Keyword Hero Review: Get All ‘Not Provided’ Keywords from Google Analytics

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of the ‘Not Provided’ label in your Google Analytics Keywords section and get all keywords ‘Not Provided,’ including session metrics?

Keyword Hero Review
Unlock (not provided) keywords in Google Analytics – Keyword Hero Review

Today, in this Keyword Hero review, I will share how to unlock those invaluable keywords without sending your data to other services. Also, in this ultimate review of KeywordHero, you will find out:

  • How to use Keyword Hero
  • Should you invest in Keyword Hero while there are competitors such as Semrush
  • Pros and Cons of using Keyword-Hero
  • Alternatives to Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero Review: Get Rid of ‘Not Provided’ Keywords

In this Keyword Hero review, I will share my personal experience with the tool and how I use it to reveal all of Google’s Not Provided organic keywords and make the most use of it to increase traffic. So, I recommend reading this entire review on Keyword Hero and sharing your opinions in the comments!

What are ‘Not Provided’ Keywords?

Before tapping into the reviews of Keyword Hero, let’s learn what are keywords ‘Not Provided.’

In earlier days, Google Analytics provided all the organic keywords that your site ranked on Google. Usually, you’d see keywords several days behind schedule. However nevertheless, you got keyword phrases that drove traffic to your articles. The benefits of it were enormous. Here are some:

  • You could see exactly which keywords are making an enormous impact on your bottom line. Once you set up conversion goals in Google Analytics (GA), you can see which keywords made the most money for you under the keywords tab.
  • You saw which keywords had the potential to perform well, but they did not.
  • See user behavior metrics for every keyword. For example, quickly, you could see bounce rate, time on a page, etc. Those were search engine ranking factors, so you could optimize those pages with the right content to increase keyword positions.
  • Compare keyword rankings

But unfortunately, Google stopped sharing those data around 2011. Their justification was “making search more secure.” 😀

However, some professional SEOs, bloggers, and marketers did not accept this. So they found a way to overcome the keyword ‘Not Provided’ problem and get all the data. Result?

Ones who got access to more data (i.e., the website’s not provided keywords) got an advantage.

So, how do you get access to data that Google is currently hiding from you?

That is where Keyword Hero comes in! It does not do many things. But, getting rid of the “Not Provided” is its specialty, and it’s what we need!

What is Keyword Hero?

I came across Keyword Hero a while ago and had been using it since 2017’s. I was not dissatisfied with its performance. Although it is not a fancy SEO tool that does many things, it does what it promises to do very well: Getting you all the not provided keywords with all session metrics!

Why Keyword Hero?

You might wonder why you should use KeywordHero to integrate Google Search Console and Google Analytics and get keywords.

The real reason is that GA + GSC integration provides very little data and reporting. See the screenshot below. As you see, Search Console data on Google Analytics provides only basic metrics such as the keywords, the number of keywords, impressions, CTR, and average position.

Google Search Console data on Google Analytics
Google Search Console data on Google Analytics – Limited reporting. No session stats

But, KeywordHero shows all organic keywords, including all session metrics. So, you can get behavior statistics and conversion goal data for every keyword phrase.

Keyword Hero Google Analytics reports
Get more stats with Keyword Hero & Google Analytics Integration.

But, KeywordHero cannot or does not present keyword data for Bing, Yahoo search engines, and other search engines. But, when comparing the search engine market share, Google still dominates by far. So, those hidden keywords will not impact your business considerably.

Another feature I want to discuss in this review of Keyword Hero is the capability of utilizing secondary dimensions. As a result, you can drill down each detail to discover granular metrics vital to you. Learn more.

Search positions for keywords in Google Analytics
Using Secondary Dimensions, display the average SERP position for keywords in Google Analytics.

Is Keyword Hero Safe?

There are several workarounds to get not provided keyword data. Also, there are some KeywordHero alternatives. But, not many of them are official Google Analytics Technology partners. But, KeywordHero is one of them, and your data is safe.

Keyword Hero Setup

Setting up your Keyword Hero account is very easy. But, first, you will need to sign up on Keyword Hero.

Keyword Hero has got four plans. They offer a 90-Day free trial for any plan for a limited time. Also, it provides a free tier that analyzes up to 2,000 sessions per month.

Prerequisites before setting up KeywordHero

  1. You must have set up Google Analytics (GA)
  2. You must have set up Google Search Console (GSC)
  3. You should have admin privileges for both Google Search Console and Analytics accounts.

Installing Keyword Hero

Here are the four steps to installing Keyword Hero. You do not need to install any script on your site. Keyword Hero will handle everything smoothly, and you can easily access the keywords not provided on Google Analytics property.

