25 Free DFY Email Swipes for Affiliate Marketing and Solo Ads

Just like landing page conversion matters a lot, how your email sequence is structured is equally important. No matter for which purpose you are using email, the email (subject line and body and CTA) decide whether your business plans are successful or not.

It is unbelievable, but email is more than 50 years old! In an age where the number of email users is growing steadily and is expected to cross 4.5 billion users by 2025, and an average email user receives 100 emails on average per day, it’s paramount to make sure your email copy is targeted and designed in a goal in mind whether be it buying your offer or getting replies or just building that ‘expectation’ onwards your future emails.

Suppose you are a novice to solo ads or affiliate marketing. In that case, it can be tricky to get high converting email swipe files for affiliate marketing and solo ads marketing campaigns at first.


Because making high converting email swipes for affiliate marketing takes practice and execution. And not to forget that it takes data and analytics based on actual testing.

A quality email swipe copy makes you money and gets users engaged in your emails.

Although it seems it is quite easy to get email swipes for affiliate marketing by copying someone’s emails, it is more complicated than that.

A successful email affiliate marketer makes use of an “autoresponder” or email sequence to promote affiliate offers.

That is why you will find 25 free email swipes for affiliate marketing and solo ads in this article. Most of these email swipe templates can be included in your existing email autoresponder series.

Email swipes for affiliate marketing solo ads featured image

What is an email swipe file?

Knowing what an email swipe is is critical before getting into a list of high converting email swipes for solo ads and affiliate marketing.

Basically, an email swipe is:

  • An email template that can be customized to match your affiliate offer
  • Designed to sell
  • Including one or multiple call-to-action links or buttons
  • Tested to convert well

In most cases, you will find a set of email swipes, especially in affiliate launches. This set of email swipe copies is known as the email swipe file.

Can you edit the email swipe?

One of the common misconceptions about email swipes for affiliate marketing is that people believe that email swipe templates cannot be edited. You can edit email swipe copy to match your writing tone, improve the copy, add conversion boosters such as graphics, arrows, and the P.S. section, and embed a countdown timer to the email.

The goal of an email swipe for affiliate marketing or solo ads is to improve conversions on the backend.

How to use email swipes

These email swipe copies are designed for affiliate marketing and solo ad campaigns and convert well on lists related to Make Money Online (MMO), Affiliate Marketing, Business Opportunities (BizzOpps), Work-from-home, and certain MLM offers.

Using email swipes in solo ads campaigns

Solo ads are email ad traffic bought from solo ads providers or solo ad marketplaces such as Udimi (read our unbiased Udimi review and pricing guide to learn more) and TrafficForMe.

You can buy targeted solo ad traffic based on guaranteed Pay per Lead (PPL) or Pay per Click (PPC) standards. Most people use solo ads to make money by promoting affiliate offers, reselling traffic, and building a targeted email list to pitch affiliate offers later.

A quality solo ads sales funnel involves all of those qualities.

  • Collect leads – By using high converting solo ads squeeze pages, you can achieve a 30%+ opt-in rate.
  • Redirect to an affiliate offer (primarily a low-cost tripwire offer)
  • Subscribe to an email autoresponder series where targeted affiliate offers are pitched on the backend
  • Resell traffic as funnel clicks – Minimize ad spend on solo ads or make a profit as a traffic broker or traffic reseller.

Several solo ad vendors let you add your own solo ads email swipe.


Use this field to add one of the email swipes.

Using email swipes for affiliate marketing

You can use these email swipe templates as broadcast emails or drip email campaigns.

Aweber plain text message option

Tip: Use the plain text (text-only) email editor rather than the stylish drag & drop email editor. Since more than half of email campaigns are opened on mobile, plain text emails will not only load your message faster and be responsive and take attention to the message rather than to fancy HTML elements.

Not all email marketing services support affiliate marketing

These email swipe templates are designed to sell. And some email marketing services prohibit or discourage using affiliate links in emails.

For that reason, use a quality affiliate-friendly email autoresponder service such as Aweber. Most affiliates and solo ad marketers use Aweber and GetResponse because of their inbox guarantee, features, service guarantee, and best value for money.


Click here to sign up on Aweber for free.

