Grammarly Review 2021: Is It THE Best Grammar Checker?

In this Grammarly review for 2021, you will find out whether Grammarly worth it since there are many Grammarly alternatives. Why is Grammarly grammar checker best for you?

Is Grammarly any good?

Is Grammarly worth it?

How can Grammarly help you overcome simply complex grammar and punctuation mistakes? You are going to find answers to all of these questions in this Grammarly review!


You should read the review of Grammarly if…

  • You are a writer and want to know how to correct English grammatical errors in your fictional and non-fictional articles.
  • You are a student and want to know how Grammarly can proofread your assignments, essays, and other school works in a matter of minutes.
  • You are a blogger and want to know how Grammarly is the perfect match for writing errorless blog posts even though English isn’t your mother language.
  • You are a freelance writer who writes for others and wants to know how Grammarly can save time, money, and effort while helping you fixing grammatical errors.
  • You are a digital marketer and want to know how Grammarly can help to check grammar errors on your marketing proposals, emails, and professional letters.
  • You are an online marketer and want to know how Grammarly can improve your marketing copies by improving grammar and adding proper punctuation marks in the right places.
  • You are a daily-internet user and want to help with correcting grammar on your social media posts and comments when you are online on desktop or mobile.

I corrected improper grammar and improved this Grammarly review 2021 blog post (and tons of others) with the help of the Grammarly grammar checker.

This review for Grammarly is proofread by Grammarly. 

What Does Grammarly Do?

Essentially, Grammarly is a writing tool with a different tool-set. It does lots of things, from simple grammar checking, comma checking to advanced plagiarism checking.

Spell checker

Grammarly spell checker tool has the ability to check complicated words and find misspellings based on the context. Here’s a misspell in this article.

Grammarly AI Assistant will automatically find and highlight misspelled words on your documents and suggest the correct version with an explanation. This screenshot shows Grammarly’s suggesting spell errors on this Grammarly review.

Grammar checker

The most common reason many people use Grammarly is to check grammar errors. Grammarly is capable of fixing over 400 small to advanced grammatical errors.

Check over 400 simple to advanced grammatical errors with Grammarly grammar checker

Punctuation checker

Proper punctuation is a key ingredient of a well-written article because one comma mistake could drastically change the message’s meaning. For example,…

Let’s eat grandma! Let’s eat, grandma!

Grammarly’s Punctuation checker is capable of checking and fixing almost every English punctuation errors! And the best thing is you are given reasons in a box why there should or should not be a specific punctuation mark.

Check comma placements and other punctuation mark placements with Grammarly.

Plagiarism checker

If you are a blogger, content marketer, or SEO, you know the importance of unique content. Duplicate content will lower your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rankings and drastically discourage visitors from seeing your site for obvious reasons.

If you have a Grammarly Premium subscription account, you will be given the plagiarism checker tool.

Check Plagiarism (copied content) with Grammarly.

Essentially, when you have a Grammarly Premium account, you will save more money that would have been spent on a plagiarism checker tool. In fact, there are a LOT more tools, such as synonym finder, in Grammarly. I will talk more about them later in this updated 2021 Grammarly review.

If you have a particular question you’d like to ask about Grammarly or would like to share your own Grammarly reviews, please do share them at the bottom of the comments of this Grammarly review article.

Structure of Grammarly Review 2021

Here is the table of content of Grammarly review. Use the links in the table to jump to each section respectively.

I am using Grammarly since 2015, and before that, I used Ginger and was not satisfied with its ability to detect grammatical errors and sentence structures.

Once I moved into Grammarly grammar checker, I felt the powerfulness of this simple writing tool and how it could save me more time without losing the effectiveness of my work.

So, I tried Grammarly premium for a few months and understood how the premium version of Grammarly could save more time and correct my grammar while improving my English knowledge. (I am a non-native English speaker)

So, this Grammarly review article contains more Grammarly features based on the Grammarly Premium. However, the free version of Grammarly can also fix basic grammatical errors.

Grammarly Review

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a writing enhancement platform developed by Grammarly, INC. Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko founded Grammarly, Inc in 2009.

Grammarly History

If you are wondering how much you can trust Grammarly, please check the table below that demonstrates the history of Grammarly grammar checker in brief.





Plagiarism-checking tool for universities called MyDropBox founded.

