10 Perfect Grammar Checker Tools ~ Put Full-stop to Grammar Errors

I know that writing error-free articles is difficult in most parts…

If you are a non-native English writer, you know that writing grammar error-free articles are not easy.

You don’t need to worry. I’m here with a solution.

I have found some excellent free grammar checker tools that will do the hardest task for you.

It will automatically find and correct grammatical mistakes, fix punctuation flaws and make your article readable for people, not machines…

… Here are the best online grammar checker tools. Best wishes for writing grammar error-free articles!


If you asked me what my personal grammar corrector tool is, and what grammar checker I recommend for any person, it is Grammarly, indeed.

Grammarly is a robust grammar checker, punctuation corrector, and plagiarism checker tool. It is used by thousands of bloggers, freelance writers, teachers, students and people who want to learn English themselves.

Grammarly has two versions; free version and paid version.

In the free version, you will still be able to check and correct grammar errors. However, not as like you use a Grammarly premium account.

Grammarly premium account includes these noticeable features.

  • Check and fix over 250 standard and sensitive grammatical errors in a matter of seconds.
  • Find and replace synonyms to increase the quality of the article.
  • Better proofreading.
  • The number of article types to correct punctuation and grammar mistakes accordingly.

Despite those features, I don’t forget to inform the value of Grammarly’s browser extensions. They are very helpful to fix English grammar errors anywhere you are in.

All in all, Grammarly is my personal grammar checker tool. Give it a shot and let me know your experience with it. (I strongly recommend you to upgrade to Grammarly premium. I have explained about it in this article)

after the deadline

Polish My Writing or After-the-deadline is a free style, grammar suggestion, and spelling error corrector tool.

It finds and highlights spelling, grammar, and spelling errors. So you can clearly understand what is going wrong with your article.

A simple, yet a useful tool for children, students and ordinary people alike.


A cool tool for everyone who wants to check punctuation, grammatical and spelling on their rules! You can change the settings to check and correct grammar errors accordingly. Ex: Personalized words

Paper Rater gives you an overall score which is similar to Grammarly’s writing quality score. Even though personally I don’t use Paper Rater, I have found many people say good things about this online proofreader.


I don’t know about you. But, for me, I would like to write ANY article on a distraction free interface. That’s one reason I use Microsoft Word to write articles.

OnlineCorrection includes all the features that a typical proofreader tool has such as; automatic grammar correction, punctuation error capturing (ex: improper adding of commas, colons, and semi-colons), wordiness checking and spelling error fixing.

It is a free English grammar checker tool. So, give it a try today and find what OnlineCorrection can do for you.



I used Ginger Proofreader software to correct my articles’ grammar mistakes before I moved to Grammarly.

I can recommend it for any English writer, blogger, freelance writer and college student.

Ginger provides many tools to help you have an error-free article. Its unique tools such as translation, sentence rephrase tool, personal trainer, text reader and Dictionary will make you a pro in the English language.

It supports for many platforms such as mobile, desktop and web browsers. So, if you use your mobile devices regularly for important tasks, then use Ginger grammar for your assistance. Because, Ginger’s mobile keyboard won’t allow you to make any grammar error!

As I have used both Grammarly and Ginger pretty well in past years, I compiled an article comparing differences between Ginger and Grammarly online grammar tools. I suggest you to check it out to know if you have any doubt on what the best grammar checker online for your needs is.

Test it now by correcting a few paragraphs by using their online tool. And see how good Ginger grammar checker is.


Language Tool is an open source based online grammar and punctuation checker tool.

It comes under license of LGPL 2.1. So you can download LanguageTool and change the source code as you want.

Currently, LanguageTool can proofreader 20 different languages which include English, French, and Spanish.

So, if you know how to customize the tool, you can even enhance the LanguageTool by adding more supporting languages, adding more features, etc.

All in all, LanguageTool is a one of best free grammar checker tools on the Internet today. Download Language Tool’s source code from GitHub over here and make own grammar corrector!


GramMark, org provides a grammar checking tool which works as same as language Tool. Yes, it is another open source based proofreading tool.

You can download GramMark tool over here and contribute to building a better free grammar corrector tool.


GrammarCheck.me is one of my favorite proofreading tools. Why? Because its writer’s friendly interface tickles me every time I write an article.

As you see, it has an excellent interface for bloggers and freelance writers alike. Text formatting and text-print tools make it easier to create a definite article.

Check out GrammarCheck.me and let me know what your favorite feature of it is.


“Nadaclair Language Technologies” developed SpellCheckPlus since 2001. SpellCheckplus can check grammar and spelling errors efficiently. But it doesn’t correct them automatically.

So, you will have to replace the correct word manually. SpellCheckPlus is a good tool to check grammar errors quickly but is not an automatic grammar corrector.


My latest best online grammar checker tool. Not only SpellChecker will save you time by automatically fixing grammar mistakes, contextual errors, punctuation errors, adding modifiers, prepositions, and quantifiers in right places, but also will improve your writing ability and make you confident to write an error-free article in next time.

Give it a try and see how instantly you can correct hundreds of grammatical errors.

My Recommendation…. My Best Tool to Check Grammar

English is not my mother language neither tongue language.

So, it’s hard me to come up with new and equivalent meaning words and correcting grammar mistakes at the same time.

However, the use grammar check software helped me improve my English grammar.

If you are like me, want to improve English writing while adding more words to your vocabulary dictionary, then I recommend you only ONE tool.
What is it?

It is Grammarly.

Why Grammarly?

You can learn everything why I love so much this tool and recommend for every writer, college student and content marketer over here.

Not only Grammarly helped me improve my article writing ability, but also developed (and still continue improving) my English vocabulary too.

That’s why when I write any article I don’t forget to find synonyms for any word/word phrase as possible.

Give Grammarly a try and let me know what you think about this perfect grammar checker.

Final Words

As being humans, we are not 100% perfect at anything. Be it grammar checking too.

Even you are a native English writer; you could make lots of grammar errors on each article, composition, newsletter, official document and whitepaper you make.

But, like most things, technology has made our lives easier.

Now there are lots of tools to check grammar easily and very quickly.

You just need to find the best grammar checker that can fix any sensitive grammar mistake correctly accordingly the article type, writing style, etc.

If you don’t use the most appropriate tool to check grammar, you might not ever know whether your story is 100% error-free one.

That’s why using a perfect grammar checking tool such as Grammarly is inestimable in most cases.

So, what is your best online grammar and punctuation checker tool? Is it Grammarly, Ginger or LanguageTool? Share your thoughts in the comment form below.

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    Thanks for sharing this excellent blog. Every English writer, student, and a teacher makes a grammatical error. I think this grammar checker tool will help them to reduce the number of grammatical mistakes they make while writing in English.

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    Thanks for the wonderful blog. I was looking for a good English Grammar and Spelling Checker for my self and these tools are very helpful for my vocabulary now I can easily check the errors.

  • thanks for the information.Grammarly is the best tool which I have ever used because it not only helps to check grammar mistakes but also check spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes and also improve the sentence structure and much more. Grammarly is a complete solution for write error free article.

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