Payoneer Review: PayPal Alternative for Non-Supported Countries

In this new Payoneer review, you will find if Payoneer is suitable for your needs and some Payoneer alternatives to help you make a better decision.

There are lots of ways to transfer money online, right? 

But, not EVERY global money transfer services support all nations and countries. Ex: PayPal (There are still a few PayPal not supported countries)

For that reason, should you avoid doing your online business? Shouldn’t you engage in your freelancing work? Charge from your customers? Shouldn’t you buy stuff from Amazon, eBay, etc.?

Why not? You should…

But how?

Here’s this NEW international money transfer service that comes in.

Yes, it is Payoneer®.

Payoneer is a global money processing service similar to PayPal, yet it has a few distinct features. In this Payoneer review, I will dive into the service and explain how you can benefit from it. And will show you how far Payoneer is practical and valuable for your online marketing affairs.

Payoneer Review


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What is Payoneer?

Before we go through the full Payoneer review, you may want to know what Payoneer is.

Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services founded in 2005 with $2 million seed funding from then-CEO Yuval Tal and other private investors. Currently, Scott Galit is the CEO of Payoneer inc.

Payoneer provides various services related to money transferring, such as wire transfers, online payments, account-to-account money transfers, and reloadable prepaid master debit cards. And also, account holders can withdraw their money from Payoneer to local bank accounts (available to only a few countries) or their e-wallets. Currently, Payoneer is known for more than 100 currencies in 200 countries.

Payoneer Mastercard will automatically convert payments into local currency when someone pays through Payoneer Mastercard (ex: buy goods from the local supermarket). Payoneer also provides a US payment service, by which you can get a free USA bank account (USA virtual bank account).

Payoneer is a must-use online money transfer service by everyone, especially people outside of the united states who want to receive money through US companies quicker.

Who uses Payoneer?

Within the previous decade, the Payoneer service rapidly spread worldwide, so many US companies started supporting Payoneer as a reliable online money processing service. Here are a few companies that accept payments and payouts from Payoneer.

  1. 123RF
  2. Inc.
  3. 99designs
  5. Amway Corporation
  6. Avangate
  7. Airbnb
  8. Elance
  9. Digital River
  10. Fiverr
  11. Facebook
  12. Envato INC (includes all websites within the Envato network, such as Envato Studio, Themeforest, etc.)
  14. Hide My Ass!
  15. iStockPhoto
  16. Infolinks
  17. Welocalize
  18. Google Inc
  19. Keynetics Inc. (ClickBank)
  20. Linkshare
  21. oDesk
  22. Microsoft Corporation
  24. uShip
  25. Impact
  26. (SaaS products such as Convertful lets to withdraw money to your Payoneer with a Paddle payment processor)
  27. Most TapAffiliate affiliate sites
  28. Semrush (via US banking)

Besides these companies, you can instantly get payments from other companies using Payoneer’s US payment service.

Many freelancers located in Asia and Africa use the Payoneer payment service efficiently. Because it is compatible, and most times, your payments are available within 2-3 hours.

Is Payoneer for you?

The Payoneer payment service is suitable for you if you are a blogger, internet marketer, or freelance worker. In most service companies, you can find that Payoneer is an available money withdrawal option.

hide my ass affiliate program payment option, payoneer
Receive affiliate payments with Payoneer MasterCard

If your country is not a PayPal-supported country, Payoneer should be your best choice. If you need a fast payment service supported worldwide, then Payoneer could be your best money processing service.

The applicant must be 18 years old to apply for a Payoneer account. See Payoneer terms of service here. You will not be charged any fee when creating your account and receiving your MasterCard. But, Payoneer charges a yearly fee and fee when you withdraw money from your local ATM. (More on that later…)


You could get many advantages by using Payoneer as your online money processing service. Here are a few of them.


Payoneer constantly improves its technology to ensure customer privacy and authentication. So you don’t need to worry about protecting your Payoneer account. You can set up three security questions that will be asked whenever some fraud login attempts on your account. Only you know the answers, so only you can log in to your account.

Also, Payoneer deactivates your Payoneer MasterCard when you don’t use your Payoneer account for a while. You can activate your Mastercard again. But, this is a good move to ensure your money is safe with Payoneer.

Free MasterCard

I don’t know any other way you can get a free MasterCard. Payoneer offers every account holder a free MasterCard supported in every country. So you can withdraw your earnings through your local ATM within minutes. Also, Payoneer will replace another card if you lose your existing MasterCard.

