Check Website Traffic: How to Estimate Traffic Of ANY Site In No Time

In this article on checking website traffic, you will learn how to use the Semrush traffic estimator to find out how much traffic a domain receives on average approximately.

Plus, many more details related to the competitors’ traffic, such as bounce rate, average pageview per session, referring sites, and traffic distribution among traffic channels.

There are tons of website traffic estimator tools. As you may have already found, most of them provide inaccurate data. Or you get exaggerated traffic reports from most website traffic monitoring services.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to find how many visitors a website receives per month.
  • How to find traffic distribution of a website. (ex: Search Engines, Social, Referral)
  • How much traffic does a website receive from a specific country?
  • How to reveal vital traffic statistics such as average time on page and bounce rate
  • How to estimate the traffic for email sign-up pages and email subscribers.
  • How to use website traffic monitoring tools for your media buying campaigns.
  • Why you should check website traffic as a webmaster and how to fully use the data you collected.

How to Check Website Traffic Statistics Online

Note About Traffic Estimation Tools

There are tons of tools for checking website traffic, counting traffic value, finding how much money a site makes with Google Adsense, etc.

However, I have tried several traffic estimation tools online. I found only one tool which provides 99% accurate information about a website. While most other tools overdose. You will find how I get into website traffic statistics easily in no time.


transparent semrush logo

What is Semrush?

Semrush is a search engine marketing tool that provides different tools for internet marketers, especially bloggers and SEOs. One of their top tools that I will use in this tutorial is “Traffic Analytics.”

Read my SEMRUSH Review to learn the Pros and Cons of this digital marketing tool. Find more ways to use Semrush at the bottom of this tutorial. Here are smart ways to use Semrush to grow traffic to your website.

How to Check Traffic of a Website with Semrush Traffic Analytics Tool

Checking website traffic with the Semrush Traffic Analytics tool is really easy and simple. Follow the steps below to start finding how much traffic volume a website owns.

Step 1: Sign Up for Semrush GURU.

Semrush Traffic Analytics isn’t available for the public. Therefore, you would have to subscribe to one of their premium plans.

Luckily for you, I was able to negotiate with Semrush to have you a free trial period. You can analyze website traffic, check Google keyword rankings, track SERP ranking positions, find competitors’ content marketing strategies and do much more tasks that do save not only time but also thousands of money.

Click the button below and go to the Semrush registration page.

Learn more about the cost of Semrush subscriptions from this article and Semrush discounts from here.

Enter your name, email, address, credit card information and click on the “Place Order” button.


You would be able to use all the tools and features included in the Semrush Guru plan for seven days for free.

Step 2: After opening your Semrush free trial GURU account, log into your Semrush account over here.

Step 3: Click on the “Traffic Analytics” tab in the sidebar under Competitive Research.

Step 4: Now, type the website address (root domain like,, to know the website traffic statistics.

Click on the “Search” button.

Step 5: Now let’s discuss the “Traffic Analytics report for”

You can grasp the overall performance overlooking the chart’s behavior. According to Semrush Traffic Analytics data, QuickSprout’s total visits and average visit duration have dropped compared with the past month. However, Pages per visit and the website’s bounce rate have improved.

traffic medium semrush traffic analytics tool

At the bottom of the website traffic analytics chart, you can find the actual data in numbers. It provides details about,

  • Top Traffic Sources 58.42% of total website traffic is coming from search engines. 24.31% of QuickSprout’s overall traffic is direct visits. That’s an excellent insight into how much popular the site with people is.
  • Top Referring Sites: 17.74% of total referral traffic (14.35% of total traffic) are from
  • Top Search Engines: From 58.42% of overall traffic, Google contributes most of them.
  • Top Social Networks: Out of 11.9K social traffic, 75.70% are Facebook users.

As you see, this column alone can give a good idea about the website’s performance overall.

For example, if a website receives most site traffic from referral sites such as PTC sites, you would see the website owner uses shady traffic generating methods.

If you want to dive deep into website traffic statistics, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Traffic by country: Semrush Traffic Analytics Tool

According to Semrush Traffic Analytics information, 46.38% of overall page visitors are from the United States.

If you’re a direct media buyer, you would want to especially check out this section as you want more targeted visitors from a site.

Semrush monitors website traffic every single day. Therefore, if you’d want to see very narrow data such as the traffic volume of a specific month and traffic statistics for a specific geography, you can easily find them via the ‘Historical data’ option as shown below.

narrow data from semrush traffic analytics

On the front page, you will see the overview details about the website. But, if you’re curious enough to know what the bounce rates, average time on page, page view ratio, etc., for a particular traffic source, social network, and country are, you can navigate through these tabs and check website traffic information quickly.

semrush traffic analytics tabs

Here is the traffic estimation for each search engine.

traffic estimation search engines

These are the traffic statistics of QuickSprout based on countries.

top countries semrush traffic analytics

Here are a few destination sites. 15+% of all outgoing traffic is converting to email subscribers. So, you can guess how many email subscribers a website generates each month too.

top destinations semrush traffic analytics

In the “Subdomains” tab, you can also see the traffic distribution for each domain.

sub domains traffic distribution

Another excellent feature of Semrush’s Traffic Analytics is the domain comparison.

