How to Create Unlimited Email Addresses with Google Mail

April 19, 2020


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Gmail is one of the most popular email services which is used by billions of people in the world. Probably Gmail may be the best email service provider that fits needs.

Over the past few years, Gmail introduced lots of new features. Therefore, Gmail’s main competitor, Yahoo mail (ymail) also changed the Ymail interface and added new features (Eg: infinite scrolling), but not as far as Googlemail did.

If you didn’t take an insider look at Gmail settings, I suggest you check out the things you can do with Google’s email service. You would amaze how many different and cool things you can accomplish with Gmail.

There are tons of Gmail tricks and hacks which can save your time and increase productivity. As an Example “Canned responses” can save your time by saving email templates. (Very useful for blogger outreach purposes)

Another useful Gmail feature is the “Vacation Responder”. With this feature, you can set up a message to be sent out immediately once a message arrived at your email address. This feature is really useful for business affairs. (Send automatic emails when a customer/subscriber contacts you)

There are countless Gmail tricks which can increase your productivity and save time. But, today I am going to show you another very useful way to utilize Gmail for your day to day internet life. I hope these techniques will help you organize emails and save your valuable time.

How to Get a Email Address

When you sign up to Google mail service, you basically receive a address. Ex:

That’s what I thought till a few months, though.

But, do you know that that single email address has other tons of email addresses?

I am not talking about Gmail aliases. With one simple, address, you receive another Googlemail address.

If your Gmail address is, then this address, is also similar to that email.

When someone sends a message to your account, it arrives in your default account and vice versa. Check this test message for an example.

an email message sent from address

Now you know that your default email address also can be renamed as Now let’s move to next Gmail trick.

How to Turn Your Address to Multiple Email Addresses

Do you know that you can generate more than one email address for one address?

Let’s say your Gmail email address is

You can add dots (.) within user ID and create separate email addresses, but receive messages to one Gmail account.


You can add any amount of dots within each character. But, remember that you don’t add two dots nearly. Adding two or more dots along doesn’t work with this method.


Google ignores every dot within Gmail address and sends emails to the address without dots.

And also this Google mail trick works well with above account as well. Here’s an example.

googlemail address with dots

When to use this trick?

Do you have multiple websites, businesses or companies? So when you create Twitter accounts for those websites and businesses, you can add dots within each email and create your accounts. Twitter regards each email with dots as a unique address. When Twitter send messages to your e-mail addresses, they receive to one account. No more want to create tons of Gmail addresses for each Twitter account!

If you are going to create more than two social media account using one account, this technique won’t very successful, as you can’t filter messages. But, check out the next Googlemail trick which shows you a few ethical ways to generate a few new @Gmail addresses.

How to get rid of SPAM Problems in Gmail?

How many email subscriptions do you have?

One? Ten? Hundred? Or even more?

In fact, I couldn’t count the number of occasions I had to enter my email address to get access to view a page and receive bonuses, gifts, vouchers, coupon codes etc. This is so irritating, right? 

But, that’s the nature of email marketing. The main focus of email marketers is building a targeted and a larger email list. No matter HOW they get.

More targeted subscribers == more money.

How do you trust those people who get your email address from a CPA offer, download page or a webinar registration page?

Can you believe that THEY’LL secure your privacy? 100%?

In other words, what if they sell your email address for a few bucks for other hundreds of SPAMMY marketers?

Yes. You couldn’t expect anything rather than bombard your Gmail inbox with tons of offers within a few days, right?

So, How do you get rid of Spam problems in Gmail?

Yes, the greatest treatment for SPAM problem is protecting your email address from the public. But, that is so hard, right? In some cases, you can’t resist without subscribing to a newsletter, buying an information product, service etc.

But, with this gmail address trick, I am going to reveal, you can minimize the chances of your Googlemail account receiving tons of spam emails. Here’s how to do it…

You can create an infinite number of email addresses along with your Gmail or Googlemail email address by adding “+alternativetext” after your Gmail user ID.

The template:

Here are a few examples. m

And you can be little bit creative and make more dedicated addresses for each of your social media accounts as well.

