Best keyword research tools for search engine optimization
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Without content marketing, we can’t talk about SEO. In search engine optimization, keyword research takes a major role, not only because it helps you drive targeted traffic, but also to predict how much traffic you can drive by using certain keywords.

If you don’t use keywords in your posts, so you are really walking in the wrong path. In content SEO, keyword research is essential. Actually, without proper keyword strategy, you can’t drive targeted traffic. In my previous few posts, I talked more about keyword research and some ways to do keyword research. You can check these posts clicking links below.

Why should you use more than one keywords research tool?

You probably think that, you can use only one online keyword research tool in order to find keywords for content marketing campaigns. But the important thing is that each keyword research tools have different features, tools, limits, flexibility. Ex: Google Keyword Planner provides up to 800 related keywords while LongTailPro provides more than that.

Some SEO keyword tools provide detailed information such as Google SERP top ten results , buying potential (lucrativeness of a keyword), TLD availability (very useful for niche marketing) and local searches.

At the end of this top keyword research tools list, you will find that each keyword tools have distinct features and unique tools which is worthwhile using.

I recommend you to test-drive each keyword research tool to find the best fit for your niche and your situation. Many of below keyword tools provide free accounts and trial accounts. You can subscribe to any plan and decide which keyword research tools are the best fit for you and your business. I recommend you to check out each keyword tools.

Best keyword research tools for Blogging You Should try out Today

Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research with Google Adwords tool- find keyword ideas
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Adwords keyword tool is one of top keyword research tools on the Internet today. Google contributes ~60% global searches. So you shouldn’t ignore the importance of Adwords keyword tool as a blogger, since billions of search queries are entered on Google search boxed by people in everyday.

Features: As a search engine optimization tool, Google Adwords keyword tool has some tool which can actually provide profitable keywords for you. Here are a few features of Google keyword planner i found when using:

  • Local Keyword research: If you want find keywords which people use in or if you want find the best keywords which people use in, you can do local keyword research using the Google keyword planner.
  • Filter out negative keywords: This is an extremely overlooked feature of Adwords keyword tool by many bloggers. In case, if you don’t want Google keyword planner to suggest you informational keywords, but want profitable keywords, you can use the Filter option of Adwords tool wisely to accomplish your prospects.
  • Find keyword Lucrativeness: To be honest, Adwords tool is made for advertisers. But there are a few cool features on the Adwords tool called keyword competition and CPC (cost per click) which we can use to find fistful of profitable keyword ideas. When any certain keyword has a buyer potential, usually its CPC value and competition are high. To learn more about Adwords keyword tool, read my detailed tutorial on How to keyword research using Google Keyword Planner.
  • Keyword trend: One of my favorite features in Google keyword planner is keyword trend. Keyword trend showcase the interesting over the time. It’s obvious that many people search queries related to Christmas during the December month.
  • And lots of more features and tools to engage in keyword research like a pro. Learn how to keyword research in GKP from here.

Limits and Disadvantages: Apart from amazing features in Google Adwords keyword tool, there are also some limits and flaws which you get as a blogger, not an advertiser.

  • If you just start doing keyword research, you will have to do some searches in order to mine lucrative, untapped keywords in the Google keyword planner.
  • You can’t compare keywords with other websites.
  • You will only receive up to 800 keyword suggestions.
  • Your competitors also could use the same keywords which you want to target.
  • Adwords tools won’t provide some keywords even they used to get thousands of monthly searches.

Prices: Like other Google products, Adwords keyword tool is free to use. You can use it right now just after setting up your Adwords account.


SEMrush is a competitor analysis tool, backlink checker tool and a robust keyword research tool. The best thing about SEMrush keyword research tool is that you can find search terms which your competitors are using and learn the way how you can outrank them.

Unlike Adwords keyword suggestion tool, SEMrush keyword tool provides you thousands of keyword suggestions which are people use in the particular search engine.

blogging semrush overview report for keyword
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“Blogging” – SEMrush overview report for keyword

Features: There are a lot of features in SEMrush search engine marketing tool. I recommend you to read the review of SEMrush to learn more about SEMrush and How it can help to grow your blog.

