Anyword Review 2024: Best AI Copywriting Tool for Marketers

This is a complete review of Anyword AI. In this Anyword review, you’ll find out if it’s worth investing in Anyword AI copywriting tool while there are many AI content generators.

The marketing landscape evolves like all other technologies — No exception for paid advertising. In fact, it has gone hyper-competitive in some small niches due to various reasons such as high-level profitability, instant results, and low barriers.

Like you will have to use software like WebSite Auditor for site auditing, it’s required to use AI copywriting tools nowadays to optimize ad copies, get better SMS messages, and generate blog post outlines.

Anyword is one of the best AI copywriting tools out there, with a vast amount of features.

In today’s Anyword review, I will walk you through every part and share how to use Anyword AI, cool tips and tricks to use Anyword to improve existing marketing campaigns, and my overall Anyword reviews and thoughts.

This is a bit lengthier review on Anyword. So, take a cup of coffee, and let’s dig into the Anyword AI tool piece by piece in this ultimate Anyword review.


Anyword logo

Anyword was previously known as Kewee. Arnon Joseph and Yaniv Makover founded Kewee in 2013. Anyword headquarters is located in New York, New York, USA, and has an office in Tel Aviv. According to Crunchbase, Anyword has raised $9.1 million in a series A fundraise.

According to the company, one of the reasons for rebranding is the comprehensiveness of the Anyword AI.

What is Anyword?

Anyword is a natural language generation platform that helps marketers tailor their messages to their ideal audience. Anyword AI uses a model trained on millions of marketing messages linked with your historical data to help you create expert-level messages across channels and formats.

Already big brands like The New York Times, NBA, Red Bull, Ted Baker, and others use the Anyword platform to empower their advertising and content marketing campaigns.

One area where Anyword stands out from the other AI copywriting tools is that the team behind AnyWord has spent $250 million in paid advertisements to find the best converting ads.

So, by using Anyword, you can save money, get quick results, and stay ahead of the competition. As you know, in paid advertising, be it Google ads, Facebook ads, or even email solo ads, getting high-quality leads at a cheaper price (i.e., lower CPL) is the key to beating your competition. That is what Anyword can help you do best.

Even lazy marketers use those tools to get quick results, not fine-tune small elements. Most marketers get what they need because they use the right tools at the right time for the right task.

I will reveal several key elements, features, and tips and tricks in this AnyWord review. So, if you intend to spend your money on advertising on the internet, be sure to read this Anyword AI review and take lessons!

What can Anyword write for you?

Sometimes, it is better to do all marketing by yourself; creating paid ad copy, landing page copy, email copy, retargeting ad copy, etc. But, a wise man uses good tools to leapfrog in some areas, such as producing ideal headlines, email subject lines, and even blog post outliners.

Luckily, Anyword is already incorporated with dozens of writing capabilities so that you do not need to use other AI copywriting tools or, even better, hire someone!

Short review of Anyword AI copywriting for publishers and marketers:

  • Ad copy – Generate engaging and attention-grabbing ad copies for popular ad networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Verizon, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.
  • Landing/Product pages – Generate and optimize headers, sub-headers, product descriptions, CTA buttons, and any other copy element you need to get a higher conversion rate on lead gen, sales & brand advocation/affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Blog posts – Generate engaging blog posts with your specified keywords and content length. Even Anyword can make blog post outliners for you so that you can write engaging content by yourself.
  • Email subject lines – According to many and many studies, optimizing email subject lines alone can achieve bigger results in email marketing campaigns. Be it a general email or promotional email series, Anyword can help you suggest better high-opening email subject lines.
  • SMS – Text message marketing has gotten serious among the marketing community in the last several years due to the increase of peer-to-peer messaging services and social messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, and Telegram. Especially in SMS marketing, your message needs to be concise and to the point and have a strong call to action. Unless you are an experienced marketer achieving those without flagging your company’s brand or getting your messages out of a spam folder or another folder in message apps is difficult. You can turn SMS marketing hassle-free with extensive knowledge of Anyword AI.

How to use Anyword

One thing most marketers lack is copywriting. And most copywriters aren’t advertisers. When you integrate Anyword AI into your marketing campaigns, the best part is that you can achieve both. Here in this Anyword review, I will briefly explore how to use Anyword AI.

First, head to the Anyword website and create your free account.

