How to Check & Fix English Grammatical Errors in 3 Ways

Learn how to check grammar errors to make your content grammatically error-free.

I don’t know about you. But, as a NON-Native English speaker and writer, I make many English grammar mistakes. I use the English language in writing more than in speaking. So, having a good skill set for writing error-free articles is essential, and I should practice them to grow my business rapidly.

Like every non-English writer, I, too, face the same problems when writing an article, sending an email message, and filling out a business form. I know it is also a big headache for many native English speakers.

What is it?

That is…

making lots of common grammar mistakes.

Yes, I make tons of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors in each article I write. But, I have found a few ways to eliminate my improper English grammar and correct my grammar mistakes.

Three Ways to Check Grammar Errors and Fix

After writing an article, there are mainly three ways to proofread your article and make it a reasonably error-free one.

  1. Proofread yourself
  2. Hire a freelancer
  3. Use an online English Grammar checker tool

Proofread Yourself

This method is the cheapest and most commonly used by many article writers, copywriters, poets, scriptwriters, etc. If you know English grammar rules, punctuation marks, synonyms, and Dictionary & treasures well, you can use this method. There’s no problem with that.

The person who proofreads the article is YOU. So, even though this method looks like the cheapest and best way out there, you would start not using this method so often when you understand the meaning of the “time is equivalent to money” sentence.

I used this method in the past to proofread my articles for the English grammar check. But, what I understood over time is that I still couldn’t correct 100% of the punctuation and grammar mistakes in those articles. I found many errors every time I proofread the article again!

How did that happen?

As a human, I get tired and don’t know everything about the English language (e.g., synonyms, antonyms, complex words, sentence structures, etc.). And my blog posts include over 3,000 words on average. That’s a considerable amount of words for a blog post.

That’s why I understood this method is not efficient for me. It took 50% of the time to compile a blog post.

Guess what if you can save that time?

Yes, you can focus on more aspects.

If you have a good knowledge of the English language, you can proofread articles yourself and save money that you could spend on another.

Hire a freelancer

The second method is to hire a freelance proofreader who can do the work for you. Many freelancers exist in freelance marketplaces, such as,, and

You can go to any website and find a good English article proofreader who can check your content and correct grammatical errors.

Here are a few proofreaders who are currently selling their services on Freelancer.

online freelance proofreaders in

Tip: Always check for reviews before hiring someone to correct English grammar.

Several micro-gig sites, such as Fiverr, can find people who sell proofreading services starting from just low as $5.00.

proofreaders in

But, I can’t guarantee How much those freelancers are experienced in English literature and the quality of service.

Tip: In Fiverr, always check out negative reviews. Personally, I read negative reviews first and then positive reviews.

Use Online Grammar Checker tools to Proofread your article

In the above two methods, humans are involved in proofreading and editing the work of an article. But, there are also several good online grammar and punctuation checker tools too.

Many medium-sized and tiny businesses use those online proofreading tools to proofread articles. I use Grammarly grammar checker, which has given me excellent results. Not only in correcting English grammar errors but also in improving my English language.

Why Grammarly?

There are a few reasons why I use Grammarly and recommend others to use it.

  • Instantly find and fix over 250 types of grammatical mistakes online.
  • Improve word choice with context-optimized vocabulary suggestions.
  • Check contextual spelling in a matter of seconds.
  • Check punctuation, comma errors, and sentence errors instantly.
  • The convenient interface. (you’re going to love this dashboard!)
  • And much more…

Read my review of Grammarly grammar checker to learn how to use the tool, its differences, and alternatives.

As a blogger, I write a couple of articles per month. And reply to tens of emails and comments and respond to forum threads a few times per week. During all those times, I face a particular BIG problem; making grammatical mistakes.

I can’t hire someone to proofread every blog post I write now. It consumes lots of money and, of course, time too.

That’s why I use Grammarly’s English grammar checker to correct English grammar on my articles automatically. If you want to learn how to correct English grammar online at a low cost, Grammarly should be your best choice.

How to Use Grammarly to Find and Correct Grammatical Mistakes in Your Articles

You can use Grammarly’s robust proofreader for English grammar correction in three ways. Here’re them,

  1. Use the online text editor.
  2. Use Browser extension to correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence errors in any place you visit.
  3. Use Microsoft Word Add-in as an alternative grammar corrector for causal MS Word grammar checker.