The list of gmail addresses never ends. All the emails come to above gmail alias receive automatically to

And you can also use above address for this as well. Here’s a message which I sent to one of my emails.

gmail aliases

As you see, I can go moreover and create a new section for emails I receive from SEMrush search engine marketing service. (Visit SEMRUSH here)

You can create an infinite number of email addresses using this technique. No more want to create hundreds of New Gmail accounts for tons of purposes. One Gmail address can be used to create an unlimited number of addresses.

Putting it all together. How to use and to work for you?

Even you head over to or or, you redirect to one page. That’s where your Gmail inbox is located. In where you can do lots of things. Here’re a few things that can do using above Gmail alias and addresses.

As you know, you can create multiple email addresses from one account. These can be used to manage newsletter subscriptions, paid account subscriptions, and social media accounts.

Also, change the settings to delete messages come to a particular email address from Gmail. This is very useful to remove spam emails come to one email address.

Step #1: Login to your Google email account and click on settings option.

gmail settings

Step #2: Click on “Filter” tab and next “Create a New Filter” link.

create a new filter

Step #3: Type your Gmail email address in the “To” field. In my case, I entered the email address which receives messages from Twitter. You can enter any or address in this field.  Make sure you selected “All mails” to be filtered. Because, in some cases, none-spam emails could stop in the spam folder and other categories in Gmail. After making necessary changes, click on the “Create filter with this search” link.

set filter settings

Step #4: In the next window, you can see few commands to do, if any message arrives that matches the filter.

filter commands

A few very useful options are,

  • Apply the Label: To easily find the emails, you can label with a special name. In my case, I can label as “Pitiya Twitter Account”.
  • Forward it: If you created a Twitter account for your company and it has multiple social media managers, you can add their email addresses in “Forwarding” tab and forward emails coming from Twitter. So they can reply to tweets and do other things quickly, which will eventually increase the social engagement and brand exposure.
  • Delete it: This option is very useful. If you signed up for one newsletter, but you receive hundreds of emails from different email addresses, you can set conditions to direct each message from certain addresses to stop in the spam box.
  • Never send it to Spam:  If you have subscribed to a few trusted websites and you want to receive all newsletters to your inbox, you can use this option. (Very useful when you use “blog commenting” as a technique to drive traffic to your website. In every time when you receive an email update, you can visit the website and put your comment first.)
  • Send Canned Response: This is another very useful option if you use classified advertising as a method to get leads/sales. Ex: when someone responses to your Craigslist Ad, you can create a message to send automatically.
  • Categorize as: If you have shared your email address with your friends and relatives, but stop all their emails in updates and promotions tabs, you can change the emails’ category.

I created a new labeled entitled with “ProBlogTricks Twitter”.

add new label

And change the filter commands to Never send emails coming from Twitter to Spam folder.

set filter commands

I changed the label color to green.

change label color

Once a message arrived in your account, you can clearly identify it.

new message to the Gmail alias address which is labeled in inbox

All emails coming from Twitter is labeled as Problogtricks—Twitter.

gmail label section

And this Gmail alias trick works perfectly with address as well. email alias

A Few Things You Can Do Using Gmail Addresses

You can do tons of different things using above addresses. The biggest benefit is you can organize your Gmail inbox pretty well. Here are a few things you can do with what you learned today.

  • Proving unique email addresses for each subscription: If you subscribed to a list which sends you tons of emails in every day, so you can either unsubscribe from that email list or delete emails come to your Gmail account. By creating unique addresses for each subscription, you can identify the subscription and block emails easily.
  • Craigslist Marketing: If you use classified advertising as a medium to get leads and sales, you can use this Gmail address trick nicely. Let’s assume that you want to post an ad in the job section of So you can sign up to Craigslist using this email address: And create a “Canned Response” message to thank the applicant for applying for the job position and let him/her know that you will contact as soon as possible. Also, forward the job application/resume to another email address you own.
  • One Gmail account == Multiple social media accounts: As I explained above if you want to create multiple Twitter accounts, Pinterest accounts, and Facebook accounts, you can create different Gmail alias addresses for each of them. All messages will be sent to your primary Gmail account. But, you can create labels for each account.

Final Words on Creating Multiple Email Accounts with Gmail

Now you don’t want to create dozens of Gmail addresses. Only one email account is enough for everything you want.

With the help of and, you can generate an infinite amount of email addresses just for one account.

Use the above email address tricks and organize your Gmail account to save time and increase productivity.

So, what are other ways you can generate different Gmail email addresses? 


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