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On December 14, 2017
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Grammarly is a good solution for people who work with content regularly. As a Proofreader, Grammarly provides various tools and functions to make your online article error-free ones. If you want just more than checking grammatical mistakes, then you should definitely take a look Grammarly online grammar checker.

As being humans, we make lots of flaws. Some we do mistakenly and others intentionally.

When writing an English article, as a non-native English speaker, I make lots of grammatical mistakes. As my improper grammar, I couldn’t count the number of sales I lost.

To be honest, I don’t know too much complex English words, vocabulary, synonyms, ambiguous words and, of course, some grammar rules too.

That’s why as a non-native English speaker, I thought to use a few English grammar checker tools.

I have previously used tons of online grammar tools. Reverso grammar checker, GramMark, spellchecker, GingerSoftware are some of those free online grammar checker tools I have used in the past.

But, one day when I was searching the Internet for a complete proofreading software, I found one article that is talking about a tool called Grammarly. In fact, that piece was a Grammarly review.

grammarly review- better writing made easy

I was inspired reading that article. Therefore, I tried Grammarly’s free version first to know what I can do with Grammarly and is Grammarly worth it.


Published few 5000+ words longer blog posts without worrying too much about my silly grammar errors.

It improved my English writing skills, wordiness and taught some important rules in Grammar. Not only that I learned how some letters/words should be placed in proper situations; how to evoke the emotions and persuade readers to buy something from me.

I was lucky enough to try Grammarly Pro version free.

Today I am going to review Grammarly proofreader and show you how this powerful tool can improve your writing skills and correct grammatical mistakes instantly.

Grammarly Review: Features, benefits, Pros, Cons, and prices

What is Grammarly? And Who Use it?

Grammarly is a writing enhancement platform developed by Grammarly, INC. Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko founded Grammarly, Inc in 2009.

Since that day, millions of people all around the world used Grammarly grammar checker to fix article writing errors.

Currently, more than 4 million people get the help of Grammarly tools to check and correct various errors in their essays, dissertations, letters, reports, business questionnaires, blog posts and white papers.

Among those four million people, teachers, students, university lectures, bloggers, marketers, freelance writers and businessmen get an important part.

Key Features of Grammarly

As a dedicated tool for writing purposes, this tool supplements different sides of writing such as spell check, grammar check, vocabulary enhancement, proper wording, punctuation check and plagiarism check.  Also, Grammarly provides several tools and plugins to find and correct grammar errors you made in everywhere.

So here are a few key features I found that standout Grammarly from other online grammar checker tools.

#1: Check Grammatical Errors of Any Type of Article

There are two main types of English language as we refer. They are ‘Spoken English’ and ‘Written English’. In some cases, you might use some sentences that are used in spoken language.

But, for some articles such as legal letters, it’s not good to use words that are used in spoken language.

Grammarly has gone too far from spoken and written languages. It supports over 30 different English writing styles!

These document types break down into six main categories. They are,

  1. Academic
  2. Business
  3. Technical
  4. Medical
  5. Creative
  6. Causal

As you see in the screenshot below, blog posts and articles put into the Business category. You just need to do is select the correct form of the article you want to check grammatical mistakes and give the command to find and fix them.

grammarly document types

Different document types of Grammarly checker

At first I didn’t find this feature as useful. But, once I started checking grammatical errors and other causal errors, I found this feature is very helpful.

#2: The incentive and distraction-free interface

After you logged into your account, you can see a similar interface like this.

app.grammarly.com - grammarly premium account interface


Unlike other grammar check tools, Grammarly has its unique interface that motivates you to write quality articles.

You can start writing your article or copy & paste or upload your documents to “online Editor”.

grammarly's online editor interface

One thing I most like is its distraction-free writing interface. Within this tool, you can write articles and blog posts seamlessly. Grammarly will save every word you type occasionally, so you don’t miss or lose any word mistakenly.

If there is an internet connection error, Grammarly Editor will automatically notify you about that.

This tool is very useful if you travel often. As this tool work on both desktop and mobile devices, you will also get a huge benefit out of it.

#3: Ability to turn on and off each setting

Another benefit you’d receive by using this proofreading tool.

Let’s say you don’t want get recommendations for “Writing Styles”. So you can easily turn off this feature.

turn on and turn off settings of grammarly proofreader

Also, if you want a feature to turn on anytime, you are just one-click-away to enable it.

Grammarly is a flexible grammar checker tool. That’s why you can control such important things at once.

#4: Make text corrections with one simple click

Many of online punctuation and grammar checker tools I have used don’t specify and define the reasons why the particular letter or word is incorrect. They just simply add a red, blue and a green underline for each grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.

But, Grammarly provides the reasons why the particular letter, word or sentence is wrong.

Check this image for an example.

spell error explanation

And if you want to know more about this error, you can click “more” link and learn about the particular grammar rule.

grammar rule

In fact, Grammarly is not just a proofreader, but also an online English teaching tool too!