A/B split test subject line

Like people read the headline in social media first and decide to read the content later often, email users read the subject line and choose to read the body.

So, no matter how well email content is structured, your marketing campaigns will fail if no one reads your email messages. For that reason, use the split testing feature in your email marketing service.


For example, Aweber lets you A/B split test email subject line with a randomly selected audience/subscribers and use the winning subject line for the rest.

Check out this massive list of 900+ email subject lines for marketers, where you will find successful subject lines by successful affiliate marketers such as Igor Kheifets and marketing gurus such as Frank Kern, Neil Patel, and more.

Use bridge pages (Optional)

A bridge page is an intermediate page used to warm up traffic. The primary use of a bridge page is to educate potential buyers about the main offer.

Affiliate Bridge funnel

Using a bridge page usually improves the conversion rate in your affiliate marketing campaigns. Make sure to use an HTML countdown timer and targeted and more precise and convincing CTA buttons to enhance the effectiveness of the bridge page.

20+ DFY Best Email Swipes for Affiliate Marketing and Solo Ads That Work

Download Done-for-You (DFY) email swipes as a PDF file and gets a free guide on how we build a list of 8,300+ email subscribers for free through word-of-mouth marketing as a bonus.

Upviral dashboard stats

=== Convertful ===

These email swipes are not in a particular order.

Note: Please customize these emails to fit your needs. Also, feel free to adjust the Figures, jargon, headlines, or call to action.

We’ve included several subject lines to give you more inspiration for your split testing. Similarly, treat content and adjust, tweak, and split-test as much as humanly possible. Using these emails verbatim will bring results, but the success comes from putting in more work and tailoring to yourself, your style, your offer, etc.,

Tip: Use an accurate affiliate link tracker such as ClickMagick to track email clicks and analyze ROI. Additionally, you can use an URL link rotator to route traffic to different pages on the same offer (i.e., VSL page, text sales page, etc.).

Email #1:

Subject Line: Work from the comfort of your own home
Subject Line: You’re Retirement Package inside…
Subject Line: Supplement Your Income With This…


Are you looking to supplement your current income?

Maybe you’re stuck in the rat race, and it doesn’t pay enough?

Maybe you’re retired and you need more income?

Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom looking for a part-time or even
full-time venture.

On the other hand, maybe you just want to make
more money?

Well this opportunity could be perfect for you.

You do it from the comfort of your own home or
Anywhere with an internet connection.

==>[Your Link Here]

It’s up to you how much time you want to invest in it.

As long as you have 45 minutes a day, this could make you a
consistent daily income.

I strongly recommend going to this exclusive page right now:

==>Click here to check this extraordinary video.

Best Regards,

Email #2:

Subject Line: Sick and Tired of Your Measly Wage?
Subject Line: The 1k cash flow Video…


Are you are sick and tired of working your
finger to the bone for a measly wage?

If so then you really need to check this out

➔ Click Here to Make Job Quitting Income

My friend Fred will show you how to add
AT LEAST an extra $1,000 a week to your

What you will NOT need for this:

— Hard work
— Money
— Time and effort

it is ridiculously easy.

When Fred first told me about it,

I used it to make $800 in one week!

I introduced it to some of my private coaching students
and they are all averaging $500-$1000 a week right now
with this.

Now, Fred is going to reveal the secrets
of the game to you right now.

Are you ready?

➔ Go Check It out Here

Email #3:

Subject Line: backwards way to bigger paydays…
Subject Line: Step-by-Step Method is Finally Revealed

Hi, [First Name],
I have just found an income generating method, which is now officially live.
This kickass method, will show you everything about Promoting top notch
Products… And how to effortlessly promote them without a sweat.

==> Go here to take a sneak peak

This is a must see for online marketers or anyone who’s
Planning to try an online business.
Good for newbies and an add on to experts!
Now you maybe saying “how will this work for me?”
All I did was make a decision that I wanted my own internet business…
And I did everything in my power to make that dream come true.

=>This is the call that may change everything for you <<

Best regards,
[Your name here]

Email #4:

Subject Line: Haven’t you heard?
Subject Line: Hey, [First Name] You Really Need To See This,
Subject Line: OMG: This works for Anyone

Hey, [First Name]

Things are getting scary.

