RelayThat Review: Generate HQ Graphics on Demand Without Spending Much Time

In this RelayThat review, you will find out how to use RelayThat, also if it’s worth investing in, considering many graphic tools are out there.

Creating a good graphic for your Facebook post, display ad, blog post, or even emails and printed banners can be really tiresome, unappealing, and frustrating.


  • Most people aren’t creative enough nor have the skills to build “good” images.
  • It would be better off spending time on something you’re good at than trying something that you are not even interested.

That is why most marketers, small business owners, and freelancers utilize graphic design tools.

They help you overcome many obstacles.

In today’s post, I will review RelayThat.

RelayThat Review

Everything about RelayThat

relaythat review
RelayThat review featured image (Made on RelayThat)

What is RelayThat?


RelayThat is basically an automated branded design app that makes it easier to create stunning graphics for social media, ad networks, printing, and blogs at once.

It contains over 100 templates that you just need to add photos and text and edit colors. Just within a few minutes, you would get hundreds of ready-to-download graphics.

It’s insane! But that is what RelayThat does!

I have been using RelayThat for some time, and most of the featured images you’d see on Pitiya blog posts are created by using RelayThat.

How to use RelayThat?

RelayThat is a really easy-to-use graphic designing tool. I will share how to use RelayThat to generate hundreds of beautiful graphics at once in this RelayThat review.

Sign up on RelayThat

The first step is registering on RelayThat. Click here to register your account.

Create your workspace

Once you successfully log into your RelayThat account, you will be asked to create your very first workspace.

A workspace is a dedicated space for a certain brand identity. For example, if you want to design graphics for blog featured images, you may have one workspace for it. But, you might have a separate one for Facebook ads images.

Similarly, you could have multiple workspaces for your client’s work.

Relaythat workspaces

Relaythat has got different workspace presets. They are really workspace templates to help you get started.

  • Blank Light — Best for designing a graphic from scratch. I’d recommend this approach to improve your creativity.
  • Blank Dark — Similar to the “Blank Light” template, but with a dark background.
  • Fitness
  • Personal Brand
  • Outdoors
  • Education
  • Real estate
  • Small business
  • Agency
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Enterprise
  • More.

RelayThat Editor

Once a template is chosen, you will be seen the RelayThat Editor.

As you can see, RelayThat Editor looks very simple.

  • Tools — Includes sections for Layouts, Uploads, Images, Fonts, Colors, Buttons, and Titles.
  • Download button at the top
  • Text fields
  • Graphic save button
  • Color selection options

To explain it better, check out this Workspace.

 Workspace with numbered icons
  1. Layouts — Different templates for ads, social media, print, and other uses such as layout previews, watermarks, etc.,
  2. Photos — You will add, enable, or disable photos in this area
  3. Texts — You will add, display or hide texts over there
  4. Colors — Control the colors
  5. Generated graphics for other sizes — Ultimately, RelayThat will generate graphics according to your entries and selections. This feature is what makes RelayThat special over other graphic designing tools like PixTeller.

I made the featured image for my recent review on Replug by using RelayThat.

Not only did it take me less than five minutes to design it, but also I was able to generate hundreds of different featured images too! That directly saved me lots of time.

Watch this RelayThat tutorial video below to learn how I can choose from dozens of other design templates and edit colors etc.

As you can see, I could literally generate designs for all social media networks, YouTube video thumbnails, and ads simultaneously.

Unlike most other graphic designing tools where you have to design graphics for each network one by one or have to use the resize features to generate graphics for all networks, RelayThat makes it so much easier and hassle-free.

Edit your graphic

There are many ways you can beautify your graphic so that it will get your attention and have professional-looking.

Use text fields well

You do not need to use every text field. Utilize important text fields to convey your message. More letters will ruin your image and confuse readers.

Highlight text

Use brackets ({}) to highlight a word or a set of words.

text highlighting
Use fonts

RelayThat lets you upload custom fonts. So, if you can upload any font to RelayThat and make your graphic special and stand out from others, you can also upload fonts of any language and use them in RelayThat.

upload fonts
Use buttons

RelayThat introduced the “Buttons” feature a while ago. Those customizable buttons will improve the click-through rate and make your CTA (Call-to-Action) stands out.

smart buttons in relaythat
Embed any of these buttons in your graphics

Download graphic

The final step is downloading your graphic.

Currently, RelayThat can export graphics in two file extensions: PNG and JPG.

If you have designed something, for example, for printing, ads, etc., I would recommend the PNG file format as it got many advantages over JPG in terms of appearance. But, the JPG file format is recommended for the web. (i.e: blog images)

However, RelayThat doesn’t support the WebP image file format. But, I hope they’d soon because it is getting popular and has advantages over both PNG and JPEG types.

That’s all it takes to design a bunch of graphics for all your online campaigns in RelayThat!

But, there are many more features inside RelayThat that will be helpful for any marketer. I will discuss some of them in this RelayThat review.

RelayThat Features

I have been using RelayThat to make designs for my blog and giveaway campaigns for two years.

I have used some RelayThat features often. I will try to list the most useful features in this review on RelayThat.


RelayThat lets you manage your uploads based on Workspace. That means you could easily manage images of each workspace separately.

uploads in relaythat
Uploads in RelayThat

Font Ideas

Have any problems choosing the right fonts for your graphics? No worries! Simply choose from over 30 user-friendly font ideas.