Once the account is verified by clicking the confirmation link on your email inbox, you can start using Anyword. Click on the “New Project” button. You will see a screen similar to the one below.

Anyword copywriting forms
Forms of AI copywriting in Anyword – Each one includes predictive performance stats.

It has six main categories based on the purpose.

  1. Ad
  2. Landing page
  3. Email
  4. Blog
  5. SMS
  6. Editorial Promotion

I will get to each of those shortly in this Anyword review 2024. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to drop them in the comments below.

How to use Anyword AI for creating Ad copies

If you are running any paid ad campaign, you will encounter these:

  • How to optimize headlines better – Finding a great headline that resonates with your product or service is always challenging, no matter which industry you are in and what ad network you’re working with.
  • How to compose short product descriptions – What key points would the potential customer consider while browsing the internet? It is always a big headache to ensure the ad’s primary text and caption describe exactly what your product is about while getting more quality clicks because you cannot fake ad text and get an excellent quality ad score in Facebook and Google ads.
  • How to lower the test budget – What if you could spend none or less than your competition and get better results in a quicker time? Spectacular, right?

The best part is if you use Anyword in creating ad copies, you do not need to worry about those.

Click the “Create New Project” button by hovering over the ‘Ad’ box.

Create ad with Anyword AI
Create ad copies with Anyword AI

Now, you will be provided a page with several fields to describe your product or service.

Enter Anyword Ad copy project details
Enter details

I will focus on an eCommerce-related product in this Anyword review for creating ad copies.

Amazon ecom product page for Women's Hangbag
Amazon eCom product page for Women’s Hangbag

When promoting an eCom product, most marketers start with social media advertising on networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Because you can target people based on age (demographic), location (geography), and interests and behaviors.

Enter the project name (for internal purposes), and select the industry or topic. Now, there is a subtle but convenient feature in Anyword. It is getting the product description by entering the URL. You can always switch over to the normal product description input method. But, entering the URL will allow Anyword AI to auto-fetch product details.

Click on the ‘Create Project‘ button to move forward.

Anyword extracted product details from Amazon
Anyword extracted product details from Amazon.

Once done, you will see a page similar to the below one.

Anyword is creating your project screen

Review of Anyword AI Ad copywriter

Anyword AI Ad Copy Generator
Anyword AI Ad Copy Generator

You will see the options below on the Anyword AI copywriter page for ad copies.

Ad networks

The general user in each ad network has very different characteristics. Some may overlap. But in most cases, they do not. For instance, if you want to run an ad campaign for Facebook ads, the ad copies used for Google ads will not perform similarly.

  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Google ads
  • Outbrain and Taboola native ads
  • Verizon native ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Twitter ads
  • Pinterest pin ads

Anyword AI ad creator covers a lot of ad networks. But I would like to see more different networks such as ProperllerAds, ZeroPark, Tonic, etc. I will share more expectations of Anyword later in this Anyword review.

Generate with AI or Improve with AI
Generate with AI or Improve with AI
Two ways to optimize your ad campaigns

One of the best things about Anyword that I want to emphasize in this review is optimizing existing ad campaigns. Unlike most other AI ad copywriting tools, Anyword lets you optimize your existing ad copies so that you can improve them to reduce CPC and CPL, increase EPC further, and ultimately crush your competition!

Generate copy variations in different styles
Get ad copies in different styles
Get ad copies in different styles.

The Anyword AI lets you specify a writing style to get the copy variations you need. It has four different main modes.

  1. Default
  2. List
  3. PAS
  4. AIDA

I will briefly explain each style in this Anyword review with AI-generated ad copies.


Notice how AnyWord AI adds CTA text in primary text and the scoring. It is impressive what AI can do for you.

The default ad copy variants
The default ad copy variants – Focuses on the product or service

The default mode is perfect for targeting a broad audience with multiple interests and niche groups.


Highlights your product or service with bullet points or emojis — One of the most used ad copy modes by successful marketers. Emojis are used everywhere. It used to be in peer-to-peer messaging services. But it can be seen everywhere, in Google SERPs, even in domain names!

The List ad copy variants
List-style ad copy variants – Best for Instagram and other mobile-user-targeted advertisements

Anyword AI ad copywriting tool smartly and sparingly (as it should) uses emojis.


