List of 10 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools to Use Free

I know that writing error-free content is difficult on most occasions…

If you are a non-native English speaker, you know more than anyone that writing grammar-errorless articles is not easy.

You don’t need to worry. I’m here with a solution today. I have found some excellent free grammar checker tools to do your most challenging task.

They will automatically find and correct grammatical mistakes, fix punctuation errors such as unused commas and quotation marks, and make your article comprehensive, high-quality, and particularly readable for people, not machines…

…Here is the list of the best online grammar checker tools. Some of these provide mobile keyboard apps and desktop applications so that you can use them on cross-devices to make your writing better each time you write.

Best wishes for writing grammar-error-free articles! — Let us know your favorite automatic grammar check tool in the comments below.

Grammarly Grammar Checker


Grammarly is a robust grammar checker, punctuation corrector, and plagiarism checker tool. It is used by thousands of bloggers, freelance writers, teachers, students, and many other people.

Grammarly has two versions: the free version and the paid version. In the free version, you can still check and correct grammar errors. However, the free account is unlike a Grammarly premium account, which has many features such as GrammarlyGO.

Grammarly’s Premium account includes these noticeable features.

  • Check and fix over 400 standard and sensitive grammatical errors in seconds.
  • Find and replace synonyms to increase the quality of the article
  • Better proofreading
  • GrammarlyGO AI writing assistant
  • Check similar content across the web. Use the plagiarism-checking feature to analyze the uniqueness of your written content.
GrammarlyGO AI text generation

All in all, Grammarly is my grammar checker tool. Give it a shot, and let me know your experience with it. (I strongly recommend you upgrade to Grammarly Premium. I have explained the differences in this article on Grammarly free vs. Premium)


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ProWritingAid is another grammar checker tool with AI Writing Assistant and is a comprehensive solution for writers, offering assistance with grammar, style, readability, and more.

Top features of ProWringAid:

  • Grammar and Spelling Check: ProWritingAid checks your text for grammatical errors and misspelled words, helping you maintain correct and professional writing.
  • Style and Clarity: It provides suggestions to enhance your writing style, making it clearer, more concise, and engaging.
  • Contextual Thesaurus: The contextual thesaurus feature helps you find synonyms and related words to diversify your vocabulary and improve your writing.
  • Readability Analysis: ProWritingAid assesses the readability of your text and offers suggestions to make it more accessible to your target audience.
  • Writing Style Analysis: It assesses your writing style based on various parameters, such as passive voice, sentence length, and sentence variety, providing recommendations for improvement.
ProWritingAid Editor
ProWritingAid Editor

ProWritingAid offers more than grammar-checking features. It lets you set goals, create text snippets, find synonyms, rhymes, and anagrams, and create custom grammar & style rules.

Click here to try ProWritingAid.



Linguix is a powerful AI-based writing assistant designed to improve your writing in real-time. Whether you’re crafting an email, essay, or business proposal, Linguix helps you write with confidence. It checks for grammar and spelling errors, offers style and clarity suggestions, and even provides vocabulary enhancements to make your writing more engaging.

Top features:

  • Grammar and Spelling Check: Linguix detects and corrects grammar and spelling errors in your text, ensuring your writing is error-free.
  • Style and Clarity Suggestions: It provides recommendations to improve your writing style, making your content more clear, concise, and engaging.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement: Linguix suggests synonyms and vocabulary enhancements to diversify your word choices and improve the richness of your writing.
  • Readability Analysis: It assesses the readability of your text and offers suggestions to make it more accessible and suitable for your target audience.
  • Personal Dictionary: Users can create a personal dictionary to include custom words and terms that standard spell-checkers may not recognize.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Linguix includes a plagiarism checker to help you ensure your content is original and free from unintentional plagiarism.

Additionally, Linguix provides a browser extension that can be used for real-time writing assistance while composing emails, filling out online forms, or writing on websites. Linguix uses artificial intelligence to offer contextually relevant suggestions tailored to your specific writing needs. It integrates with popular writing software and platforms, including Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and more.

Linguix Editor

Linguix is a free to use. However, the free plan is limited in specific features. The Linguix Pro costs $30 per month.

Paper Rater


PaperRater is another free grammar checker for everyone who wants to check punctuation, grammar, and spelling. You can change the settings to check and correct grammar errors accordingly. Ex: Personalized words

PaperRater gives you an overall score similar to Grammarly’s writing quality score. Even though I don’t use Paper Rater personally, many people say good things about this online proofreader.

