How to Make Beautiful Picture Quotes for Social Media Promotions In No Time

Social networking is all about networking with other people and find new friends, opportunities for your business.

Visual content has been already conquered the entire Internet. Unless you adapt to new changes, you lose the game; your social media posts will not grab people’s attention, receive more likes and shares.

So, how do you create picture quotes or add text to pictures?

This article is all about designing picture quotes online.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to find awesome text quotes on any topic
  • How to find beautiful graphics for your quotes
  • How to create picture quotes in your local language
  • How to design a picture quote online
  • How to add a watermark or add your brand logo
  • How to share your quote design to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram

How to Create Quote Pictures Online

There are a lot of quote maker apps online. But, many of those quote maker apps have very limitations. For example, you’ve to find graphics from the internet and upload them to the tool.

If you use a quote generator, then you can’t embed text into unique background pictures; you’d see some textures, patterns, and background pictures in every quote generator tool.

Therefore, I thought to share how I design quotes myself for my blog posts, social media posts, and forum postings.

Follow the steps below to make stunning picture quotes in no time.

Create Image Quotes with PixTeller

PixTeller is an excellent image creator and animation maker that has over 134,000 design templates for different purposes. I recommend reading my PixTeller review for learning more about it.

  1. Sign up on Pixteller with your name and email address.

Go to PixTeller homepage and create your account.

  1. Select “Quote Image” sub-category under “Custom Visuals” templates category.

Here are some of the premade quote image designs.

  1. Change the quote image

Once you selected any quote image from the templates library of PixTeller, replace wording and change the appearance with settings.


Here are some special things you can do inside PixTeller editor.

  • Convert your image quote to a different image size — Want to convert your Instagram picture quote to a Facebook picture quote? Do it easily with the “Smart Resize” feature.
  • Search and add shapes, images, and illustrators
  • Add gradient colors and make your image quote design stand out from others
  • Use different filters to make your image stunning
  • Add animation to your graphic and download it as a GIF animated picture quote

PixTeller is a cool online quotes maker if you want to go deep, add filters and make advanced picture quotes. Try PixTeller over here.

Create Image Quotes with Stencil

  1. Sign up on Stencil for free with your details.

Go to Stepcil homepage and create your account. It is our quote marker tool we are going to use in this tutorial.

stencil logo

Stencil is my personal graphic maker tool I use to design graphics for social media networks. It is absolutely free to sign up. However, In the free plan, you will only be able to create up to 10 images. So, highly recommend you upgrade to one of their premium packages.

Read my Stencil App review to learn more about this tool.

  1. After creating your account, log into Your Stencil Account.
  1. Create Picture quotes.

You can create picture quotes by two ways.

  1. Create quotes using templates
  2. Create quotes from scratch

I will explain how to make quotes in both methods.

How to Make Picture Quotes Using Templates

This method is a time-saving one and very useful for ones who need a quote design to share on social networks as quickly as possible.

Click on “Templates” tab in the Stencil dashboard.

stencil graphic templates

Now you should see several hundreds of templates you can use. Click on the down arrow icon nearby “All”.

templates categories

Click on “Quotes” option to filter quote templates designed for various social networks.

quotes templates

For example, if you want to filter Instagram quote templates, click on “Instagram” option and you will see picture quote templates designed exclusively for Instagram.

Here are a few quote templates.

templates quotes

Click on any quote template and you will see it on the graphic editor section at the right side.

add quote templates editor

You can edit the text or add a new background picture. Stencil has over 1,500,000 royalty-free stock photos. You can use them for commercial and non-commercial projects. No more need to google for royalty-free graphics!

You can add a logo to your picture quote by uploading a new watermark.

add logo quote design
  1. Click on the “Logos/Watermarks” tab.
  2. Upload transparent watermark from your computer.
  3. Enable logo on the graphic
  4. Change placement, size, and appearance of the logo.

You can change font styles of text very easily. No need to have Photoshop skills or photo editing skills.

Click on the text you want to edit.

edit quote text

Change Font family. You can use one of the existing font families for your text, upload your own font, or import fonts from Google font.

more fonts text

For example, if you want to add texts in your local language, follow these steps.

import google fonts

Extend the drop down list under “Language” filter and select your language.

import fonts

Click on ‘Add to My Fonts’ and that’s it.

import Greek fonts

You can find all your fonts in “My Fonts” tab.

my fonts stencil

How to Make Picture Quotes from Scratch

I use this method regularly when I want to cite a popular quote in my social media posts. Here’s how to make a quote picture from scratch.