Search Photos and Icons

RelayThat has integrated free stock photo services such as Unsplash and Pixabay. So, you can search for over three million free images and one million icons and use them on your creations.

stock photos in RelayThat
Stock photos in RelayThat

Headline generator

A cool feature I want to showcase in this review on RelayThat is the Title generator.

headline generator

If you are stuck with coming up with a good headline for your next project, check out the ‘Title Ideas’ section for inspiration. 😉

Save designs

Now you can save your favorites and reuse them.

saved images in

What’s even a useful feature is you can directly share any design with other RelayThat users so they can import designs to their accounts.

A shared design URL will look like this:

Magic Import

Want to know a Magic feature that only several graphic design tools like RelayThat have?

It’s the “Magic Import“! 🙂

Basically, RelayThat’s Magic Import tool lets you import assets from a particular web page and help you import them to your workspace.

Magic Import
RelayThat Magic Import

Watch this short video to find out more.

RelayThat Pricing

RelayThat offers three plans: Pro, Pro+, and Enterprise. But, realistically, they’ve got two subscription plans for marketers, small businesses, and agencies.

RelayThat pricing
  • Pro – $15/month – 5 projects(workspaces)
  • Pro+ – $25/month – 20 projects(workspaces), Download all sizes at once

Is RelayThat Worth it?

I have been using RelayThat for some time. I used it for some projects because:

  • Design graphics quickly — Previously, I used tools like Stencil to design graphics for my blog posts. But, it took a tremendous amount of time and was a tedious process, to be honest. But, RelayThat made the branded graphic designing process effortless. The only thing you have to do is upload some relevant images, add text, and select colors!
  • Generate multiple branded designs for each social network — RelayThat’s Resize and Remix features generate thousands of image variations for each network.
  • Not to worry about coming up with design ideas — Sometimes, It’s harder to come up with a graphic design idea than a blog post idea! Designing a good graphic needs the creativity that we sometimes lack. But, RelayThat made it not a worry anymore!
  • Save time — I could spend that time on other essential things in my business.

If you are looking for an easier and quicker way to design branded graphics, RelayThat is worth your investment. I have already designed featured images for dozens of blog posts.

I would rather use a tool that can do what it promises rather than train myself to become an expert.

In RelayThat’s case, it does what it promises, and you do not need to practice Photoshop to create graphics anymore.

Get “make marketing images” off your to-do list.


Click here to give RelayThat a try.

Review of RelayThat Pros and Cons

In this review on RelayThat, I showed how to use RelayThat to generate designs automatically and some features.

Here are the pros and cons of RelayThat.


  • 2000+ layouts
  • One-Click Resize/Remix
  • Upload custom fonts
  • Brand management
  • Color and font ideas
  • Headline generator
  • Import title and image assets from an URL
  • Create a team, add users, and share designs


  • Limited editor options — E.X: Cannot make a particular part of text bold, italic, underlined, and change line spacing, text height, etc.,
  • Cannot add a new text line for a design
  • Cannot resize to a custom resolution
  • No text effects, background remover for images, and other basic instruments

RelayThat Lifetime Deal

We will run a giveaway where you have a chance to win a RelayThat account for free. To get this RelayThat lifetime deal, sign up for the UpContests email list. (We run premium giveaways on UpContests.)



In this review of RelayThat, you learned how you could use RelayThat to supercharge the graphic designing process. But, there are many tools like RelayThat on the market. Here I will list several best RelayThat alternatives with competitive pricing, features, and support.

  1. Vista Create — Vista Create (formerly Crello) is one of the best online graphic editors with robust features. In fact, you can make not only attractive graphics but also visuals too. Hence, if you are looking for a RelayThat alternative for Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook video posts, Vista Create would be a good substitute.
  2. Canva — Another designing tool that offers the same and more features than RelayThat. Used by millions of users worldwide because of several reasons, such as a huge library of templates.
  3. Stencil — One of the simplest yet highly valuable online graphic designing tools. Its Quote designing ability will come in handy when you need it desperately. Learn more in our Stencil app review.
  4. PromoRepublic — With over thousands of ready-to-use agency-level graphics, and an online designing tool, PromoRepublic is a great alternative to RelayThat and an accessory for busy marketers. Learn more.
  5. DesignBold — Another versatile graphic-making tool with tons of templates for online work and printing.
  6. Pixteller — The ability to create animated graphics (GIFs) is one of the biggest advantages of this tool over RelayThat. Learn more in this article.
  7. Pixelied — A new designing tool for online marketers.
  8. — A mockup tool with very powerful features. If you want to make a mockup graphic, this is the only app you need!

RelayThat Review Conclusion

RelayThat is a graphic design tool for marketers who want to generate professional graphics easily without having expertise in any tool or field.

Also, RelayThat comes in handy if you are a paid advertiser who wants to test different image variations to improve CTR and reduce the CPC without having to pay more.

I have been using RelayThat a LOT to create a quick blog and social share images for giveaway campaigns. I shared my genuine thoughts about RelayThat in this review.

So, let us know your reviews on RelayThat below.

RelayThat $15 per month
  • Layouts/Templates
  • UI & UX
  • Brand Management
  • Editing options
  • Pricing


Coming up with good graphic design ideas in busy times is difficult. RelayThat overcomes this by letting you add text and upload logos and images. It automatically generates dozens of visual variations in different sizes. If you are a busy marketer, give RelayThat a try and see how it can improve your business broadly.


  • 2,000+ SmartLayouts
  • Font and color ideas
  • Time savings


  • Cannot add new text
  • Few text editing features
  • Custom sizes

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