As it gets harder and harder to generate good income as an online marketer.
some scumbags are resorting to bottom-feeding tactics…

You might have seen this disturbing new trend; they get a page
ranked high up on Google for a specific product name.

This then links to a “review” on YouTube.

So far, so good,

But this is where it turns nasty.

This YouTube video turns out not to be a review of the product.

In fact – it turns out to be nothing about the product at all.

It’s just a blatant scam-pitch fest for some cheesy (MLM) nonsense offer.

Crazy bandits.

But I can understand the reason why some marketers feel they
have to resort to these shady methods.

They are doing it because it’s becoming increasingly difficult
to stand out from the crowd.

The noise is deafening.

And you need to fight to be heard.

So what if there was a way you could differentiate yourself
from all those other online-frauditors?

=>A way you could be heard, or noticed and get sales.

Well, there is.

I’ve discovered, tested, tweaked and perfected a slick
Commission-creating process.

It works for newbies.

It works for more advanced marketing Experts.


=>Go here to unlock the free video presentation

Best Regards,
[Your Name]

Email #5:

Subject Line: OMG… Is This For Real.
Subject Line: [New Video Reveal Everything Inside…]

Hi, [First Name],

I would like to share something brand new with…

You are one of the first people in the world to
hear about this right now.

There’s no time to waste, you need to see this for yourself and make
up your own mind on how this system is going to
change things for a LOT of people.

But hurry, this has only just gone online and maybe
taken down at any time…

==>>Go here, urgently check this system out.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]

P.S. If the link has died then I’m sorry, I think you might be too late…

➔ Go take a very quick look at this

Email #6:

Subject Line: Hey, [First Name] You Believe this.

Subject Line: Stop Wasting your Time…

Subject Line: You Are Not Alone


Do you ever get the feeling you’re being ignored?

Welcome to the world of online marketing.

You could be seriously failing because your woefully unaware of this

As more and more marketers, enter the fray promoting more
and more Products a critical Problem is emerging…

It’s becoming nigh on impossible to get your messages heard,
never mind acted upon.

I seriously had the same problem.

I noticed click throughs, open rates, and commissions were spiraling

I desperately wanted a cure.

So I spent months picking the Brains of the best Copywriters,
Super Affiliates and other marketers on the planet.

Now after all that searching, and consulting
It came down to one thing, a proven high converting offer 
that’s exciting and offers incredible value.

Which is why my good friend X has created his done for you High marketing system

Simply Click  Yes I’d Like to see your DFY system to get
more details.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]

Email #7:

Subject: The Truth about Online Businesses

Hey there,

You’re probably not used to hearing this, but Here’s the truth…

=> Go here to see what I’m talking about.

Everything you’re used to reading in emails

like this… And everything that you’re used to seeing in

sales videos are wrong.

Not only is it not going to help you, it’s going to

make it harder for you to ever actually have

success online…

Here’s Why:

Stop buying into all of the lies…

— Get-Rich-Quick Offers …

— No Product/Service to Sell. …

— Pay-To-Join Programs …

— One click magic button

— Domain Name Scams.

and so much more junk that is floating around out there.

They’re only going to hurt you.

=> here’s the solution that could transform your business

You’ll be glad you did check this out.

Best regards,

[Your name]

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Email #8:

Subject Line: Copy & Paste Profits
Subject Line: quick question?
Subject Line: hey [FIRSTNAME]
Subject Line: [FIRSTNAME], this made me think of you…


Got a quick question for you:

Can you copy and paste?

If you answered yes, then you can profit with this new system:

➔ Click here and see why you can.

The best thing is, this does NOT involve any of the usual stuff that
Holds back 99% of people.

*You don’t need a website.
*You don’t need a product.
*You don’t need an email list.
*You don’t need to spend a shit load of money.
* And you don’t need super titanic experience.

That means you can do this…

I’ve been around long enough to know what works, and what doesn’t.

What I have here simply works if you’re willing to get up
and use 30-45 minutes of your day to take a few
income-generating actions that will bring you results.

It just needs a little bit of your non-productive time to make this work.

But don’t take my word for it…

==>> Go watch this video and see for yourself

Good luck,
Best Regards,
[Your Name]

Email #9:

Subject Line: Low on commissions? Could it be this?
Subject Line: Can You See This?
Subject Line: How to make passive income online in just days…

Hi, [ First Name]

Making passive income online is very possible…

But only if you have a proven automated system in place.

