Grammarly Free vs. Premium: Is Paid Plan Worth It in 2023?

There are lots of differences between Grammarly Free vs. Premium. Both Grammarly plans offer different levels of features and support for grammar-checking functions.

In this Grammarly Free vs. Grammarly Premium comparison, I will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of both Grammarly plans and show what is better for you depending on the situation.

Grammarly Free vs. Premium

Grammarly editor

Pricing Differences between Grammarly Premium vs. Free

Grammarly has three plans. Free, Premium, and Business. Unless you are a business owner involved in heavy writing, the Business plan is unsuitable for you as it’s more aligned with team-based businesses.

Grammarly Free plan is free of cost, and you will receive basic grammar checking functionalities that include basic spelling and punctuation fixing.

Several things basic Grammarly plan includes:

  • Basic suggestions
  • Browser extensions – Easily check grammar and punctuation errors on Google Docs, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and other places.
  • Basic tone detection
  • Basic conciseness checking on limited sites

If you are not actively posting on social media or doing any writing-related business activity, Grammarly’s FREE plan is best for you for some reason.

  • You will save $30.00 per month.
  • Grammarly Free plan is capable of making basic grammar suggestions and fixing basic spelling and punctuation errors.

But, if your writing is related to business activity or essential activity such as proofreading a book written by you and completing a college project, you need to consider Grammarly Premium over Free.

Here is the Grammarly Premium Pricing based on subscription duration.

Grammarly pricing table

When considering the financial impact of Grammarly Premium, you need to look at the objective of Grammarly subscription again. For example, why do you need Grammarly Premium? For how much time will you use your Grammarly subscription?

It would help if you asked those questions before purchasing any Grammarly paid plan, either Grammarly Premium or Business.

As a full-time internet marketer, I write lots of content daily, including dozens of personal emails, business emails, blog posts, and copywriting landing page copies for my funnels. Therefore, I need to get an extended version of Grammarly Premium while saving money at the same time.

Luckily, It’s actually a lot beneficial if you subscribe to the Grammarly Premium Yearly plan.



  • Grammarly’s Yearly plan is only $144.00. That is very cheap compared to a $30.00 monthly Grammarly Premium plan.
  • You will be locked at the same price even if Grammarly increases pricing for Grammarly Premium in the future. I know people who have gotten Grammarly Premium Lifetime accounts for one low cost and never paid more.
  • You will receive constant updates and never worry about your Grammarly subscription because Grammarly takes care of Premium customers better than others.

Grammarly Writing Suggestions

Although there are many Grammarly alternatives, there is one reason why Grammarly is still the #1 grammar-checking tool.

Why? Because of high-quality AI-based writing suggestions. I have never seen an automatic grammar checker app that can replace Grammarly’s writing assistant.

Grammarly Writing Assistant Performance report

Comparing Grammarly’s Writing Assistant’s performances between Grammarly Free vs. Premium, the Premium plan is the clear winner.

Here are some features that only Grammarly paid customers are getting.

  • Advanced and complete grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking suite – Grammarly checks over four hundred minor to advanced grammar rules and instantly checks for an error in your writing. Also, it automatically corrects spelling errors as you write.
  • Consistency in spelling and punctuation – Grammarly Premium checks for comma errors, misspells, and consistency better than the Free plan.
  • Fluency – Grammarly Premium ensures your word choices sound natural and fluent. An essential feature for content writers and email users.
  • Clarity – Conciseness and readability are two key factors that make your content rich in readers’ eyes and brains. Grammarly’s readability checking capabilities help you write better content for people, not robotics, making your content more natural.
  • Engagement – Writing a piece of content is easy. But, writing engaging content is not that easier. You need to know various English words and their uses at the right moment to write compelling content. Grammarly’s Lively sentence varieties and synonym suggestion tools make writing engaging content easier than ever.
  • Delivery – Delivering output content so that it doesn’t confuse, get mad, or hate you is crucial in today’s world. People are less patient nowadays and have only a few seconds for marketers to steal people’s attention. Grammarly Writing Assistant does a good job in word suggestions to make your writing polite, less confusing, confident, and formatted well.
  • Plagiarism – One key difference between Grammarly’s paid vs. free plans is that paid customers can check for plagiarism in the content they wrote inside Grammarly Editor.
  • Phrasal Predictions – Another advanced feature to help you out in writing content. Only available for paid users.

Here is an example of the plagiarism checker inside my Grammarly Premium account. As you see, Grammarly detected the 37-words paragraph is already in use! In fact, I wrote and published this Grammarly Alternatives post a few days ago! That is a good sign of how well and often Grammarly checks for content on the World Wide Web.

Check duplicate content with Grammarly Premium.

If you are a blogger like me, you need to consider getting on Grammarly Premium over Grammarly Free because duplicate content is harmful to your site’s SEO performance.