  • Ability to do local keyword research: Local SEO is very popular these days as offline marketers started using Internet to acquire new customers. Finding keywords which your target audience use on is very easy with SEMrush. In fact, many offline marketers use local search to acquiring new customers.
  • Live Updates: One of my favorite features in SEMrsuh search engine marketing tool is live updates. SEMrush-bot crawl the web in every day to get fresh data. So you always get new information about your quest.
  • Historical Data: Want to find the performance of a certain keyword in a particular search engine? So use SEMrush historical data to learn more information which Google Adwords hides from you.
  • CPC distribution: You can find certain CPC values of keywords for specific countries using SEMrush. It’s a very useful way to make more money through PPC advertising networks such as Google Adsense. If most of your blog audience is from Canada, you can find more high CPC keywords for Canadians using SEMrush.
  • Phrase Match Report: This keyword report could include thousands of keywords that people use in search engines.
  • Related keywords report: Very useful section to find related keywords that people use on a regular basis. Unlike Adwords related keywords, this report gives you thousands of search terms that your competitor might not use in their content strategies.
  • Keyword Difficulty Tool: This is one of another my favorite tool in SEMrush. By using this tool, you can find how much effort you need to put in order to rank it on Google or Bing #1 page.
  • Google SERP report: This report lists top 10 organic search results for a particular search term.
  • Various Export facilities: If you want to use keyword reports offline or want to download keywords and use them on your blog posts, you can export reports as branded PDF files or export keyword lists in Excel or .CSV format.
  • Tracking Keyword positions: This is my favorite feature in SEMrush Keyword research tool. By using keyword tracking tool, you can track your web pages’ SERP positions for each keywords in every day. Since Google SERP is very complicated and it’s very hard to retain an absolute keyword position, it is better to track your money keywords.

Besides these features, you can also find best converting, traffic driving and easy to rank keywords using SEMrush. I always use SEMrush keyword research tool to find untapped keywords which my competitors already are using.

Limits and Disadvantages: You have to upgrade in order to get more features such as Historical data.

Prices: SEMrush starts with Pro subscription, which is worth  $69.95/month. SEMrush Pro account receives 10,000 results per report, 3,000 reports per day and Tracking (5 campaigns, 500 keywords).

But if you want more in-depth analysis, such as historical data (very useful to find people’s buyer intents and keyword trends), branded PDF reports and more reports, you need to subscribe to a SEMrush Guru account. SEMrush Guru package charges from you $149.95 per month. But it’s worth it subscribes to a SEMrush Guru account, as you can find more untapped keywords.

I recommend you to use SEMrush as part of your SEO and content marketing campaign, not just only because it has powerful tools to analyze keywords, because it saves your time & efforts and gives you more convenience to find untapped keywords.

Click Here to Create your SEMrush account for free

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a long tail keyword research software which has very powerful features to find low competitive keywords. In these days, it is hard to rank for broad keywords in Google. So you need to use long tail keywords in your blog posts. Not only because Long Tail Keywords are low competitive and you can get the first spot easily, Long tail keywords contributes to majority of organic traffic. At Pro Blog Tricks, long tail keywords contribute more than 85% of overall organic traffic.

Long Tail Pro is such a useful long tail keyword generator. Many professional bloggers such as Pat Flynn, Lisa Irby and Marcus Sheridan use Long Tail Pro to drive highly targeted traffic from search engines.

keywords research with longtailpro platinum
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keywords research with longtailpro platinum: Fishing equipment campaign

Features: As Long Tail Pro is a computer based keyword research software, there are a few more features than Adwords keyword tool. To learn more about LongTail Pro and Long Tail Platinum, i recommend you to read this LongTail Pro review.

  • Search Multiple Keywords at Once: You can find multiple long tail keywords at once with Long Tail Pro. It is a very good feature to save your time.
  • Automatically find Domains: If you are finding a good keyword research software to niche marketing or niche blogging, Long Tail Pro might be your best choice. It finds and reports available TLD (Top level domains) within a few seconds. You don’t need to use online domain name checker tools to find domain name availability anymore. Long Tail Pro does this everything.
  • Pre-filter keywords: This is one of my favorite options in Long Tail Pro keyword research tool. If you are monetizing your blog using Google Adsense, I can say that you can double your income since next month by using Long Tail Pro. If you want to find low competitive long tail keywords which have more than $10.00 CPC and more search volume, you can filter these keywords very easily. It takes only a few clicks!
  • Calculate Keyword Competitiveness: Like SEMrush Keyword difficulty tool, Long Tail Pro also has a tool to find the keyword competitiveness. The best thing is that you can find the keyword competitiveness of Long Tail Keywords. You already know that your blog posts can be ranked for long tail keywords in search engines easily rather than short-tail keywords. By using this tool, you can ensure that your post will be ranked on the first spot for certain keyword phrases.
  • Check rankings of  websites in Google, Yahoo, and Bing: If you are a serious SEO beleiver, you should really care about your competitors. Long Tail Pro provides rankings of sites in Google, Yahoo and Bing for certain long tail keywords. It’s a very useful feature you would want as a blogger.
  • Google and Bing Title Competition: Post title matter a lot in search engine ranking. If your post title is weak, so it will result in low click through rate. Then lose the search engine rankings. But with LongTailPro’s title competition tool, you can find how top ten result’s page title competition scores.
  • Competitor Analysis of top 10 Google Results: This is  feature of Long Tail Pro. Just like SEMrush, you can analyze your competitors using Long Tail Pro.