If you don’t want any particular word to regard as a wrong word, you can easily add them to the library. This function is helpful in many occasions such as when you want to a particular noun to regard as a correct word.

For an example, many spelling checker tools detect my name “Chamal Priyadarshana” and my blog “ProBlogTricks” as incorrect words. But, I know they are correct, as my English library!

make text corrections with one simple click

In case, if you are confident that the particular sentence is error-free, you can simply ignore the alert.

As the simplicity of grammar checking, it won’t take more than five or ten minutes to fix grammar, spelling and punctuation errors of a 4000 words article.

#5: Powerful Plagiarism checker tool

If you asked me one question why I love so much for this proofreading tool, I can certainly say that it is because this powerful plagiarism checker tool.

The content uniqueness or originality of content is one of the most important factors you have to consider when publishing an article on the Internet.

If information is not unique, we will only see stolen content everywhere on the internet, right? Same articles, same songs, same picture… The list goes on…

When is the last day you saw a similar article twice ranking higher on SERP on two separate domains?

Probably 7-10 years ago?

In fact, one reason why Google started Panda update is to remove thin, duplicate content from SERPs. Today, duplicate content is a big reason why Google panda punishes websites.

With the Grammarly plagiarism checker, you can easily find the originality of your articles.

For an example, check out the screenshot below. A few days ago, I wrote and published an article about best online grammar and punctuation checker tools. I checked the grammar, punctuation errors, and, of course, the plagiarism with Grammarly when I first wrote the article. That day my article was a 98% unique article. (Just about 2% content unoriginality ratio) Despite of some quoted texts, all the content of that article was 100% original, written by me.

proofread article

But, Today, I opened that article and checked for plagiarism.

Can you guess what the plagiarism score is?

It is 97%!

Here is the proof.

plagiarism check

AS you see, Grammaly plagiarism checker tool is so powerful. The amazing thing is that the post I published is only a few days old. That means Grammarly plagiarism checker checks for unique and duplicate content in every day. It is a similar tool to SEMrush. SEMrush also updates its database on a daily basis.

You just not only see the percentage of article unoriginality, but also the source(s) where the similar content located.

As I expected, I could see the original article URL: https://www.pitiya.com/2015/05/online-grammar-checker-and-punctuation-checker-tools.html

plagiarism check original url

Plagiarism tool of Grammarly is really useful, especially for bloggers, content marketers and freelance writers. This tool also can be used to find content thieves.

Pro tip: Copy some text from one of your blog articles and check for plagiarism. If you found one or more duplicate references, you can contact the webmaster and request to remove duplicate content. If they don’t reply you back, you can email again after a week. Even if you don’t receive a response, you can simply go to this page and put a DMCA complaint.

#6: Grammarly is Everywhere

As a complete grammar checker tool, you can use Grammarly proofreader on everywhere. Here are three ways to stay protected from grammar mistakes with Grammarly.

  1. Web Browser Extensions – Check spelling, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation on websites, social media and Email service providers.
  2. Grammarly online tool – Make it easier for you to syndicate and use the articles you create on any type of device and any type of OS.
  3. Microsoft Office and Outlook Add-in – Check grammatical errors in articles you create on Microsoft word

Web Browser Extensions

Grammarly has released browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox. You can download Grammarly extensions for Google chrome over here and for Mozilla FireFox over here.

Once you have downloaded and installed extensions, you can check and correct grammar mistakes instantly.

grammarly google chrome extension installation success message

Check below image to see how it is much easier to correct grammatical mistakes and spelling errors we made when tweeting.

fix grammar mistakes in twitter

There is no plugin for WordPress CMS. But, this small browser extension can find and fix over 250 errors in your blog posts.


By clicking the “Correct” button in the bottom-right corner, you can fix any punctuation, grammar, wording and contextual spelling errors of your articles.

fix grammar and punctuation in wordpress pop up editor

Also on the same page, you can also check for plagiarism. This content is a portion of my previously posted tutorial on Keyword Research for YouTube Videos: The Complete Guide. That’s why I see a 60% of plagiarism ratio.

blog plagiarism check
Grammarly plagiarism checker

If you use BlogSpot blogging platform to host your blog articles, without moving to another place, you can proofread articles within blog post editor easily.

blogspot blog posts check grammar

Grammarly Online Tool

From easy-to-use interface to distraction-free article editor, there are lots of ways to write an error-free article. If you have multiple devices, you can easily use web-app to write and share articles among your friends too.

grammarly online editor

As you can download Grammarly free to your computer and use online grammar checker free, you can limitlessly write any amount of articles. You are only charged in some cases like you have longer articles and want to use plagiarism checker and other tools.

Microsoft Office and Outlook Add-in

Now you can check the grammar, contextual spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and misspelled words within your computer. No need to use online tools anymore.

