Top 9 Free Grammar and Punctuation Checker Apps/Correctors

Poor grammar and punctuation implementation always hurts. No argument about that.

Well, you are here because you wanted a proper grammar and punctuation checker and corrector to fix errors on your documents, right?

Don’t go anywhere! 😀 In a second you will find out my go-to 9 online grammar and punctuation checker tools.

Personally I use Grammarly to check grammar and punctuation online of my blog post content (like this article you’re reading), essays, papers, emails, social media status (such as Facebook posts) and forum posts. Check out list of online grammar and punctuation checker tools below to find our rankings for best online grammar checkers and the links to websites.

Our Rank

Grammar Checker

Link to Website

1 Grammarly Visit Grammarly
2 Ginger Visit Ginger
3 Pro Writing Aid Visit Pro Writing Aid
4 Paper Rater Visit Paper Rater
5 Polish My Writing Visit Polish My Writing
6 Online Correction Visit Online Correction
7 Language Tool Visit Language Tool
8 GramMark Visit GramMark
9 Spell Check 24 Visit Spell Check 24

Details about ranking table

  1. Grammar and Punctuation checker rankings are based on popularity, customer reviews, functionalities and my experiences. You should be aware that in reality, NOT all online grammar and punctuation checker and corrector tools are 100% perfect in terms of fixing errors compared to a human. (Learn more about human brain vs computer over here.)
  2. Although most above mentioned online grammar checker tools are free to use, some of them may have premium plans which offer other tools such as plagiarism checkers, synonym finders etc.
  3. Some of grammar and punctuation checkers are lack of abilities such as checking apostrophes, comma checking, and quotation mark implementation in proper places correctly. That’s why we have ranked punctuation and grammar checker tools in a table so that you can understand the functionalities of each tool clearly.

If you have any question, suggestion or recommendation on any grammar checking software, please share them in the comment form below.

Best Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools



10 Million users can’t be wrong

Grammarly has become my go-to grammar checker tool for over 4 years now.Business professionals, college teachers, university lectures, bloggers, students, and even professional writers use this powerful grammar corrector tool to make error-free articles.Grammarly as a thorough grammar and punctuation checker has all the tools you need to correct any english document which are not just limited to essays, assignments, campus projects, college lectures, legal documents and business letters​.

You can check ANY set of English words on Grammarly and let it to correct it for you.

Check out this introduction video of Grammarly to know more about it.

Among Grammarly’s sophisticated features, I have found a few key features. Here are some of them.Key features:

  • Grammarly Can Correct Over 250 Simple and Advanced Grammar and Punctuation Errors: Grammarly tool automatically scans your text/article and detects any sentence with poor grammar and punctuation marks. You are just a few clicks away to correct them all. It is as simple as ABC!

grammar rules explanations in

  • Check Grammar in Microsoft Word: You might use MS Word daily for your writing affairs. With Grammarly Microsoft Add-on, you no-moreover need to copy and paste articles to the online grammar checker websites or waiting until someone ends proofreading. Within Microsoft Word program, you can fix grammar and punctuation issues quickly. Not only in Microsoft Word program, but also on all other applications of MicroSoft Office as well. (EX: Excel, Access)
  • Check for Content Plagiarism: If you are a blogger just like me, you would know the Google Panda update pretty well. It is a nightmare for websites that have thin and duplicate contents. But, what most threaten me as a website owner is what if Google identified my blog posts have duplicate content, even through I haven’t copied single line of sentence. Yes, it happens all the time for people. The best way to find out what percentage your blog article is plagiarised and what content are them is using a plagiarism checker tool. Grammarly has in-built content plagiarism checker tool which check your dropped content against over 8 billion web page content.

check blog content plagiarism with grammarly

  • English grammar check: With the ability of test over 250 English punctuation and vocabulary errors, you can turn your errorful article into error-free article very quickly. In General, it takes about 5-15 minutes to correct all grammar mistakes of an article with 2,500 words. Yes, it ultimately depends on your writing style and the number of errors. But, Grammarly can correct all grammar mistakes quicker, unlike other grammar corrector tools. As Google measure your article’s quality by checking grammar and punctuation errors, you should be ensure that your article is errorless even you’re a freelance writer.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement: This feature is especially very useful for content marketers, bloggers, webmaster and especially SEOs. Integrating synonyms in your content will not only improve the quality of your article, but also its readability too. There are millions of words in English language. But, all of use as normal people know just a fraction of it. Grammarly finds relevant synonyms for your article according to contextual meaning and suggest them for you. Although you can use custom synonym finder tools, Grammarly is a better shot as it could save hours from your life.