Limits and Disadvantages: You want to run the Long Tail Pro Keyoword tool in your computer. If you are blogging using your smartphone, you can’t use this Long Tail keywords generator.

Prices: Long Tail Pro has a 10 day free trial, in which time period you can find long tail keywords, check keyword rankings, find domains and competitor analysis. Then you can upgrade to Long Tail Pro or Long Tail Pro Platinum package. Long Tail Pro platinum charges $17.00 month fee and has more features than other Long Tail Pro. Read this post to get a Long Tail Pro discount offer.

If you want to drive more target traffic and increase your search engine ranking, you want to use long tail keywords. Literally without long tail keywords, you can’t rank for broad match keywords. I have found that by utilizing long tail keywords, you can rank for broad match keywords later. To find long tail keywords, the best keyword research tool in the market today is Long Tail Pro.

Click here to try Long Tail Pro for 10 days free.

Bing Keyword Research Tool

Bing keyword research tool logo png image
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Bing keyword research tool is another keyword search tool you should know. Do you know that most US residents use Yahoo! rather than Google?

So, you shouldn’t neglect those search engines such as Yahoo and Bing. Yahoo collects search data from Bing. So you can find a good amount of profitable keywords through the Bing Keyword research tool. The best thing is that you can find a few awesome keywords which people use only on Bing and Yahoo! and not in Google.


  • Find the keywords used in Yahoo and Bing
  • Filter keywords
  • Easy to use interface
  • Export keywords.
  • Advertise capability.

Limits and Disadvantages:

  • You cannot find search volumes for Bing and Yahoo distinctly.
  • Still in Beta. So it’s not guaranteed that you will receive 100% accurate reports.


Everyone who has a Bing webmaster tools account can use Bing Keyword research tool free.

Ubersuggest keyword research tool screenshot
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Ubersuggest is a such a useful keyword research tool in the internet today. It is really easy to use and can generate hundreds of thousands of untapped keywords. Basically, Uberguggest scrapes keywords from Google suggest. So Ubersuggest works as a keyword suggestion tool. As ubersuggest provides scraped related keywords from Google, most of the keywords are long tail keywords. That means easy to rank on SERPs.

In a previous tutorial on Image SEO- How to Rank Images on search engines, I widely talked much more about the ubersuggest keyword suggestion tool. Here are a few features and other information about the Ubersuggest keyword tool.


  • Ability to scrape image and video keywords.
  • Can easily find country based keywords.
  • Scrape more search queries in a particular search term.

Limits and Disadvantages:

  • There is no weight on ordering the keywords as ascending/descending or search volume.
  • You can’t find the search volume, CPC and keyword difficulties.


Free of cost.

SEO Book Keyword List Generator

keyword generator - seobook
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Among other SEO Book products, keyword list generator is a nifty tool which generates lists of keyword suggestions. You need to enter a few keywords/keyword phrases and set the filter settings. After clicking generates button, you will get a handy set of keyword suggestions. In many cases, they are low competitive long tail keywords. So you can use these keywords in your content marketing campaigns.

Free keyword list generator tool - seobook
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  • Filter out search results as CPC bid range.
  • Ability to generate phrase match keywords

Limits and Disadvantages:

  • SEOBook keyword generator tool is made for advertisers, not mainly for bloggers. So you will not receive main metrics such as search volume, CPC values etc.
  • Not keyword listing order as search volume or any other metric.


Free to use.

KeywordSpy Pro

Keywordspy Pro is another competitor analysis and keyword research tool. Basically Keyword Spy Pro is made for advertisers. But still you can use keyword spy tools to find nifty keywords which affiliate networks, top eCommerce websites and also your competitors use.

If you want to find the money keywords which bring sales to affiliate websites partnered with ClickBank, Commission Junction, MAXBounty, ShareASale and LinkShare affiliate networks, you can easily find them using keywordspy.


  • Organic competitor tracking in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing
  • Benchmarking of organic rankings between competitors
  • Organic keyword overlaps
  • Research and tracking organic search data in the majority of countries on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Limits and Disadvantages:

  • Volume, estimated clicks, and other organic/paid data points are scraped directly from search engines. So we know that the data is not always super accurate.
  • If you want to find keywords for content marketing projects, you would find that Keywordspy Pro is made with the intent of advertisers.


Keywordspy Pro has three levels of pricing.

  1. Research $89.95 monthly – Access to Research module only (no Tracking and no Affiliate Intelligence)
  2. Tracking $89.95 monthly – Tracking only (no access to Research or Affiliate Intelligence)
  3. Professional $139.95 monthly – Access to Research, Tracking, and Affiliate modules)

If you want to find profitable keywords which highly converting, you can use KeywordSpy Pro to find a few lucrative keywords. - an alternative to Google keyword planner
  • Save is one of another free keyword research tools that scrapes keywords people enter in Google (All countries), Bing, YouTube and App Store. uses Google autocomplete results to generate hundreds of relevant long-tail keywords.