Normally, you need to spend a lot of time, money, and effort to achieve this.

Here’s the good news, you can get this proven automated system today,
and make a passive income online right now.

Read the full details below

➔ Click on this to see the full details

Best Regards


P.S. This is not a get-rich-quick system, but it certainly helps you to get
started and make your first $1000 plus online effortlessly.

It has helped more than 4000 ordinary people to make a passive income.

➔Click here now to see how this will work easily for you.

Email #10:

Subject: Everything You’re Being Told about Online Income Is Wrong

Hey there Firstname,

I hate to say this, but everything you’ve been told about 

building an online business is wrong…

Look here and you’ll see why

There is no “magic push-button software”…

No “Super-Secret Formula” that’s finally being revealed 

for the first time…

Quite simply…

There are no shortcuts.

If you want to have success, you’re going to have to put in 

the work.

The good news is…

The RIGHT approach has already been mapped out for you.

=>Get More Details Here

To Your Success

[Your Name]

 P.S. their times in your life when enough is enough…you will finally see the truth, the whole truth…explained right here.

Email #11:

Subject Line: Transactions speak louder than words

Subject Line: My mentor’s $10k advice [Revealed inside]

Hey there, 

I’d like to share with you a few good reasons why having a 6-7
figure mentor in your life is crucial.

I’ll explain later as I dive down deep into the content.

Now when I started online virtually with little to no experience…

I reached out to a mentor that was getting the results I wish I had.

He pulled me aside one day and gave me this incredible advice.

I listened.  

It sounded okay, but I didn’t really think anything 

would happen…    

Until I tried it.


I Tried it for just a day.  

Then a few days.  

Then a week. 

I  was so impressed,  

I never stopped doing it.

After a year’s time, I made a lot more income in one month than 

I made at my job in 6 months  

And I attribute MUCH of it to his advice.

Here’s my mentor’s life-changing advice:

Surround yourself with only POSITIVE, UPLIFTING messages.  

Don’t watch the news.

Don’t hang around negative people.  

Don’t judge anyone or anything.

And if you feel negative thoughts creeping in,  crush it with a positive one.   

It’s absolutely amazing what can happen when you connect with the right people.   

That’s why I’m secretly hooking you up with my Friend 7 figure mentor …

where he’s going to help you create your very own success road map.

Simply Click Yes I” d like to view the success road map   to get started.  

Best Regards,

[Your Name]

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Email #12:

Subject Line: Hey is sales a “dirty word” to you?

Hello there [First Name],

If you fix this, your results may soar.

Because of a few sleazy car salesmen and the word “sales” often
carries a negative or bad tone to many folks.

And, it’s holding them back. Badly. Often?

All we need to do is flip how we “think” about this.

Because here’s the reality…

If you truly believe in what you’re selling.

If you think it will make people better off in ways they desire.

And if you feel it can bring your fellow human beings to a much better
place they may not otherwise get to?

Then isn’t it our moral OBLIGATION to get our message out there
to as many people as we possibly can?

And yet, we don’t have to be “sales” to do that.

We educate.

We inspire.

We help.

 => That’s why I often recommend this…

 I believe in it. I feel it’s my obligation.

 And for the right person, I know it can be life-changing for them.

 Hope this truly helps.

Best regards,

[Your Name here]

P.S. =>This could even be the broke man’s plan to retirement

Email #13:

Email Subject: Clone Super Affiliate’s marketing system

Hi [First Name]

Stop wasting your time trying to figure out how to make
money online on your own.

I know how it feels — buying shiny products repeatedly,
without making a single cent online.

Here is the fastest way for you to make your first
$500-$1000 online…

Clone a proven internet marketing system:

➔ See the link here for more details

Best Regards,


P.S. A revolutionary internet business-in-a-box program can generate a sustainable passive income for you…

Moreover, it’s created by a successful super affiliate that really cares about your results.

This is a very rare opportunity for you…

➔ Go have a look at this excited money making method

Email #14:

Subject Line: The simple math needed to quit you’re J-O-B…
Subject Line: Simple math to 6-figures
Subject line: The 10k plus offer inside…

Hey, [First Name]

Did you know that simple math could earn you millions in this business?