For instance, if you want to see the differences between your sites and competitors, add them to find which websites are strong in certain areas.

compare domains semrush traffic analytics

Website traffic fluctuations of all three websites during past few months.

quicksprout vs copyblogger vs backlinko chart semrush traffic analytics

traffic sources comparison
traffic amount comparison

Semrush’s Traffic Analytics is a decent website traffic estimation tool. I have found that most information shown in Semrush reports is close to the exact data shown in Google Analytics.

Why Should You Check Website Traffic?

Whether you put it into one of these two groups, you should check the traffic of websites, blog sites, and microblogs if your business is dependent on online traffic.

Media Buyers, CPA Marketers, and Direct Media Buyers

If you use your money to drive traffic to landing pages and offers, you must know the quality of traffic sources. For example, if you’re a CPA marketer and buying Pop up traffic, by analyzing the traffic report from the web traffic estimator, you can get a clue on the quality of traffic.

So, before spending your hard-earned money on buying traffic, you can find the traffic generation methods and the quality of website traffic.

You would receive a few advantages as a media buyer by using a traffic estimator to check website traffic information.

Benefit 1: Estimate website traffic before purchasing ad spaces on a site

You can save a lot of time by tracking website traffic information. For example, if your promotion is limited to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, why do you waste your time and money on buying ad spaces on sites that receive the most traffic from Asia and Africa? It is worthless, right?

Benefit 2: Check website’s traffic quality

Nowadays, even traffic is coming from tier 1 countries, several publishers use “automated bots” to increase page impressions or hits.

However, in general, bots cannot click on links within a page. Therefore bounce rate is almost 100%.

site traffic details huge bounce rate

If you see a site with millions of page views with a higher bounce rate, which means either the publisher uses bots or the site’s usability are very poor.

To check the intent of website visitors, you can actually check Google ranking for keywords using the Semrush tool.

A website ranking for targeted keywords at the top of SERP means it receives more traffic through those high-ranked keywords, so your banner ad exposes to more relevant people.

Benefit 3: Check the accuracy of information provided about the website’s traffic by publishers

You see in media buying networks that some sites receive millions of page views. And also see thousands of impressions for certain banner ads placed at the bottom of the page.

How much is website traffic reports reliable and accurate?

You must suspect every time if a site’s traffic details are related to this.

Total Pageviews < Impressions for Banner

How could banner impressions surpass the total page views?

If you have uncertainty about the traffic information provided by a website owner, you can use an online traffic estimation tool to check traffic quality and find more details.

buysellads publisher
publisher's actual traffic estimates

While BuySellAds shows an estimated amount of monthly visits, Semrush shows a more detailed view.

Webmasters, Bloggers and Website Owners

Benefit 1: Find popularity, the quality of content, and targeting countries

Semrush ranks websites according to the traffic they receive. The lower the number indicates it gets more traffic from search engines, social networks, and on. When we first visit a website, we could not tell especially anything about the website’s popularity.

However, after you started tracking website traffic, you can see how authoritative the particular website is.

Benefit 2: Find out traffic building techniques

If you see a competitor’s website’s significant amount of traffic is from other sites, you can guess that they might use guest blogging and bloggers have linked to the competitor site.

Benefit 3: Learn lessons from competitor websites

When I check the website traffic of my competitors, I learn a few lessons from them.

I don’t forget to ask these questions myself.

  • How strong is their internal linking strategy?
  • How do they manage their social media marketing? Do they hire virtual assistants to speed up social media marketing or use online tools and software?
  • What are the site structures and funnels of their sites? Do they use a static home page or not? Or have a cluttered web design?
  • How powerful their marketing messages are? What topics do they cover in their blogs? What are their top SEO keywords?
  • At what points do competitor sites stand out over my site?

Answers to these questions give me a clear idea of using competitor websites to my advantage.

More uses of Semrush:


Checking website traffic is not complicated these days. As there are tons of online traffic estimator tools, it has become challenging to find one that could provide accurate statistics.

Semrush has been one of my favorite SEO tools for a long time. Whenever I found a website worth looking at its traffic statistics, I go nowhere and use the Semrush Traffic Analytics tool to monitor website traffic.

It provides accurate traffic statistics and makes it easier for you to know traffic numbers from a specific country, which is undoubtedly invaluable if you especially run a website for local clients.

Semrush has a position tracking tool. So, I could track keyword rankings of competitor websites as well.

All in all, monitoring traffic statistics has given me tremendous results.

Of course, there are tons of website traffic ranking sites such as Alexa, Compete, Similar Web, Quantcast, Spyfu, and Ahrefs. However, you may finally find out that any of those tools don’t provide accurate information as Semrush does.

So, what is your best traffic estimator tool? And how do you check website traffic online? Share your thoughts in the comment form below.


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