Select canvas size for your design.

canvas size

Here, I selected canvas size for Pinterest.

canvas size pinterest

Add text quote.

You can search and add text quotes directly from Stencil App. Click on the “Quotes” tab and select a text quote from 100,000s of sayings by famous people.

text quotes on stencil app

If you can’t find a text quote in Stencil App, you can get text quotes from any of these popular sites.

You can filter quotes according to topics such as inspiration, love, business.

featured quotes on stencil app

Or just search your topic and find thousands of text quotes for your design.

search text quotes

Do not edit the text’s styles for now. Continue to the next step.

Go to ‘Backgrounds’ page and select an appropriate background picture.

If you have a picture for your text quote, you can upload it to Stencil App.

background picture quotes

Position your background picture and make necessary changes such as adding filters, blurring, and changing color overlays.

edit background picture

Now you can change text styles.

add text to picture

Well, you see. I am not good at designing graphics. However, you can take your time and design beautiful picture quotes for your campaigns.

Once you have designed your picture quote, you can save it on your local storage or save it in the cloud. So, you can access to the creative anytime you want.

To save your picture quote design in Stencil, click on “Save” button.

save button stencil

You can access your saved image library by clicking on “Saved Images” tab.

saved images
Download Your Quote

Click on “Download” button.

download button stencil

Edit filename and select the desired file format. On most occasions, I select the PNG format over JPG because I can compress images without losing their quality. (More about that later)

You can go with default dimensions or select retina display sizes.

After you selected desired downloading options, click on “Start Download” button.

download picture quote
Share Your Image Quote on Social Networks

Stencil has made sharing quote pictures on social networks very easier. You can share your quote design directly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and even add to Buffer for sharing on other social networks such as LinkedIn later.

You may be thinking by now that how I can share pictures on Instagram on a computer. You will see how it works.

stencil settings
  1. Go to your settings.
  2. Click on “Social Accounts” tab and connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
connect social accounts stencil
  1. After connecting your social accounts, close the popup box and click on “Preview & Share” button underneath your quote design.
  1. As our picture quote is designed for Pinterest, I am going to share it on Pinterest. Add your website address.
  1. Don’t forget to see how your picture quote looks like in mobile devices.
  1. If you want to share your picture quote on Instagram, follow these steps.
post to instagram quote stencil

Enter your mobile phone number you’ve signed up with Instagram. Next, click on “Send to Mobile” button.

  1. Then click on the link you received via SMS and share your picture quote to Instagram.
  2. When sharing a quote image on Facebook, add a description and a few hashtags.

How to Cite Text from Websites and Make Picture Quotes (Embed Text into Pictures Online) 

You can cite text from websites and make stunning picture quotes. Here is how it works…

  1. Install Stencil extension on your browser. For Google Chrome users, click here to visit Stencil extension page on Google webstore.
  1. When you find good texts online, select the text you want to quote. Right click and select “Open with Stencil” option.
add text to pictures online
  1. Now you can add text to pictures and make beautiful quotes for any social network.

Next Steps…

Designing picture quotes and add text to pictures is very easy. However, following the below tips and tricks will surely make your tasks easier and save a lot of time. Check them out…

  • Compress Images: Compression images reduce image sizes, making a BIG impact to page loading time. If you embed picture quotes on your website, then compressing images is a must-done task. Download your quote image in PNG format so you can save image quality while compressing. Use an online image compressor tool like ShortPixel to compress images online for free. Read my ShortPixel review to learn how to use it correctly and get a 50% OFF exclusive discount.
  • Analyze Competitors’ Social Media Promotions: Semrush social media kit make it easier for you to analyze other’s most-shared picture quotes and social media posts. Semrush also provides over forty tools for SEO, content marketing, etc. Learn more in this review on Semrush.
  • Use ContentStudio for social media marketing: ContentStudio is my favorite tool for managing social media postings. For example, you can make an “Evergreen” social media campaign to share your picture quotes periodically. Learn more in this ContentStudio review.
  • Social media tools to ease social media marketing: Use these social media tools for analytics, management, and automation. If you are a Twitter lover, you would like to check out these Twitter tools & software.


Using picture quotes is a good strategy to get more likes, shares and increase engagement of your social posts. However, making good-looking picture quotes is not so easy for everybody unless they are Photoshop geeks.

Many quote marker apps and quote generators have been made to make it easy to design beautiful graphics online. Stencil and PixTeller are two of those quote creator apps that anyone can use to create a beautiful picture quote within a few minutes.

So, what is your favorite quote maker app?

how to make picture quotes

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