And it can most definitely help you replace your job income
or a nice 6-figure salary.

For example: it’s easy to find out how many leads it takes to acquire a customer.

Say you’re running an F.B. ad, and it takes 100 leads and $200 to get 2 new customers.

At $49 for your intro offer.

A 2% to 3% conversion rate is fairly common for cold traffic.

At this point, it doesn’t sound too great, does it?

Not unless you have, back end offers in place like this. ⬅

However, this is where most miss out, big time.

Because they invest their precious time, marketing lower ticket offers.

While I effortlessly, spend a little bit of my time marketing

High-ticket products.

This is how you can tilt the scale over to make huge commissions online.

➔ Go check this method out to see how it works easily

Best Regards,
[Your Name]

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Email #15:

Subject Line: Want a simple, lucrative business model?

Hey, there name,

Did you know that 99% will miss this critical 411…

There are many half-baked, “push-button” systems out there 
being touted as the next big thing.

It can sure get confusing when choosing the best type of business
to get into at times, can’t it?

Something you can get into part-time and bank an extra Side Hustle Income flow.

Now Here’s the thing most do NOT consider:

If you want to build up to $10K per month with your own part-time,
lifestyle-friendly business?

You must look past the opportunity, and look at the “day-to-day” operations.

Because we usually don’t see the storefront and all the 
moving parts of an online business?

Many forget that it’s still a BUSINESS.

A business that takes employees and key staff, products
and support, a sales team, and on and on the list goes…

Now here’s what I’m getting at.

You don’t have to set all this up for yourself, as that 
could take years and years out of your life.

There are a few solid companies out there that will let 
you leverage their business.

=> Here’s the one I highly recommend

They run most of the day to day operations.

In fact, most EVERYTHING is done for you.

This doesn’t mean a free ride for you, but it is the simplest
business model I’ve yet to come across.

They’ll teach you ONE key skill to learn and do.

And you’ll need to set aside 30 to 60 minutes per day to do it.

If you meet that criteria?

And if this looks like a good fit for you then take a leap 
of faith and check it out.

=>check out the details here.

Best regards,

[Your name here]

Email #16:

Subject Line: I know something about you

Hey, there friend,

It’s quite sad to say but…

I know you’ve been struggling to earn more online.

I know you’ve tried just about every method.

I know you’ve checked out Amazon FBA…

I know you’ve thought about Dropshipping…

I know your Facebook and Instagram newsfeed
is telling you to launch an agency…

And if you’re thinking “how did you know??”

It’s because I’ve been there myself.

I’ve thought, tried, and researched all
of those methods above… And the truth is,
while you CAN make money with any of those strategies…

It’s almost impossible for a Complete Beginner
to get started and learn the ropes…

And because I know exactly what it’s like
to be a complete beginner… I really want
you to check out a newbie-friendly
system, that’s currently helping my tech-
challenged friends $100-$200 per day.

That’s perfect if you’re just getting started right?

Ok, awesome!!!

=>>Check it out here and let me

know what you think.

I “know” you’re gonna love it,

To Your Success,
[Your Name]

Email #17:

Subject Line: 5 newbie mistakes you are making.

Subject Line: Are You Making These 5 mistakes?

Hey, [First Name]

Brace yourself, here we go…

#1. Trying to create your own product

#2. Too easily distracted

#3. Scouring Facebook and forums for information

#4. Equating learning with earning

#5. Substituting knowledge for action

It’s not (all) your fault.

There are many experts out there telling you to create your own

Products and how you need to have something, which works,
a case study, your own proof of concept, etc.

However, the truth is far simpler;

In order to get a quick slice of the Online cake you have to Leverage
other person’s credibility who are willing to help you grow faster…

Now If you want to get out of the “Feast & Famine” cycle, be productive with
your time and money, and use the leverage available to you.

=>This is the simplest yet most effective way I know to start business

Best regards,

[Your Name]

P.S. I would love to know what you think about it! 

Simply shoot me an email and let’s chat.

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Email #18:

Subject Line:  The difference between an AMATEUR and PRO (And broke or rich)

Hi there Name,

A healthy dose of truth serum here.

