11 Best Synonym Finder Tools and Dictionaries To Build Your Vocabulary

In this article, you will find top 11 synonym finder tools to not only find similar words but also build your vocabulary.

Do you know a similar word for “things”?

Or a similar word for “dilemma”?

How about using syntax, sentence structure instead of word arrangement? Does it relate each other?

Knowing English grammar and punctuation marks well when it comes to English writing polishes your writing ability.

But, knowing more words, in other words, lots of similar words when it comes to writing any article makes your story skimmable, readable, and insightful.

Just like you pay attention to correct grammar mistakes, you should never forget about the contextual combination of each word and sentence.

Adding more synonym words into text not only increases the readability but also improves your knowledge about the particular topic.

Why not, it improves the article by not repeating the word here are there.

Using synonyms such as textbook, handbook, copy, manual, edition, and publication instead of “book” in proper placements improves the contextual alignment along with the readability.

That’s why today, I am going to list the best online synonym finder tools and dictionaries. Do check them out and let me know what your favorite synonym finder tool is.

#1: Grammarly Vocabulary Builder – An English Synonym Dictionary

Grammarly is basically a grammar checker, punctuation corrector, and a perfect plagiarism checker tool. But, apart from correcting English grammar, it has a unique tool known as Vocabulary builder to find and suggest synonym words for each word you select.

Here’s an example.


As you see, once I selected the “Important” adjective, Grammarly Vocabulary Builder suggests me some English synonyms.

And it categorizes each relevant word into three categories: Weighty, Eminent, and Relevant.

Take this example.


In this case, Grammarly finds and present context-optimized synonym words.

How to Use Grammarly Vocabulary Builder to Spice up your English Vocabulary Knowledge

Grammarly has both free and premium plans. But, features such as contextual grammar checking, plagiarism, and vocabulary builder comes under premium plans.

So, here’s how to start using Grammarly tool to find English synonyms fast.

Step #1: Go to the Grammarly signup page over here and type your Name, Email address, and Password in the required fields. Then click on the “Sign Up” button.


Step #2: Select your desired subscription package. Grammarly offers monthly, quarterly and yearly premium plans.


Step #3: Pay your bill by credit card or PayPal.


Step #4: Once you activated your Grammarly account, log into your Grammarly account.

Step #5: Install Grammarly’s Chrome extension on your browser.


Now you can find English synonyms easily. There are three ways to do that.

  • Find synonyms on Microsoft Word (by installing Grammarly Microsoft office suite Add-in)
  • Find English synonyms on English websites.
  • Find English synonym words on Grammarly online editor.

The images above demonstrate how to find similar words on Grammarly Text Editor. The same process goes with Microsoft Office Add-in too. You can learn more about Grammarly by reading this Grammarly review​​ article.

Here I will show to some key advantages of using Grammarly as your vocabulary builder.

If you didn’t installed the extension yet, go here and install it first.

Once you installed it, log into your Grammarly premium account, if you haven’t done it yet. Then enable the “Show Definitions and Synonyms via Double Clicks (All Sites)” option by clicking on Grammarly extension.


Now you can find synonyms for any available word very easily and quickly.

definition checking of words on twitter

Why not, in Facebook too!


If you are an active member of Internet forums such as WarriorForum and Q&A sites such as Quora, then you should take a look at how Grammarly vocabulary builder can help you find the same meaning words.

The best part of the Grammarly grammar checker is that you are just one click away to replace words with synonyms.

If you are a freelance writer, blogger, teacher, or businessman, I recommend you to use Grammarly as your English grammar corrector and vocabulary builder.

#2: Thesaurus – English synonyms and antonyms dictionary


Thesaurus is another website that offers tools to find synonym words. Thesaurus.com’s interface is similar to Dictionary.com but has different colors.

It is a free online synonym dictionary. By considering the features and tools, it ranks top of the best synonym finders.

Here’s how to find English synonyms with Thesaurus English synonym dictionary.

Go to Thesaurus.com and enter a word into the search box and hit the enter button.

On the next page, you can see some comprehensive details about your search term such as word type (noun, verb, adjective), word meaning, antonyms, and synonyms.

The best thing about the Thesaurus synonym checker is that it categorizes each word as its complexability, relevance, and length.

Here are a few common synonyms to Mother.


If you are a college student or a non-native English speaker, then the Thesaurus antonyms and synonyms checker matches very well for you.

#3: Collins English Thesaurus – Collins English Dictionary


Collins English Thesaurus is another synonym tool that provides a number of similar meaning words. If you are new to the English language, Collins English Thesaurus will be really helpful for you.

First, go to Collins English Thesaurus website over here and enter a word/ word phrase to get its synonyms.

I typed the word ‘Small’ into the search box and hit the ‘Enter’ button.


Here’s what I got on next page.