find synonyms grammarly

Grammarly can be used as an online tool and software that works on your PC, tablet or laptop. There are no differences between these two methods. I have used these both methods. They are simply perfect!Grammarly recently released their new Android and iOS apps for checking grammar and punctuations in mobile devices (Grammarly Keyboard app). So, once you created your Grammarly account, you can download Android App over Play Store and iOS App over App Store and use it with your smart device.If you are searching an excellent spelling and grammar check tool to correct punctuation and wording errors, I would recommend Grammarly.



ginger punctuation checker

All-in-one Toolkit for writers, freelancers, students and marketers to fulfill language aids.

I have used Ginger Proofreader over five years ago for 1-2 years. Ginger is a complete grammar and punctuation corrector tool. I would introduce Ginger grammar checker in another way as the the best alternative to Grammarly.

If you need to check grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax of an article and also translate it into another language, so Ginger software should be your best choice.Key features:

  • Grammar Checker: Being a man of English is second language and only know basics of English, I make lots of grammar and punctuation related errors such as misused commas, apostrophes, hyphens and overused commas, words, stopping words etc. Ginger helped me on all those occasions when I was in trouble. By using Ginger Grammar Checker tool, I created 3,000+ words lengthier articles such as Twitter tools, SEMrush review, BlogSpot SEO guide and Twitter unfollow tools. To be honest, if there wasn’t a powerful free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector like GingerSoftware, I wouldn’t know where I would be today. Possibly out of blogging! 
  • Sentence Rephrase: Speaking and writing are two different styles. But, In many occasions when we write, we use many words that use in speaking (oral language). That happens when we lose our perception and our awareness. But, with “Sentence Rephraser” of Ginger, you can check grammar of sentences separately and make it adapt to proper language style either written language or oral language.
  • Spell Checker: When you write 1000’s words lengthier articles, there are more chances, you could make more spelling mistakes. Personally, I make a lot of misspells in every paragraph. Ginger’s Spell checker tool can correct those misspelled and overused and misused words easily.
  • Punctuation Checker: Ginger has a robust punctuation checker tool. Not putting dots, commas, and quotes in appropriate places of your email application could result in not approving your proposal and losing a valuable customer. The redundant use of punctuation marks changes the message or makes it difficult to understand the message. But, Ginger’s punctuation checker tool is a perfect solution to craft easy-to-read, digestible and understandable articles.
  • Translation: Currently Ginger software can translate your text into over 40 languages. As a premium user, you can use this feature every time you want to translate any text into over 40 languages. Ginger Translation feature is an alternative to Google Translate.

Ginger is an excellent writing tool. Probably the best grammar checker amongst other proofreading tools. As a person who used Ginger proofreading tool in the past, I can recommend you to use Ginger grammar check software on your PC.

Ginger is also available as an App for Android and iOS mobile devices. You can use them for free on your mobile devices.

Grammarly vs Ginger

Grammarly and Ginger are two of best online grammar checker and punctuation checker tools out there. I have written a comprehensive comparison guide between Grammarly and Ginger Software. Read it now to understand key benefits and differences between each one.


Pro Writing Aid


The Essential Editing tool for EVERY Writer.

ProWritingAid is another grammar and punctuation checking and manuscrit editor software. Apart from editing normal English text, ProWritingAid also applies over 5000 different improvements and suggest synonyms to improve readability of piece of text.

Therefore many content writers, authors, college student who are working on literature projects, novelists, and basically every book publisher use Pro Writing Aid to improve English text prior to publicize. 

Key Features:

  • Better Integrations: ProWritingAid integrates with MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs, Scrivener and Google Chrome so you can save lots of valuable time and and increase efficiency of your works. 
  • Word Explorer: Improve your document’s readability and quality furthermore by using Word Explorer tool by ProWritingAid. It contains a thesaurus, contextually related words, dictionary, reverse dictionary, collocation dictionary, alliteration dictionary, cliche dictionary, rhymes and example usages from poetry, prose and songs. So you would never miss any word to add into your articles.
  • Detailed Explanations: ProWritingAid highlight every grammar and punctuation error such as comma slice, wrong sentence structure etc. and after clicking on the highlighted text, you could see a detailed explanation about the grammar rule and punctuation mark. So, you don’t need to search on web for find information about the particular grammar and punctuation rules.

