Affiliatable Review 2022: Complete Walkthrough

At the end of the day, you need money to survive your business and grow constantly. For that reason, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a key part of your business venture regardless of your niche, size of business, and how you monetize your audience.

The same applies to an affiliate site; be it a niche site, Amazon affiliate blog, or an event blog created for a very specific reason.

Writing educative content and persuasive content are two different domains. In whichever category your content is put into, there are ways to highlight CTAs (Call to action) so that you will make more money through affiliate product/service promotions.

One of those ways is displaying CTAs and highlighting key details on a web page.

Affiliatable is one of the best tools that do the job pretty well.

Affiliatable website screenshot

In today’s review on Affiliatable, you find a complete overview and walkthrough. (and how we use it on

What is Affiliatable?

Affiliatable is such a feature-rich and easy-to-use online marketing tool that provide the functionality to create stunning comparison tables, rating boxes, pros & cons sections, and more without having any skill in coding.

For example, let’s say you want to highlight the pros and cons of a product or service of a listicle on your blog. Affiliatable has a dedicated widget type for it. Here is the Pros & Cons widget created on Affilitable for Voluum link tracker which you can see live on this post.

  • State-of-the-art complete link tracker
  • Integrations
  • Team members
  • Affiliate academy, webinars, and documentation
  • Ant-fraud kit
  • AI for campaign optimization
  • Automizer to automate tasks based on rules
  • Alerts to get notifications through mobile and desktop push notifications on campaign changes
  • Mobile app
  • Collaboration tools
  • Advanced analytics
  • Automatic campaign migration from your old tracker
  • Track ZeroPark events for free
  • Used by professional marketers
  • Pricing can be a bit expensive if you are getting started on online advertising

The coolest part is you can embed any Affiliatable widget on unlimited placements and edit it at any given time including changing the global theme in bulk (more on that later on Affiliatable review).

Not only that the integration with Amazon gives you hundreds fold of opportunities to scale your Amazon affiliate niche websites in a way that previously was impossible.

Affiliatable Amazon Associates integration
Integration with Amazon Associates eases the process of making CTA widgets and comparison tables for affiliate promotions. Check out the demo video below for more insights.

How to use Affiliatable?

Affiliatable provides flexible widget creation, widget management, installation, and basic click reports. Here is the process to start using Affiliatable:

Sign up on Affiliatable

Affiliatable has a free plan and two paid plans. For basic uses, the Free plan is enough. But, if you want to scale your campaigns up, remove Affiliatable branding from widgets, and try Pro widgets (more beautiful and feature-rich), you should sign up for a paid plan.

If you have a long-term plan on maintaining the website or managing affiliate websites as one of your income streams, try its lifetime plans (no subscription payments) but I will discuss more on that later on Affiliatable review.

Click here to visit the official Affiliatable website and register your account.

Affiliatable register
You can get started on Affiliatable for free

Once registered, you will be directed to the Affiliatable dashboard.

Affiliatable dashboard

As you can see, I have already created several CTA widgets.

Install Affiliatable script

One of the best features of Affiliatable is that it supports all CMS (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress, Brizy, Ghost, Blogger, and other website and store builders such as Shopify, Webflow, Wix, Weebly, and even any HTML sites such as UpViral giveaway pages.

Basically, Affiliatable offers two ways to connect your site:

  1. WordPress plugin – Most recommended way to connect your WordPress blog or Woocommerce store. If your Amazon affiliate niche website is based on WordPress CMS, the WordPress plugin will provide more features such as synchronization of all updated CTAs and click reports.
  2. JavaScript script – For all other non-WordPress sites, JS script is the way to connect your site. Install it on the header section of your site. Additionally, you can use your Google Tag Manager to fire Affiliatable base code after other elements are loaded so that won’t make an impact on page loading time.

For instance, when you use the WordPress plugin, it supports Geo-targeting for Amazon affiliates so your affiliate links will automatically be adjusted based on the visitors’ locations!