PAS stands for Pain-Agitate Solution. Basically, what PAS mode (or Pain-Agitate Solution framework) does in AnyWord is utilize pain points to push the potential customer to click on your ads and purchase product(s). Here’s a short three-minute video explaining the PAS formula for copywriting.

Take a look at the examples below.

Pain-Agitate Solution (PAS) ad copies
Pain-Agitate Solution (PAS) ad copies – Best for targeting people who are interested in a specific set of objectives

Notice the predicted engagement by age and gender differences in each mode. For PAS, the 35 – 44 age range is the highest.


Attention-Interest-Desire-Action framework or AIDA is the last mode inside AnyWord.

AIDA ad copy variants
AIDA ad copy variants – Best for targeting new audiences

The AIDA Mode is better for running ads targeting new audiences (i.e., those who have not thought about the problems they are facing) or people who already do not know about the product.

Custom Mode

Another handy feature I want to share in the Anyword review is instructing Anyword AI about your ad copies’ writing style or tone. You might already have successful ad copies but cannot develop new variations. That is where Custom Mode comes in.

Let Anyword AI detect your writing style and tone to create similar ad variants.

You must have at least three ad examples that share a similar tone or style to use the custom mode. The best part is you can import existing ad copies from your ad account (i.e., Facebook Business ad account manager) and save unlimited custom modes!

Keywords and custom text

Another key feature I want to emphasize in the review on Anyword is the ability to specify keywords (up to 2, and each keyword can have 1 – 3 words) and add custom text in AI ad variations. The uses of this feature are enormous.

  • Emphasize fundamental words in your ad copy – Highlight brand name, main points, etc.
  • Include coupons, vouchers, or promotional discounts – Increase conversions on the landing page.
  • Highlight bonuses
Save copies

Anyword can generate hundreds of ad copies. But not all of them will turn into the best ads. Save your favorite copies and use them later.

Save and copy ad variants to clipboard
Save and copy ad variants to the clipboard.
Score Histogram

One area where Anyword stands out from other AI writing tools is that Anyword has spent over $250M on ads and has trained the AI to predict the ad copy performance before running.

Score Histogram shows predicted engagement by age and gender and content safety to prevent possible Facebook policy violation: Withholding information - "you need"
Score Histogram shows predicted engagement by age and gender and content safety to prevent possible Facebook policy violation: Withholding information – “you need.”
Content Safety

Facebook and most ad networks have taken strict measures to ensure ad copy quality during the last several years. So, your ad must adhere to its content policies and make sure it is safe. Learn content safety beforehand with Anyword AI content prediction capabilities.

Also, you can flag a poor or below-standard variation and copy the ad to the clipboard easily.

Improve with AI

I want to discuss shortly how to use AI to improve the content in the Anyword review. Enter the ad text, select how far you want Anyword to keep the original text (strict or relaxed), and enter keywords. Also, you can enable Demographic filters to laser target audiences.

Improve ad copies with Artificial Intelligence
Improve ad copies with Artificial Intelligence

Review of Anyword AI Ad headline copywriter

Like Anyword’s ad text copywriting tool, the headline copywriter generates or improves content with artificial intelligence (AI).

Add your keyword and click on the ‘Generate More‘ button. You can add one keyword at a time. But you can generate unlimited variations for different keywords each time.

Anyword AI ad headline generator
Review for paid ads

Not only can you use the headlines generated by Anyword AI on paid ads, but also in…

  • Giveaway landing page open graph tags — The sweepstake participants mostly share the referral link on social networking sites. Why not optimize the social media heading with Anyword AI to get a higher click-through rate (CTR)?
  • Custom social media title — If you use a CMS like WordPress, SEO plugins like RankMath and social media plugins like Social Snap allow you to use custom post titles for social media. Why not add a better headline for social media posts to boost clicks to your site?

The steps are very similar in other ad networks. But you will see a new mode called “Creative,” particularly in native ad networks like Taboola and Outbrain. Usually, native ad headlines should be creative enough to get user attention and higher CTR.

Creative ad variants generated for native ad networks by Anyword
Creative ad variants generated for native ad networks by Anyword

How to use Anyword to write email subject lines

It is a famous secret that those with catchy email subject lines get more opens and sales. But how do you write great subject lines?

Review of Anyword Email Subject Line Writer

Let’s see if Anyword can generate a better subject for the email sent by Neil Patel.

