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December 17, 2020


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Semrush Promo code has been added to the link above. Click the button above and follow instructions. If you need more information about Semrush Free Trial GURU, jump into Semrush Introduction section.

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Open Free Semrush GURU Trial Account for 14-Days (Worth $200) & Semrush PRO Trial Account for 7 Days (Worth: $100)

When it comes to search engine optimization, we need to use some SEO tools to improve the search engine rankings of our blog posts. I have used (and am still using) a few SEO and SEM tools to increase organic traffic of my websites. The best thing about these professional SEO tools is that you can use them free and decide to buy later.

Semrush is one of such powerful SEM tools (search engine marketing tool) that I use on a daily basis to analyze my website’s rankings and keyword positions. Today I will be sharing SEMRUSH coupon code which will help you grab a free Semrush Pro Trial account for 14 days. In a previous article on finding competitors keywords using Semrush SEM tool and particularly in Semrush review, I talked more about SEM rush search engine marketing tool.

One of the best things about Semrush SEO tools is that you can seamlessly grab important details related to your competitors: Organic traffic distribution, Backlink quality  & strength, PPC advertising secrets of competitors, PLA reports, keyword ranking positions in SERPs, etc. But, like other premium SEM tools, Semrush also has some subscription packages, where you have to pay more for getting more features and break limits. That’s where this Semrush Promo code comes in. By using this Semrush discount code, you can open a free Semrush Trial GURU account for 14 days without any restrictions.

Just One Step Away from Opening Semrush Free Trial GURU Account

If you already know what Semrush is and want to create your Semrush free account quickly, without reading too much text, click the special Semrush coupon link below (Semrush promo code has been added to the link). Once you created your Semrush account following below Semrush coupon link, you will get Semrush free trial GURU account for 14 days.

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Or Use this Semrush promo code below. You must be on Semrush checkout page in order to redeem this offer through promo code. However, you could upgrade your Semrush free or Semrush Pro account to the GURU plan for free. Please follow these instructions in this case.

Semrush Promo Code

Create Free Trial Account for 14 Days. Apply code below in checkout page.


This article contains Seven major sections and a few sub-sections. Click on the title you want to jump to:


What’s Semrush and why you need it?

Semrush is an digital marketing toolkit that helps you improving the online presence of your business. There are lots of ways to use Semrush for blogging, marketing, competitive research and social media.

Since starting my blogging career, I have used various SEO tools to track keywords positions and find new ranking opportunities. But, I have never seen a professional and powerful tool like Semrush.

Read my review on Semrush to learn more


Research Keywords

One of my best features in Semrush is that it can generate thousands of untapped keywords that Adwords keyword tool hides from you. Here is the keyword search result for “dog quotes” search phrase.


Just look at above screenshot. Semrush updates their databases daily. So you get the most accurate data and importantly, it provides more details about your search. As an example, you can clearly see the CPC distribution and the keyword trend of particular keyword phrase (the interest of particular search phrase over time). So you can decide whether your chosen keyword fits for your content marketing campaigns (as your target audience).

Not only that, Semrush also provides you hundreds of phrase match keywords. The amazing thing about Semrush tool is that it can determine related keywords. So you get more related keywords, many of them you can’t find on the Adwords keywords research tool easily.


As you can see in the above Semrush screenshot, Semrush contains tons of data for any particular keywords. Many of them, Adwords tool actually hides from you.

Look how initial report has been ordered according to relevance. That’s a big help for most content marketers and especially search engine advertisers. Why? Because you can determine whether by using particular keyword matches to your audience and as you know different keywords provide different conversion rates. For an example, if you build an email list in pets niche, by bidding on ‘dog quotes’ and ‘dog qoutes’ can give you same results in 90% of times. That’s the beauty of relevance.

If you’re a blogger and want to drive traffic to pets blog, just look at the third column of above-related match keywords table. SEO competitiveness for certain keywords is ridiculously very low. (at the bottom of the page you can see some of them.)