By 2007, MyDropbox had expanded to 800 universities and roughly 2 million students


Simple WYSIWYG Grammarly editor launched


150,000 students were registered users


300,000 students became registered users and 250+ universities as customers.

Grammarly continued developing the proofreading tool for the education market



Expanded the consumer base from students to more diverse users: journalists, bloggers, salespeople, consultants, government and technical/medical writers

For the consumer plan, Grammarly offered a seven-day free trial and charged $11.99/month on a paid, annual plan. (source)


Grew users up to 3,000,000 registered users and up to 1 million Facebook fans


Launched MS Office plugins


Launched its free browser extensions for Google Chrome and Safari and switched to the freemium consumer model.


Launched Grammarly extension for Firefox after huge popularity over Chrome extension.


Grammarly’s free Chrome extension alone had over 8 million active users and more than 8 million downloads on the Chrome Webstore.

Two years after the launch


Over 10 million daily active registered users.

 Watch interview


Machine learning and AI (e.g.; Grammarly Assistant)

Go beyond contextual grammar checking with Artificial Intelligence.

As you see, Grammarly is going to become a fully AI-powered reliable and accurate grammar checker.

How to use Grammarly? supports its app for various platforms and browsers. Here is how to use Grammarly properly.

How to use Grammarly on Chrome?

There are two main ways to use Grammarly in Google Chrome web browser.

  1. Grammarly online editor
  2. Grammarly Chrome browser extension.
How to use Grammarly editor to correct grammar

Grammarly Editor is a distraction-free tool to write your articles, essays, blog posts, etc. Create your free Grammarly account and login in to get access to your Grammarly Editor in Google Chrome.

Grammarly Editor: Your Dashboard

Click on the “New” box to add your new content to proofread.

New document in Grammarly Editor

Grammarly will not proofread your article until you click on the “Start Assistant” button. Grammarly Assistant will scan every word of your article in real-time and suggest corrections to improve your content. You can also set “Goals” to convey Grammarly Assistant for whom your article is written and what purpose etc. Check the screenshot below, for instance.

set goals grammarly
Set goals in Grammarly Editor
  • INTENT: Inform, Describe, Convince, Tell a Story
  • AUDIENCE: General, Knowledgeable, Expert
  • STYLE: Formal, Informal
  • EMOTION: Mild, Strong
  • DOMAIN: General, Casual, Creative, Technical, Business, Academic
How to use Google Chrome Grammarly Browser Extension

It would be tedious and time-consuming if you would have to use Grammarly Editor every time you want to check the grammar and punctuation of a chunk of text.

Luckily for you, it’s so much easier to check grammar on your WordPress post editor, Facebook comments, Twitter posts, and anything there’s a field for adding text!

First of all, login to your Grammarly account over here and then install the browser extension on Chrome Store.


Grammarly Chrome Extension: Check Grammar on-the-go!

  • Enable checking grammar and spelling on specific websites. You can use this option to disable checking grammar by Grammarly on certain websites too. For example, I disable Grammarly grammar checking on sites such as Clickfunnels, UpViral, etc. Because sometimes, it’s not compatible with some web services.
  • Enable or disable displaying synonyms (similar words) via Double Clicks. This option cannot be enabled or disabled at the site level.
  • Select the English type. Usually, I have selected “American English.” However, you can choose one of these types of English language: British English, Australian English, Canadian English
  • Create a new document in Grammarly or visit your Grammarly dashboard.

Now, when you type something on a website, Grammarly will check your grammar, spelling, punctuation and improve your content in real-time.

Using Grammarly extension for checking grammar, spell and punctuation errors of a sentence.

Click on the Grammarly icon on the right-bottom to open Grammarly Editor overlay box.

Grammarly Editor (Overlay)

The Grammarly browser extension is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera (*), Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

The Grammarly browser extension is a big part when comparing with other grammar checker tools. I have never used other grammar-checking browser extensions. But according to user reviews, Grammarly is one of THE best tools out there.

If you are wondering how to use Grammarly on Google docs, wait for the next section. I will show how easy it is to use Grammarly in Google Docs to check your grammar. (Not many tools can check grammar on Google Docs as of now!)

How to use Grammarly in Word?

Grammarly offers a native Microsoft add-on for Word. You can download it on your Grammarly account.

