How to Design Stunning Graphics for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram in 5 Minutes

design graphics for social media

Visual content is the smartest way to convince your message to your friends, readers, and potential customers.

I don’t need to explain how much it is important for you and your business to make attractive social media graphics for your campaigns.

Because, if your graphic is poor, unattractive and unconvinceable, then, your campaign becomes weak.

Not need to say that as the majority of people uses visual content these days, it has become far harder to reach out more of your followers or fans.

As a customer’s perspective, if I get more beautiful images, I usually tend to spend more time on that post. I will take my time to read and learn what the message is.

No need to explain the average internet user’s attention span time.


So, how do you catch up people’s attention within a few seconds and convince them to like, comment, react and even share your post among other social media users?

Yes, you can do that by designing beautiful graphics for social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

So, without further ado, let’s learn how to design enticing images for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media as well. Yes, within a short period effortlessly.

How to Create Beautiful Graphics for Social Networks: The Step by Step Guide

These days making graphics for social media has become far easier than a few years before.

Nowadays, you can hire a freelancer to get your graphic done as your requirements. There are hundreds of thousands of professional graphic designers in freelance networks such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr who will make graphics as your expectations.

However as per the competition and the expensive fees, if you’re not with a million-dollar budget, it’s tough to design graphics for every social network out there.

One solution for this is hiring a virtual assistant who will handle your all social media management ventures. However, finding an honest, efficient virtual assistant in these days is hard. Not only that you will have to spend more money for your VA.

I have been in the Internet Marketing field since 2012. And I have used all the above-mentioned methods to create amazing social media graphics for my campaigns.

In that long way, I found an efficient, affordable and good method to create graphics for any social network.

I used that method not only to designing images for social networks, but also to create graphics for blog posts and Banner advertising campaigns too.

It is very efficient and flexible. But, the downside is that you have to design your graphic. So, if you’re someone who is suffering from a designer’s block issue, then it would be somewhat difficult and harder for you to utilize this method at first to design graphics…


As far as I found, this is the easiest and cheapest way around to make a social media graphic quickly within a short time.

Now let’s learn how to create images for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and social media very easily.

How to make Graphics for social media

Here are the steps you’ll have to follow to make attractive graphics for social media.

Step 1: Go to Stencil Homepage and Create your account. It’s free to create an account. However, in the free plan, you will get limited access to tools and features. For example, you’re allowed up to create ten graphics per month.

So, I recommend you subscribe to one of their premium packages. Read this GetStencial App review article to learn more about this online graphic design tool.

Step 2: Once you created your account, log into your GetStencil account and open online App to design graphics.

getstencil app

As you can see, there are a few tabs and links in GetStencil App. If you’ve any questions on how to use this online graphic maker, then click on the question mark and watch videos. I am pretty sure that you’ll get accustomed to Stencil App editor.

Here are common and important tools & features of Stencial App.

  1. Royalty-free images under Create commas 3.0: You can choose from over 5,000,000 beautiful images for your personal and commercial uses.
  2. Upload Backgrounds: Use your own images for your graphics. (ex: personal photo, company location photos, screenshots)
  3. Templates: Select one of 100s ready-made templates. Just choose and modify as you want!
  4. Quotes: Attach an interesting quote from over 100,000 famous quotes to your graphic according to the theme to improve the quality of the graphic.
  5. Logos/Watermarks: embed your website or company logo into the graphic. It will not only help in reducing content-stealing but also improve brand awareness.
  6. Saved Images: Save your graphics in the cloud to use or modify later.
  7. Share directly online: You can directly share your design on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Buffer and also directly share the link to the image.
  8. Import fonts: Import and use custom fonts.

Step 3: You can start designing your graphic in two ways.

  • Choose a Template and modify it.
  • Start design social media graphics from scratch.

Now first let’s learn how to make a beautiful social media graphic using templates.

How to Create a Social Media Graphic Using Pre-made Templates

1: Select Templates Tab.

templates tab

2: Click on “All” link and select your preferred social network for which you’re going to make a graphic.

graphic templates stencil app

3: In this example, I chose ‘Instagram’ option.

instagram graphic templates

4: Now select the preferred graphic template for your chosen social network.

add template to editor

See the right-hand side to view the graphic template in edit section.

edit template

As you can see, I can’t do much more to improve this graphic.

However, I will try to change the font styles of the quote on this graphic.

edit text graphic template

Why not, I will add a logo of my website. (You can also embed your social media profile as the watermark.)

logo addition

5: Once you have edited your social media graphic, click on “Preview & Share” button.

post to instagram stencil

If your graphic is based on Instagram, enter your mobile phone number and click the “Send to Mobile” button. You will receive a message with a direct share link of your graphic to Instagram.

Awesome, right?

How to Create a Social Media Graphic From Scratch

Making a graphic for social networks from scratch is also easier. Here are the steps you’ll have to follow to create a graphic.

1: Select equal canvas size of your graphic according to the social network.

social media graphic sizes

2: Now choose a right background image. Edit background image if you have to.

add background to graphic

3: Enter text and modify its appearance.

add edit text getstencil

4: Once you’ve edited your image, you can save your graphic on your Stencil account to use later or save it as a template.

post on facebook

In last, click on “Preview & Share” button. Then add post description and select the correct Facebook page.

5: Click on “Post on Facebook” button.

That’s it!


Designing graphics for social networks seems like very frustrating and time-wasting task.

However, now you know how to design attractive graphics for any social network at any time as you want.

The catch is here coming up with good creative ideas and take them into a beautiful visual content.

Yes, it takes some time to make a good graphic design.

But, believe me, it gets easier and easier as you progress.

Love what you do…

I am pretty sure; you can make impressive graphics for your social networking accounts.

Don’t forget to drop your comment on below and do me a favor by sharing this article on your favorite social network.

Have a good day! 🙂

design graphics for social media

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