How to Make Money with Micro Jobs Online in 2022

If you ask Google, what are the top money-making methods online, you will find tons of articles about making money with joint ventures, Solo ads, product launches, email marketing, consultation services, selling digital products, eCommerce, Blogging, etc.

However, sooner or later, you will ultimately find out that most of them are advanced for beginners to start making some money online.

What if I told you there are other easy ways to make quick money online without giving lots of effort at your end?

It takes a few hours per day to implement, and anybody who has the passion and desire to make money online can do this.

And what if I told you there are also pretty easy methods to make money on Internet called Micro jobs that you aren’t necessary to invest any money?

That’s damn cool, right?


That’s what you’re going to learn in this article.

It is filled with a lot of information about making money with micro jobs.

What You Will Learn:

  • What are micro jobs? And How do they work?
  • The pros and cons of micro jobs
  • Top micro job websites
  • My personal recommended platform for beginners to start making money with micro jobs
  • Top micro jobs with high demand
  • Easy micro jobs with examples
  • Tips to make money with micro job websites
  • How to take your earning potential to the next level with freelancer websites

So, are you ready to start making your first $100 as a micro job employer? Let’s start with this guide to making money using micro-jobs.

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How to Make Money With Micro Jobs

What are Micro Jobs?

Basically, a micro job is a temporary, task-type job. You can also specify a micro job as a ‘gig offer’ too.

You are not abiding by the service, and most times, the service is a one-time task. Depending on the service, you may also offer add-ons, upgrades, and revisions too.

How does it work?

The process of a micro job or a gig is really simple.

How it Works

  • You put up services you’re going to provide in a gig.
  • A customer reaches you out to your gig.
  • You both negotiate the deal.
  • Customer buys your gig.
  • You complete the task.
  • Customer reviews your service (and will ask for revisions according to terms of services)
  • After the final revision of the service, you will receive your earnings.

In a nutshell, a Micro job is a one-time gig that does not have contracts, conditions, and ongoing service repairs.

As every business type has advantages and disadvantages, you should know what benefits and disadvantages you’d receive if you work as a micro worker.

Advantages of Micro Jobs

  • Self-employed: Might be the number one advantage of micro-jobs. You make money as long as you are working for yourself.
  • Easy to get started: Don’t you have a good picture of your industry? No worries. With a good marketing strategy, you would be able to acquire more customers in no time.
  • Flexibility: You can decide what job you are going to offer for your customers. Don’t you like to be a photo editor and work 12 hours per day? It’s okay. You have all rights to choose what you are passionate about and experienced with.
  • No limit: You can commit 2 hours per day or 8 hours per day, depending on circumstances. You have the independence to choose how many hours you can commit to your micro job.
  • Easy Tasks: Most gigs I have experienced with are pretty easy tasks. For example, in logo design, you get software with a ton of premade templates. You want to edit a few things such as text, color, size, icons, etc.
  • Earning Potential: As a part-time worker, you can have the chances to choose desired, comfortable times and offer custom services and gigs ex. They only will increase your revenue.

Disadvantages of Micro Jobs

  • Low earnings: As a micro worker, you are not going to earn thousands of dollars initially. It takes a significant time period for most people to increase their earnings per gig (EPG). You have to sell some services that cost around $XXX in other freelancing networks for $XX in small job marketplaces. One reason for low earnings is the competition. But it is also a good indication that the particular gig category has lots of buyers, and the gig idea has the demand.
  • Competition: Everybody loves to make a quick buck here and there without investing too much and spending too much time. If you create a gig in a popular niche, you have to compete with thousands of other micro workers who offer the same gig for the same price with probably higher service. As I said above, high competition is also an excellent indication of the demand and supply. You need to differentiate those factors and choose your gig category wisely if you’re just getting started.
  • The initial difficulty of customer acquisition: People don’t buy from someone new to the job. For example, people prefer to buy from you if you have already offered the service to a few customers and customers have given good reviews about your services. Most wise buyers check negative reviews all the time to see the pitfalls of your service. 

As an independent worker, you are going to make decisions yourself. Which, in return, for some people, might be confusing and overwhelming.

This could be a serious problem that could eventually push you over giving up your micro job, essentially talking yourself common excuses like these.

Common Excuses

  • This doesn’t work for me.
  • Micro jobs are a scam.
  • It is hard for me.
  • I don’t know what to do, how to get people to buy my gig.
  • It will take forever to make at least $1,000 per month, so I should find a job without wasting my time.