Grammarly add-on for Microsoft Office package is free to download, and you should have an account to start using.

Grammarly addon for Word and Outlook

How to use Grammarly on Mac?

Grammarly provides software for Mac users. You can download Grammarly for Mac over here and install it on your Mac to start using Grammarly without using a web browser.

How to use Grammarly in Google Docs

Recently, Grammarly introduced the support for Google Docs. Although writing this Grammarly review 2021 in March, Grammarly for Google Docs is still in Beta. Learn more about Grammarly’s Google Docs integration.

First of all, you’d have to turn on the grammar checking on Google Docs by Grammarly by clicking on the Grammarly extension.

Turn on grammar checking on Google Docs

After that, you can start checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation with Grammarly extension.

Using Grammarly on Google Docs

How to use Grammarly in Android/iOS

You can install Grammarly Keyboard app for Android and iOS to get started using Grammarly on your mobile.

Grammarly for Mobile: Keyboard apps

Key Features of Grammarly

As a dedicated tool for writing purposes, this tool supplements different sides of writing such as spell check, grammar check, vocabulary enhancement, proper wording, punctuation check, and plagiarism check. Also, Grammarly provides several tools and plugins to find and correct grammar errors you made everywhere.

So here are a few key features I found that stand out from Grammarly from other online grammar checker tools.

Set goals

You may want to check grammar on a paper. Or you may want to find advanced punctuation and grammar in a formal letter to your CEO.

There are lots of use cases where you want to use the Grammarly grammar checker.

Fortunately, Grammarly supports over 30 different writing styles and lets you select goals for each document precisely. (this feature is no other grammar checker tool provides)

Once you provided necessary details, Grammarly Assistant would start optimizing your content for the right people.

set goals grammarly
Goal setting: Grammarly Editor

The incentive and distraction-free interface

After you logged into your account, you can see a similar interface like this.


Unlike other grammar check tools, Grammarly has its unique interface that motivates you to write quality articles.

You can start writing your article or copy & paste or upload your documents to “online Editor.”


One thing I most like is its distraction-free writing interface. Within this tool, you can write articles and blog posts seamlessly. Grammarly will save every word you occasionally type so you don’t miss or lose any word mistakenly.

If there is an internet connection error, Grammarly Editor will automatically notify you about that.

This tool is handy if you travel often. As Grammarly works on both desktop and mobile devices, you will also get a huge benefit out of it.

Make text corrections with one simple click

Many of the online punctuation and grammar checker tools I have used don’t specify and define the reasons why the particular letter or word is incorrect. They add a red, blue, and green underline for each grammatical, spelling, and punctuation error.

But, Grammarly provides the reasons why the particular letter, word or sentence is wrong or inappropriate.

Check this image for an example.

grammarly explainations
Correct incorrect sentences with simple clicks

And if you want to know more about this error, you can click “more” link and learn about the particular grammar rule.

grammarly explainations
Explanations for Grammar Errors

In fact, Grammarly is not just a proofreader, but also an online English teaching tool too!

If you don’t want any particular word to regard as a wrong word, you can easily add them to the library. This function is helpful on many occasions, such as when you want a particular noun to regard as a correct word.

For example, many spelling checker tools detect my name “Chamal Priyadarshana” and my blog “Pitiya” as incorrect words. However, you can add them to your ‘Personal Dictionary’ so that they won’t be marked as misspelled words next time.

Grammarly alert card
Grammarly Alert Card

You can always visit your personal dictionary through Profile >> Personal dictionary.

Your Grammarly Personal Dictionary: You can see added words or add new words to dictionary and remove any existing one.

Powerful Plagiarism checker tool

If you asked me one question why I love this so much for this proofreading tool, I could certainly say that it is because of the powerful plagiarism checker of Grammarly.

The content’s uniqueness or originality is one of the most important factors you must consider when publishing an article on the Internet.

If the information is not unique, we will only see stolen content everywhere on the internet: the same articles, same songs, same picture. The list goes on and on.

When is the last day you saw a similar article twice ranking higher on SERP on two separate domains?

Probably 10 – 15 years ago?

One reason why Google started the Panda update is to remove thin and duplicate content from SERPs. Today, duplicate content is a big reason why Google panda punishes websites.