Many people want to do this business, yet they never actually D.O. it

=> Go check this out if you’re different.

The same thing happens often in writer’s circles.

People often “say” they are a writer, yet they never write.

They never publish.

And so they struggle.

Stephen King says it well:

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration.

The rest of us just get up and go to work.”

The same line of thought applies to this business pretty well too, doesn’t it?

The best writers and business people have rituals.

They sit down, for example from 9 AM till noon, and they WORK.

Or they work from 9 PM till midnight.

Results and “MONEY” doesn’t care if we’re inspired or not.

Just like a treadmill doesn’t care if we’re inspired to hop on it 
and walk to lose weight.

If we just “walk” inspired or not, we get RESULTS!  

The money and results and amazing life come if we’ll 
only sit down and do the work, day by day…

Hope this helps!

=> Here’s a proven plan to stick to

It simply works, IF you’ll work it.  

In your corner.

Best Regards,

[Your Name]

Email #19:

Subject Line: Want More Money? Wake Up Earlier (Here’s Why) 

Hey [First Name],

“The first hour of the day belongs to you.
It doesn’t matter if you work a job, freelance,
or you’re unemployed.
If you invest in yourself this hour you will be free fast.” 

I don’t remember where I read it
but it was a big “aha” for me.​ 

When you wake up one hour earlier everyday,
two great things happen. 

First, you have zero distractions because
you wake up earlier than anybody else. 

No Facebook messages, no noise,
no phone calls, nothing. 


This silence allows you to get up and work
for one whole hour on your business. 

Next, and you’ll have to experience it,
but your energy levels will be up
first thing in the morning.

With this energy increase, you’ll achieve
more in one hour than 3-4 in the afternoon. 

Is one hour too much? Start with thirty minutes. 

Hey, start with fifteen minutes. 

But you owe it to yourself to squeeze a
little time when you are at your best to
work for your business.

It has helped me and countless other
students increase our productivity. 

And if you’ve read this far and maybe thinking,

“Awesome, I can definitely carve out an
hour just to work on my business each day…
but what should I do?”

You’re in a great spot to check out what I think
is the SMARTEST way to build an online business in 2022.

To Your Success,

Your Name Here,

P.S. The one hour doesn’t seem like a lot. 

And it’s not a lot.​ 

The magic lies in consistency. 

The first hour of the first day is a small
rock thrown down a snow hill. 

Now if you’re ready to smash your financial prison…

=>Go all the way to the top using this.

Email #20:

Subject Line: An open letter to anyone who thinks life hates their guts

Hey Firstname,

In today’s email, I’d like to play a little game.  

Tell me if you know the person I’m describing: 

At age 22, he failed in business. 

At age 23, he ran for political office and lost.

At age 24, he started a new business

that failed….again. 

At age 25, he ran for the legislature and won.

At age 26, his lover died. 

At age 27, he had a nervous breakdown.

At age 29, defeated for Speaker. 

At age 31, defeated for Elector. 

Age 34, defeated for Congress.

Age 37, elected to Congress.  

39 – defeated for Congress again.

46 – defeated for Senate.

47 – defeated for the Vice President.

49 – defeated for Senate.

51 – elected President of the United States. 

Who’s that person that stood up again and again,

no matter what life threw at him? 

Abraham Lincoln. 

By now you think his persistence is what

helped him succeed? Paths are important 

when you’re trying to become financially free because 

it’s easy to get lost, waste time, and toss money down

 a long and lonely drain.  

Having no clear path sucks. 

But they’re not hard to find. 

To see the one I recommend,

Go Watch this Video.

I hope this video helps.

To your success,

[Your Name Here] 

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Email #21:

Subject Line:  Tired of pinching pennies for the future?

Hey friend,

One of the things I firmly believe in living life to the fullest.

Oh Yes! Life is to be enjoyed today, not in 20 years.

There are many people who stash away nearly “every penny” they
earn because they fear their life will eventually outlive their nest egg.

Which is a bit sad to me.

How so?

Well, I don’t mean to judge here.

But, many seem to be building nice savings up, but you’d think they
were poor and penniless by the way they live!

They’re not truly ENJOYING their life, by Investing in the experiences
they want to experience while they still can.

And I think that’s where we should start, so we can live a fulfilling life.