I am not to depress or underrate your confidence. I showed you the truth most other people hesitate to tell you.

98% of people who will make money online either fail or give up even before they have given a significant concentration toward their job. Essentially they don’t take it seriously.

Those who never give up will go through the different stages successfully and finally reach sustainability and profitability.

Making money with any micro job isn’t that really hard. In fact, what you really need are concentration, dedication, a good selling strategy, and consistency.

However, after reading this article, you will learn what you want to structure to make money online with micro-jobs.

Best Micro Jobs Websites to Make Money

Having a desire and a skill is not enough to make money as a micro worker. There must be a platform that eases the process. Or, in other words, a place for you and buyers to negotiate, process transactions, and providing services.

In general, a micro job platform will,

  • Work as the middleman between you and the customer.
  • ​Manage payments. No need to set up payment buttons and worry about setting a website.
  • ​Set an environment to connect with your customers.
  • Work to prevent fraudulent activities.

A good micro job website will provide every possible facility and opportunity for you to provide services easily. However, there are also some things you should know about micro job websites.

  • They collect some portion of your earnings: To run the network, they too must earn money from somehow, right? Their main income stream on most occasions is getting a commission through your earnings. Most platforms take a 20% cut off from your total earnings. Well, it entirely depends upon the network.
  • Some freelance marketplaces are popular, so they have a high raving customer base: Not every online marketplace is equally popular. So, each site has advantages and disadvantages.
  • Some networks have a bad reputation: In general, a freelance network is full of hundreds or thousands of micro workers worldwide. A few percentages of them cheat on customers (it happened to me quite a few times). So, eventually, the payment is paid by a freelance network.
  • Some micro job networks are famous for particular niches: Some networks are popular for specific niches, such as SEO and Internet marketing. At the same time, most others facilitate and famous for different types of services.

So, now you have a little bit of knowledge about micro job marketplaces. Therefore, I thought this is the best time for you to provide some popular micro job websites, also known as freelance marketplaces.

Top Micro Job Marketplaces


Picoworkers micro jobs
Microtasks in Picoworkers

Picoworkers is a crowdsourcing platform for freelancers and employers. A worker can participate in as many microtasks as needed and make money without specific skills. Some micro jobs on Picoworkers are.

  • Upvote a reddit post
  • Subscribe to YouTube channel
  • Complete a simple survey
  • Watch a video
  • Share a post
  • Comment on blogs

In fact, many micro jobs online on Picoworkers are very easy to do. However, the downside of Picoworkers for freelancers is the low task rates — usually, $0.03 per micro job. But, most tasks are easier and do not take time. Learn more in this Picoworkers review.


fiverr feature gigs

The #1 micro job marketplace globally has over three million listed services ranging from $5 to $500.

You can find job categories from graphics & design to hiring a virtual assistant. So, there are a lot of opportunities for you to make money with Fiverr.

fiverr categories
Fiverr is a micro gig marketplace with freelancers in vast different niches


One of the popular micro-outsourcing networks for SEO offers. As the name expresses itself, you could find micro jobs related to SEO such as link building, On-page & off-page optimization online jobs.

seoclerks categories

Although SEOClerks is famous for SEO-related gig jobs, you could use other categories as well. However, only a few gig jobs. So, you have more opportunities to stand out in SEOClerks and make quick cash online.

The gig pricing starts from $1.

That is ridiculous, right?

However, you can still find a few gigs pricing starting from $999 as well.

seoclerks high priced gigs
Expensive gigs on SEOClerks

Envato Studio

One of my favorite places is to get simple tasks such as designing a logo and doing a flyer. Envato Studio is previously known as “Freelance Switch” under “MicroLancer,” owned by Envato, Inc. Now they have rebranded the outsourcing network’s name as “Envato Studio.”

The quality of service is guaranteed. Therefore, if you’re a professional programmer, website developer, app designer, or theme designer, I highly suggest checking out Envato Studio.

MicroJob categories are ranging from Audio to Logo Design & Branding.

envato studio categories

Pricing is also very decent in both micro workers’ & customer’s points of view.

envato studio gigs

What is the best micro gigs website to get started making money online?

This is actually depending upon you. However, I knew many of you might ask this question. That’s why I thought to share my opinion on this.

If you’re new to make money online and yet to find your skills, get started with Picoworkers. It’s a crowdsourcing site with lots of employers, and easy micro-tasks are added regularly.

On the other hand, get started with Fiverr if you have a skill like editing a graphic, speaking multiple languages, web research, marketing & sales, etc. It’s a crowdsourcing site with lots of buyers.