Once you have downloaded Grammarly free to your computer and installed it, you are just a few clicks away to fix improper grammar mistakes.

install grammarly microsoft word and microsoft outlook

As the screenshot below, you can click on “Grammarly” tab in Microsoft Word and start checking for any type of writing error.

grammarly ms word

#7: Enhance your English Vocabulary

As a non-English native speaker, I always try to learn new English words. Add more words to my English vocabulary.

If you use Grammarly as your vocabulary builder, then you do not need to worry about learning new words, ambiguous words and meanings of complex words.

In fact, I didn’t think that I can improve English vocabulary with Grammarly.

When I was reading a thread on a forum, I found a word that I am not familiar with. The unknown word is “Cardio”.

I use a program to find the meaning of English words (English-Sinhala translator). So, I double-clicked the unknown word to copy it.


Here’s what I saw. I was very quick to capture it for you 😉

vocabulary check

After that popup, I was very curious to know about this vocabulary tool. So, I double-clicked another word randomly.

Here’s what I saw…

ambiguous words vocabulary check

… Improving English vocabulary is so each with Grammarly.

Unlike 10-20 years ago, you don’t need to use big books to learn English vocabulary. Grammarly will help you to improve your English vocabulary. Within a short period of time, I learned lots of things. So, you too will definitely.

Grammarly Cost

When selecting any product to use, the price tag is really important.

Luckily, if you are going to use Grammarly, there are two main categories you can choose from.

  1. Free plan
  2. Premium plan

If you selected the free plan, you can use online Editor, browser extensions and Microsoft Office Addin proofread your articles. But, some features of your account will be limited. You won’t get the access to plagiarism checker, vocabulary Enhancement and professional proofreader to find and fix over 250 types of errors.

If you selected the premium plan, you will get the unlimited access to use all the existing tools and new features Grammarly introduce in future.

Here’s the pricing table of Grammarly grammar checker.

grammarly pricing - individual subscription plans

Pros and Cons

Every tool is not 100% perfect. Here are the Pros and Cons I found myself.


As a grammar checker tool, Grammarly provides many tools for every type of needs in writing. I have listed some benefits that I found very useful above. Here are several Pros of Grammarly.

  • Better than Microsoft Word: I have written hundreds of articles on Microsoft Word. But, it only fixes a few grammatical errors. But, Grammarly can fix over 250 types of errors on any article you type. It’s much better than MS Word.
  • Availability: As I explained above, you can proofread any article you write anywhere with Grammarly. From Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr to WordPress, Blogger and from Google Adwords to web Forums and communities, Grammarly is with you, to help improve your English vocabulary and grammar issues.
  • Check for copied content: This is my favorite tool of Grammarly. As I a blogger, I know the importance of uniqueness. Grammarly has indexed over 8 billion web pages. And check for new content in every day.
  • Grammarly Keyboard app: Now you can use Grammarly keyword app on your Android and iOS phones. You can download Grammarly mobile app (Keyboard) to your Android phone on Google Play Store to your Apple device from Apple App Store. Grammarly keyboard app will auto-correct sentence, spelling and grammatical errors. So, you’re safe which device you used!



As used Grammarly for over six months, I found there are not so many disadvantages you will receive by using this tool. But, despite of its functionality, there are a few considerable cons of Grammarly you may encounter when using it.

  • Undo function is disabled in MS Word: One big reason why we use any proofreader tool is to fix our grammatical mistakes. If you enabled the Grammarly Add-in in MS Word to check grammar, undoing is disabled by default.
  • Auto-Save function is disabled in MS Word: Auto saving is another important function of MS Word we all love. But, if you enabled Grammarly Add-in, your content won’t save automatically. So you have to manually save the article clicking the ‘Save’ button or pressing CTRL + S keyboard shortcut keys.
  • Pricing: Grammarly offers both free and premium plans. To get more features and tools, you have to upgrade premium plan. Grammarly premium has three billing options: Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly. If you are on a budget, choosing the monthly billing plan could be more disadvantageous considering other options.


I have used tens of online and offline grammar checker tools in the past. But, the last tool that stopped me overthinking my silly grammar mistakes is Grammarly. Before that I was using GinerSoftware. (Ginger vs Grammarly)

The best thing about Grammarly is that not only it corrects the errors in your articles, but also explains the reasons why your grammar is incorrect and gives a clear explanation using examples and linking to reliable references such as Wikipedia.

If you want to improve your writing skills, check for plagiarism and find the meanings of complex, unknown words, I recommend you to use its free version at least.

Do you already use Grammarly to make error-free articles? If so, share your personal experience with me and others to know more about it.

Grammarly is a good solution for people who work with content regularly. As a Proofreader, Grammarly provides various tools and functions to make your online article error-free ones. If you want just more than checking grammatical mistakes, then you should definitely take a look Grammarly online grammar checker.
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