With the Grammarly plagiarism checker, you can easily find the originality of your articles.

For example, check out the screenshot below. A few months ago, I wrote and published an article about the best online grammar and punctuation checker tools. I checked the grammar, punctuation errors, and, of course, the plagiarism with Grammarly when I first wrote the article. That day my article was a 98% unique article. (Just about 2% content unoriginality ratio) Despite some quoted texts, all the article’s content was 100% original, written by me.

grammar plagiarism checker older post

But, a few days later, I opened that article doc on Grammarly and checked for plagiarism.

Can you guess what the plagiarism score was?

It was 97%! Here is the proof.

plagiarized article grammarly editor
Plagiarized article (checked by Grammarly Plagiarism checker tool)

As you see, the Grammarly plagiarism checker tool is so powerful. The amazing thing is that the post I published is only a few days old. That means Grammarly plagiarism checker checks for unique and duplicate content every day. It is a similar tool to Semrush. Semrush also updates its database daily.

You would see the percentage of article unoriginality and the source(s) of similar content.

As I expected, I could see the original article URL:

grammarly plagiarism checker results
Grammarly plagiarism checker results

The plagiarism tool of Grammarly is handy, especially for bloggers, content marketers, and freelance writers. This tool also can be used to find content thieves.

Pro tip: Copy some text from one of your blog articles and check for plagiarism. If you found one or more duplicate references, you can contact the webmaster and request to remove duplicate content. If they don’t reply to you back, you can email again after a week. If you don’t receive a response, you can go to this page and put a DMCA complaint.

Enhance your English Vocabulary

As a non-English native speaker, I always try to learn new English words. Add more words to my English vocabulary.

If you use Grammarly as your vocabulary builder, you do not need to worry about learning new words, ambiguous words, and meanings of compound words.

I didn’t think that I can improve my English vocabulary with Grammarly.

When I read a thread on a forum, I found a word that I am not familiar with. The unknown word is “Cardio.”

I used a program to find the meaning of English words (English-Sinhala translator). So, I double-clicked the unknown word to copy it.


Here’s what I saw. I was very quick to capture it for you. 😉

synonym and definition checker grammarly
Find synonyms and definition with Grammarly

After that popup, I was very curious to know about this vocabulary tool. So, I double-clicked another word randomly.

Here’s what I saw…

Grammarly synonym suggestions
Generate synonyms and meanings with Grammarly

Improving English vocabulary is more straightforward with Grammarly.

Unlike 10-20 years ago, you don’t need to use big books to learn English vocabulary. Grammarly will help you to improve your English vocabulary through definitions, synonyms, and examples. Within a short period, I learned lots of things. So, you too will definitely.

Grammarly Cost

When selecting any product to use, the price tag is very important. There are two main plans in Grammarly:

  1. Free plan
  2. Premium plan

If you selected the free plan, you could use an online Editor, browser extensions, and Microsoft Office Addon to proofread your articles. But, some features of your account will be limited. You won’t get access to a plagiarism checker, vocabulary Enhancement, and professional proofreader to find and fix over 400 types of errors.

If you selected the premium plan, you would get unlimited access to use all the existing tools and new features Grammarly introduces in the future. Here’s the pricing table of Grammarly grammar checker.

Grammarly Premium pricing 2021: Huge Grammarly discount and benefits for Premium customers

Grammarly Free vs. Grammarly Premium

If you read this Grammarly review 2021 from start to this point, you’d find that I have reviewed all features of Grammarly Premium, not the free version.

The reason for it because Grammarly Premium is worth it, and it saves me more time while giving the best results.

Time is precious for me as a businessman to always subscribe to a robust, useful product or service that I will use regularly.

Grammarly is one of THE top tools I use daily, so that I subscribed to Grammarly yearly plan with a huge Grammarly premium discount.

Grammarly free or Grammarly Premium?

If you want to…

  • Grammarly to check more advanced grammatical and punctuation errors that aren’t covered in Grammarly free plan,
  • Unlock awesome features and tools like synonym finder, grammar suggestions, and plagiarism checker, 
  • Get better results and make your papers, articles, essays, and blog posts error-free in every hand,

Subscribe to Grammarly Premium.

Here is a comparison of Grammarly free vs Premium.