All in all, Semrush SEO keywords research tool is my one of top-places-to-go for any keyword research campaign whether it’s for SEO purposes or paid advertising campaign. After creating an Semrush free trial account, you can download thousands of keywords reports very easily.

competitor Analysis

If you asked me what’s the favorite or best feature in Semrush SEM tool, I would say, it is the competitor analysis without any hesitation. I and many SEO experts use Semrush to analyze competitor websites to find what the best keywords that drive traffic to competitors’ website are and learn how to rank their website top of search engines.

Here is the Organic keyword report for SEM rush. Not only Semrush shows you what keywords drive more traffic to any website, but also how much percentage it is. Check out this screenshot… Organic Search Positions

To tell you, I have obtained much success in every time I use Semrush competitor analysis tool. If you need more information on how to use this amazing feature, check out this SEO competitor analysis tutorial.

Not only that, with Semrush, you could also analyze your competitor's daily keyword ranking fluctuations too. You can use Semrush competitor analysis tool to know keywords that your competitor websites have lost and write quality articles around those topics to rank in Google SERP and get more Google traffic to your blog.

Pay Per Click

PLA Research (Product Listing Ads) tool lets you analyze Google Adwords ads for any particular keyword. Check this example ads for “Keyword research” keyword phrase. These all ads are run for that keyword.

Sample Ads - Semrush PLA tool

And why not, you also can find all the ads that ran for a specific domain. These ads displayed on Google search engines to promote Semrush marketing tool.


Semrush Ads copies report - Reverse engineer your competitors most profitable ads and reduce cost

In fact, I use Semrush PLA and Ads historical reports to find high performing ads in all search engines including Bing Ads. If you’re looking to succeed in PPC advertising within a short time, I would recommend you to grab this exclusive Semrush free trial offer and make your PPC campaigns profitable.

website Traffic Analytics

How many times have you wondered how much traffic does Google, Facebook or even Wikipedia actually receive per month? Unaccountable times, right?

Well, yes, but also I bet you are also curious to know how much traffic a website receives per month. I have used many traffic estimation tools. However, nothing much accurate rather than Semrush traffic analytics tool.

publisher's actual traffic estimates

Once you have created your free Semrush GURU account, you can get instant access to Semrush Traffic Analytics tool and check traffic of any website or blog you want easily.

More Astonishing Features Exclusively for Semrush Pro & Semrush Guru Account Holders

The true power of Semrush tool can be actually seen when you upgrade to one of their paid plans. Currently, they offer three paid membership plans: Semrush Pro, Semrush Guru & Semrush Enterprise Here are some of important tools and feature of Semrush which you receive when upgrading to Semrush Guru or any other subscription.

  • Site Audit: The easiest and fastest way to find errors on your website through running a website SEO audit. In fact, if you're an SEO, webmaster, blogger or even a blog editor for any company, you should do a complete SEO audit at once per month. You can technical SEO errors such as incorrect H tags implementation, invalid Schema Markup, and also find broken links, images without ALT attribute and a lot more with the Semrush Site Audit tool. In a Semrush free account, you can only audit up to 100 inner pages. However, with a Semrush Guru account which you are going to have with this Semrush GURU coupon, you can audit more than that and receive much more data such as mobile SEO performance.
  • Social Media: Semrush started providing statistics for social media including competitor fan page activities, influencers, and high-performing posts. If you’re a social media expert and are finding a competitor analysis tool for your social media marketing tools arsenal, I’d recommend you to check out social media tool by Semrush.
  • Backlink Audit: Get an in-depth report about inbound links for any website you know. If you’re a link builder and/or a blogger and want to do an email outreach campaign, use Semrush Backlink Audit tool.
  • Organic Traffic Insights: Want to calculate the estimate traffic distribution for each page you’re concerned about? So, check out Organic Traffic Insights tool right after you created Semrush free pro account.
  • SEO Ideas: This tool alone can save you hours of time and change the traditional way you research keywords. What this SEO Ideas tool by Semrush basically does is categorizing each keyword according to prefixes and relevance. This tool is available in all premium Semrush subscription packages, so you can use this tool right after opening your Semrush FREE Trial account.
  • Projects: A project is kind of a pack where you could track SEO, PPC and advertising performance of your marketing campaigns. For example, once you created a new project by using your free Semrush GURU account, you could track Semrush rank positions in Google and Bing in locally and obviously internationally.

