Are you looking to know whether PixTeller is worth your money to as your online image creator?

In this short review, I will try to explain the overview of PixTeller and how I use it for my marketing campaigns.

What You'll Learn:

  • What is Pixteller?
  • How I use Pixteller for creating free images online and animated graphics
  • Basic PixTeller features that are helpful for small businesses
  • What I like and dislike about Pixeteller
  • The reasons why I signed up for PixTeller

In the age of visual content, studies have proven again and again that people grasp visual content better than text. (In fact, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text!)

Think a bit of moment...

...When was the last time you read a Wikipedia article completely when there are easy-to-understand infographics, gifographics, and videos?

I bet you have chosen visual content over text content in at least 95% of your choices.

It's not abnormal — It's how an average person's brain and mind works.

The average person is lazy, and most tend to procrastinate reading, but paying attention to visual content.

With most brands and businesses started using visual content, the competition for taking attention or getting the attraction of people have become a difficult task. Heck, usually agencies charge four figures per month just for managing social profiles of businesses!

PixTeller is an online image and animated graphics creator that helps you design pixel-perfect images for any online marketing (or even offline marketing) campaign.

PixTeller Review

In the review of PixTeller, I will show how I use PixTeller free image creator for making simple, attention-grabbing pictures in a matter of seconds!

What is PixTeller?

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PixTeller is an online photo and animation maker app based on Romania founded by Alex Roznovat in July 25, 2013. The Pixteller team releases updates and improves the tool since it's started and the one of most recent and excellent update is the addition of animation maker.

Although there are dozens of image creator apps, Animation making ability distinguishes the PixTeller from others.

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Photo Collage Custom Design for Restaurant Social Media Post (Click on image to enlarge)

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Animated poster quote image GIF (Best for mobile advertising. ex: Instagram ad)

How to Use PixTeller

Using PixTeller is very easy. Once you created your free PixTeller account over here, you can start creating folders to organize different brands and categorize designs that are made for various uses such as YouTube thumbnails, Facebook photos, blog graphics, and animated ads.

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Create folders to organize your designs (Click on image to enlarge)

PixTeller Templates

PixTeller team has already added over 134,000 agency-level, high-quality images, and animations that you can edit, save, download, and use.


Want to create a quick animation Instagram story graphic for your next post? PixTeller got you covered!

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Social Media Posts

Choose and design from 100's of premade, beautiful social media post templates covering most common industries.

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Do you run a local agency?

Want to make money by providing your clients with beautiful business cards and flyer designs?

PixTeller has got awesome design templates for your marketing purposes.

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Sometimes you might want to design unique graphic for exclusive events such as someone's birthday or even business anniversary. PixTeller has covered this field and got over 100's of individual events design templates for every possible occasion.

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Banner Designs

Are you engaged in some paid banner advertising campaign? Want to design attractive banners for your next Facebook ads campaign? PixTeller has got you covered from most popular banner ads sizes.

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Covers and Headers

Ever want to design beautiful and professional blog post featured image? PixTeller has some of the astonishing templates that will make your blog post stand out.

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Animated Ads

People's average attention span time is under 8 seconds. That's even lesser than a Goldfish's!

That tells you why average CTR (Click through rate) of banner advertising on any platform is pretty low. Some marketers say that if you get 1% banner CTR, you are lucky!

A common rule of paid advertising is "higher CTR = lower CPC."

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Higher CTR originates lower CPC and higher relevance score in Facebook advertising

Animated Ads templates in PixTeller will surely make a difference in your current campaigns. Select a few templates. Edit them with your details. Upload to your advertising account and see how people react compared to static images!

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Custom Visuals

There are even more templates...!

That makes PixTeller even more than just a free image creator.

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If you are looking to create awesome picture quotes, you should check out PixTeller's quote images templates library.

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Here are some of the free mockup templates that you can use right away in your PixTeller account.

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PixTeller editor

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PixTeller editor (Click on image to enlarge)

If you are interested in creating a graphic yourself from scratch, PixTeller has got everything covered.