Affiliatable WordPress plugin settings
Affiliatable WordPress plugin settings

Affiliatable walkthrough

Check out the video below to find out how to use Affiliatable to promote Amazon products as an affiliate.


  • Integration with Amazon allows Affiliatable you to fetch product details very easily
  • Change product star ratings
  • Customize CTA button text, color, make affiliate links nofollow (i.e: prevent search engines from following specific links), open links in a new window/tab, and add Schema
  • Change global theme and colors
  • Embed on WordPress site via unique widget shortcode

Review of Affiliatable widget types

Currently, includes six CTA widget types:

  1. Comparison table
  2. Product box
  3. Pros/Cons box
  4. Top 3 Box
  5. Rating Box
  6. Versus Box

In this Affiliatable review, I will briefly explain them.

Comparison Table

Comparison tables are great ways to showcase differences among products and services you are promoting.

For example, if you review top products in a specific category, a comparison table would be certainly not only helpful for readers to quickly differentiate qualities and quantities, but also will increase conversion rate through the CTA button and clickable images and titles.

Affiliatable comparison table creator

Here is an occasion where a comparison table widget was used to highlight three products, namely UpViral, Growsurf, and Gleam.

Best Viral Giveaway Tool
  • Unlimited giveaway campaigns and visitors and winners
  • Drag-and-drop visual (WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get) landing page builder
  • A/B test lead page, share page, and email notification messages
  • Custom fields in giveaway sign up forms
  • Custom domain for giveaway pages and referral tracking domain
  • Custom actions builder
  • Advanced analytics
  • Use your own SMTP
  • Two winner selection methods: Most points and Random weighted draw
  • Post giveaway actions
Best Referral Marketing Software
  • Customize reward type(s) for campaigns – Single-sided, Double-sided, Milestone, and Leaderboard rewards
  • Set custom referral credit window
  • Advanced integrations with popular services and WebHooks, Rest API, and JavaScript API
  • Configure campaign emails
  • Automatic fraud prevention
  • Conversion tracking
Best Social Media Contest Tool
  • Unlimited active campaigns and unlimited visitors
  • Four apps: Competitions, Rewards, Social Galleries, and Email Capture
  • 100+ actions
  • 100+ integrations
  • Analytics
  • Export leads
  • Team members
  • Multiple capture types: Bar, Coupon, Countdown, Embedded, Floating, Notification, Popup, Takeover or custom

Here is a video that showcases a comparison table I created on Affiliatable. Watch and see how easily I can edit the theme color, CTA buttons, duplicate content boxes, add Schema, etc.,

Product Box

Product Box widget type is one of the highest converting ones because of its purpose: highlighting a specific product.

Here is an example Product Box:

Our Score

Solo ads marketing is a numbers game. Ones with a larger budget can scale campaigns quickly.

But, what if you can add a "viral loop" to your lead generation funnels?

It will dramatically increase email opt-ins (by referrals) and decrease the CPL (Cost per lead), right?

More leads = more profit = larger solo ad budget for future campaigns

That is what UpViral is capable of!

Add a rewards campaign to the backend of your solo ad marketing funnels and get free traffic from EVERY solo ad purchase! (the best part is with UpViral you can track each solo ads providers’ conversion rates in terms of virality)

UpViral pricing starts at $79/mo. But you can try it for just $1 by clicking the button below or get a yearly discount over here.

As you can see, the above product box is tailored toward a specific set of audiences, particularly, solo ads buyers who want to build email lists through email solo ads.

Affiliatable product box cta widget designer

The best part is you can duplicate a product box easily and change the content without starting from scratch.

Pros/Cons Boxes

Pros and Cons boxes are helpful not only in review articles but also in listicles where you want to highlight key strengths and weaknesses of each list item without taking too much space on the page while also at the same time taking the reader’s attention to it.

See a live page that uses Affiliatable Pros and Cons boxes from here.

Affiliatable pros cons cta widget creator

Here is an example Pros and Cons box created on Affiliatable.