Using Online Text Editor

Grammarly offers a few convenient tools to proofread your articles as an online grammar corrector. Their online text editor tool is the best you can ever find on the internet.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to correct English grammar mistakes using Grammarly text editor.

Step #1: Go to Grammarly over here and sign up for a free account (or you can subscribe to one of their premium packages. It’s optional, but I highly recommend it. You’d never regret doing that.)

grammarly grammar checker

Step #2: I have a Grammarly premium account. So, here’s the interface of my Grammarly account dashboard.

grammarly dashboard

Step #3: Click on the “New” document icon to open a new blank document page.

Step #4: You have two options to add text to the editor. You can paste piece of text directly into text editor by using the CTRL + C (copy), CTRL + V (paste) keyboard shortcut keys or upload a .doc, .docx file using “Upload” option.


Step #5: Once you upload any article to check the English grammar quality of your article, you will be given the option to set goals. See the screenshot for reference.

set goals grammarly

Now Grammarly Writing Assistant will start looking for grammatical errors.


If you want to check plagiarism (find duplicate content), you can enable the “Plagiarism” feature.


I use Grammarly’s online tool to proofread my blog posts, articles, whitepapers, and essays whenever I want.

Using browser extension to check grammar errors online

Despite being a full-time blogger, I am also a big follower of web forums and Q&A sites. Yes, I am also a big fan of social networking. That’s why I am active on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

As a blogger, I know that every Word I post on the internet gets the traction of thousands of people.

Luckily, Grammarly also provides a web browser extension for people to get rid of dangerous English grammatical mistakes online.

In fact, Grammarly has made English grammar correction so easy. The first step is to install the Grammarly extension for Google Chrome. (Alternatively, install the Grammarly extension on your Firefox or Safari browser.)

Once you have installed it and signed into your Grammarly account, there’s no limit to checking grammar online.

grammarly extension has been installed on Google chrome

You can check and correct English grammar mistakes on social media sites such as Twitter too.

Enable Definitions and Synonyms checking feature

Finding similar words to enrich content is easier than ever. Just double-click on the Word that you want to find synonyms.


Check and correct critical and advanced grammar issues in your blog posts. Also, Grammarly’s phrasal predictions will make your content more user-friendly and look like written by a professional writer.

Here’s how I was able to correct English grammar when I wrote an article on Blogger post editor

Learn more features in this article.

Using Grammarly Add-in for Microsoft Office Suite

Do you often use the Microsoft Office package for your business or personal affairs? So then, you should test using Grammarly Add-in for Microsoft Word as an alternative English grammar correction tool for the default grammar checker in the Microsoft Word program.

You can download the Grammarly Add-in directly by logging into your Grammarly account.

Grammarly apps

The installation process of Add-in is so straightforward. It’s like running a standard execution file.

installation of grammarly on windows for microsoft office suite

After you install it, you can see a new tab named “Grammarly” in your Microsoft Word program. Click on it and enable “Grammarly” on Word.

grammar on microsfot Word program

You can enable and disable any feature, just like in the Online Text editor. Formerly, I have used many online grammar checker tools. I changed proofreading tools so often. But, I stopped at Grammarly. Indeed, It is a robust and easy-to-use English grammar corrector.

Learn the differences between Grammarly’s free vs. paid plans from here. If you are looking for alternatives to Grammarly, check out this article.

Conclusion on How to Check Grammar Errors

English grammatical errors are a critical issue many writers face regardless of whether they are non-native or native English speakers.

There are three ways to check for English grammar errors online. Proofreading articles yourself is the best free method out there. But, it is not the most efficient method to use.

Hiring a professional freelance proofreader is perhaps the best method out there. But, it could cost you a few hundred dollars per article. You may not afford to use a tactic like this at first when you start a business online.

An online grammar-checking tool is a cheapest and quickest way to check grammar errors.

If you want an excellent proofreading tool, I recommend Grammarly. I have been using it for over one year and didn’t face any problems so far.

Yes, there are many free and paid online grammar checker tools. But Grammarly is far ahead of others when concerned with the accuracy, fast price tag, and, of course, the features you receive for a meager price.

How do you find and correct English grammar mistakes? Do you use an English grammar corrector tool? Do let me know in the comments.

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