Neil Patel email message about optimizing ad campaigns

Click on the “New Project” button under the ‘Email’ box. Next, fill out the details on the next screen — Project name, Email body text, and Industry or Topic.

Anyword project settings for emails
Anyword Email project settings

The email subject copywriting module of Anyword only includes one mode. But I would like to see more. Because I think there can be more. I did not add any keywords, but you can instruct Anyword AI to generate subject lines with specific keywords.

Anyword email AI subject line generator settings

Notice how some email subject lines are capitalized, and some are not. And Anyword AI Performance Predictor shows which demographic segment will respond highly to the generated variation.

Email subject lines generated by Anyword AI
Email subject lines generated by Anyword AI

Now, let’s see how you can improve the original subject line with AI.

Guess what! According to the Anyword AI Performance Predictor algorithm, the original subject line got 16 out of 100.

Check predictive performance score for existing subject line in Anywords
Check predictive performance score for existing subject line with Anyword AI.
Improving subject lines with Anyword AI

Optimizing existing subject lines is another handy feature I cannot resist discussing in the Anyword review.

Optimize existing email subject lines with Anyword AI tool
Optimize existing email subject lines with the Anyword AI app
Strict mode

For instance, I selected the “Strict” mode and did not specify the exact demography. Anyword generated five similar subject lines with better predictive performance ratios.

Strict mode Anyword AI email subject line creator
Strict mode in Anyword AI automatic email subject line creator
Relaxed mode

Anyword will suggest recommended subjects for the email message with better predictive engagement ratings in this mode.

The relaxed mode
The relaxed mode

If you are a professional email marketer or use email marketing as a sales-driving channel for your business, Anyword can definitely help in many ways.

  • Turn generic newsletter subjects into eye-catching ones
  • Add emotion to your email subject lines and get more opens
  • Get higher CTR in paid newsletters or broadcast campaigns or solo advertisements
  • Add a personal touch to your business emails and get more direct sales while containing the quality and brand identity
  • Get more clicks to your solo ad business emails

Learn how to use Anyword to generate email subjects in this tutorial.

How to use Anyword to generate Landing page copies

CRO tools like Convertful increase conversion rates across funnels through targeted widgets. Also, software like ThriveCart helps improve conversion rates on checkout pages. But, all of them fail if the landing page, squeeze page, or sales page fails to do their intended job.

Luckily, Anyword is there for you to optimize existing landing page copies to maximize the ROI on marketing campaigns. It is believed that the marketing firms or teams that can achieve better CPL and EPL across the sales funnel and have a good marketing budget can defeat the competition in any advertising network.

Review of Anyword Landing Page Copy Writing tool

There are two ways to instruct Anyword to generate landing page copy.

Landing page copy generator settings in
Choose a preferred method.
  1. Providing a link to the existing landing page – Anyword will scan the web page and extract the required information.
  2. Describing the product or service – If you do not have a live landing page

In this Anyword review, I will focus on a giveaway signup page. Here is the main landing page.

Upviral giveaway signup page
A giveaway signup page made on the UpViral platform

Can this page be improved to get more signups? Let’s find out!

Enter the landing page URL, and choose the appropriate industry or topic. For our example, I selected “Marketing and Advertising.”

Once Anyword extracts the content on the URL, you will see a screen similar to the one below.

The screen after Anyword extracted landing page information
The screen after Anyword extracted landing page information

It will mainly include three tabs

  1. Variations
  2. Continuous Optimization Performance
  3. Continuous Optimization Settings
Anyword landing page copy generator dashboard
Anyword landing page copy generator dashboard

Here in the Anyword review, I will briefly explain each piece.

Landing copy variations
Anyword landing page copy variations page
Anyword will let you generate separate variations for each section (e.g., headline, sub-headline, bullet points, CTA section, and others)
  1. Preview how the variant will look on your site
  2. Enable generating landing copy variations
  3. Improve existing copy with generated variants with AI
Add more assets

Anyword might not be able to fetch all details on the first try. But you can add new assets by clicking the “add more assets on this page.”

Now, you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Add more page assets
Add more page assets. Use the CSS selector option if Anyword cannot fetch landing page details. Learn more.
Generate landing page variations with an AI copywriting tool
Steps to generate targeted landing page copy variations
Steps to generate targeted landing page copy variations
  1. Click on the “Enable” selector
  2. Choose the applicable asset type: Product Name, Copy, or Call To Action.
  3. Click on the “Confirm” button.