  1. Sign up on Keyword Hero with your Google account. Now you will be requested access to your GA and GSC accounts.
  2. Select your Google Analytics property
  3. Select the corresponding Google Search Console.
  4. Select destination view in Google Analytics. KeywordHero will create a new property in your Google Analytics account.

Keyword Hero Review: Getting Keywords Not Provided

Once the setup is completed, wait a few days until KeywordHero pulls up the data. These data usually are three days behind time and not real-time data.

You can get access to it via your Google Analytics account.


  1. Do not install the Google Analytics script on your site
  2. Do not connect your Google Search Console to the Keyword Hero property

Keyword Hero Review: Features

Keyword Hero is an easy-to-use SEO tool. However, it has several features that will be useful in many cases.

  • Conversion goal tracking – Unlike other SEO tools such as Ahrefs, you can track transactions inside GA with the integration of Google Analytics.
  • Multiple data sources – Keyword Hero uses several data sources to confirm the keyword certainty and match search queries so that you will receive the most accurate reporting.
  • Weekly e-mail notification on SEO performance

KeywordHero Performance report

If you are a professional blogger and an SEO, you will find the Keyword Hero SEO performance email report very useful in every way.

Keyword Hero performance report emails
Weekly emails

Inside the SEO performance report, you will find a brief overview of search performance, such as the growth or decline of organic traffic during the previous seven days, top growing keywords for mobile and desktop/tablet separately, and landing pages.

Keyword Hero performance report email body
SEO performance email

Custom Dimensions

One feature you would also find very helpful is the custom dimensions in Keyword Hero Analytics reports. Keyword Hero adds these custom dimensions.

  1. Date: There is a 3-Day latency with Keyword Hero data. Keyword Hero custom dimension allows the correct date to be displayed in your data.
  2. Position: Break down different ranking instances by keyword
  3. Brand: Determine keyword performance of branded keywords vs. non-branded keywords.
  4. Average Position: Identify the average keyword position on Google
  5. Impressions: See the impressions for Google SERP for respective keywords. You will have to select the ” Last Click Attribution” as the attribution model in your Keyword Here dashboard, as shown in the screenshot below. Learn more about Google Analytics Standard Attribution and Last Click models in this document.
Keyword Hero domain settings menu

I cannot discuss the custom dimensions in this Keyword Hero review extensively. But it is an interesting feature. Here is an excellent document on it.

Keyword Hero Google Data Studio Report

The integration with Google Data Studio makes your SEO reports eye-catching and insightful.

Keyword Hero SEO Dashboard in Google Data Studio
Keyword Hero SEO Dashboard in Google Data Studio

Keyword Hero & Google Data Studio integration provides an all-in-one overview of these SEO KPIs.

  • SEO Dashboard
  • Mobile vs. Desktop
  • Keyword Performance
  • Device Performance
  • Country Performance
  • Band vs. No Brand
  • Mobile Keywords
  • Quick Win Keywords
  • Keyword Performance by Position
  • Keyword to Landingpage

Custom Dashboards for Google Analytics

Another key feature I want to explain in this Keyword Hero review is the Custom Dashboards.

custom dashboards for Google Analytics
Custom SEO Dashboard

It provides custom for your Google Analytics account so you can know which metrics are improving and need to improve.

  1. SEO Dashboard
  2. Mobile vs. Desktop
  3. Keyword Performance
  4. Device Performance
  5. Country Performance
  6. Brand vs. Non-Brand
  7. Mobile Keywords
  8. Quick win Keywords
  9. Performance by Position
  10. Keyword to Landing Page

Benefits of KeywordHero

  1. Keep your data: Several SEO tools are popping up that offer free services to get not-provided keywords. But all of them have one particular thing in common. It is collecting data. In SEO, keyword data is paramount, and giving access to them to others will likely give your business out. But, KeywordHero is one of the best keyword tracking tools that lets you keep your keywords data on your Google Analytics account.
  2. Get all session metrics: Not just keywords and their rankings, but Keyword-Hero provides other session statistics that you will find very helpful.
  3. Boost keyword rankings: Now, since you know the ‘Not Provided’ keywords, thanks to KeywordHero, you can optimize pages to rank better.
  4. Get to know unoptimized keywords: One thing you might notice over time is that your articles are ranking for related keywords, but you have not optimized them whatsoever. Use better interlinking strategies, add content and do more on-page SEO to rank better and increase search traffic.
  5. Build searcher-oriented content: The keyword intent is a significant factor to think about more than once when you are doing keyword research and mainly writing content. The behavior of current searchers is different. They are looking for solutions. Hence, make sure to use KeywordHero to analyze the bounce rate, average time page, etc., to determine if using specific keywords is better for your business as a bigger picture.
  6. Adjust to Google search algorithm changes: Found your search traffic suddenly dropped? Log into your Keyword Hero Google Analytics property, see which keyword rankings were dropped, and adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

Personal Keyword Hero Reviews

I have been using Keyword Hero for years with considerable achievements and no hiccups. Here are my reviews on KeywordHero based on strengths and weaknesses.