  • 14-Day free trial
  • Custom domains
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Real-time stats and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Solo ads tracking
  • Track phone sales and offline conversions
  • Shareable reports
  • Automatic bot filtering/blocking & traffic quality analysis
  • Multi-Mode Link Rotators
  • Free training
  • Annual payment options are discontinued
  • Not ideal for media buying campaigns for performance marketing (i.e: Pop ads, Native ads traffic, etc.,)
  • No sub-accounts
  • No mobile app
  • Cannot set email notifications based on rules

One downside (or lack of features) mainly come to see on the Pros and Cons widget type is that you cannot add a CTA button near the Pros & Cons sections. Although you can add a custom CTA button through your page builder or a service such as Powr, Elfsight, having it on the Affiliatable editor would be worth it.

Top 3 Boxes

Top 3 Boxes widget type is similar to Comparison Tables but it focuses on highlighting top items.

Affiliatable Top 3 boxes

Here is a Top 3 Box about Essential Website Growing Tools.

Best Giveaway & Contest Tool for Websites

Get the upper hand on competitive niches and get free traffic and leads through viral referral giveaways. UpViral is the best giveaway software we've used (collected over 9K leads so far), and it's equipped with lots of features and unique functionalities than its competition.


  • Unlimited giveaway campaigns and unlimited landing page visitors
  • Advanced drag-and-drop page editor (Build beautiful pages that are high converting)
  • Run giveaway and rewards campaigns under one campaign
  • A/B test signup page and share pages and email notification messages
  • Integrations with popular email marketing tools and Zapier and WebHooks support
  • Import and export UpViral giveaway campaigns (it's like Clickfunnels. So easy to use.)
  • Multiple winner selection methods
Best Email List Builder & CTA Widget Creator

Easily build beautiful and high converting popups, inline forms and integrate with your existing email autoresponder tools and CRM software.


  • Unlimited ConvertBoxes
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Drag-and-drop widget editor
  • Integrations including Zapier, Google Analytics, and WebHooks
  • Import and export ConvertBox templates
  • WordPress plugin
  • Offered in a Lifetime deal - Learn more.
Next-gen Website Builder That Anyone Can Use

Create high-converting landing pages for your funnels and start a blog without worrying about plugins and hosting.


  • The best site builder for non-techies
  • 100+ design templates, beautiful & mobile perfect
  • Speed up your productivity with Global Styling
  • Amazing page loading speed
  • Unlimited hosting & traffic
  • Publish websites to your own domains
  • Create web Stories and opt-in widgets that can be embedded on any site

As you can see, I have added two CTAs.

  1. Affiliate link – The affiliate tracking link you retrieved from the affiliate network. Make use of traffic redistributor tools to direct traffic to different parts of the same affiliate offer’s website and use an affiliate link tracker such as ClickMagick to track conversions.
  2. Review link – If your site has a dedicated review on a specific product/offer you are highlighting, link out to it. It will add value.

This makes you can embed the Top 3 Box widget on any relevant page not limited to listicles.

Rating Box

Rating Box widget type highlights the overall rating or score based on the quality of a product or service. Currently, Affiliatable has got two themes for Rating Box.

Affiliatable Rating box

Versus Box

The latest widget type is Versus Box and as the name implies, this widget type compares two products. Affiliatable has got only one Versus Box template at the moment.

Affiliatable versus box


Affiliatable was started in 2020 by WildTechDev LLC. Since the launch to the public, the Affiliatable team has been releasing new features, adding new templates consistently.

Here are some of the best features of

Amazon API Integration

If you want to use the Amazon Associates Program and earn money as an affiliate, Amazon API integration would be a great feature. When integrated, you can fetch product details directly from Amazon and customize product boxes and tables inside Affiliatable.

To add Amazon Associates API, click on “Sites” and then on the “Add” button or edit the existing site from the list of your Affiliatable sites.

Affiliatable Amazon Associates integration

Next, enter the Amazon Tracking ID (or Associate Tag), API Key, and API secret in the given fields. If you are not sure where to find that information, check out this tutorial.