Free USA Virtual Checking Bank Account

This is one of the best offers Payoneer provides to people. With Payoneer’s US payment service, you can open a free virtual US bank account. You should fulfill some requirements to open this account, but you can open a US bank account online for free once you get these requirements.

I use my US virtual Bank account to receive money from US companies and other European companies, which offer direct deposits to US bank accounts as a payment option. I never need to wait and see weeks to get my paychecks. I can withdraw my earnings within a few minutes with a US bank direct deposit.

Clickbank ACH weekly deposit settings
ClickBank payment information

Get European Bank Accounts to Receive Money from European Companies Faster

Yes, now you can receive money from European companies faster and easier. The Payoneer team will open a European bank account for you when you have a Payoneer online account. I got two EU bank accounts (Wirecard) based in Germany.

EUR receiving account details

So, when you want to receive a payment from a European company next time, provide them with your checking bank account details. They will deposit money, and you can transfer them into your local bank or withdraw them using your prepaid MasterCard.


As many US and European companies accept Payoneer as a reliable payment system, you can set up Payoneer as the default payment method with two-three clicks.

Also, Payoneer’s MasterCard® debit card is very convenient to use. You can quickly pay bills, pay subscription fees to services such as ThriveCart, and shop online.


Payoneer supports over 100 currencies worldwide. No need to convert funds into the local currency you are dealing with. Payoneer MasterCard automatically converts them to the local currency at competitive rates.

Account to Account Money transfer

Now you can transfer money from one account to another quickly with Payoneer. This is very helpful if you provide custom offers for your customers. If your buyer uses Payoneer, you can both benefit from Payoneer’s secure and fast one-to-one money processing service.

Transfer Money to a local bank account

This feature is currently available for only a few countries. But, we can expect that Payoneer will also enable this service in other countries. If you are in one of those countries where Payoneer’s direct bank deposit is supported, you can withdraw your money to your local bank account with just a few clicks. How awesome is that?

Multilingual Online support:

Unlike other online payment processing services, especially PayPal, Payoneer has a customer support service that works 24x7x365. I have used the Payoneer Online chat service a few times and solved my problems within half an hour.


You will avoid fees when shopping online with Payoneer Card and sending funds to friends, relatives, and customers located abroad. Payoneer has low monthly fees for unlimited time uses.

Phone Apps to Check Account Balance:

Now you can download and install the Payoneer app for Android and iPhone phones. Using these apps, you can check your balance on your mobile phone for free. There is no need to use ATMs that take some time and charge a fee.

Financial Responsibility

You only spend the amount that is loaded onto the card. Payoneer MasterCard is a debit card, not a credit card. So you know what your expenditures are. So you can manage your account responsibly.

Load Money from a local bank (savings or checking account) to Payoneer Account:

Like other payment processors, with Payoneer, you can quickly deposit money to your Payoneer account via a local bank.

If you intend to use Payoneer to sell items online or pay directly for affiliates, servants, freelancers, etc., then Payoneer is also a good solution. You can quickly deposit money in Payoneer.

Different Payment options:

You can withdraw your money from a few other methods. They are,

  • Deposits to local banks worldwide
  • Prepaid Debit cards.
  • Wire transfers (only available for a few countries)
  • Global and local e-wallets
  • Local-currency paper checks.

My experience with Payoneer so far

In the tutorial on opening a US virtual bank account, I explained my experience with Payoneer. When I first applied for Payoneer, I didn’t read the terms and conditions of Payoneer.

At that time, I was 17 years old. So my application was rejected. After I surpassed the 18-year age threshold, I contacted the Payoneer team and set up my account again. Within a few weeks, I received my Payoneer card.

Then applied to the US payment service to open a US bank account for me. My application was approved for the US payment service within a few days. After that, it was easier for me to send and receive money from Payoneer. I received online payments from ClickBank and other USA companies with my online checking bank account (a First Century Bank account).

us payment service - payoneer

So far, I have received many payments from US and European companies. Also, I have used the Payoneer Card to recharge my prepaid SIM card and buy stuff online.

My last purchase was Hide My Ass! VPN (HMA!). It is a super VPN service by which I can change my IP location anywhere in the world.

As a blogger, internet marketer, and SEO, I know the importance of IP addresses and the usefulness of changing the IP location. You can check out the current numbers of servers and server locations of HMA VPN over here.

It has been over six years since I started using Payoneer services for my financial circumstances.

Overall, I am happy with Payoneer, not only because it is a flexible and popular payment system that provides various payment services. Still, also their customer support service is on par. But, I think they can do much better in customer relationship management.

How to Apply for Payoneer

Every person over 18 years old can apply for a Payoneer account.