  • You can create graphics in custom sizes — an essential feature that most online free photo tools don't have
  • You can make the background transparent — If you are doing web designing work, this feature would be handy.
  • You can search and use any image, shape, and illustrator from the extensive media library.
  • You can upload custom fonts — Very helpful if you want to use your fonts to remain the brand identity in graphics.
  • You can create gradient colors — No need to use Photoshop anymore for designing professional images with gradients!
  • You can change the size of the image with "Smart Resize" feature — Use Case: If you want your Pinterest image to be converted to a Facebook image post, you can do it with one click!
  • You can use image filter options to change the look of image quickly.
  • You can animate your image in the same page without having to use another tool.
  • You can download your graphics in JPG, PDF, PNG, and GIF formats.
  • MP4 and GIF export options for animations

Here's one image I created by using PixTeller editor in a few seconds.

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Click on image to enlarge

How to Use PixTeller Animation Editor

If you want to add a quick animation to your existing static graphic (ex: add a curved arrow that is pointing at CTA button and move it up and down) to take the attention of people, you can easily do it with the PixTeller animation editor.

Watch this YouTube video to find out how to use PixTeller animation editor efficiently.

PixTeller Pricing

PixTeller is a very hand tool if you are looking to create social media images, blog post images, banner ads, animations, and even image quotes, mockups, collage, flyers, and photo overlays.

PixTeller has got three plans, and they recommend you start for free and upgrade when you need more features.

I have a PixTeller Diamond account, which is the highest plan that lets you create unlimited images and animations.

If you are a business owner, I suggest you give PixTeller Pro or Diamond a try.

It's worth your every penny...

...If you use the tool effectively.

PixTeller gives you 37% discount if you pay annually. It's not bad considering the features and the powerlessness of visual editor of PixTeller.

Why PixTeller?

I don't know about you or your choice on PixTeller — You might already have an opinion on Pixteller or have another tool in mind.

Here are some causes why I prefer PixTeller online photo maker, and I think you should consider these reasons too!

  • All in one image and animation maker — You do not need to use two different tools for designing images and animations. PixTeller makes it super easy for you to create animated images in the simple editor even you never created an animated image before!
  • Thousands of premade templates — If you cannot come up with design ideas, PixTeller templates library might be your best inspiration point. There are over 1,000 premade templates in every category, and you can use them immediately. And PixTeller team adds new templates always, so you are not behind of unique designs that are relevant and current!
  • More than an image designing tool — When you hear the term "online image creator," you would think that it's just a photo creator. No, It is more than that! With PixTeller, you can make mockups, collages, Flyers, Logos, Business cards, image quotes, and much more!
  • Save time — when you get accustomed with the PixTeller and its features, it's just a mere of a time that takes for you to create a beautiful image online instantly. You can save graphics, categorize them using folders, and use whenever you want. It's as simple as that!
  • Save money — For about a $12 per month, you can create unlimited images and unlimited animations. That is $0.40 per day. Even if you engage in an online micro job (ex: Fiverr gig on creating a logo for $5), you might be able to cover the monthly fee with just three sales! And logos cost more than that! 🙂

As I have mentioned earlier, I have a PixTeller Diamond account which lets me create unlimited graphics and animations! If you considered the reasons above and agree with most of my points, you should think signing up for PixTeller now and get started using it.

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Testimonials by PixTeller customers on PixTeller free image creator (Click on image to enlarge)


Not every person in this world is creative enough...

...that is why high-quality visuals cost more.

If you are a business owner or even a freelancer, you might find it too difficult some times to create images that are high-quality and stand out from the crowd.

If you are not a Photoshop geek, it would be even harder for you to make attention-grabbing GIFs (e.g., animation images) for your marketing campaigns.

If static images cost more, you can understand that how much animation images could cost!

Now thanks to PixTeller, online image creator, you can design images and animations in a matter of minutes by yourself easily!

No need to use different tools — PixTeller provides free premade templates for every purpose so that you can select a beautiful template, edit and use it!

Give PixTeller a try over here now and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.


From $7 per month



Image creator


Animation maker


Magic Resize



  • Animation maker
  • Premium templates
  • MP4/GIF Downloads


  • Learning curve for animation editor
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About the author 

Chamal Rathnayaka

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  • How do you compare Pixteller with Canva or Crello ? Thanks for the review.

    • I have found that the three tools you mentioned have unique features. PixTeller still lacks features for agencies for example. However, if you are a small business owner, PixTeller is not a bad choice. One of the biggest advantages over others I saw is they have a very extensive template library even mockups and collages! If it’s what you are looking for, PixTeller might be your best bet.

      I will add a comprehensive comparison table soon to this review of PixTeller.

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