The 7 Best Semrush Reports in 2024 (Examples)

Semrush is a digital marketing toolkit that provides lots of data. Sometimes more data mean nothing if they are not represented meaningfully.

Semrush reports can be seen literally every one of the tools. So, which are the best Semrush reports you should look for as a content creator, search engine marketer, agency, business owner, media buyer, and advertiser?

You will find the top 7 best Semrush reports in seven categories.

Domain Analytics Report

When you find an interesting website on the internet, the obvious question is, what is the status of this site? ‘Status’ is a vague word.

That is why Semrush’s Domain Overview report is one of the best ones out there.


Domain Overview Overview

You will be shown tons of data about the domain in the Domain Analysis report.

  • Google Database, Device type and state of Google search and currency
  • Overview statistics about the domain, which includes details like Authority Score, Organic Search Traffic, and engagement metrics like pages/visit bounce rates, etc.,
  • Organic traffic distribution by country, traffic and organic keywords growth charts over time, and SERP features chart

Organic Research Overview

Semrush Domain Overview’s second main section is about the Organic performance of the domain.


As you can see from the screenshot, this Semrush report section shows an overview of the domain’s search traffic and competitors. Competitive Position Map chart is an excellent way to quickly glance at how powerful a site is in terms of organic keywords versus organic search traffic.

Advertising Research Overview

The following section on the Domain Analytics report of Semrush shows any detail if the domain utilizing Google ads to drive traffic.


Backlinks overview report on Semrush’s Domain Analytics gives you a quick picture of the strength of a domain. It carries out details like total backlinks, top indexed pages, Follow vs. Nofollow, backlink types, anchor texts, etc.,


But this report does not show recently discovered backlinks and toxic links. For that, you have to use Semrush’s Backlink Analytics tool.

Display Advertising

If the website uses banner advertisements to drive traffic, an overview of those details will be shown at the bottom of the Semrush Domain Analytics report.

That is a lot of details under one Semrush report, isn’t it? Here’s a video tour if you are interested in more information, like domain comparisons and growth Semrush reports.

Organic Analytics Report

Suppose you want to know the organic statistics of a website. Which Semrush tool would come to your mind first? Yes, Organic Research.


Organic Analytics report in Semrush is filled with tons of data.


At the first look, you see a chart that shows the growth of organic keywords over a period of time, and underneath the chart, there are red dots and Google icons that indicate special happenings, such as Google updates.

If you are looking for the best Semrush report to reverse engineer any website’s SEO content strategy, look for the Organic Research tool. It gives you details like top pages (and their ranking keywords), SERP features, the domains carried out in Google, position changes in SERP, top sub-domains, competitors, and much more.

Here is a video that showcases Semrush’s Organic research report. Check it out if you want to know more insights!

If you use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the primary driver of traffic and sales to your business, you should maintain a good healthy link profile. Semrush’s Backlink Analytics report helps you analyze deeper insights about every link!


Backlink report in Semrush shows total links, new and lost backlinks, categories of referring domains, anchor texts, authority scores of referring domains, link attributes (dofollow, nofollow, sponsored, UGC), TLD distribution, top countries, link profile distribution, top pages with most backlinks and similar backlink profiles.

When clicking on the ‘View full report,’ you will be directed to dedicated pages. Watch the video below to see a tour of Semrush Backlink Analytics reports.

Traffic Analytics Report

Traffic Analytics is a reliable alternative to Alexa, SimilarWeb, and’s website traffic analytics tools.


Semrush’s Traffic Analytics report is filled with many details. Semrush uses many data points to represent traffic statistics accurately. From my experience, the report is more similar to my Google Analytics than other tools.


Watch the video below that walks through Semrush’s Traffic Analytics report.

Market Explorer Report

Market Explorer report of Semrush is another one of the best Semrush reports because its details cannot be found easily elsewhere.

  • Market Overview: Show how big the market is and which percentage a website or brand has captured the market already for a particular period. Market Traffic Cost is a metric that indicates the market value in terms of cost.
  • Growth Quadrant: One of my favorite parts of the Market Explorer Semrush report. Gives you a clear picture of who the niche players, established players, leaders, and game-changers are.
  • Top Market keywords: Keywords with the highest search volume in the market
  • Domain vs. Market Dynamics: How the website grows and compares against the market. The Semrush report shows the share of visits, traffic generation strategy, and audience (age and gender) distribution comparisons in this section.