Literally, Semrush is a robust search engine marketing tool. I will not get into more details about Semrush tool, as you can find more information over Semrush review and this Semrush tutorial for bloggers. Today, by using the Semrush Promo code or Semrush coupon, you can try Semrush Guru account features for 14 days free of cost. That means you will get a free Semrush trial GURU account for 14 days without having to pay any penny. (Save $199.95)

This special Semrush free trial account is for Pitiya readers. So, feel free to share this code with your friends and inform that they can also use this Semrush discount code to create a free Semrush GURU account.


Semrush Pricing and plans - Save money by utilizing any Semrush coupon code.

Semrush Coupon Code: Open Semrush GURU Free Trial Account for Two Weeks

This Semrush discount code will give you the premium & risk-free access to Semrush tools without any restrictions. You will get Semrush Guru trial account for 14 days, which is worth $199.95. So, literally, you save $200 and can use unique premium tools and features of an Semrush Guru account including Branded PDF reports and Historical data!

If you are not happy with Semrush SEO tool, you can cancel your free Semrush GURU trial account anytime. No charges and No question asked. But, I think as a serious marketer and webmaster, you’d never think Semrush is a useless tool and decide to cancel your account.


Semrush Coupon Code: PITIYA-T12VJLM9

How to Get FREE Semrush GURU Account: SEMRUSH FREE TRIAL – The Step by Step Process

Follow these steps to get an Semrush trial account for two weeks. (For New Accounts only)

Step #1: First visit the Semrush billing page by using the Promo link below. (Coupon code is added to link)

Step #2: Enter Semrush account information, email, and password. You’d use your email address to log into Semrush account. So use your main email address. For me, I use my Gmail address for my important accounts.

Step #3: Enter your billing information. You would not be charged extra fees when signing up to Semrush. But, Semrush will charge a small fee to check your credit card validity. Within a few minutes, you will receive the charged amount back.

Step #4: Billing address is used to check whether your input information (credit card information) is correct. Enter your billing address and read the terms and conditions.

semrush registration form billing address

Step #5: Click “Place the Order” button. All right!… Now You have a brand new Semrush Pro account for 14 days.

How to upgrade from SEMRUSH free account to SEMRUSH GURU Trial Account for free

In case you already have a free Semrush account, you would want to break the limits in Semrush free account package and get new features such as API access and historical data which is very useful if you’re a serious search engine marketer and blogger.

Follow this step by step process to upgrade your free Semrush account to Semrush Pro account. You don’t have to pay any dollar to upgrade your free account to a Pro account. Instead, use this Semrush discount code in this way.

Step #1: Login to your Semrush free account over here. (Note: It’s a good to clear the browser cookie, before activating the Semrush promo code. Because sometimes Cookies could mess up the Semrush coupon code activation process.)

Step #2: Then follow this special coupon link to upgrade your account.

Step #3: Now fill the information like I explained in above. Semrush will try to charge a small fee to verify your credit card. Don’t worry about it. You would receive the charged fee as soon as Semrush verified your identity.

Now you have an Semrush GURU account. Like I said above, you can cancel your Guru account or downgrade your account subscription to Semrush Pro or Semrush free plan in anytime by going to My account >> Profile. But, as an Semrush user, I don’t think that you would like to cancel this awesome SEO tool subscription after trying it for two weeks!

What will you get from Semrush Guru Account?

Semrush has a few subscription packages. By using above Semrush coupon code/ Semrush discount code, you can open an Semrush free trial Guru account for 7 days and Semrush free trial Pro account for 14 days. It works in 2021 and so here are a few features in Semrush Guru plan*.

(* Note: – Semrush is a really awesome tool. Because it releases new SEO tools literally in every month. So, here are very few tools and features of Semrush as of writing this article.)

