Grammarly Business Review 2024 (Premium vs. Business)

If you asked me to list the top 3 grammar checker tools, Grammarly is definitely top there. In this Grammarly Business review, I will share a brief overview of Grammarly Business plan features and a comparison of Grammarly Premium vs. Business.


Grammarly is one of the best grammar checker tools. It is probably best when it comes to proofreading tools. Some notable features are:

  • Plagiarism checking
  • Synonyms and definitions suggestions
  • AI Writing Assistant
  • Phrasal prediction
  • Tone detector

I have already written a review on Grammarly before. In this Grammarly Business review, I will focus on the Business plan features and more.

What is Grammarly Business?

Grammarly Business logo

In a previous article, I shared the differences between Grammarly free and paid. However, when comparing Grammarly Business vs. Premium, there are fewer differences. Grammarly Business is a pricing tier of Grammarly paid plans. Therefore, as a paid user, you will have all professional grammar-checking features if you subscribe to the premium plan or business plan.

You will receive more features particularly related to team collaboration in the Business plan. That is what I am going to dive into in this Grammarly Business Review.

Common Features of Grammarly Premium and Business

As a subscriber of Grammarly, you will get access to these features:

  1. Advanced grammar checking features
  2. Plagiarism checker
  3. Synonyms and definitions checker
  4. Select the English language type – Options are American, British, Canadian, and Australian English.
  5. Enable writing suggestions to sound more fluent in English
  6. Suggestions (from improving readability to flagging missing Oxford/serial commas)
  7. Monthly report via email

You can find all features and whatnot in this Grammarly premium review.

Grammarly Business Review: Features

Add users

Grammarly Business makes it easier for you to add your co-workers, students, or client to your organization very easily.

Grammarly Business team collaboration
Invite team members to your organization in Grammarly

When assigned a user to your organization in Grammarly, the user profile will add this message at the top of the account settings.

Grammarly Business account settings
Grammarly Business Account Settings

Also, you can see Grammarly lists brief information about you and your company, such as the number of employees and your company’s industry. If you wish to remove from the particular organization, you can use the delete option at the bottom.

The assigned user profile will have a badge at the top left corner. It shows the user is on the Grammarly Business plan and receives exclusive features, which I will further show in this review on Grammarly Business.

Grammarly Business badge - Dashboard
Grammarly Business Dashboard


One of the best features I want to review on the Grammarly Business plan is Analytics.

Grammarly Business Analytics
Grammarly Business Analytics

Watch this short video to see which statistics you can find on the Grammarly Analytics page of the Business account.

Grammarly Business Analytics Overview

Overall, here are what you can get on this page:

  • Active Team Members – Know active members of each day of your organization.
  • Communications Overview – Find at which percentage your team’s communication has improved each day. You can see it by total users or per active user.
  • Usage Summary – Get to know Grammarly usage in terms of sessions, Total time spent using Grammarly, and total word count checked for grammatical errors on Grammarly. You can check these stats for total usage, session, or user. At the bottom of this section, Grammarly will list Grammarly’s efficiency impact, showing how many hours Grammarly has saved for team members in your Grammarly Business account.
  • Grammarly Suggestions – Find out the address, unresolved, and dismissed writing suggestions by users on your Grammarly Organization.
  • Tones Detected (Beta) – Know the top three tones of written content daily.

Style Guide

Grammarly Style Guides
Style Guides

Style Guide is an exclusive feature only available in the Business plan. A style guide, also called a style manual, outlines the writing and formatting standards used in written communication. Learn more.

The uses of the Style guide in Grammarly:

  • Give a reference on which format to use.
  • Tell whether or not particular punctuation and styling applies to your document.
  • Keep your writing style consistent across all publications.


Grammarly Snippets
Using Grammarly Snippets in Gmail

Snippets are another very useful (and time-saving) feature inside Grammarly. Let’s say you are emailing a lot. Chances are, you will send very similar subject lines and even body text to many recipients. Despite writing all content uniquely, how about letting Grammarly save your writing snippets and use them when necessary?

Another use-case of Grammarly’s Snippets tool is saving answers for frequently asked questions about your product or service and using it when necessary in email support and live chat support via tools like Intercom and Gist.

That is what Grammarly’s Snippets do, and the use cases and benefits are diverse! Snippets is a Grammarly Business exclusive feature. So, if you want to use it, you will have to use the Business plan, not the Premium.

Grammarly Snippets creator
Snippets Creator in Grammarly Business account

Add your snippet’s title under the “Name” field and type the content in the content field.