ProWritingAid is a robust online grammar and punctuation checker that provide different tools to improve your piece of English text. It is mostly used by authors and book publishers to improve readability. So, if you are looking for a good grammar checker and corrector, give it a try today.


Paper Rater


Online proofreader for everyone

PaperRater is an online proofreading tool that corrects all grammatical and spelling errors for free of cost. You don’t need to download any software to work with it. It’s a free grammar checker tool with no download.

Besides of working as a thorough comma checker, PaperRater also has several noticeable features. Here are a few of them.Key Features:

  • Check grammar, spelling, and word voice: Apart from just fixing grammatical and spelling errors, PaperRater also corrects word voice. This feature is very useful if you want to proofread a manuscript or a speech text.
  • Check Punctuation mistakes: Using punctuation marks in proper placements is very important. PaperRater automatically detects places to add punctuation marks.
  • Set settings of Proofreading: There are lots of writing styles. One writing style couldn’t be right with traditional English grammar, vocabulary and punctuation rules. But, you can change the setting of proofreading.Ex: If your name is not an English related name, it will be marked as a wording error in most grammar checker tools. But, by changing the settings in PaperRater, you can differ things happenings and so save lots of time.
  • Overall writing score: It is an interesting feature for me. How if you can get a score for your writing? And your friend’s writing skills? Interesting, right? PaperRater will show you an overall score that is known as “writing score”. Writing score is counted using a few different key factors of a high-quality article such as proper wording, the length of a sentence/paragraph, grammar, spelling, punctuation marks and readability scores, etc.

Overall Paper Rater is a simple, yet another powerful free grammar corrector tool for school teachers, students, kids and content marketers alike. The proper use of this tool will make you a better writer day by day and show you how to improve your writing ability and minimize failures.


Polish My Writing


Grammar Checker tool by Automatic (the company which made WordPress CMS)

“After the Deadline” or Polish My Writing as it is called is yet another spelling and grammar checker tool that can be used by anyone who is interested in polishing their English grammatical and spelling skills.

Key Features:

  • Grammar spell check and correction: All grammar errors will be highlighted in green color and suggest the correct version of it. Also, all spelling mistakes will be highlighted in red color and suggest the correct words.  Once you get familiar with these styles, you will simultaneously identify what are your main failures (ex: punctuation errors, grammar errors, spelling mistakes) and how to improve your writing ability. To become a better article writer, you should practice and minimize these errors.
  • Style Suggestions: PolishMyWriting not only finds grammatical errors but also understand your writing style too (EX: conversational tone). PMW will suggest grammar corrections according to your writing style.
  • Active and passive voice suggestions: If you write articles for a blog, then you should use active voice rather than passive voice. With PolishMyWriting tool, you can easily get correct suggestions for every active and passive voice rule. (EG: Present, past, present continue, past continue, perfect, future tenses, etc.)

Do you surprise why PolishMyWriting has active and passive voice suggestion feature? Maybe because of the creator of this tool. The PolishMywriting tool is created by the folks who contributed to building the world great WordPress Content management and blogging system.


Online Correction

punctuation error

Automatically correct grammar and punctuation errors

This is another tool that can detect common grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Online Correction works just like PolishMyWriting. If you want a distraction-free interface to work in comfortably, Online Correction tool would be the best grammar tool of you.

All spelling errors will be marked with red color and other grammar, and diction errors will be marked in green color. If you need a basic tool to check common errors in English grammar of your articles such as “in table” instead of “on the table,” Online Correction would be the best text correction tool.


Language Tool


A Multilingual Open Source Proofreading Software – Develop own proofreading program to correct complicated grammar errors.

The days are gone you have to pay for getting some valuable products. Now there are tons of alternatives. Open Source has become the main competitor for paid tools and software. From Linux-based operating systems to open source browsers like Mozilla and word processing software like LibreOffice, you can download them, change the source code, develop them and distribute.

Language tool is such a useful Open Source based multilingual proofreading software that comes with the license of LGPL 2.1. Currently, Language tool support over 20 international languages including English, German, Spanish, and French. So, if your article is written in those languages, you can proofread it using this free punctuation and grammar checker tool.