Semrush Site Audit Report

Maybe, I am biased, but one of the best Semrush reports is the Site Audit. As a website owner, it’s troublesome to keep up with minor to medium technical issues (SEO and non-SEO related) associated with my websites every day and week.

Semrush’s Site Audit tool comes into assistance by auditing websites and providing easy-to-understand reporting.


The primary reporting dashboard is clean and uses colors prominently to showcase errors, warnings, and notices.

Site Audit Statistics section gives you an overview look of the site crawl. For example, you can find sitemap vs. crawled pages, canonicalization percentage, AMP links, and much more in a more straightforward way.


Here is a more detailed overview of the Semrush Site Audit report.

Position Tracking Report

Keyword Rank Tracking is one of the prominent tools of Semrush. To tell how important it is to Semrush, it has introduced a dedicated mobile application for Android and iOS devices to keep monitoring SERP position changes wherever you go!

The position Tracking report of Semrush is filled with tons of data that you might even think of before.


On the Landscape page, you will see an overview of what’s going on with our tracked keywords. Visibility percentage, Estimated Traffic, and Average position metrics frequently change, so you should look out for them.

Learn how to set up SERP position tracking from this article, and watch this video to find more report sections in the Position Tracking tool.

Custom Reports Builder in Semrush

Now you can customize Semrush reports by adding your brand details like logo, business address, and new custom messages with the drag-and-drop reports builder.


Best Semrush Reports for SEO

Semrush is a powerful tool when it comes to SEO. Its keyword research capabilities and competitive data combination are exactly needed for any webmaster. Here are some top Semrush reports I have found in Semrush.

Keyword Magic Tool Report

Keyword Magic Tool of Semrush is the primary keyword research tool. It groups keywords based on number and volume and sub-groups based on the topic similarity.

  1. Enter your search query
  2. Use search modifiers to adjust results. Ex: Select ‘Easy’ in the Keyword Difficulty filter option to find lower competitive keywords
  3. Click on the down arrow icon to expose the Keyword details report.
  4. Check out details like keyword CPC, trend, global search volume
  5. SERP analysis table shows the top 10 results for the particular keyword and ranking pages’ Authority Scores, referring domains, and keywords ranked

Learn how to use Keyword Magic Tool from this tutorial.

Keyword Gap

Keyword Gap Analytics tool is one of the best tools in Semrush when it comes to competitor organic analysis. Basically, Semrush Keyword Gap compares two or several domains’ organic keyword profiles and lists keywords based on six categories.

  • Shared
  • Missing
  • Weak
  • Strong
  • Untapped
  • Unique

According to my experience, Keyword Gap Analytics is the best Semrush report for SEO competitive analysis. It gives you room to grow your organic traffic without tapping into new niches vertically.

Maintaining the health of a website in good shape is essential. Google is dead serious about the link profile of a site. That is why Google periodically removes any website that engages in shady link-building schemes.

Semrush’s Backlink Audit report is the one you would be looking after if you want to find toxic backlinks etc.,


Best Semrush Reports for Advertisers

If you are curious which the best Semrush reports are for paid advertising, here is the list:

Advertising Research Report

The best Semrush report for advertisers is Advertising Research. If you are engaged in any kind of Google ads campaign, the Semrush Advertising Research tool will help you find strategies your competitors are using.

Here is a video walkthrough.

Ad History

The ability to find the most successful ad copies of your competitor would be worthwhile to finetune your ad strategy. Semrush Ads History report provides all the Google ads ad copies and their placements over a period.


What are your best Semrush reports?

Semrush is a lot of things. In our review on Semrush, we shared top tools, their features, and their pros and cons. Considering Semrush’s costs, getting access to these reports is really worth the penny, considering its competitors are charging more than Semrush in some unique cases.

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So, which report of Semrush would you find most important to your business, and which one is underestimated? Share your thoughts below.

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