One of the best features in is that you can do local keyword research very easily. allows you to choose keywords from 193 Google domains and 83 Google language interfaces to generate keyword suggestions. Also, you can find local keyword suggestions on Bing, YouTube and App store easily.


  • generates up to 750 suggestions for every keyword.
  • Ability to find untapped keywords in local keyword research.
  • Suggest keywords on alphabetic and numberic order.
  • Can easily copy the keywords to clipboard.

Limits and Disadvantages:

No search volume data, not weight on keywords when ordering.


Free of cost. is a very powerful keyword research tool when it comes to long tail keyword research. It scrapes keywords from search engines. So they are very accurate and low competitive. Personally, I use to find keywords for my YouTube posts and untapped long tail keywords for blog posts. I recommend as one of the best long tail keyword suggestion tools on the Internet today.

Power Suggest Pro

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Power Suggest Pro is another keyword research software that has powerful features and tools to find profitable keywords that drive high quality traffic. The best thing about Power Suggest Pro is that you can find niche keyword ideas that can be ranked on #1 page very easily. It scrapes keywords from Google (#1 search engine), YouTube (#1 video sharing website), Amazon (#1 online retailer), Ebay, Yahoo! and Bing. So you can generate hundreds of thousands of lucrative keyword ideas.


  • Extract keyword suggestions from 6 major search engines
  • Find thousands of popular hashtags on social networks
  • Use comprehensive suffix and recursive search options
  • Target your search to a specific country (>210 countries)
  • Market research tools

Limits and Disadvantages:

  • Currently Power suggest Pro runs only on Windows PCs.
  • No search volume data.


One time $47.00.


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Kwfinder (keyword finder) is a good keyword tool to find long tail keywords with low SEO competition. It has a few unique features than above listed keyword research and suggestion tools.


  • Find SEO difficulty of keywords.
  • PPC competition.
  • Top 10 results in Google SERP and find their Google PageRank, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, number of backlinks from unique IPs, total number of shares on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and SEO competitiveness.
  • Keyword filter options.
  • Ability to create Keyword lists.
  • Display Interest for keyword over time.

Limits and Disadvantages:

  • Limited number of keyword analysis reports. If you’re a free user, you can’t search more than 5 times a day.


Kwfinder comes with 3 levels of pricing.

  1. Free – 5 searches per 24 hours, 50 keywords per search.
  2. Basic – 100 searches per 24 hours, 200 keywords per search. (Price: $29/month or $149/annual)
  3. Premium – 500 searches per 24 hours, 800 keywords per search. (Price: $49/month or $290/annual)

I have used kwfinder to find the SEO competitiveness and interests of keywords. My favorite features in kwfinder is that I can find keyword trend and SEO competitiveness of top 10 lists in Google SERP. So I can find whether it’s easy to rank #1 page on Google easily or not.

If you are finding a good keyword analysis tool, kwfinder may be one of your best choices.


Keyword research is one of the fundamental steps in building a quality website which receives high quality traffic from search engines. If you don’t use powerful keyword research tools, it will become a hard work to compete with your competitors, especially if you are in a competitive niche.

Above each SEO keyword research tools have unique features and tools rather than others. As an example, while keyword finder shows the SEO competitiveness of a keyword, Long Tail Pro shows available top level domains and SEMrush provide details certain web pages ranking on Google #1 page.

I don’t know what is the best keyword research tool. But I think that these are the 10 of best keyword research tools in the internet today. I would like to know if there is any keyword research tool that has unique features and special tools.

So what is your favorite keyword research tool? Share your words in the comment form below.

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      Keyword research is a very important part of search engine optimization. If you research keywords well, you no only increase website traffic, but also increase conversion rates. These are a few of best SEO keyword research tools you can find in the Internet today.

      Glad you found these keyword research tools are valuable. Thanks for your comment.

    • Sofiq, undoubtedly keyword research tools are very valuable SEO tools for blogging. Not only they help in finding the target audience, but also find new keywords very easily.

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  • Good collection of keyword search tools. However, there is a tool which searches all the keywords associated with a google suggested keyword by adding a * with it. For example if one searches *job, then it will list all the keywords which include word job, such as government job, online job, etc., but I do not know the tool. Can you please help me? Thanks in advance. I am owner of blog

    • Yes, there are a few Google scrapper keyword research tools. Many of them are online keyword research tools, while others are keyword research software. Use and to scrape keywords from Google search engine.

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  • This is an indispensable tool for developing a potent for inbound marketing strategy which make to impeasible. This is will make the valuable insights which will offer the keyword research. Some of the best keyword tools are, wordstream keyword tool, seo book keyword tool, ubersuggest, Some of the paid research tools are MOZ, SEMrush

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