Here are other features of Grammarly Premium:

  • Check your writing across the web
  • Access your documents on multiple devices
  • Use native desktop apps (Windows and macOS)
  • Catch contextual spelling and grammar mistakes
  • See explanations of grammar rules
  • Access your personal editor via
  • Integrate with Microsoft® Office (Windows only)
  • See definitions and synonyms via double clicks
  • Add words to your personal dictionary
  • Get performance stats via email

However, if you only want to check critical grammar and spell checks, it’s sufficient to have a free Grammarly account. But don’t expect much better results with the Free plan.

Grammarly has found that Premium customers are getting better results, and they are improving their grammar day by day with Grammarly Premium. Find out more in this Grammarly free vs. Premium article.


Is Grammarly Premium Worth it?

Is Grammarly Premium worth the money? Well, it depends on your needs and requirements. For example, if you are a student and want to know if Grammarly Premium is worth it for students, you have to decide how often and for which tasks you’d want to use Grammarly premium.

If you only want to use Grammarly for a one-task job such as checking grammar in your essay, then purchasing Grammarly Premium for a year might not be useful or beneficial for you in terms of economic perspective. Therefore, next, you will have to decide if your task is worth $30 because Grammarly Premium costs $30 a month.

However, if you are…

  • A Blogger, content marketer, writer, and freelancer who write content regularly,
  • A college professional or a teacher who is dealing with essays, papers, and assignments every day,
  • A person who is doing article-writing related works in your job,

Grammarly Premium is worth it.

Is Grammarly Good?

I have used several tools like Grammarly before. Some are Ginger Software, Hemingway, Crio by Stanford University, Paperrater, etc.

However, not most of those tools provided tools similar to Grammarly. Hence, I stuck with

If you are looking for a more straightforward grammar checking tool, Grammarly is good. However, if you are looking for a tool for creative writing or professional writing, such as sales copy, Grammarly might not be your best choice but a professional human proofreader, which you can hire on freelancing networks like,

Grammarly vs. Ginger vs. Whitesmoke

There are several Grammarly competitors out there. However, not all of them are powerful and accurate grammar checker tools. Some are just third-party apps promoting another affiliate product, while others are typical, outdated proofreaders.

Here is a small comparison of Grammarly, GingerSoftware, and Whitesmoke proofreading tools. Ratings are based on the performances of complete grammar checking abilities and other common and unique features.

Grammar checker appKey FeaturesRating
GrammarlyGrammar checking, Plagiarism checking, Mobile apps, Google Docs integration, Writing styles, Vocabulary enhancementOverall, Grammarly is a robust proofreading app. Its free version is enough to check basic grammar and punctuation errors even though Grammarly Premium gives more features and unlocks awesome tools for writers.
GingerGrammar checking, Translate up to 40 different languages, Mobile keyboard app, Ginger is a Grammarly competitor and a good alternative. If you are looking for a basic tool to check grammar in different languages apart from English such as Spanish, Italian and Dutch, Ginger would be a good candidate.
WhiteSmokeGrammar checker, plagiarism checker, translator (up to 55 different languages), and mobile apps. WhiteSmoke is a thorough grammar checker software with awesome features. However, there isn’t a free plan available as of now. 

Check out this Grammarly vs. Ginger comparison article to find which proofreading tool between Grammarly and Ginger is best for you.

Is Grammarly Safe?

Just saying, it’s not entirely safe to use Grammarly for your works.

Grammarly Privacy Policy page explains everything about you, them and your privacy.

Grammarly is committed to protecting the security of your information and takes reasonable precautions to protect it. However, Internet data transmissions, whether wired or wireless, cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure, and as a result, we cannot ensure the security of information you transmit to us, including Personal Information and User Content; accordingly, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk.

If you are going to use Grammarly for your works, then you have to take some notes before using it:

  1. Do not use Grammarly for passwords or any sensitive data
  2. Do not type in the content of interest to law enforcement
  3. Do not give explicit consent to share your Personal Data (*)
  4. Clear your browser cookies once a while to stop Grammarly ads and remove the Grammarly browser extension for further security.

Where to use Grammarly

Grammarly allows using one account on up to 5 different devices at once. For example, you can log in to one Grammarly account on your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smart TV, and smartphone at once. Learn more about using Grammarly on multiple devices over here.