Human-oriented grammar checking cannot be neglected when comparing Grammarly Free vs. Premium in 2023. Let’s be honest here. Even Grammarly is not tailored 100% to correct grammatical errors as a human read proofreader does.

But if you have read my Grammarly review, you would know that Grammarly focused better on Artificial Intelligence in 2019. Hence, in 2023, you could see their implementation to make grammar checking better.

The later addition to Grammarly Editor is Setting up Goals.

Goal setting

If you want to compare Grammarly Free and Paid plans such as Premium based on the ability to tailor writing suggestions, paid plans get most of them. In fact, Grammarly paid customers to receive a complete suite of defining writing suggestions.

  • Audience – For whom is your content written? Depending on the audience type, people may need to focus on reading and understanding.
  • Formality – A critical setting, especially for college students and business people who write more formal letters and documents.
  • Domain – There are significant differences between an academic whitepaper and a casual blog post. You can define which content is focused on with this option. Again, this feature is wholly given only for Grammarly paid over free.
  • Tone – How do you want to sound? This option is precisely for it. Grammarly AI writing assistant will deliver feedback based on the tone(s) you have set to.
  • Intent – What is the intent of your writing? Is it to describe something or convince something or tell a story?

When comparing Writing Assistant’s performance between Grammarly Free vs. Premium, you could clearly see that Grammarly paid plans are designed for high performance and accurate grammar checking. In contrast, a free Grammarly plan allows you to accomplish basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking.

Also, Grammarly’s Phrasal predictions feature will help you tremendously make the content more high-quality.

Using Rephrase feature – Google Chrome Grammarly Browser extension

Comparing Grammarly Free vs Premium Grammar Checking

I uploaded the same errorful document to both accounts to compare both Grammarly Free and Premium plans. One is paid, and another is a free account. Let’s take a look at how well Grammarly Writing Assistant performs under a free account.

Grammarly Free Writing Assistant’s Grammar Checking

Grammarly suggested that my article has got 41 overall errors under the Correctness category. No rephrasing suggestions are made.

Now let’s take a look at how Grammarly Writing Assistant on the Premium account performs.

Grammarly Premium Writing Assistant’s Grammar Checking

According to my Grammarly Premium account, there are 65 alerts under the Correctness category. That is +24 more grammatical errors that I would have missed on Grammarly’s free account.

Many of those extra suggestions are to make my content more readable and human-friendly.

Writing suggestions by Grammarly

As a non-native English speaker, those suggestions are very important to me.

Verdict on Grammarly Free vs. Premium

What is better, Grammarly Premium or Free?

Grammarly’s paid plans are designed for professional writers, marketers, students, teachers, and people who want to improve their English knowledge.

Yes, Grammarly premium offers extra features such as Plagiarism checking. But, basically, Grammarly Premium is for serious writers. If you are a serial marketer or a serious learner, Grammarly Premium or Business plan is for you.

But, if you are a person who is not very keen on posting content on the internet or do not want a Writing Assistant app to ease your grammar corrections, then maybe Grammarly Free is for you.

Grammarly Free vs other products

Although there are dozens of apps like Grammarly, I firmly believe that Grammarly’s Free plan is better than most other free grammar checker tools.

Grammarly’s free plan is to stay ahead of others by comparing Grammarly vs. Hemingway, Turnitin, or even Grammarly vs. Ginger. It provides many tools, such as an online editor, browser extensions, and mobile keyboard apps, but its basic features are enough for most tasks.

Get Grammarly Premium for free

If you are interested in Grammarly Premium but do not have enough money now, I have excellent news for you. Our other website,, is giving away Grammarly Premium 1-year subscription for free.

How to get Grammarly Premium for free

Sign up for the giveaway notification list to get Grammarly Premium for free. You will be the first to know when we release the Grammarly Premium free giveaway through email.

Grammarly Free or Grammarly Premium?

If you are a professional marketer, blogger, content marketer, working for a media company, teacher, student, or just a person who wants to improve your English knowledge, go for Grammarly Premium.

If you want a tool to do basic checking on grammar, spelling, and punctuation, go for Grammarly Free. As we saw in this Grammarly Free vs. Premium comparison, the Free plan is enough for simple tasks.

So what are your thoughts on Grammarly Free vs. Premium? Which plan would you like to choose? Grammarly Free or Premium?


What is the difference between Grammarly Premium and Business?

Grammarly Business plan allows team members to cooperate and provide features like snippets and analytics.

How much is Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly Premium costs $30.00 a month or $60.00 per quarter, or $144.00 per year.

What do you get with Grammarly Premium?

You will get all features, including plagiarism checking, phrasal predictions, and synonym suggestions.

Is Grammarly Premium worth it?

If content writing is a big part of your life or business, Grammarly Premium is worth it.

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