List Building? 10 Reasons Why You Must Have an Email List

August 3, 2015


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Every writer wants people to hear his words. Every blogger wants his post gets the maximum attention and drive more traffic, revenue. whether you’re a blogger, marketer, local businessman or anyone else, surely you might have an email account. It’s yours. For that reason, the average person spends up to 50% of their time in the inbox.

Do you know why Facebook asks your email address when signing up? Samely Twitter, LinkedIn, Ebay and Amazon. They want your email address because of it’s the likehood of their business. Think how much and what emails you’d receives when you purchased a product on ebay…

In simple word,

If you don’t have an email list, you are drastically wasting your efforts and put off huge money on the table. @gmchamal  [Tweet This]

One of the biggest mistakes I did in the earlier days of my blogging career is not starting a mailing list. In those days, I didn’t know anything about email marketing and I used Feedburner as a subscription method in my blogs. There are a lot things that Feedburner should fulfill in order become the best email marketing tool in the Internet. However, as a blogger and Internet marketer, the best weapon in my hand is my email list.

The email list is a set of email addresses and other personal details such as name, phone number, etc. I can communicate with my subscribers anytime, anywhere. My blog mailing list has just more than email addresses and names. I can segment and filter by countries, interests, actions, ages, income level, subscriber engagement etc. If I hadn’t an email list right now, or didn’t start building my email list, I cannot think how my blog will look like when today in terms of design, traffic, social shares and of course, income.

If you have an email list, you are far ahead from other people. In case if you don’t have email lists, don’t worry. You are still not too late to create your first email list. To do good things, you are not late.

Here I will discuss with you a few reasons why you must have an email list (benefits of email list building). Creating a mail list is not hard. But you should know why exactly you must have an email list.

10 Benefits of Building an Email List You’ll Receive Directly and Indirectly


#1. It owns you

Okay, in this case, I guess you would agree with me that, Email list own you than anyone else (Actually 100% owe to you). I guess you’d have a Google+ page, Facebook group or fan page. Do the followers on these social networks owe to you? I mean, can you communicate with them directly?

You can’t, right? But, if you have a mailing list in hand, you can directly communicate with your followers via email. Why is email so powerful? Four reasons:

  • Email is personal. It’s casual and friendly — a great way to build trust with people. You can personalize your email newsletter using merge tags very easily. No need to write 1000 email letters for 1000 subscribers.
  • Email is direct. No middlemen. Your message: delivered straight to your audience.
  • Email is private. People can be themselves and openly share what they’re struggling with, what they want, or questions they have (unlike public comments on a blog post, Facebook fan page and YouTube video comment section for some examples).
  • Email hasn’t limits: You can send downloadable eBooks, PDF guides and video tutorials directly to the subscriber’s inbox.

Having an email list is like you have a business. You can solve their problems, communicate with each other, engage people to do actions and make money sending relevant products.

It is more valuable getting someone subscribed to your list rather than tens of people to like your Facebook fan page.

#2. Email is NOT dead

Is email dead? If so, why social networks and big companies still ask your email address when signing up? What Facebook asks from you when signing up? Why do many people still check their email account in the morning?

Because Email is still the most powerful medium to communicate with each other.

Personally, I check my email accounts when I turn on my computer and I have Google Chrome extensions installed on my browser to check latest emails. So, whenever my email inbox receive a new email, the extension notifies me. I think you too might check your email accounts in every day. Specially Big businesses such as BlueHost, SEMrush still use email as a direct way to communicate with customers.

With nearly 3.9 billion accounts in the world, three-quarters of which are consumer accounts, email is far from dead. That number is projected to reach 4.9 billion by 2017. (Source: Redicati)

Even people can communicate through online chatting services, they still use email. Because email is powerful, effective, personal and quick.

If you’ve been spurning the idea of building an email list because it seems like an outdated technology, it’s time to face the real facts. Email is not going anywhere. Start building your list right today!

#3. Highest conversation rate & Best ROI

It doesn’t matter what industry you are working on or what about you are blogging on. Email Marketing has the best and highest conversation rate in any industry, ever and forever. No one can beat it. Guess how much it is…

Email marketing’s ROI is 4000% @problogtricks [Click to Tweet This]

In simple English, On average for every $1 you spend for email marketing, you receive $40 profit as the result. The cost of email marketing is acquiring people to your mailing list, maintaining the list etc. By using best email marketing tools and strategies in the market, you can get quality leads just below $1.

The amazing fact about this figure is that, once you acquire a lead, you get the profit till you retain the subscriber.

Now think, is there any marketing method that have the conversation rate and ROI (return on investment) rather than (or similar to) email marketing?

If you ignore the value of a quality email list and think social media is the best way to market your business, so you should change your marketing plan. Because marketing is not just about the number of people who subscribed you on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter etc, it is all about how many engaged people you have who are willing to share your blog posts on social networks and buy recommended products from you.

Again, think how much money does Amazon earn by sending you (and other people) relevant products which you have bought before. This is also known as upsell. If you want to take your business to next level and increase the growth, so you should start building your list right now.

#4. Can Reach Out Immediately and in the exact time you want

Another advantage of having a mailing list is that you can reach out your customers very quickly and in time using an email marketing tool. Many people read emails in the morning. Therefore, you can schedule your messages to be sent out at 08:00 AM to your subscribers’ mail boxes at their local time.

Okay, I admit that you can also schedule messages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn by using a social media management tool such as Hootsuite. But, There is no any chance that your post will reach out 100% of your Facebook fans. If you are just starting out in online marketing, so you might face that it’s really difficult to engage all of your Facebook fans. Because they have different interests and they talk different languages.