Online Correction


I don’t know about you. But, I would like to write ANY article on a distraction-free interface. That’s one reason I use Microsoft Word to write articles.

OnlineCorrection includes all the features a typical proofreader tool has, such as automatic grammar correction, punctuation error capturing (ex, improper adding of commas, colons, and semi-colons), wordiness checking, and spelling error fixes.

It is a free English grammar checker tool. So, give it a try today and find what OnlineCorrection can do for you.

Ginger Grammar Checker


I used Ginger Proofreader software to correct my articles’ grammar mistakes before I moved to Grammarly. I can recommend it to any English writer, blogger, freelance writer, or college student.

Ginger provides many tools to help you have an error-free article. Its unique tools, such as translation, sentence rephrasing tools, personal trainer, text reader, and Dictionary, will make you a pro in the English language.

It supports many platforms, such as mobile, desktop, and web browsers. So, if you use your mobile devices regularly for important tasks, use Ginger Grammar for your assistance because Ginger’s mobile keyboard won’t allow you to make any grammar errors!

As I have used Grammarly and Ginger pretty well in past years, I compiled an article comparing the differences between Ginger and Grammarly. I suggest you check it out to know if you have any doubts about the best grammar checker online for your needs.

Test it now by correcting a few paragraphs using their online tool. And see how good Ginger’s grammar checker is.



LanguageTool is another tool like Grammarly that allows you to paraphrase and auto-correct grammar mistakes efficiently from LanguageTool’s editor and through websites via browser extensions, e-mail add-ons, Office plugins, and apps for macOS, Windows, and iOS.

Currently, LanguageTool can proofread text in over thirty languages, including English, French, Tamil, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Danish, and Spanish. Some features of the LanguageTool are:

  • Personal Dictionary
  • Advanced punctuation, style, and typography with the “Picky Mode.”
  • Plugins, apps and add-ons
  • Open source grammar checker software. Find out more from this link.
  • Proofreading API

Since LanguageTool is an open-source product, you can download and edit the source code to enhance the application.


Grammark provides a grammar-checking tool that works the same as LanguageTool. Yes, it is another open-source-based proofreading tool.

You can download the GramMark tool here and contribute to building a better free grammar corrector tool.



Nadaclair Language Technologies” developed SpellCheckPlus in 2001. SpellCheckplus can check grammar and spelling errors efficiently. But it doesn’t correct them automatically.

So, you will have to replace the correct word manually. SpellCheckPlus is an excellent tool to check grammar errors quickly, but it is not an automatic grammar corrector.

Hemingway App

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway app is famous, particularly among college students and content writers.

Talking about the automatic grammar-checking abilities of the Hemingway app, it’s on par with most other tools listed above. It also has a desktop application for checking grammar on your PC that costs $19.99. And the Hemingway Premium includes AI-based grammar correction, which costs $10 monthly.

Try it and see how instantly you can correct hundreds of grammatical errors.

What is the best grammar checker?

It depends on your uses. All these online grammar checkers are free to use. Even though most advanced features are paid, you can still try them (for free by signing up for trials) and see which grammar checker software is best for you.

I use Grammarly because of its versatility, ease of use, and integration. The snippets, personal dictionary, and GrammarlyGO are some other nifty features of Grammarly that I often use, which aren’t generally found on other tools.

Try Grammarly here, and let me know what you think about it.

Final words

As humans, we are not 100% perfect at anything. Even if you are a native English writer, the chances of missing out on simple to advanced grammatical errors in your articles when proofreading.

But, like most things, technology has made our lives easier. Now, there are many tools to check grammar errors easily and quickly.

You must find the best grammar checker to correct sensitive grammar mistakes according to the article type, writing style, etc.

If you don’t use the most appropriate tool to check grammar, you might not even know whether your story is 100% error-free.

That’s why using a perfect grammar-checking tool such as Grammarly is inestimable.

So, what is your best online grammar and punctuation checker tool? Is it Grammarly, Ginger, or LanguageTool? Share your thoughts in the comment form below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this excellent blog. Every English writer, student, and a teacher makes a grammatical error. I think this grammar checker tool will help them to reduce the number of grammatical mistakes they make while writing in English.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful blog. I was looking for a good English Grammar and Spelling Checker for my self and these tools are very helpful for my vocabulary now I can easily check the errors.

  3. thanks for the information.Grammarly is the best tool which I have ever used because it not only helps to check grammar mistakes but also check spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes and also improve the sentence structure and much more. Grammarly is a complete solution for write error free article.


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