The Anyword AI landing copywriting tool will analyze the content and provide the Score Histogram in seconds.

Review of Anyword landing page copy variations
Review of Anyword landing page copy variations

Click on the “Improve with AI” to allow Anyword to generate content copies.

In a second or two, Anyword will generate several copies.

Review Anyword landing page copy text variations
Review Anyword landing page copy text variations

But the best part is that you can customize how Anyword AI rewrites content for you.

  • Use the Relaxed mode to give Anyword AI more space to generate better copies.
  • Generate new ideas with AI – Generate content based on PAS (Pain-Agitate Solution framework) or engagement angle.
  • Add keywords to get a higher quality score in your Google ads campaigns or emphasize a specific term in copy.

Another feature is you can edit the generated copies and add your own!

Add your own variations
Add your variations.

Like always, save your favorites to use them later.

Here is an AI-generated landing page copy with a better score.

High scored landing page copy generated by Anyword AI
High-scored landing page copy generated by Anyword AI
Continuous Optimization of Landing Page

Getting better results involves always-be-testing (ABT). That is why Anyword offers a fantastic feature called “Continuous Optimization.” Basically, you can track the performance of different landing page copy variations without using additional tools like Google Optimize, Funnelytics, and Unless.

How to use the Anyword Continuous Optimization tool
 Anyword Continuous Optimization tool
Anyword Continuous Optimization tool
  1. Choose the percentage of traffic distributed among Anyword variants versus baseline.
  2. Conversion Goal – There are three ways to call a conversion.
    1. Destination URL – Like your product purchase successful page or the share page of the giveaway in our case.
    2. Call to action button selection – Do you want to call once a visitor clicks on a button? For example, I could add the giveaway signup submit button as a call to action selection.
    3. Call Anyword code when a conversion happens – Your sales funnel might have different conversion goals. For example, you might want to call a conversion to happen when a visitor answers your call and converts to a client or purchases the tripwire offer or the OTO (One-time offer). Add the KW.send_click(); where it’s needed. Ensure the Anyword JS snippet is installed correctly.
  3. Audience Targeting – Anyword allows you to select up to five target audiences. These audience segments can be made through the Referrer Source Query parameter (UTM). But I would like to see more options like user location.
  4. Install the Anyword script within the <head>. Learn more.

Here is a video tutorial by the Anyword team on using the Anyword Landing page copy AI writing tool.

Anyword can generate landing page copies for you. But can it write content for blogs?

How to use Anyword to write blog posts

Another use-case of using Anyword is to write blog posts. Depending on the subscription plan, your word allowance might vary. However, in this Anyword review, I will discuss how to use Anyword AI to get blog post outliners, titles, intro paragraphs, and entire blog posts.

Review of Anyword Blog Post Writer

Click on the create new project button under the ‘Blog‘ box.

Now you will be given a page similar to the below one. Describe your blog post (at least five words, more words better). Select the industry or topic and last add up to 3 keywords. Each keyword can be 1 – 4 words lengthier.

Anyword Blog project settings page
Anyword Blog project settings page

I recommend researching low-competitive keywords first with a tool like SurferSEO, Semrush (review on Semrush), and WriterZen.

For the review on Anyword, I will try to get an article about the Udimi solo ad marketplace.

Describe your blog post
Describe your blog post

Here are the entered details:

  1. Short Blog post description: “Udimi is a solo advertising marketplace where buyers can purchase high-quality email solo ads from vendors. Udimi ensures the solo ad site is transparent, and buyers and sellers can deal with it without any issues. Its traffic filtering system, real buyer reviews, and refunds make it stand out from others.
  2. Industry or topic: Marketing and Advertising
  3. Keywords: Solo ads, Udimi, buy email solo ad

Click on the “Next” button to generate titles.


Wow! Anyword has done a pretty good job of generating excellent blog post titles.

blog title suggestions by Anyword AI
Anyword review of blog title suggestions – Select one with a higher score

Here are some things you can do in this section:

  • Click on the ‘Generate more‘ button to get more blog post title suggestions. Please note that each generated word will consume your monthly Anyword credits.
  • Enter your own title and let Anyword AI estimate the predictive performance score.
  • Identify bad blog post titles with a score histogram. Hover over the score to see predicted engagement by age and gender

Do you know the cool part?