You can download the entire free grammar check software either from Language Tool over here or from GitHub over here. It also available as a FireFox extension that you can install over here. If you are a Google Chrome user, you’re a few step away from using this free punctuation corrector. Go to Chrome Web Store over here and install on your browser.

If you are a programmer, so LanguageTool source code would be very useful. Download it over here and create an own custom grammar correction tool that supports to your native language.




The Open Source Writing Aide

Just like, is another website that launched an open source project for grammar corrections online.


Spell Check 24


Free multilingual spelling and grammar sentence checker is another free tool to check grammar and spelling errors of articles. There are a few features of this tool. You can find some of them below.

Key Features:

  • Contextual Spell Checking: In some occasions, your wording might be right, but not good as general writing rules. Ex: crosslinking, mobilegeddon, ProBlogTricks. By using, you can analyze your article for spelling errors very quickly.
  • Spell check many languages: From US English to South African English and from Espanol, Italian, French to Russian, supports well over ten languages. You just need to paste your text (or start writing) and select the particular language your text is written.
  • Print error-free Article: You can instantly print your text document using the Print command.
  • Download text as a PDF file: This is a unique feature of You can download your text in PDF format.
  • Save and load text from Cloud: Another useful feature for people who write articles often using different devices. This is also beneficial if you have partners who are located at different locations. Just send him/her the account details.
  • Text Analysis: This is my favorite feature of Spell Check tool. You can analysis Readability, Word density, and Filler Word scores instantly. These metrics are not only important for content marketers, but also for college students, teachers, and professionals too. Text analysis will help you write a natural and an interesting article that pleases people. is not only a good free grammar checker tool but also a good punctuation corrector too. As its incentive interface, surely you’d use this tool regularly.

Top 3 Online Grammar And Punctuation Checker Tools Comparison

Grammarly vs Ginger vs Pro Writing Aid

Grammarly Ginger ProWritingAid
Free grammar, punctuation checking and correcting Yes Yes No
Online Application Yes No Yes
Grammar Checker Addon for MicroSoft Word Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Applications (Android & iOS) Yes Yes No
Chrome Extension Yes Yes Yes
Grammar Check on Gmail Yes Yes Yes
Grammar Check on Facebook Yes Yes Yes
Price per year $139.95 $89.88 $60
Sign Up Link Click Here Click Here Click Here

Note: All prices are in United States Dollars (USD) and prices may have been changed at time you’re reading this. Also, each plan may have different features and limits, so please check their websites to know more about pricing, features and benefits.

Final Words

As humans, we do lots of flaws. Even you are a professional writer, poet, author, online school owner, online course creator, micro job worker or a freelance worker, you could make lots of grammatical and spelling errors.

You can fix those errors with the help of a very good proofreading tool.

But, what’s even worse is when your article doesn’t have punctuation marks in proper places. One comma mistake can make a big difference.

Let’s eat grandma! Let’s eat, grandma!

Even though you can use a grammar checking service, it will cost you a few hundreds of dollars for an article. And to get an article proofread, it would take a significant amount of time.

As you need a quick solution for your grammar and punctuation mistakes, using an accurate, robust grammar and punctuation checker tool is the best way to go.

I use Grammarly premium version. It checks my grammar and punctuation. Analyzes the text and fixes my grammar mistakes quickly.

If I didn’t use a punctuation checker tool for this article, I wonder if you could understand the text I wrote!

So what’s your best grammar and punctuation checker tool?

Did I miss any online grammar and punctuation checker tool that you are familiar with or know? Share your thoughts in the comment form below.

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25 thoughts on “Top 9 Free Grammar and Punctuation Checker Apps/Correctors”

  1. Cool post! I like grammark! But apart from grammar and punctuation checking, it is also worth checking for plagiarism. I use this tool , which is perfect for bloggers.

    • Yes, Jason, GramMark is a very good grammar checker tool. Thanks for sharing your favorite punctuation and grammatical checking tool.

  2. This is one of the best blog that I had ever seen this before. I just love your post. Now-a-days grammar is very important in the English language. I am using Nounplus(dot)net . It is a free Grammar checker. After using this I increased both my grammar and writing skill. Thanks for sharing with us such a wonderful post.

    • Yes Sae, i always use online grammar correction tools to fix my grammatical mistakes. It is very important as one incorrect word can change the meaning of entire article. I didn’t know about Nounplus grammar checker tool. Thanks for let me know about it.