How Grammarly Works

Grammarly is a grammar checker online software, and it’s based on the cloud, so you can use Grammarly on any device even without downloading software. For specific cases, you may install apps provided by Grammarly. However, it is not needed to install any software to use Grammarly.

When you type something, they are sent securely to Grammarly servers in the United States over an SSL connection.

Why is Grammarly processing your data?

  1. Their growing algorithm is based on user data through machine learning and language processing technologies. [Source]
  2. Grammarly checks grammar in the cloud because its AI is constantly updated and requires a lot of computing power. [Source]

Common questions about Grammarly

In this Grammarly review, I tried to answer as many questions as possible. However, I see in many place people asks more specific questions. So, I answered some of the common questions about Grammarly proofreader.

Is Grammarly Free?

Yes, Grammarly has a free plan.

Grammarly’s free plan lets you correct basic grammatical and spelling errors in your writings. You can also install a free Grammarly browser extension over here and proofread anything you type on the Internet.

Can Grammarly replace a human proofreader?

A good question!

From my experience, Grammarly can’t replace a professional proofreader.

Especially if you want to proofread your longer documents, marketing copies, sales copies, email copies, and even your book, I would recommend using a professional proofreader over Grammarly.

Does Grammarly work on mobile?

Yes, Grammarly provides mobile applications for both Android and iOS.

Alternatively, you can always log in to your Grammarly dashboard on your mobile and use the editor to type and proofread documents, emails, etc.

Can Grammarly check PDF?

No. You will have to copy and paste the text in PDF into Grammarly Editor to proofread.

Is Grammarly useful?

It’s definitely useful for many tasks. If you…

  • are a blogger and write short-form blog posts lesser than 10,000 words
  • want to proofread short notes, documents, letters, essays and, papers quickly
  • want to self-editing
  • want to improve your English writing

Grammarly is useful at its best!

How does Grammarly Insights work?

Every time someone is typing while using Grammarly’s Chrome extension, web app, or MS Office plugin, the company collects data they can use to make its product better. The latest application of this is the launch of Grammarly Insights 2.0.

Insights send users a weekly trend report about how they write, including everything from vocabulary metrics to productivity. In the future, Grammarly might use machine learning not just to provide a better algorithm but to deliver highly personalized recommendations to users.

Is there a Grammarly free trial?

Currently, there aren’t Grammarly free trials. However, if you want to try Grammarly, you can sign up to Grammarly for free or if you want to try Grammarly Premium for free, enter the monthly Grammarly Premium giveaway contest above.

You will be able to get a Grammarly Premium account for free for 1 year. (No purchase necessary to enter)

Is Grammarly a reliable grammar checker?

As a non-native English-speaking blogger since 2012, I relied on Grammarly heavily for proofreading my blog posts, emails, and social posts.

Not only Grammarly helped my blog posts to be errorless, but I also improved my English knowledge. Hence, day by day, after using Grammarly for works, I started seeing improvements in my English writing.

How much is Grammarly accurate?

Grammarly won’t expose most advanced grammar and writing errors if you are using the free plan.

However, Grammarly Premium checks context-based grammar and writing errors and suggests corrections along with explanations.

Does Grammarly work with Good Docs, Word, Scrivener, etc.?

Once you installed the Grammarly extension on your browser, you can overcome many headaches. Grammarly already integrates with blogging platforms like ​Clickfunnels, BlogSpot, Tumblr, Medium, and Foursquare and all social networks, forums, and web page builders like Clickfunnels.

Grammarly also integrates with Google Docs through a browser extension.

Pros and Cons

In this review on Grammarly, I tried to show you how I use Grammarly grammar checker and key benefits it. However, none of the writing tools is perfect. There are hiccups in every tool out there. Here are the pros and cons of I found. Share your review for Grammarly in the comments below.


As a grammar checker tool, Grammarly provides many tools for every type of need in writing. I have listed some benefits that I found very useful above. Here are several Pros of Grammarly.