  • 93% matched keyword queries
  • 83% certainty threshold
  • Data privacy in your hand
  • Session metrics & secondary dimensions
  • Custom variables


As much as I like KeywordHero and a customer of the Giant Hero plan, I would like to see these features are added to the KeywordHero.

  • Competitor analytics data: Like in Semrush, where you can see all the competitors’ rankings along with yours. So think of the Semrush free alternative in Google Analytics!
  • Suggested keywords: More like what your pages are ranking but here are what you could also rank.
  • Scheduled White Label Reporting: It would be a great addition to this happening for SEO agency owners and freelancers that provide search engine optimization and reporting services.
  • More keyword rank tracking statistics such as top position, lowest position, etc.


Keyword Hero has four pricing plans.

Keyword Hero pricing
Keyword Hero pricing
  1. Little Hero — Free. 2,000 sessions per month
  2. Big Hero — $9/mo. 10,000 sessions
  3. Giant Hero — $49/mo, 1,000 URLs
  4. Ultimate Hero — $75/mo first three months, $149/mo afterward. 2,500 URLs, 250,000 sessions
  5. Ultimate Hero Pro — Custom pricing. 2,500+ URLs, 250,000+ sessions

Keyword Hero Alternatives

In this KeywordHero review, I discussed the importance of Keyword Hero and how it can help grow your site’s traffic. But, when it comes to SEO tools that unlock Google Analytics’ Not Provided keywords, Keyword Hero is not alone. Several tools, like Keyword Hero, have more or fewer features and capabilities.


Semrush is one of the best SEO tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, link building, keyword rank tracking, and content optimization. Find out more in this review article on Semrush. It also offers very similar features to Keyword Hero.

Semrush lets you connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts and unlock not provides keywords easily.

Keyword Hero vs. Semrush

FeatureKeyword HeroSemrush
Integrate GA & GSC YesYes
Unlock Not Provided KeywordsYesYes
Transaction TrackingYesNo
User behavior analysis for keywordsYesNo
Export reportsLimitedAdvanced
Custom DimensionsYesNo
Custom Dashboards in GAYesNo

Keyword Hero is a specialized tool when it comes to unlocking Not Provided keywords in Google analytics. Since it’s GA-based reporting (you keep data) and custom SEO dashboards in GA, you will find it a more user-friendly and important SEO tool when it comes to privacy.

However, if you want to go beyond normal keyword checking, Semrush would be an ideal choice. There are numerous ways to use Semrush to grow your traffic. Although you might find several alternatives to Semrush, Semrush still dominates in terms of data capacity, reporting, features, tools, and value for money.

Which Semrush tool provides you with information about not provided keywords?

Organic Traffic Insights

More Keyword Hero Competitors

Most Keyword Hero contenders use your GA and GSC data to reveal not provided and not set keywords. As a result, your data is used by those SEO companies. However, with Keyword Hero, you keep your data.

Keyword Hero Review Conclusion

It has become harder to optimize pages for higher rankings, leads, and sales as Google restricted showing the keywords your sites are ranking for. But Keyword Hero resolves it by unlocking keywords not provided in Google Analytics.

In this Keyword Hero review, I shared how to Keyword Hero to see which keywords your sites rank. I was able to buy Keyword Hero lifetime for the Giant Hero plan. If you want to get rid of the Not Provided label and get all the ranking keywords in Google Analytics, give Keyword Hero a try today.

So, what are your opinions on the Keyword Hero? How useful is it according to you?

Keyword Hero Review Ratings
  • Unlock 'Not Provided' Keywords in Google Analytics
  • Maturity
  • Data Privacy
  • Features
  • Integrations
  • Value for money


Keyword Hero makes your life easier by unlocking the keywords ‘Not Provided’ in your Google Analytics account while keeping your data safe. Its features, such as custom dimensions and custom SEO Dashboards for Google Analytics, take this SEO tool to the next level by providing features that no other tool delivers whatsoever. For the first time, you can know all your Google ‘Not Provided’ keywords, optimize to rank better, and get an advantage over competitors. Try Keyword Hero for free for 90-Days and experience it yourself.


  • Keep your data
  • Find quick-win keywords
  • Access to all session metrics
  • Transaction tracking
  • Google Data Studio integration
  • Custom variables in Google Analytics
  • Custom SEO Dashboards for Google Analytics
  • Reports sent via email automatically


  • Not-provided-keywords of Bing and Yahoo are not provided
  • Does not provide real-time data

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