10 Best Domain Name Search Tools to Check Availability Instantly

Do you want to know how to check if a domain is available? So, today I will list the best free and premium domain name search tools on the Internet to check domain availability.

In this post, you’ll find some domain name search tools. Many of them are instant domain name lookup tools. This means you could get instant results for your domain search. Another type of available domain name search tool is the bulk domain name checker. Using a bulk domain name checker, you can search just more than one available domain.

Without wasting your valuable time, let’s check how you can find if a domain is registered or not and how to buy a domain name at a cheap price.

10 Best Free Websites to Check Domain Name Availability

The tools listed here are not in a particular order. Feel free to try several and let me know what you think the best one to check available domain names in the comments below.

Domain Search Tool #1: Godaddy – Lookup Available Domains in Domain Registrars

Godaddy domain name availability checker

Godaddy is the world’s best domain name registrar. If you’re starting a website or blog online, you’d use Godaddy to purchase a domain name. It does not only because Godaddy is the home ground for millions of websites in the world because you can buy a domain name for a cheap price.

Features in Godaddy domain name search tools:

1. Ability to filter out different types of domain names.
2. Can choose a variety of domain name extensions. Ex: .tips, .photo, .club
3. Filter available domain names as the price and length.
4. Domain Name suggestions.
5. Find domains in the Godaddy Auction

Also, there is a Bulk Domain Search tool in Godaddy itself. You can use that domain lookup tool to find the availability of just more than one domain name at one time.

Domain Search Tool #2: Domize – Best Instant Domain name Availability tool

Domize instant domain name finder

Domize is one of my favorite Domain name search tools. Personally, I use this tool to check available domain names (especially TLDs such as .com and also country-specific domains such as .in, .io, etc). There are some important options and advanced settings in Domize domain checker tools. Look at this screenshot.

instant domain name checking options in Domize - Filter specific domain name TLDs

And this one.

Domize domain name checker tool

As you can see in the above two screenshots, Domize provides you awesome tools and options to look up available domain names and registered domains very easily.

Also, there’s a special section for getting premium domains. If you want to buy already registered domains that have good Domain Authority, Page Rank, Semrush Rank, and Alexa rank, you can buy a top-level domain name from the premium section of Domize Instant domain name availability tool.

There is a small but very helpful tool in Domize. It’s staring domains you like. You can rate each domain name you like and wish to buy later, and come again and check them. Don’t worry, you don’t want to worry about creating an account. They use cookies to store your session. So you can look up stared domain names later.

Domain Search Tool #3: Instant Domain Search – Check Whether your favorite Domain Name is registered

Instantdomainsearch.com is another very popular domain name checker tool. It does not only provide the stats about the registration of any domain name but also does suggest related match domain names. Here’s an example.

Instant Domain Search
Instant Domain Search

As you see, Instant Domain Search gives you auction domains. You can buy them for a cheap price. Beware when choosing these types of domains. Some domains have good Page rank just because the webmaster has used black hat SEO methods.

If you’re searching for a simple and fast tool to lookup the domain name availability, so try this online tool. It’s free to use like others!

Domain Search Tool #4: Long Tail Pro – Niche Marketers Best Weapon to Harvest High volume Low competitive Available Domain Names

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a cloud-based Search engine marketing tool like Semrush with that you can do lots of things such as keyword research, analyze competitors and find available domain names or check domain availability.

You can find high volume but low competitive keyword domain names which Google Keyword Planner hides from you using Long Tail Pro. It suits well for niche marketing or niche blogging. You can find good domain names that are not yet registered by someone.

Click Here to Sign up on Long Tail Pro.

Domain Search Tool #5: NameWink — Find a Business name with a TLD


NameWink is a different kind of tool. It checks not only the availability of the domain but also the business name to register, social media pages and more.

If you are struggling coming up with brand domain name ideas and their availability, give NameWink.com a try.

Scratchpad by NameWink.com is another instant domain name checker. It will check the availability for .com, .co, and .io domains.


Domain Search Software #6: ScrapeBox – Fast and Efficient Domain Checking software


If you are looking for a software-based domain name availability tool, be it ScrapeBox. In fact, Scrapebox is a powerhouse when it comes to SEO. With Domain name availability checker module, you can check domain name availability fast for multiple TLDs.

Domain options - ScrapeBox

ScrapeBox is an excellent toolkit for you if you are especially domain tons of SEO-related activities. Do check out them over here and let us know what you most like about it in the comments below.

Domain Search Tool #7: Domain Typer – A Powerful Domain Search Tool

Domain Typer has a few tools to do a domain name search. If you want to buy a country-specific domain such as .in (for India) and co.uk (for United Kindom), you can use this domain checking tool.

Domain Typer

At the bottom of the Domain Typer search result page, you can see a section called ‘Domain Hacks”. It’s very useful if you want to increase the brand awareness of your business.