Fiverr helps new micro workers to get started. So, you can get your first few sales quickly if you do your homework right.

Honestly, I have worked in Fiverr a way back in 2012. It is easy to set up your Fiverr gigs and get your first few sales in a short time.

Top Fiverr Gigs

I would recommend you take a few time to look around what’s hot and trending on Fiverr.

fiverr feature gigs

In fact, if you analyze all the gigs in Fiverr, you would find out that you can provide any legitimate service on Fiverr.

Here are a few gigs that are working pretty well in Fiverr.

  • Logo design
  • ​Explainer video
  • ​Photo editing tasks
  • Translation & Transcription
  • Programming
  • Graphic design

Many small businessmen prefer to get these tasks done in Fiverr.


Because they are very cheap and many services’ TAT (Turn Around Time) and the number of revisions are pretty good from a buyer’s perspective.

If the buyer wants the task done quickly, he can pay a few bucks more and get the service done as quickly as possible.

Some services, such as explainer videos, cost $1,000+ in other networks and online service portals. However, in Fiverr, buyers can get the same results without spending too much.

I know many of you don’t have programming and/or designing skills.

I, too, didn’t have those skills when I first started freelancing in Fiverr a few years ago. However, I was able to make a few bucks.

Ideal Micro Gig Ideas for Newbies

If you’re confused about where you should start, then here are a few gig ideas.

If you have experience in a niche and can provide something that online marketers and business people are looking for, you can get started right away.

Picture Quote Design

Do you believe I have already spent over $100 to design picture quotes for my blogs and social media promotions?

fiverr reviews

In buying picture quote designs, I have found that Photoshop editing and graphic designing are their passions. They love it!

You don’t have to be a Photoshop geek to offer a picture quote design gig on Fiverr. You can use an online quote-making App to design attractive quotes in minutes.

My personal online graphic editing app is Stencil.

You can read my Stencil review to learn how to use it for your business affairs.

I don’t think it can generate four figures a month. However, if you used a good strategy, you could earn $100+ per month effortlessly.

PDF Submission

Sharing PDF files online, really? Can you make money sharing other’s files online?

Yes, you can.

Already, very few people are killing it on Fiverr and have got 1,000+ sales.

pdf submission gig fiverr

The pricing for this PDF submission gig starts from $5. However, he could make up to $50 per gig.

Pretty cool, right?

Virtual Assistant

Even though many businesses hire virtual assistants on UpWork and Freelancer, virtual assistant service is getting popular day by day.

For example, some webmasters and SEOs want to get contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers of bloggers in a niche.

It is a time-consuming task. Would you think they will hire someone on virtual assistant websites for a month or hire a micro worker just for this task?

Yes, they might hire someone for this task only.

virtual assistant gig fiverr

I am not sure if she bought this car through her freelancing job! 😄 But, I could see that she makes much more than $40 per day.

Data Scraping Services

If you’re familiar with software such as ScrapeBox, you can provide a service on Fiverr on data scraping. It’s very trending, and many Internet marketers are searching for services like this.

virtual assistant gig fiverr


Fiverr has an exclusive job category dedicated to Translation gigs. The translation is very crucial in Internet marketing.

If you know two or more languages really well, you can start a Fiverr gig on the translation like this one.

virtual assistant gig fiverr

Audio & Video Transcription

Another awesome Fiverr gig you can start to make money online. With the popularity of video marketing and podcasting, transcription services have become more popular and have higher pricing.

transcription gig fiverr

Voice Recording

Not everybody has the skill of voice recording. That’s why internet marketers, video marketers, and local businesses hire professional voice-over recorders.

voiceover gig fiverr

If you’re passionate about it, you can make a lot more like her. These are my personal recommendation for you to get started on Fiverr.

There are more awesome gigs on Fiverr. Go to Fiverr and look at every category to find what others are doing. Don’t laugh if you found gigs like this.

climb coconut tree gig fiverr

I am laughing… 🙂

I don’t know what can be expressed using 5 words about love. Maybe “I love you, NAME.”

You see, it’s all about passion and desire. Find what’s your desire, and you get a good gig idea for Fiverr.

Tips to Make More Money on Micro Jobs (Especially on Fiverr)

Like every other online business model, you have to follow some steps to earn money more money. Here are a few of them that I would follow if I start all over again.