Fortunately, if you use any email marketing tool as a boat to reach out your customers, you will not face these problems. You can segment your current list by user actions, interests and countries. Then send them relevant information which people are eagerly waiting for to get.

If you use an email autoresponder program such as Aweber, you can make settings to arrive your broadcast (email newsletter) at the local time of subscribers to their inboxes. It doesn’t matter whether they live in New York, Berlin or Tokyo. At the exact time you want subscribers see your message, messages would be sent out immediately. To learn more about World Time clock Technique, click this link..

#5. Can Build or rebuild any business in any time

That’s why many marketers eagerly increase the number of subscribers. They know that their email list is a goldmine. When they want to boost traffic to anywhere or want make some money, they just send out an email letter to their subscribers.

You can use this tactic to build Your business online:

Create a website and set up under construction page on the website. Also add a sign up form on that page. Until you publicize the website, you can guest blog on other sites and in the bottom of posts (better you add the link above the fold), ask for readers to sign up for your newsletter. After a few months, you could have hundreds or thousands of engaged people subscribed to your list. As these readers are on your email list, you can communicate with them and build relationships. When you open your website publicly, you can send an email letter to your subscribers. In very first day of your blog, you could see that a lot people have visited your blog. It’s a very good start as a beginning blogger. In a short period of time you can see that your website Alexa rank increases quickly. Not only these subscribers will increase blog traffic by sharing your content on their social networks, but also reduce overall website bounce-rate.

Charlie page, the founder and CEO of The Directory of Ezines says that his most valuable online asset is that his email list. He can build or rebuild any business any time, because he has thousands of email subscribers in his lists.

If you don’t want rat-race for SEO or link building, then start creating an email list.

#6. Drive Instant traffic to anywhere

You already know that Facebook and other few social networks have restricted the reach of your posts to followers’ Newsfeed. You cannot exactly predict which amount of people would see your post on their Facebook newsfeed. But, if you use Email marketing as a tactic to drive traffic to your blog posts or affiliate products, you can predict the clicks and earnings using previous figures such as average click-through-rate, conversation rate, refund rate etc.

Best email marketing tools such as Aweber have these powerful tracking systems to identify the value of your potential customers. You just need to do is start building your email list right now.

#7. Educate and Engage potential readers

Educating the readers is a one thing that you can’t do easily. You might like to have a paving audience who will do what you tell such as sharing a post on social media, comment on a post or buy what products you recommend.

With an email list and autoresponder program, you can educate your readers and engage them very easily. That’s how email marketing tool can convert potential readers into paying customers. You just need to have an email list and get readers subscribed to it. Then set up a follow up email sequence and educate people in your list. Then segment and provide relevant information and offers to engage them and converts them to your customers.

#8. Higher Engagement

Neil Patel has said on his blog that, more than 30% of the people who comments on his blog have subscribed to his newsletter. And 34.3% of social shares is made by engaged email subscribers and importantly forty-four percent of the blog’s revenue comes from email.

If you have an email list, you can increase their engagement by sending them out a follow-up email series. With a good copy, you don’t need to do much more things than getting more readers subscribed to your email list. When the real time comes out, they will become engaged readers automatically.

#9. Get Traction your message deserves

As a writer, you want everyone to hear what you say, right? But with crowded social networks such as Twitter, you cannot reach out your every potential reader. Many of them skim your content and 90% of readers don’t come to your website again. You need an audience who will make conversations on your blog and share your blog posts on their social accounts

Email marketing is an hassle-free solution to communicate with target audience.

  • Musicians use it to get word out about their next tour.
  • Writers use it to announce an upcoming book.
  • Retailers use it to share special deals and increase sales.
  • Businesses use it to offer special discounts/offers and retain their customers.
  • You use it to get the traction your message deserves.

If you’re finding any other way to communicate with your readers privately and get their attention, trust me there is no other way like email marketing. If you do know, let me know in the comments.

#10. Making user actions

When you have an engaged people in your mailing list, you can do anything with that list. Do you want they to share your next blog post on Twitter or want to sign up for a giveaway contest? And sign up for your next webinar?

It saves thousands of dollars which you may spend for doing these tasks if you didn’t have an email list.

Building your list and what comes after

So Now you are motivated and looking forward to create your email list. How are you getting started? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get a good email service (Like Aweber or GetResponse): Aweber and GetResponse are at the top of the quality of everything: email sending, deliverability, tracking, landing pages, sign up pages, autoresponder program and newsletter designs. You can sign up for Aweber for 30 days free. You will get unlimited contacts, messages, follow up messages, sign up forms, etc. First month of GetResponse is free. Like Aweber, you have the unrestricted access to every service and tools. No credit card required.
  2. Create an attractive Sign up form and landing page: There are a lot of sign up form designs in Aweber and GetResponse. Add relevant fields and display them on your blog. Include an link to landing page on your website menu bar.
  3. Offer an incentive: This can be an ebook, PDF guide or Video tutorial. Whatever your readers find value in. Set up a follow up email to send to subscriber’s inbox right after he subscribed to your mailing list.
  4. Add Sign up forms to Facebook Fan page and let your readers to subscribe to your email list.

So what’s next?

Now you created an email list start building list. When people give their permission to talk with you, identify their problems and provide solutions for that. Meanwhile, you can offer relevant products that will solve their problems, Not promotions that will solely make you money. If your product solves their problems, they will happily buy it from you.

Remember that retaining a customer is more valuable than acquiring a new subscriber to your mailing list. Therefore, only offer relevant and interesting information to your readers. The best way to do that is segmentation your list!

So why do you want to start building an email list? Share your thoughts in the comment form below. 

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