Domain Hacks by Domain Typer
Domain Hacks – Suggests alternative domain names

You can try these domains to get shorten domains and build a domain name shortening service. Ex:bit.ly

Many popular brands such as KISSmetrics, Search Engine Land, Mashable, and Techcrunch have built their own URL shortening service using these types of domain extensions. Ex:kiss.ly, mash.to

To find whether your country-specific domain is available or not, use ‘Domain Typer.’

Domain Search Tool #8: Expired Domains – Find Expired Domains

This is one of the best ways to search for the best and hottest domain names. Not only expired domain names have good Page ranks, Domain authorities, and quality backlinks, but also search engines will rank them higher whenever they start publishing quality articles consistently. Because they are old domains.

Actually, there are millions of deleted or expired domains on the internet. They are very good for search engine optimization prospects. Because you don’t need to rebuild their reputation, backlinks, etc.

Just take a look at this screenshot. These domains expire on 10-10-2014.

Expired Domains search tool
Expired domains checker tool

Have you noticed highlighted domains’ Page Rank, External backlinks and the first found to date from Archive.org?

Just look at the Athusia.com domain. It has 3 Google Page Rank, 14,800 backlinks and it’s registered in 2006. You know how much time, the effort you have to devote to gain those 14,000 backlinks. Here’s the Athusia.com website’s backlink profile.

Actually, Athusia.com has more than 14,000 external backlinks. Check this report.

Backlink Profile - Athusia.com

Actually, there are tons of expired or deleted domains like ‘Athusia.’ You just need to find those domains and purchase them as soon as possible. Eventually, they could become your millionaire online business.

Just go to expireddomains.net and put your keyword into the search box. Then find expired domains. Use Semrush to check its backlink profile, keyword profile, and other important metrics such as Semrush traffic rank.

BONUS:- Create your Free Semrush PRO and GURU accounts

Domain Search Tool #9: Flippa – Largest Domain Name Marketplace

If you have a very good domain name and you can’t control it anymore, what would you do? Yes, you would sell it.

Flippa domains
Search domain availability with Flippa

You can find thousands of quality websites/domains through Flippa. Many of these domains have a good reputation. The best thing is that you can check their monthly traffic volume, monthly Adsense earning also their net profits.

If you want a quality domain, just try domains on Flippa. Go to the Flippa website and enter your target keyword to find available domain scanning categories. You would find lots of domains that dominate the Google search engine just like iStockphoto.com. (You can’t buy that domain now)

Domain Search Tool #10: Google – World’s Largest Domain Information Database

You know very well about Google. No need to explain its dominance. Googlebot is a very diligent web spider. Now I will show you how to search for available domains using the Google search engine.

Head over your browser to Google.com. Use this search query to find out whether that domain is indexed by Googlebot or not. Alternatively, you can also use Bing or Yahoo search engines. But I recommend you to use Google to find not yet registered domains because Google crawls new websites more speedily than other search engines.


The above search query will find a .com domain if it’s already indexed by Google. Here’s what I was going to explain to you.

Google's site information database check with in site search

You can see that Labnol.org domain has been already indexed by Google. That means the Labnol.org domain is a registered domain. Here’s another one…

site:volleyballtraining.com - Google search

… Now look at this Google result page.

site:volleyballtraininginstitute.com - Google search

Google didn’t find a domain called volleyballtraininginstitute.com in their search index. So I will go to this domain to make sure it’s not registered. Here’s what I see.

This Webpage is not available

Google chrome informs me that “This webpage is not available”. Which means it’s not yet registered.

Not only you can find available top level domains such as .com, .net and .org, but also you can search more custom domain extensions such as .ly, .com.au, .lk, .in, .pk, .cn etc.

You don’t need to go through other tools to check the domain name availability. Just using one search query, you can find the domain name availability.

The downside of using the Google search engine for finding available domain names is that domain owners may block Googlebot to index the website. So that you’ll NOT see the domain name in Google SERP. Therefore you have to use another domain name search tool to check available domains.


Choosing the right domain name for your online business is very crucial. Literally, the domain name decides how much your online business will succeed and dominate the Google SERPs. Just look at Moz.com. It has brand rather than keyword richness.

On the other hand, UpContests.com is a keyword-rich domain. Someone who sees the domain might think the site/domain is about contests, giveaways.

Rather than regretting later about your domain name selection, research on the internet for a better domain name for your business, website, blog, startup, side-project, or app.

So make sure you make use of these Domain name search tools and domain name checking software to craft the domain name for your next website and blog too.

So what other domain search tools do you use to look up domain name availability? Share them in the comments. I will add them to this list as soon as I received your comment.


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  4. Thanks for the blog. I hope this list of domain suggestion tools will be very helpful for me to find the best domain name. I am thinking to launch a new website for a new side business of web designing services. These list will make things easy for me for sure. Thanks again.

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