  • Better than Microsoft Word: I have written hundreds of articles on Microsoft Word. But, it only fixes a few grammatical errors. But, Grammarly can correct over 400 types of errors on any paper. It’s much better than MS Word.
  • Availability: As I explained before in this Grammarly review, you can proofread any article you write anywhere with Grammarly. It’s cloud-based software that means you can access your account 24×7 on any browser and start correcting any paper, report, or letter in a matter of minutes. Grammarly extension for your favorite browser will make your life more comfortable than ever.
  • Plagiarism checker: If you are a blogger or a writer for magazines, blogs, or run a digital marketing agency, you will love the free plagiarism checker that you’d receive along with Grammarly Premium.
  • Grammarly Keyboard app: We all use smartphones. Don’t we? Grammarly Keyboard app is one of the go-to apps for users who are heavily doing business through mobile.
  • Weekly progress report: If you write a lot and want to know your growth over time, Grammarly’s Weekly progress report will showcase your performance within the previous period and compare it with others and your old statistics. Those data-driven recommendations would encourage you to improve your grammar and writing as it did to me.


Grammarly is a thorough writing aid tool, not a teaching software that helps your grammar. However, there are several downsides to Grammarly. Please share your review on Grammarly in the comments section below so that I will list them here.

  • Undo function is disabled in MS Word: One big reason why we use any proofreader tool is to fix our grammatical mistakes. If you enabled the Grammarly Add-on in MS Word to check grammar, undoing is disabled by default.
  • The auto-save function is disabled in MS Word: Autosaving is another vital function of MS Word we all love. But, if you enabled Grammarly Add-in, your content won’t save automatically. So you have to manually keep the article by clicking the ‘Save’ button or pressing CTRL + S keyboard shortcut keys.
  • Pricing: Grammarly offers both free and premium plans. To get more features and tools, you have to upgrade the premium plan. Grammarly premium has three billing options: Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly. If you are on a budget or only want to check grammar on one paper, choosing the monthly billing option could be more disadvantageous for you.

Conclusion on Grammarly Review 2021

I have used tens of online and offline grammar checker tools in the past. But, the last tool that stopped me from overthinking my silly grammar mistakes is Grammarly.

Before that, I was using GinerSoftware. (Ginger vs. Grammarly) It was a good grammar checker app. However, it wasn’t enough for me because I wanted a solid tool that can correct most errors and improve my writing skills at the same time.

The best thing about Grammarly is that it corrects the errors in your articles and explains why your grammar is incorrect, and provides clear explanations with instances and links to reliable references such as Wikipedia.

Grammarly is a top-notch writing assistant for all your needs. Even you want to check the basic grammar of your papers, essays, and emails in a quick time, use at least Grammarly’s free version.

However, if you are looking for a solution to check advanced grammar and punctuation errors with more features, you should consider upgrading your plan to Premium.

So that is all about Grammarly review! What did I miss on this review of the Grammarly grammar checker?

Share your experiences of Grammarly if you have used it previously in the comment form below.

Grammarly From $11.66/Month
  • Grammar Check
  • Ease of Use
  • Accuracy
  • Tools & Facilities
  • Predictions


Grammarly’s features and tools such as phrasal predictions, advanced grammar and punctuation checking mechanism, AI writing assistant, plagiarism checker make it’s one of its own league. It is a helpful tool for seasonal and day-to-day internet users who want to correct everything from simple punctuation/grammar errors to plagiarism checking.


  • Automatic Correction
  • Plagiarism checking
  • Synonym suggestion
  • Predictions Applications
  • Formating options on online text editor (useful for online publishers and bloggers)


  • Only the English language is supported.

10 thoughts on “Grammarly Review 2021: Is It THE Best Grammar Checker?”

    • Thanks Samuel for your response. Your feedback always help me to write more content. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  1. Right now it appears like Wordpress is the best blogging platform available right now.
    (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

  2. Great article. I love Grammarly so much. It is helping me in fixing grammar errors and making my article errors free.

  3. Language Acquisition is a big challenge, articulating what I feel seems hard in English but with Grammarly, it is easier than ever.

  4. I love grammarly! I am an editor and it makes my work so much easier. It is easy to install on any browser and works whether I’m writing an email, using word, or typing a response on the internet!

  5. I love Grammarly! Grammarly has been so helpful when writing business email since I work in United States, it has helped me so many times of correcting horrible mistakes.

  6. I have been using Grammarly from past 2 years and all that I can say about this software is that it is amazing. You can easily integrate this software solution with your browser and even with your Word. The accuracy of this English correction software solution is amazing and I have been able to proof-read my article with this software without any hassle from the past 2 years.


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