Before we start learning how to open your account, I would like to show you what fees Payoneer charges from you.

When you apply for a Payoneer account, your card will belong to you, but payments are made with Payoneer. For my current card, the card sponsor is Avangate. If you apply through ShareASale, you will receive a MasterCard® debit card with the label of the ShareaSale logo. Same with other US companies.

Here are the Payoneer fees.

Note: Your Payoneer account’s charges could differ from your associated Payoneer mass payout company and card usage.

How to Apply for a Payoneer Account

Even though Payoneer benefits people outside the USA, US residents can also open accounts for free. Here’s how to open your account shortly.

Step #1: Go to the Payoneer website from this link.

Bonus: When you register on Payoneer, your account will be loaded an extra $25.00 for free once your account is loaded with $1,000.

Step #2: Click the signup button and fill out the application form.

Payoneer homepage

After successfully filling out the form, you will see a thank you page.

payoneer thank you page

If your application has some errors, you will be notified that your application has been declined. Like I got a few years ago.

Sorry application declined message by Payoneer

If your application is error-free, you will receive a success message.

Step #3: Activate MasterCard® debit card.

The next step is to activate your MasterCard. It could take up to 2 weeks or more to receive your Payoneer card. It depends on your Geo-location and the mail delivery efficiency. Once it arrives, you should activate your master card.

You will receive a four-digit number associated with the letter. You need to submit that number to verify your card.

Log in to your Payoneer account and click on “Card Verification.”

Payoneer credit card activation

Then provide your card information, such as your card number and PIN (you can enter a manual number you will use when withdrawing money from ATMs and other security cases).

Once you successfully activate your card, you will receive a message on your email account.

Card activated message by Payoneer

Step #4: Once your MasterCard and Payoneer application is approved, you are ready to apply for the Payoneer US Payment service. For this, you have to follow a specific way. For more information, read this article: Open a Free US Virtual Bank account for Non-US Residents using Payoneer.


You will receive an email to your account.

you are not eligible to apply for us payment service email

Follow the instructions above to open a US bank account for you.

Once you have successfully followed the above steps, you will receive another email from Payoneer after a few weeks.

us payment service active message - opened us bank account

Now you are ready to go with Payoneer!

usa bank account details

Cons and what Payoneer should improve

Although Payoneer has lots of features and provides various services for business, internet marketing, and freelancing, there are still a few sides Payoneer should improve. A few of them, in my opinion, is,

Payoneer Payment Processing integration to other third-party services:

I have found that this is one of the most significant issues most bloggers and internet marketers encounter. Suppose you live in one of those countries where PayPal is not supported. In that case, you know the importance of having a reliable and secure service to transfer money internationally, just like Payoneer.

But unfortunately, we couldn’t find many more ways to integrate Payoneer with other systems and forms. I’ve used Jotform to collect information from my clients and readers. But, I wish Payoneer has more integration options with tools such as ThriveCart and SamCart.

But now there’s a workaround to get Payoneer to work as a money holder by using Wise. (see the Wise section at the bottom of this Payoneer review.)

Payoneer “Buy” Buttons

PayPal is far ahead of Payoneer when collecting payments from customers. PayPal is widely accepted, and many cart platforms such ThriveCart, SamCart, LeadCart, and Paddle fully support PayPal. Also, you can generate a PayPal buy or donate button pretty quickly with a free HTML widgets provider for websites like Powr.

If Payoneer can offer online payment solutions for buyers, more people, like product launchers, eCommerce site owners, Shopify site owners, etc., will start using Payoneer for their businesses.

Payoneer Donate button

This is a similar situation to the “Buy” buttons. I have seen many people ask whether they can create Payoneer Donation buttons. If you want to use Payoneer for donations, you can’t currently use Payoneer to load funds automatically to your account.


Payoneer charges a fee whenever you withdraw your money via ATM. That means, if it succeeds or not, you will be charged. Also, you are charged for every money transfer to your account.

Payoneer transaction fees
Payoneer transaction fees

But, receiving money from another Payoneer account doesn’t cost any fee. (via Payoneer to Payoneer transfer)

Payoneer annual fees

Payoneer annual charges are $29.95. It is reduced from your Payoneer balance once every year.

Annual fee of Payoneer


I showed the best features, how I use them, and things I think Payoneer should improve in this Payoneer review.

If you are looking for sites like Payoneer to manage your money, and send and receive payments, here are some of the best Payoneer alternatives.