  3. I enjoyed your article and agree with your conclusions. However, what I think you are really looking for is an ESL grammar checker. ESL is “English as a Second Language.” None of these websites target the kinds of errors second language speakers make. They are designed for American college students, not bloggers writing in their second language. I will give you an example from your own article. You wrote this:

    As humans, we do lots of flaws. Even you are a professional writer, poet, author or a freelance copywriter; you would make lots of grammatical and spelling errors. If I didn’t use a punctuation checker tool for this article, I wonder if you could understand the text I wrote!

    There are at least 5 second language errors in these sentences that first language grammar checkers won’t catch. That’s why as an ESL teacher I always recommend a particular website which is not on your list. is the only free online ESL grammar checker that will catch second language errors that the other websites miss. Copy/paste the sentences above to see what I mean.

    Anyway, thanks for a great article and the useful lists of key features.

  4. I agree with Nicholas. Sorry to be mean Chamal but your advice on these sites would be stronger if your writing was not littered with basic errors. I have been managing large teams of people in India writing for a long time and found to my amazement that none of these programmes deal with the most common and basic errors normally found in Indglish writing. Try typing the sentence ‘The England is better than German army’ into them, which breaks basic rules of how to use articles. None of them pick it up. I don’t understand why these tools can’t pick up these basic issues, as well as more complex style issues, but they don’t, so I have given up on them. Nicholas catches the issue with ‘German army’ but not the problem with ‘the England’ which I think is pretty basic and fixable? I have entered a change request. If you are interested I am happy to test some more text with the typical errors we encounter. If we could remove even 75% automatically it would be a godsend.

    • Oliver, I also admit that my writings are not 100% correct. There are a few reasons for that.

      Yes, NOT any grammar checker tool can fix those common errors. That’s a reason why every programmed application can’t replace for man’s talent, skills.

    • Oliver, I got your suggestion for “the England” and added a rule to cover “the” + 164 countries to the You can check it. As for what you call “basic rules,” it is amazing the number of basic errors that a native speaking educated human can detect in English– but it takes that human 25 years to develop the ability. To get a computer to detect and correct just a fraction of them has taken me 4 years and 81000 lines of code. I develop the error detection rules for the VWT from the errors in my French speaking college students’ writing in Montreal. If you have insights into “Indglish” errors, please share. I will do my best to catch them with your guidance.

  5. I mostly use the grammarly addons for chrome to detect and fix grammar error but above shared tools are also great. I think you have missed a most powerful Grammar error detecting tool By SEO Tools Centre which can detect grammar errors up to 26 languages freely.

  6. Hi,
    Personally, I like Grammarly tool as an online grammar checker. I think this is only the best tool for professional writing. But most of the time I use my combine formula to write something in English. So that is a very interesting formula for me.
    However, thanks for sharing your list with us. Hopefully, this list will be more helpful for bloggers, students and freelance writer to write errorless writing.

  7. Hello Chamal

    A nice post, at the end. Writing a blog post take times, I love writing, though. However, when it comes to proofreading it, I always get bored and takes time. And that’s where tools like Grammarly or Ginger are used by me.
    This is an AWESOME post.
    Thanks. 🙂

    • Hello Anuradha,

      Yes, of course I too face your problem. When it comes to proofreading, I too little bit step back. Because it’s boring. However, proofreading is a great way to find errors and missings on article. My best grammar tool for proofreading is Grammarly.

      Thanks for your awesome comment!

  8. Good to know about these spell checkers, I used grammerly free version sometime back and recently i used Ginger, I think this is one of the best spell checker, i need to check others too, will come back again to you with my experience, Thanks

  9. Hello chamal,

    I’m serching for online punctuation tools and came across your very post.I loved your suggestion about grammarly and I’m going to use it.

    Thanks for advice,

    Abhishek Nale

  10. Useful collection of Grammar and Spelling checker tools, although all above stated tools are practicsl and essentials for bloggers and every day users. But the most favorite of mine is GRAMMARLY, of course due to its vast and user friendly interface.
    Thx for sharing…

    • I personally use Grammarly as well. It’s a sophisticated tool. No wonder why many people use it! Thanks Rafaqat for sharing your opinions. I appreciate it.

    • Hello Agarwal, thanks for sharing your favorite grammar checker tool. How does differ from other tools? I haven’t heard about it until you commented! 🙂

      • First of all they are providing 5 months free subscription and very cheap packages I must say with user friendly dashboard with their chrome add-on too


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