How to use Semrush PLA Tool to Find Best Google Shopping Ads

Since the day Google introduced Shopping Ads (also known as Product Listing Ads in Google search), eCommerce owners have got another way to drive quality traffic to their product pages.

Before, Google PPC was not a perfect way to run eCom ads because there were not many customizable options. However, Google Shopping ads remove those barriers and enable you to run ads in a more eye-catching way by displaying product pictures, prices, discounts, etc., and targeting keywords that indicate the buyer’s intent.

So, Google Shopping ads got more popular because, unlike Facebook ads, Google Shopping ads got a higher conversion rate.

Talking about Google Shopping paid advertisements, analyzing which ads work, and knowing your customer (KYC) and the market are essential. That is what Semrush PLA (product listing ads) tool offers – making it effortless for small business owners to run successful Google shopping ads without burning their budget or overspending on unproven strategies.

What is Semrush PLA exactly?

Semrush platform is filled with tons of tools. It covers a wide range of fields like SEO, Content marketing, Social media, and advertising. Learn more.

One unique feature of Semrush’s Advertising Research is Product Listing Ads. Basically, you can find successful Google Shopping ads and their relevant details such as keywords, creatives, CPC, etc.,

How to use Semrush PLA Research Tool

The PLA functionality comes under the Semrush Business plan. Create your Semrush Business account over here.

Go to the PLA Research tool in Semrush and enter the competitor website’s domain.

In a moment, you will see a screen similar to the screenshot below with PLA advertising details like total ads, keywords, the price for selling items, and much more.


Hover over the ‘Ad’ icon to preview the shopping ad.

PLA ad copy in Semrush

You can verify the keyword(s) by Googling (with a VPN) or clicking on the SERP block icon.


The ‘Competitors’ tab will show PLA competitors based on the keyword targeting.


PLA Copies section will provide all the PLA ad copies with keywords targeted by the advertiser.


How to use Semrush PLA Research Tool Effectively?

Driving targeted traffic to eCommerce offers is challenging not only because of the competition but also the scarcity. Although you can use other mediums such as push ads, native ads, and even solo ads for e-commerce offers, Google search ads are very targeted because people are looking for exact items.

Analyze competitors’ PLA ads, keywords, creatives, etc., with the PLA research tool. Then, download the keywords list and similar research keywords with a tool like Semrush Keyword Magic. In Keyword Magic Tool, utilize advanced filters and get keywords with the shopping ads feature.


Take a look at the numbers on your sales tracking software. What are the average earnings per visitor? Now compare it with CPC (Cost per click) on keywords filtered on the Semrush Keyword Magic tool. If the CPC is too high, maybe you want to improve the e-commerce funnel and high up the EPV.

Research until you find a setup PLA keywords that perfectly match your niche/offer. It might take some time, but it is well worth your time, as competing with multinational e-commerce giants like BestBuy, eBay, and even Amazon is not reasonable.

If you have a budget to compete with small e-commerce stores, use Semrush PLA research to get their successful ad copies and keywords and start a Google Shopping ad campaign.

Is Semrush PLA Research worth the price?

Semrush is a lot of things. It provides a lot of tools. Keyword Magic, SEO Audit, SEO Writing Assistant, Topic Research, and backlinks checker are some of them. Also, Semrush reports are stunning, and metrics like Semrush Traffic Cost and Page Authority score are invaluable many times.

But is Semrush good for Google shopping ads spy?

Is Semrush’s PLA research tool worth the cost, considering it’s only allowed to use for Semrush Business plan subscribers?

Semrush Business costs $449.95 per month (and $374.95 if paid annually). Considering the price and features of Semrush PLA research competitors like AdBeat and Spyfu, you should try other tools if you are solely looking for a PLA ads spy tool.

Because even though Semrush is powerful in many areas, particularly SEO, it does not mean it’s the best tool for PLA research.

Top Semrush PLA research alternatives

  1. AdBeat
  2. AdPlexity
  3. Spyfu
  4. AdSpyder

However, if you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs like SEO, listing management, PPC, Display advertising, content marketing, social media, and PLA advertising, Semrush is worth the price.

Final words on Semrush PLA Ads Tool

eCommerce industry as a whole got a new birth after Covid19 happened. Many businesses have gone online and automated tasks. Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business.

Ones can drive targeted traffic to their optimized funnels to win the game. Google Shopping ads are one way of driving targeted, high-quality ads to any eCom offer. Why?

  • Prospects are looking for solutions when googling.
  • You can target based on keywords, user location, and devices they use
  • Google lets you go deeper and target based on the ZIP location.

But the problem is finding a successful shopping ad campaign to inspire and get creative ideas. Now, thanks to Semrush, you can check competitors’ profitable shopping ad campaigns with the PLA research tool.

If you are a big media buyer using a tool like Semrush will definitely save money and time. Let us know how you find successful PLA ads regardless of Semrush in the comments section below.

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