Make sure to select the default store. Currently, Affiliatable supports (US region) which is selected by default, and 15 other regions.

Affiliate Tracking ID Replacement

Most people create multiple niche affiliate sites, particularly, Amazon affiliates sites to sell at a later date. This process is also known as website flipping.

When you have hundreds or thousands of pages with your unique Amazon affiliate links, how can you sell the site to another person with their affiliate links added?

Luckily, Affiliatable has added a new feature for Amazon affiliate website flippers. Now, you can change the Amazon affiliate link tracking ID of entire Affiliatable CTA widgets very easily.

Affiliatable change Amazon associates tracking id
Replace old affiliate tracking ID inside Affiliatable

Schema Optimized

Schema markups are used by search engines like Google to enhance search results. One positive side of Schema optimized sites in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) is they usually receive more clicks without schemas.

Affiliatable allows you to add Schema markups on pages where relevant Affiliatable widgets are embedded.

All you need to do is:

  1. Choose “Enable Schema” for the element
  2. Add the URL of the page where the element will be displayed
Affiliatable Schema option

Multiple CTA buttons

One of the best features I want to emphasize in this Affiliatable review is the ability to add another CTA underneath the main CTA button.

Amazon is great when it comes to conversion rates. Most people trust the Amazon brand and hence, you get higher conversion rates. But, the truth is, that affiliates get a very low commission rate compared with Amazon’s competitors.

For example, you can display two options: Buy from ‘Amazon’ or ‘Walmart’ on Affiliatable widgets and provide checkout options for potential customers.

Another example: I use the second CTA button to link to review articles. This makes perfect sense because readers get a chance to read a review and watch product walkthrough videos or check the official website directly.

Here is a real use of multiple CTA buttons in Affiliatable:

Best Email List Growth Booster

Get the upper hand on competitive niches and get free traffic and leads through viral referral giveaways. UpViral is the best giveaway software we've used (collected over 9K leads so far), and it's equipped with tons of features and unique functionalities than its competition.


  • Unlimited giveaway campaigns and unlimited landing page visitors
  • Advanced drag-and-drop page editor (Build beautiful pages that are high converting)
  • Run giveaway and rewards campaigns in one campaign
  • A/B test signup page and share pages and email notification messages
  • Integrations with popular email marketing tools and Zapier and WebHooks support
  • Import and export UpViral giveaway campaigns (it's like Clickfunnels. So easy to use.)
  • Multiple winner selection methods
Best Place to Buy Email Traffic

There is a reason why email marketing is so powerful. How about buying the best email traffic to build your email list fast and sell your own or affiliate offers? That is what Udimi marketplace is for:


  • Free registration and get a $5 coupon code
  • Search sellers in your niche
  • Genuine reviews from buyers
  • Manage all your solo ads campaigns in one place
  • Add your copy (subject line and body text) or just send your traffic rotation link to the solo ads provider
  • 100% money-back guarantee on non-delivered orders
  • 24*7 live chat support
Best Email List Builder

Easily build beautiful and high converting popups, inline forms and integrate with your existing email autoresponder tools and CRM software.


  • Unlimited ConvertBoxes
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Drag-and-drop widget editor
  • Integrations including Zapier, Google Analytics, and WebHooks
  • Import and export ConvertBox templates
  • WordPress plugin
  • Offered in a Lifetime deal - Learn more.

Affiliatable allows you to customize each CTA button separately, so you can change the color, size, and style, and make the CTA button nofollow or dofollow or open in a new window or same tab to your liking.

Change Templates in Bulk

Want to change the template of all widgets to a new one at once? Affiliatable has got you!

Bulk change Affiliatable widget template

Click on the “Global Template Change” button and select the theme you want to adapt and click on the “Apply to all” button.


If you are using the WordPress plugin, you can monitor how your Affiliatable product boxes and tables performed during a given period.

Affiliatable click report WordPress
  • Click Summary – Find out which Affiliatable widget type performed better.
  • Top Performance – Provides statistics on which CTAs have been clicked mostly.
  • Recent Clicks – A simple clickstream data activity log that shows the most recent clicks

Plus, the Affiliatable WordPress plugin gives you the option to sync with your account so that modifications on CTA widgets will be active on site.