Collins English Dictionary has found that “Small” is an adjective. And it also found that there are many adjectives with the same meanings.

Collins English Thesaurus lists each relevant word according to the relevance of keyword.

Apart from finding English synonyms, Collins English Thesaurus also contains your searched word in other languages. You can listen to the pronunciation of those terms as well.

#4: Reverso English Synonym Dictionary – A free online Thesaurus

reverso English theasaurus

In my previous articles, I mentioned about Reverso grammar checker. Another grammar-related tool of Reverso is Reverso English Synonym Dictionary. Just like other tools, once you input any word into the search box, it will start analyzing synonyms and list the relevance and the meaning.

Reverso English Synonym checker fetches data from Collins Dictionary. So, you will get the same synonym words you get in Collins English Thesaurus.

#5: Power Thesaurus – An English Synonym Dictionary


Power Thesaurus is one of my best synonym finder tools. This tool is a special one because it shows you the total number of synonyms and antonyms when you type it.

Here is an example.


I entered the “best” adjective into the search box. In a fraction of a second, I got a few suggestions, and when I hover over the “best” word, it displays how many words similar to “best” I can found on this search. It is a very good feature, right?

My favorite feature of Power Thesaurus is the ability to filter each word. You can filter words according to rating (human rating), alphabet, syllables, and length. And why not, if you want to find related words to your search (i think this group is made according to user searches), you can find them very easily. Check this screenshot.

synonyms for best in powertheasaurus.com

#6: Word Reference – An Online Language Dictionary


Do you want to check synonyms for words and phrases in languages such as French, Spanish, and Italian?

If you face a situation where you have to find another word in another language, I recommend you to use WordReference. 

Go to WordReference.com and enter a word phrase and hit the “Enter” button.

Then you will get many similar meaning phrases.


#7: Synonym

Another website to find synonyms for known and unknown words.

For an instance, I typed “check” word into the search box and hit “Enter” button.


What do you remember when seeing the “Check” word?

Just only the verb of check and the paycheck?

What if I told you there are different 10 meanings for “Check”?

Yes, there are 10 unique definitions for Check.

Under each section, you can find tens of synonyms and antonyms.


#8: Word Web Online

Even you found some similar meanings; you would find it is hard to adjust them on a sentence. This is where WordWebOnline.com comes in.

Under each section, you may find an example that demonstrates how to adapt each noun/verb into a sentence. It is nice, right?


You can download WordWebOnline Dictionary software for free to your Windows computer or install the mobile app on your Android or Apple device.

#9: Vocabulary Dictionary – Look up any word


Vocabulary’s Dictionary is one of my top destinations for looking up a word. It does not only provide a lot of words but also every example too.

As with other synonym finders, first, go to Vocabulary.com’s Word Lookup page and type your strange word into the search box, and hit the enter button.

As you see, I got the meaning for “hirsute.”


At the bottom of the page, you can see synonyms and antonyms for “hirsute”.


Vocabulary.com has an excellent feature of citing examples for your search over the web.


If you are finding a free synonym finder tool to polish your English language, Vocabulary.com’s Word Lookup tool is a perfect choice for you.

#10: Word Focus – Find another Word

There are lots of occasions where you want to get another word to substitute a word. It could be either a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb. Word Focus is another great tool to find a good synonym to use for your blog post, essay, and formal letter.

To use Word Focus online synonym dictionary, first, head over to WordFocus.com/Word and start typing your word or word phrase. The good thing about Word Focus is that it has the autosuggest feature.

That means, when you start typing a word, it will suggest indexed words. Isn’t it nice?

For an instance, when I started typing “Take” word, it suggested many phrases.


Here are the definitions and equivalent words for “Take a breath”.


#11: Oxford Dictionary’s English Synonym Finder


OxfordDictionary.com’s thesaurus is another free synonym dictionary to add new words to your vocabulary.

Go to Oxford Dictionary over here and enter your word or word phrase.

When your search is done, you can see a similar interface like this.

synonym dictionary of oxford

On this page, you can see synonyms for the word that you searched. Also, Oxford Dictionary offers many tools related to English grammar and translation. You can opt for any tool and develop your language sophistication.

Conclusion on Best Synonym Suggestion Tools

So, these are the best synonym finder tools and dictionaries. Many of them work similarly. You type a word, hit the search button and vocabulary checker tools will provide equivalent words.

But, if you are searching for a good synonym dictionary online that can automatically replace each word, I recommend you to use Grammarly’s vocabulary builder.

It is because I personally use Grammarly to correct my grammar. I have found nothing wrong with the Grammarly grammar checker. It is one of the power tools in the Pitiya arsenal too!

If you know or have used any other tool to find synonyms, please let us know in the comment box below.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. They may be happy to know how they can improve their English vocabulary!

synonym finder tools

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