarge)


Analytics is one of the most important aspects when it comes to advertising. PixelMe tracks every link click including the number of total clicks, number of unique clicks. Therefore you can analyze data and resonate with patterns and audience interests, so that will eventually help out you to make high-quality ads.

In a couple of weeks, PixelMe will update their analytics dashboard so you will get more thorough information such as times they clicked, GEOs and sources. So, you can combine those data into your marketing plans in future well.

Custom Domain

Personally, I hesitate to click links that are shortened with services like or Or I open them in Incognito window for safety purposes.

However, branded shortened links aren’t unsuspicious and resonate a brand. That’s why PixelMe allows you to map your own custom domain name so you can share branded shortened links that track every visitor.

Custom Slugs

You barely could change slugs in most free URL shortening services. PixelMe makes it easier for you to create beautiful and easy-to-remember sharable links such as

Custom Slugs will not only make your links unsuspicious but also increase click-through rates which is a paramount factor in any online advertising campaign.

Multi Ads Platform support

You may want to add multiple retargeting pixels at once. Or add only Facebook and Twitter retargeting pixel codes. Do not worry. PixelMe eases it to retarget based on ads-platform you would prefer.

Currently you can add retargeting pixels of these ad platforms.

  • 1
    Google Adwords
  • 2
  • 3
    Twitter Ads
  • 4
    LinkedIn Ads
  • 5
    Pinterest Ads
  • 6
    Quora Ads
  • 7
    Nexus Segment

Bulk Import

Want to shorten multiple links at once?

Simple copy and paste links you would like to shorten.

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Import URLs by batch:

Personalized 404 Pages

Redirect visitor to a new page or show them a custom 404 page when he/she visited a dead link or an unexisting link.

Team Members

Invite your teammates to contribute and manage your PixelMe account.

If you’re doing any kind of paid advertising, then you should clearly make use of Retargeting. Because it allows you to,

  • Create custom audiences
  • Understand customer interests
  • Identify customer behaviors
  • Create lesser targeted ads
  • Increase click-through rate and so decrease CPC costs
  • Increase ROI

Overall as of PixelMe supports multi-ad platforms, you could easily create targeted ads on each advertising network faster.

So, it doesn’t matter if your potential customer check their Twitter feed at 8:03AM, find new picture quotes on Pinterest at 10:45 A.M, check daily stories in Instagram at 11.28 A.M, check email messages in Gmail at 1:52 P.M, answer some question in Quora at 5:38 P.M and chat with their friends in Facebook messenger at late night. You will always be able to target your potential customer wherever they are because you know he/she is interested in your product.

The opportunities are enormous to make use of multi-ad retargeting links at once to grow your business. You should take your time to think how you could use PixelMe to reduce advertising costs and increase your overall revenue.

PixelMe Pricing

PixelMe’s pricing starts from $29 per month. PixelMe’s pricing is not based on link clicks, but a number of total shortened links. 

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As a PixelMe Pro account holder, I would recommend this tool for any kind of marketer who is utilizing or intending to use paid advertising.

PixelMe Discount

For a limited time, you could get 10% OFF for a yearly with following PixelMe coupon code.


Like, Don't Like

What I Like

  • Support Multi-Ad platform Retargeting Pixels Integration
  • Unlimited link clicks
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Slug
  • chevron-circle-up
    Good customer support

What I Don't Like

  • Basic Link analytics.
  • No API

Final Words

As everything has complicated these days, to stay ahead of the competition, you have to be as smart as other bigger companies who use lesser targeting methods.

Building a custom audience who are interested in your product or service is very easy if you know what you should do.

Luckily for you, PixelMe makes it so much easier to retarget people with links you share online. To be honest, retargeting has never been easier this much. You don’t have to have HTML knowledge to place retargeting pixel codes and you don’t need to worry about the inability of editing HTML source in some blogging platform like Medium.

I use PixelMe for most link I share to retarget whenever I want. So, what are your thoughts about PixelMe?

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About the author 

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