Wise is a UK-based online money transfer service. It might be one of the best alternatives to Payoneer. Although it doesn’t offer unique Payoneer features like virtual bank accounts, it’s still a good money transfer service for marketers.

It has gained popularity over the last few years due to.

  • Low-cost charges — Wise offers industry-leading fees
  • Efficient — Anyone can send and receive money very quickly
  • Local currency converter — You get the best rates
  • Deposit money to a local bank account with the best exchange rates.

Unlike Payoneer, Wise is cheaper in sending and receiving money for both parties and efficient and user-friendly.

Here are some of the best Wise features.

Transfer tracker

You can track what happens with your transaction. Wise shows you where your money is at.

Here’s a screenshot of my recent transaction. I received my earnings from the popular solo ads marketplace called UDIMI.

Wise money transfer tracker page screenshot
The payment process tree of the Udimi Solo Ads website

Multi-Currency Account

You could have multiple currencies under one Wise account and manage 30+ currencies such as USD, AUD, Euro, GBP, INR, LKR, Yuan, Ruble, and Yen with low exchange rates.

Save more money

Who doesn’t want to save money? I saved over €23 with a small transaction. Think of how much money you could save when you transfer through Wise.

transfer details
Wise transfer details – Save more money

Ability to deposit money from any bank to Payoneer via Wise

Yes, you can use Wise as a money gateway and easily receive clients’ payments to Payoneer. Here’s a recent transaction I made with Trasferwise. I used my Payoneer’s US bank account details.

transfer money from any bank to Payoneer via Wise
Transfer money from any bank to Payoneer via Wise

Since Payoneer US virtual bank account service has not had a problem with ACH transfers, I received my earnings from Udimi without hassle.

Payoneer vs. Wise

Both services have common and unique features of their own. Here’s a comparison between Payoneer and Wise.

Sign upFreeFree
Hold & manage moneyYesYes
US Virtual Bank accountYesNo
Deposit to Local bank accountYesYes
Debit MasterCard®YesYes*
Transfer money by providing an email addressYesYes
Multi-currency support
Integration with freelance networks such as FiverrYesNo
Mobile applicationYesYes
Send money in your own currencies (i.e., Yuan, Franc, Rupee, Ruble)NoYes
Payoneer vs. Wise

* Available for limited countries

How to create your Wise account

It is free to get started. Watch this short explainer video on setting up a Wise account.

Special: When you sign up today using this link, you will not be charged any fee for your first €500!

Payoneer Review Conclusion

The Internet has made a global village where people from all over the world have started their online businesses with various companies. Some have started their own business, such as building a website, launching an info product, etc. Others have become affiliate marketers, content writers, video game testers, video creators, graphic designers, Freelance workers through Fiverr, etc.

Many of these freelance workers work with large companies such as Upwork and Envato. Many of those are US companies. In countries such as Pakistan, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka, PayPal is not supported (you cannot receive money from others). This is a huge problem for people living in those countries.

Payoneer is a good PayPal alternative and provides different services related to money processing (And not a scam too). With the help of Payoneer, you can get a free prepaid MasterCard and open a free US virtual Bank Account for your lifetime.

Already thousands of freelancers are using Payoneer to receive their earnings from US companies and use the Payoneer card to withdraw money from local ATMs. If you want a secure and compatible way to transfer money internationally, Payoneer would definitely be your choice.

Hope this review on Payoneer helped you out. If you have any questions regarding Payoneer, please drop them below.

So what is your best international money processing service? Share your reviews of Payoneer in the comment form below.

Payoneer $0.0
  • Virtual Bank Accounts
  • Prepaid MasterCard
  • Customer service
  • Online payment options for small business
  • Fees and charges


Getting payments from clients and companies in another corner of the world could be irritating. But, Payoneer helps you get payments more effortless than ever with its global payment solutions, including virtual bank accounts and debit cards. Since many affiliate networks already support Payoneer, you can use it as a Paypal replacement for instant and secure payments.


  • Withdraw to a local bank account
  • Invoices
  • Amazon store integration
  • Virtual bank accounts


  • Poor customer service
  • Lack of online payment options
  • Lack of integrations with other tools and services

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    • Yes, i am satisfied with what Payoneer has offered to me. And yes, i experienced lots of things with Payoneer. That’s why i thought to review Payoneer. Did you apply for their US payment service?

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  3. My Payoneer got blocked because I transferred Payoneer to my friend’s Payoneer account without reading their policy.
    But I am happy with their service, I was a customer since 2013.
    and also they allowed me to get my remaining balance from the debit card.

    For those who haven’t read their terms and conditions, I strongly suggest you read them now.


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