Since we are writing a blog post, it is essential to have an SEO-friendly title. Because there is a limit on the length of meta titles. Luckily, all titles are search-engine-friendly.

Google SERP simulator
Google SERP simulator. Access it from here.

Select a desired blog post title and click on the “Next” button.


I have used several AI copywriting tools already. Many are using GPT-3 to generate outliners. It is great to see that Anyword has integrated the technology to build a blog post outline and let us add our own and delete unnecessary ones.

Outlines of Blog post
Outlines of the Blog post – These are the main sub-headings of your blog post
Intro paragraph

The introduction or the first few sentences of your blog content is the key to the success of your content marketing campaigns.

If it fails to catch the user’s attention and get the user reading further, your website’s bounce rate, Dwell time, and page views will be low, which directly and indirectly causes the search engine rankings.

Fortunately, Anyword is there to help you generate emotion and benefits-driven excellent intros for any kind of niche.

Intro paragraph generated by Anyword
Anyword review of AI-generated Intro paragraphs

Once everything is set up, click on the “Continue to Editor” button to move forward.

Anyword Blog Post Editor

Anyword’s blog post content generator will be like this:

Anyword Blog post content generator
Generate blog content for each section/outline
  • The intro will be shown at the top.
  • The total number of words will be displayed at the top right side, along with the button to copy the blog post content to the clipboard.
  • Select text length and generate the blog content for each section. Each section heading can be regarded as a <h2> heading tag.
  • Add a new section by clicking on the plus icon.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the variation, Click on the “Regenerate” button to get a new one.

How to use Anyword to create Editorial Promotions

Another tool I cannot resist discussing in the Anyword review is creating click-worthy copies for editorial promotion campaigns.

For instance, if you hold an online competition, referral program, or giveaway, it will be challenging to come up with good copies that are click-worthy. Anyword can help in that regard.

But, in this Anyword review, I will take a different approach and see what Anyword can generate for a bit of a technical blog post.

Review of Anyword Editorial Promotion creator

The article I am going to use here is this one: (How to Use Semrush Traffic Cost & Visitor Value Estimations)

I don’t buy that the SEO title is good for social media promotions. Let’s see what Anyword can do for me.

Anyword AI Editorial Promotion creator
Create click-worthy copies for social media posts and ad copies with Anyword AI Editorial Promotion creator

You will have two options:

  1. Link to content
  2. Copy-paste content

I will choose the first option since there is already a published version.

Generate editorial promotional copies for a blog post
Generate editorial and promotional copies for a blog post

On the next page, you will see several options.

Generate editorial promotion copies with AI
Generate editorial promotion copies with AI
  • Generate with AI or Improve with AI
  • Optimize copy for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Generate title and description for YouTube videos with AI
  • Get marketing copy suggestions for native advertising platforms
  • Three modes are available: Default, Creative, and Quotes
  • Add up to 3 keywords to highlight specific words (also an excellent option for YouTube to boost video SEO. Learn how to find keywords for YouTube from here.)
  • Add promotion (e.g.: Signup today, Get a free trial, Claim your free discount)

Here are some click-worthy (click-bait) copies generated with Anyword AI.

Review of Anyword click-worthy copies
Review of Anyword click-worthy copies
Increase organic click-through rate by using Anyword AI

Another cool feature I want to talk about in this Anyword review is the ability to generate high-CTR post titles for SEO.

Studies have shown over and over time that high CTR beats most high-authoritative sites and good content on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). So, having a good SEO-friendly post title will ensure your site ranks above the rest and get you to the top 3 positions.

Select a channel for which you want to generate post titles. For instance, I selected LinkedIn because the post about Semrush traffic cost calculation is mostly tailored toward business people. And there is no better social media site than LinkedIn for business owners and professionals.

If I can generate an excellent click-worthy headline with the main keyword embedded for LinkedIn, I can predict or assume that it will perform similarly in Google SERPs.

Enter the main keyword and click on the ‘Generate’ button. Here are some click-worthy headlines.

Generate click-worthy headlines with a keyword
Generate click-worthy headlines with a keyword

The best part is I can use one of these on my SEO post title and do an A/B test to find a perfect combination that drives more traffic, converts leads, and generates sales.