In addition to the above main features, Affiliatable also lets you display an affiliate disclaimer text just below Affiliatable CTA widgets, group widgets, add team members and give access to certain websites.


Affiliatable has got a free plan and two paid pricing structures.

The free plan is good for getting started, but, for serious marketers, paid plans are recommended. Free plan lacks key features such as Schema optimization, Live Chat Support, and tracking ID replacement.

There are two pricing plans: Pro (Single site usage) and Pro Infinite (Unlimited site usage)

Affiliatable yearly pricing

And, Affiliatable lifetime deals are available on the official website. Prices are $199 for Pro – Single and $399 for Pro – Infinite. No subscription fees, just one-time payment only.

Affiliatable lifetime pricing

All paid plans come with a 7-day refund period. Unlike you having to go through all the steps to ask for a refund from Grammarly or getting money back from Semrush, Affiliatable will refund you without asking a question if you are unsatisfied or think Affiliatable is not for you.

Pros and Cons

In this Affiliatable review, I listed key features. But, Affiliatable has got its perks and weaknesses. Here are some of them:

  • Amazon API integration
  • Geo-targeting and Amazon Associates tracking ID replacement
  • Cloud-based software
  • Responsive designs (Look fabulous on any device)
  • Use on any website
  • Statistics
  • Schema markups
  • Change template in bulk
  • No limit on views and usage
  • Inexpensive
  • Constantly adding new features
  • No media manager or ability to upload images
  • Do not have CTA button on Pros/Cons boxes
  • Limited Versus Boxes templates
  • Cannot change font family

This Pros & Cons box is created (yes, you guessed it right) on Affiliatable!

Wrapping up Affiliatable review

At the end of the day, as a business owner, you want to make money through your business. Affiliatable is such a great asset to help your site generate more money for you.

In this Affiliatable review, you found out what Affiliatable is and what you can do with it.

I use its services on Pitiya to highlight products and services and get visitors’ attention.

Before Affiliatable

I had to create comparison tables myself with plugins (which slowed my site down) and blocks on Gutenberg, the drag-and-drop page builder on WordPress, which did not look great, and needless to say it takes some time and creativity to design something professional.

Before I was moving to Gutenberg from Thrive Architect, I had to import templates from Thrive Architect Cloud. But, as I found later, those slowed my site down and the widget management was difficult. Plus, I had to start over when/if I need to change the style of the CTA widget.

After Affiliatable

Once I started using Affiliatable in Pitiya, not only did it ease the way of making high-converting CTA widgets for affiliate marketing but most importantly made it so easy to manage all my widgets. Copy the shortcode and embed it where I want.

Before, I had no way of knowing which CTAs are performing better. The only solution was to use an affiliate link tracking program such as ClickMagick, ThirstyAffiliates, or PrettyLink and track button clicks uniquely. It was tedious and discouraged me from creating new CTA widgets.

But, Affiliatable provides stats on important metrics. But, I feel it still lacks some data such as unique clicks vs. total clicks. And I think Affiliatable can improve or expand its territory more on features such as A/B split testing which can add huge value to the table.

All in all, I am pretty happy I found Affiliatable and started using it thinking twice. Who does not want to get more clicks to affiliate links?

If you are on the fence, start using the Affiliatable for free for several weeks and analyze your progress.

So, what is your review on Affiliatable? Share your thoughts below.

Affiliatable Review
  • Templates
  • Integrations
  • Pricing
  • Features


Affiliatable lets you create attention-grabbing CTA (Call-to-action) widgets with 20+ premium, stunning templates. From Comparison tables, Product boxes, Pros/Cons boxes to Versus boxes, you can use Affiliatable to and get more clicks to your affiliate offers.

If you are an Amazon affiliate, make use of Affiliatable’s integration with Amazon Associates Advertising API to fetch product details and generate product boxes and tables quickly.

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