Your Semrush GURU Trial Account Features:

  • 30,000 results per report: More results mean you get more keywords and more details about your competitors. If you use Semrush to keyword research, you can get more keyword ideas than you get using Google Adwords tool. The best thing is that they are more related than usual Google keyword planner related match keywords. When you enter a keyword into the search box and hit enter, you would find two keyword report sections in the page: Phrase match keywords and Related match keywords. Related match keywords section contains hundreds or even more keyword ideas that Google keyword planner hides from you. With the help of Semrush keyword research tool, you can get a handful of money keywords that actual buyers use the Google just within a few sections. Many of those keywords are long tail keywords. As you already know that Long Tail Keywords are easier to rank higher in SERPs and converts 2.5 times better than head terms or body tail keywords, Semrush could become your best keyword research tool.
  • 5,000 reports a day: In general, you can get up to 208 reports per hour and 3 reports per minute!. If you are a blogger or a small businessman, so this amount is fair enough. These overall reports include all the keyword reports, backlinks reports, and competitor analysis reports. Therefore, after you signed up to Semrush free trial using the Semrush promo code 2017 above, you can start analyzing your competitors and get new reports all the day. In case, if you want more reports a day, then you have to upgrade to a higher plan such as Semrush Business which costs around $400.00 per month. However, as I explained, if you use Semrush free trial Guru account for your blogging and marketing purposes, this reports-per-day amount is fair enough. In case, if you are working with an SEO agency or have lots of customers, then you would upgrade to Business plan. As an SEO guy and an Internet Marketer, I would like to say that 5,000 reports per day are fair, fair enough, at least for me.
  • Historical Data & Branded PDF Reports: Are you working for an SEO agency or do you have lots of high-level customers? Then, you’d be happy to know that with Semrush Guru account, you can get access to Historical data and generate Branded PDF reports which you can utilize for your SEO purposes. For example, you can analyze organic rankings of old days of any customer you have.
  • Keyword Tracking: 50 Projects, 1,500 keywords: Track how your posts rank for different targeted keywords. One of my favorite features in Semrush is the availability of keyword tracking on daily basis. The uses of this tool are numerous. Ex: If you want to track the performance of one of your blog posts for a target money keyword, then you can start tracking SERP positions in Google and Bing. Afterward, you can add competitor web pages and compare both on one dashboard. This strategy helped me so well to outrank many of my competitor websites. Whenever my competitor outranks my web page, I use a few on-page SEO strategies such as interlinking, updating posts, include a few words etc to maintain my SERP position and strengthen it.
  • Paid Advertising Competitor Analysis: If you want to find out how other big brands use Google Adwords Ads to get maximum ROI (Return on Investment) on their businesses, then you should use Semrush Competitor Analysis tools right now. They provide lots of useful details about your competitors, and their strategies which not just mess up other advertisers, but also increase ROI while reducing costs.
  • Competitor Backlink Analysis: Once you created your Semrush free trial account using the promotional code above, you can analyze the backlink profile of any competitor website. Not only competitor website, but also yours too. As you know, having a good backlink profile is crucial to increase organic traffic and maintain the existing traffic base without any breakdown. With Semrush backlink analyzer tool, you can easily find new backlink opportunities, as well as find unwanted, low-quality backlinks which only cause to not increasing the organic traffic, but also decrease the search engine rankings day by day. As a full-time blogger, I was able to find low-quality backlinks which were pointing to some of my previous guides and I disavow them as soon as possible. It’s just because of this awesome backlink analyzer tool.
  • Social Media Marketing: You can have up to 100 social media accounts in an Semrush Guru account. Semrush is not just focusing on SEO and SEM, but also on SMM too. If you’re a blogger, then you’d love to hear that now you can reverse engineer viral campaigns which have run on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Semrush Social Media Tool is one of the top tools in my Twitter apps list.
  • And a lot more.

You can find all features of Semrush competitor analysis tool over here and compare each plan from this link.

Semrush Pro vs Semrush GURU

It looks like both Semrush Pro and GURU plans are same in features and only are different from limits, but it is not right. Semrush GURU is better and more powerful than Semrush Pro plan.

Check out this comparison between Semrush PRO and Semrush GURU.