How to use Anyword to create SMS messages

Another use case I want to discuss in the Anyword review is creating SMS messages for marketing campaigns. SMS stands for Short Messaging Service. So, you must have a short but highly targeted text with a CTA to get a higher yield from SMS marketing campaigns.

Review of Anyword AI SMS generation tool

For this review on Anyword, I will try to generate some text ads for the ContentStudio social media marketing toolkit.

Add necessary details in the SMS project creation, like the project name, appropriate topic, and the landing page URL.

Anyword AI SMS text message generator
Fill out the details.

Click on the “Create project” button, and on the next page, select the mode, enter the promotion text and the Link to get SMS message variations.

SMS message variations with different writing styles
SMS message variations with different writing styles

As you can see, I have entered a short link to track performance later. I personally use But you can use any URL shortener click tracking tool.


When it comes to the pricing of Anyword, it offers a free plan and two paid plans.

  1. Starter – $49/mo
  2. Data-Driven – $99/mo
  3. Business – Starting from $499/mo

Anyword Review: Pros and Cons

In this Anyword review, you learned every part of the Anyword AI copywriting tool. But what about the strengths and weaknesses of Anyword?

That is what I am going to explain a bit in the next segment of the Anyword review.


  • Ease to use, beginner-friendly interface
  • Six ways to use Anyword AI
  • Predictive Performance Score based on your data trained on 2 billion data points
  • Continuous optimization
  • Generate AI text copies for different formats
  • Custom modes
  • Customized language models (Enterprise)


  • Low targeting options in Continuous Optimization
  • Do not write the message of email for you
  • Features like Predictive Performance Score and Continuous Optimization are on the Pro plan, which could be expensive for small business owners.

Conclusion on Anyword Review

Online marketing and advertising have become more competitive with the rise of new brands and the lower viewership of mainstream media and have become more complicated due to ad blindness of users and ever-changing content policies and government regulations (e.g., GDPR on user tracking in the EU).

The days are gone when a marketer could advertise on an ad network, optimize ads, and expect quick results. These days, you need to have the following:

  • An excellent sales funnel in which EPL far exceeds CPL
  • A better user selling proposition than your competitor
  • A high-converting and personalized landing pages
  • Continuous optimization of ads, landing pages, and email copies

Unless you are working for a multi-million firm or a large ad agency, it is challenging to defeat the competition, particularly in Google ads, Facebook ads, Native ad networks, and, to some extent, SEO.

That is why Anyword can be an assistant for you. In this Anyword review, you learned six ways to use Anyword AI copywriting tools and some excellent tips and tricks.

Anyword is not for everyone. But, if you are involved in any paid advertising campaign in the medium or long run, Anyword is worth your investment. Because of its extensive data and predictive performance score, you can take an edge over the competition and get higher ROI while keeping competitors at bay.

So, I hope this Anyword review helped you decide whether you need this tool. So, what are your Anyword thoughts?

Anyword Review Summary
  • AI Copywriting
  • Predictive Performance score & Details
  • UX & UI
  • Optimization features
  • Pricing


Anyword is a world-class AI copywriting tool with various features and tools for marketers and publishers to get ahead of the competition and massive brands and save money in the long run. Anyword’s industry-first Predictive Performance score feature and others like continuous optimization will surely help you with campaign optimization to get higher ROAs.

Additionally, its additions, such as a blog post content generator and email subjects line generator, will surely come in handy whether you are a small business owner or a professional. The editorial promotion creator is beneficial even if you are a social media account manager who wants to boost social engagements through organic methods.

Anyword powers big brands like The New York Times, NBA, AOL, National Geographic, and Red Bull. So, why don’t you try Anyword today and see if it’s worth investing in for your marketing campaigns? Anyword offers a 7-day free trial. Sign up now!


  • High-quality AI copywriting in six (6) different ways
  • Continuous Optimization for landing pages
  • Generate with AI or Improve with AI
  • Different modes help you get copy variations in various styles and tones
  • Instruct the AI to mention common promotions like free shipping, giveaways, and discount codes
  • Link with your ads account and generate custom ad copies based on your tones and writing patterns
  • Industry’s first Predictive performance score to help you predict campaign performance beforehand
  • Make smart decisions based on Anyword and your historical ad data
  • Add team members, API, custom language modeling, and many more features to grow your business.


  • Limited targeting options in the landing page continuous optimization tool
  • Do not write the email body text for you
  • Pricing can be expensive if you want to use most key features.

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