How to use Grammarly Snippets in work

Whenever you want to use any Snippet, enter the ‘\’ and start typing the title or the name of the Snippet. See the screenshot below for an example.

Brand Tones

Grammarly Brand Tones
Using Grammarly Brand Tones in Gmail

This feature is managed through the administrator level of the Grammarly Business organization. Tone reveals the author’s attitude about a subject or topic to the reader. Hence, Brand tones can be a helpful tool if you intend to use Grammarly Business for your online business and publications where content is the medium and core of your company.

Grammarly Premium vs. Business

You might wonder what the difference is between Grammarly business and premium. Here is a short comparison table that shows Grammarly’s business vs. premium uses.

Premium Grammar CheckingYesYes
AI-Powered Writing AssistantYesYes
Brand TonesNoYes
Style GuidesNoYes
Add, remove, transfer accounts, and manage permissionsNoYes

Is Grammarly Business better than Premium?

Grammarly Business is built for teams to ensure their communication and writing are professional and precise. On the other hand, Grammarly Premium is not equipped with team management, Analytics Dashboard (even though you get weekly reports via email), Style Guides, Brand tones, and Snippets.

Essentially, the Grammarly Business plan provides a seamless experience for businesses engaged in Support, Sales, and Marketing. The Premium plan or the free plan is best for single users.

Grammarly Business Pricing

Grammarly Business Pricing is based on the number of collaborators or team members in your organization. The more people in your organization, the higher the cost, even though Grammarly sliding discounts (10% OFF) for larger teams.

Grammarly Business Pricing
Grammarly Business Pricing

If your organization has three members, it would cost $25 per user on monthly payments or $12.50 on annual pay. Save 50% when subscribing to the yearly plan.

Grammarly Business has a 149-user cap. If you want more team members, you will have to contact them and ask for a custom quota plan.

Its Enterprise plan is equipped with an Unlimited number of team members, Bulk user management, and Domain authorization.

Also, Grammarly provides special discounts for large business entities, non-profit organizations, and educational bodies.

Assuming your organization’s team does not change, you can reduce the Grammarly Business cost by paying annually instead of monthly.

5 Uses of Grammarly Business

In this review of Grammarly Business, I shared features and a comparison with the Premium personal plan. Here I will list five uses of Grammarly Business if you are still unsure what it does.

  1. Customer support: Improve the quality of customer support via Live Chat with the integration of Grammarly browser extensions and Business plan features such as snippets.
  2. Sales: Grow your sales team’s professionalism with quality writing and brand tones.
  3. Communication: Seamlessly manage the entire company’s communication workflow and improve the communication quality with advanced Analytics
  4. Marketing: Do you use content marketing as a medium to drive traffic and sales to your company? Grammarly Business can help you in this area by making your content more polished, quality, and natural.
  5. Scale: Grammarly works on every platform your employees use. Be it Google Docs, Slack, WordPress, Jira, Microsoft Office, iPod, iOS, and Android devices. So, unlike Grammarly competitors, Grammarly is everywhere so that you can scale your work.

Also, you can share your Grammarly Business account with freelance writers to improve the quality of your content. The seamless team collaboration is the main benefit of using Grammarly Business over other tools and the personal Premium plan.

Grammarly Business Review Conclusion

I have been using Grammarly for several months since 2012 and the Business edition. It is no doubt that Grammarly is the best-in-the-class of best grammar checker that provides various tools for vocabulary enhancement and similar content checking.

In this short Grammarly Business review, I shared how I view the Business plan from my perspective and best use-cases. The Business plan is worth it if your business is large enough and content marketing, communication, and sales are a big part.

So, what is your review on Grammarly Business?

Grammarly Business Review Ratings $25
  • Team Collaboration
  • Features
  • Analytics
  • Pricing


Grammarly Business makes your entire team’s writing more polished and professional by offering best-in-class features. Its Business-friendly features such as Snippets, Brand Tones make your employees’ lives easier. Also, the Analytics dashboard and the admin-exclusive team role control features make central controlling and enhancing customer service, sales, and marketing more smooth and more affordable. Furthermore, Grammarly adheres to internationally recognized security protocols like GDPR and CCPA. It has taken many measures to make it one of the most business-friendly writing tools for marketing teams and business entities with teams.


  • Business-friendly features to enhance team collaboration
  • Style Guides
  • Analytics Dashboard


  • No Style Guides importer
  • Can get expensive

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