  • Keywords in Title: Title or headline plays a major role in ranking in Fiverr search result pages and CTR (Click Through Rate). Adding targeted keywords in your Fiverr gig could rank higher on user’s keywords and get more traffic to your Fiverr gig.
  • Targeted Tags: Fiverr uses tags your gig is tagged when ranking in search results and for recommended gigs. Make sure you have added appropriate tags for your gig. If you’re not sure, check your competitor’s gigs and see what tags they have added.
  • Relevant Category: It doesn’t make sense categorizing your copywriting gig on whiteboard videos, right? Add the most relevant category for your gig. If you can’t find the right one, ask Fiverr support for your help.
  • Good service description: One key factor that causes driving more traffic from Fiverr and converting panic visitors to customers. Make use of all the character limit to write an excellent copy. Make sure it grammatically errors free. I suggest using Grammarly to check grammar online for free. Sprinkling more keywords and adding file formats etc., will be ideal for getting more Fiverr gig sales.
  • Video: Fiverr has found that adding a video to your micro job sales page could boost conversions by 200%. Therefore, don’t be lazy and afraid to add an attractive video to your Fiverr gig page.
  • Examples: If you sell a service on Fiverr, such as logo design, banners, make sure you added recent works into your gig. It entices people into your gig and builds confidence in you.
  • Provide Packages: Packages could be anything like Basic, Standard, and Premium. These will increase your Fiverr earnings and generate more sales rather than buying a big Fiverr gig spending more money. The ability to buy a basic package causes people to purchase your basic Fiverr gig.
  • Value-Added Services: If you can’t add packages, you can add value-added services to increase your earning potential.TAT and Revisions: If your service’s turnaround time and revisions are pretty good from the buyer’s perspective, they will choose your gig rather than other gigs.
  • Discounts and Bonuses: Don’t lose any potential customer who lands on your Fiverr sales page. Highlight your bonus for first-time buyers and also provide discounts for repeating customers.


  1. Build your own website (Using WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr) and offer custom services with discounted prices for customers. If you use WordPress, utilize Thrive Architect or GenerateBlocks, or Elementor to build attractive web pages.
  2. Collect Customers’ contact details (ex: build an email list of customers) using a contacts management tool like GetResponse or Gist. So, you can follow up with them later for more business opportunities. Read these GetResponse review and Gist guide to learn how to set up those tools.
  3. Use Payoneer to open the Virtual US checking bank account for free to receive money fast from companies like Fiverr.
  4. Start your own digital marketing agency — Making money utilizing the gig economy is good but is not a perfect long-term option. Although you can earn dome decent income through online micro jobs without investment, you should have a long-term plan in case anything goes wrong and make a passive income. Set your own portfolio & pricing pages with tools like Brizy (Find out more in Brizy Cloud review) and checkout pages with tools like ThriveCart. You can check out our best digital marketing tools for agencies for more tools to boost your revenue.

Apart from the above, more key factors impact your Fiverr earnings. To make money on Fiverr, you should also be aware of them.

  • Your Ratings and Level: The higher your level and rating, people will trust you. So, work hard to increase your Fiverr level. Learn more about how Fiverr level up freelancers over here.
  • Your Service’s Average Rating: In search result pages, people would check your service’s average rating and the number of people who rated your service.
  • Customer Reviews: Another major factor that matters for everything; ranking and conversions. Negative reviews kill conversions, while positive reviews obviously breathe conversions.
  • Your Customer Service Quality: Generally, people who purchase gigs expect express service. I mean, if they have to wait days to receive a reply from you, they would not buy from you, but from your competitors.
  • Be quick in responses: Give answers to customers’ questions and, if possible, add a FAQ section that will add more value and give a professional look to your service.
  • People’s Recommendations: If I like a Fiverr gig, I would add it to my “Favorites” and recommend it to others. Think like a buyer. How recommendable your gig is.

Conclusion on Earning Money with Micro Jobs

If you are new to Internet marketing or make money online, micro jobs are a perfect choice for you.

If you struggle to make money through other money-making schemes such as video marketing and blogging on BlogSpot, check out a few micro gigs. You can use your experience for selling services on micro job websites.

If you are not sure you can make money online, I recommend creating a gig on a crowdsourcing site like Fiverr.

Making money online with micro jobs is all about turning your passion and desire into a service.

Once you have the experience and are sure you can go to the next level, I recommend using a next-level freelancing network such as UpWork and Freelancer. Check out these freelancing jobs to find out what’s working on these networks too.

So, now you know everything about making money with micro job websites. Don’t procrastinate. Use your time productively. Take action right now!

If you have any doubts or questions, please share them with me in the comment form below. So would you start making money with micro jobs online?


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