Results per report

10 000

30 000

Results per day

3 000

5 000

Historical data






Keywords to track


1 500

Pages to crawl

100 000

300 000

SEO Ideas Units



Social Profiles for monitoring



Social profiles for posting



Scheduled PDF reports



Branded PDF reports



Renewal Pricing per month



Best For

Webmasters, Website Owners

SEO Agencies, Search Engine Marketers

Semrush GURU for SEO

I've been using Semrush tools for over 5 years out of my six years of blogging career. It's been a long journey. The best part is Semrush is still my #1 search engine marketing and search engine optimization tool.

With trial of Semrush, you could create a free GURU account which will definitely help in growing your online business. Here's how you can use Semrush for SEO in briefly.

  • Position Tracking: You might be wondering if search engine position tracking could really help you in terms of traffic and conversions. Trust me it does. If you're a local business, you would rather worry about key search terms that drive buyers to your service or product sales pages. That's why Semrush Position Tracking tools comes in handy for monitoring SERP ranking for SEO keywords.
  • SEO Audit: Not every website is not 100% perfect in terms of technical SEO. Even Google has 404 error pages. But, what matters most is how you deal with technical SEO errors effectively and in time. Googlebot might crawl your blog once a week. If you have failed to prove Google that you care about technical side of your blog or in other words you're worryful about your blog readers, then your SERP keyword rankings might not improve. With Trial of Semrush GURU, you could audit upto 300 000 pages that's a ton for most small business blogs. 
  • Check Backlinks: Backlinks is still the major search engine ranking factor. Semrush Backlink index has improved a lot in past year. And they will improve it a lot or might surpass Ahrefs backlink index in upcoming years because it's one of top priorities of all SEOs. As of Semrush updates their databases regularly, you could also find recent backlinks your website acquired very easily, in matter of seconds.
  • Competitor Keyword Research: One of favorite usage of Semrush tools is utilizing its keyword research functionality for SEO. I've been written a lot of articles by analyzing competitors' top pages. Some notable articles are making extra revenue with micro jobs, tools to check punctuation online, and free WordPress hosting providers. Some of them are already ranking in top of SERPs and others have started to improve their  keyword position rankings. If you're a beginner blogger or just started a blog and wondering how to get targeted traffic without guessing, then I would recommend to give Semrush a try by using this Semrush GURU discount.

Final Words on Semrush Promo

As I said above, this special Semrush coupon code is for Pitiya readers. So feel free to share it with your friends and let them know that they can create an Semrush Guru trial account which is worth $199.95 for FREE. For the first 14 days, you will receive all the features that a paid subscriber receives. So, I recommend you to take the best advantage of creating your Semrush trial account using this Semrush promo code.

Semrush is probably the best search engine marketing tool on the Internet today. Many bloggers, marketers and business agencies use Semrush premium features and tools to grow their businesses. Fortunately, you can create an Semrush Guru account for free by using a valid Semrush coupon code. You will not only get an Semrush gratis account but also find a new way to look at your competitors and spy on their traffic reports. I hope Semrush tool will become your favorite SEO tool in your best SEO tools arsenal soon.