Now while your reading, this email here’s a few questions you
should be seriously thinking about.

*What do YOU want?

*Where would you like to go?

*Who would you like to see?

Not in 10 or 20 years.

This year.

Next month.

Now here’s what’s great…

To get there, it just isn’t too hard these days.

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Email #22:

Subject Line: Haven’t you heard?
Subject Line: Hey, [First Name] You Really Need To See This,
Subject Line: OMG: This works for anyone

Hey, [First Name]

Things are getting scary.

As it gets harder and harder to generate good income as an affiliate
some are resorting to bottom-feeding tactics…

You might have seen this disturbing new trend.

They pretend to review the product, but in fact it’s just a blatant pitch fest for some offer.

But I can understand the reason why some affiliates feel they have to resort to these methods.

They are doing it because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

The noise is deafening.

And you need to fight to be heard.

So what if there was a way you could differentiate yourself from all the other affiliates?

Well, there is.

I’ve discovered, tested, tweaked and perfected a slick commission-creating process.

It works for newbies.

It works for more advanced marketing Experts.

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Email #23:

Subject Line: Low on commissions? Could it be this?

Subject Line: Can You See This? 

Subject Line: How to make passive income online in just days…

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Email #24:

Subject Line: Quit your day job? 

Subject Line: [ Firstname] best decision I’ve ever heard made.

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Can I share with you a quick story?

 YES       NO

For me, it started with a dream.   

See, I wanted to be my own boss. 

Make my own hours. 

Work when I wanted to work, and play when I wanted to play.  

I longed for the freedom, the sense of accomplishment, 
the financial rewards. 

But that was a big step.   

Was I really ready to quit my day job?  

I guess I was emotionally “tethered” to my job.  

It represented security, comfort, ease. 

But I also knew what was on the other side of that  —  Unlimited 
income, countless opportunity, and a lifestyle I could only dream of. 

For me, it was the best decision I’ve ever heard made.

Now I’m not making millions here, but my income as Quadruple 
the monthly paycheck I use to get.

It afforded me a better lifestyle, freedoms most people never experience, 
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Move forward. 

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It’s so worth it.   

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Email #25:

Subject Line: Marketers are from mars and prospects are from Pluto
Subject Line: Hey, [First Name] be careful about how you do this…

Does this internal dialogue sound familiar to you?

“Why aren’t they buying anything?

Stupid prospects.

I’ve told them about the benefits.

I’ve told them about the features.

I’ve told them about the deadline.

They must be tight, broke or stupid.”

You’re not making any sales because you are talking Martian’s
and they’re from Pluto.

It’s simple.

If you market like a marketer, using the same old swipes, the same old
scarcity ploys and the same old tired subject lines, you turn prospects
off quicker than a mental image of trumping drag.

You need to be smart about this.

You need a different approach.

You need to speak Plutonian.

I know a guy who does.

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Final words on Best DFY Email Swipes

Email marketing is a field with a higher yield ($36 return on average on every $1 spent, according to Litmus). Since it’s a one-to-one communication method and the email list belongs to you, having a strategy to build a targeted list and make money should be your highest priority.

You should always build an email list, whether you are in an eCommerce niche where social media is involved or using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to grow your blog traffic.

Like you have used high-converting lead capture squeeze pages to improve CPL (Cost per lead), you have to use a high-converting email marketing swipe file to make your email marketing funnel profitable.

You found 25 DFY best email swipes for affiliate marketing and solo ads in this article.

  • Modify email marketing swipe files to match your writing style and tone, and add P.S. sections and conversion boosters such as a countdown clock. Use the Powr email timer for free.
  • Split test subject line. Use curiosity-based email subject lines to get more open.
  • Avoid using spam trigger words.
  • Have your own email marketing swipe file. Prepare email templates based on high sales and clicks of previous campaigns to use in the future.

Sending affiliate pitches always to your list is not the greatest idea. Hold giveaway campaigns periodically to improve engagement across your affiliate promotion email series. The best giveaway creator, according to our experience, is UpViral. Check out the review on UpViral and walkthrough to learn why it is.

The key is treating your email subscribers as humans, not as a way to milk money.

Have you set up an email swipe file for affiliate marketing and solo ads? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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