I would like to know your views about this essential marketing and SEO tool. Did you use this Semrush coupon to create your Semrush free trial account? Share your thoughts in the comment form below. Hope you enjoyed using this amazing marketing tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1
    I am from ‘XYZ’ country. Can I follow your method and open an Semrush free trial account?  Yes, you can open SEM rush Guru account, no matter where you are from. If you have a trouble signing up for Semrush, then contact Semrush support either calling (+1-855-814-4510) or sending a message from here.
  • 2
    What are the differences between Semrush free trial account and a real/prepaid Semrush account? In fact, there are zero differences between a sem rush free trial account and paid account. What you will actually get is an extra time period to test this amazing search engine marketing tool without paying a dime. If you want, you can purchase this SaaS product. But, remember, by using the Semrush promotional link, you save $199.95.
  • 3
    I am a Blogger. Can Semrush Pro supplement my SEO needs? Yes, of course. With this single account, you will get tons of valuable features and tools you can find nowhere on the Internet. As an example, “SEO Audit” is such a useful tool that can analyze your website/blog and record errors on your site. (ex: images with no alt tag, Internal and external broken links). From checking backlinks and analyzing competitors keywords to PPC advertising, there are lots of ways that you can use this tool to increase your website traffic.
  • 4
    I am a Bing advertiser. How can Semrush help me increase the ROI of my PPC campaigns? Semrush is a Search Engine Marketing tool. It means Semrush is for Search engine marketers just like you!. The one way to utilize your SEMRUSH free trial account to get a maximum ROI in PPC campaigns is spying on real ads shown in Bing-US. You saw how I checked competitors PPC ads on That way you can analyze your PPC competitors’ high converting ads, ad titles, body text, landing pages, keywords and also bids. Just create your Semrush Guru account now and use these few strategies for your PPC campaigns. You will see an instant increase in your CTR and eventually in net profit.
  • 5
    I am not a blogger and advertiser. I am a vBlogger. How can I use Semrush to increase revenue from YouTube? Please check this video keyword research article and this rank tracking article. These articles will probably answer your questions.
  • 6
    I have Semrush Pro account. Can I upgrade my account plan to Semrush Guru? Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your account packages. Contact Semrush support team and they will help you.  
  • 7
    I own an agency. Can I add more users to my Semrush PRO membership? Yes, of course. You can add more users to your main account and buy more packages for extra users. Contact Semrush sales support team and they'll assist you on adding more users to Semrush account.
  • 8
    Can I use this Semrush free trial coupon code to create Pro accounts for my clients as well? Yes, you can! Please drop me an email ( chamal (at) ) before you use this Semrush promotional code for multiple clients. I have a special gift for you!
  • 9
    Can I sign up for Semrush free trial without credit card? No, sorry you can't. You have to submit your credit card details in order to claim this offer.
  • 10
    Why do I have to provide my phone number? Some people have done fraud activities using this special offer for our readers. That's why Semrush has started verifying subscribers by making it's mandatory to add phone numbers when signing up.
  • 11
       Can I cancel Semrush free trial? Yes, you can cancel Semrush subscription. All you need to do is send a cancellation request to and they will assist on you.



About the author 

Chamal Rathnayaka

A blogger, Growth Hacker, and Internet Marketer since 2012. Chamal Rathnayaka is the founder of this very site and he's sharing his experience and knowledge on Internet marketing through Pitiya blog. Send him a message on


    • SEMrush will cover all your domains. You can create 5 campaigns where you can track your and your competitors websites (ex: crawl your website to check errors, target keyword tracking etc). You have 500 keyword tracking chances. So you can track positions and variations of each keywords in every day. As i said, SEMrush updates its database daily.

      Hope you'd like SEMrush SEM tool. Do let me know if you want to know more anything about SEMrush.

  • I am running out of 14 FREE days. How can I cancel/remove my credit card from SEMrush? Otherwise, it will automatically withdraw my money from my credit card. 🙁
    Thank you very much,

    • Hi Noman,

      Currently, i only have coupon code for SEMrush Pro plan. I will update this tutorial, if i get a SEMrush Guru promo code. You can also search Google for a SEMrush Guru coupon.

    • Hi Raj, It's a pleasure me to share this promo code. Get the highest advantage within your trial period. Thanks for sharing your comment.

    • chamal priyadarshana says:

      Yes, It works. Click the link and you will be redirected to SEM rush payment page. The promo code will be added automatically.

  • Is it free for 14 days and do they charge for test card? (Some provider apply free but they charge even $5-$10 for testing credit card.)

    • Yes, SEMrush charges some small fee to check whether your debit or credit card is legit. After verifying, your card will be loaded that small fee.

  • Working great 🙂 showing 1 month free pro package.awesome discount bro.keep it it possible to get semrush free for 1 month? if possible please share that tutorial with us.thanks

  • Hi, is this Guru free trial code still valid, I want to test semrush first before buying?Thanks

  • SEMrush is my favorite SEO tools I have seen ever. Thanks for the trial. As a SEMrush user, I suggest this trial for my newbie blogger student.

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