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    • Hi Mayedul,

      Open a checking account online is very easy with Payoneer. Their US payment service provides freelancers and foreigners US checking account non residents. I think you got an answer to "How to open a checking account online for free".

      Thanks for your comment Mayedul.

  1. Paypal is no longer accepting payoneer's US payment service, don't waste your time. They have blocked payoneer for security reasons. You will not be able to link your bank account this way anymore.

    • Yes, we can't use virtual bank accounts to verify PayPal account. It's a very irritating problem for PayPal not supported countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc. One reason you can't use a virtual bank account for Paypal verification is that it's a checking bank account which automatically transfer money from virtual checking bank account to Payoneer account.

      Yes, As you being said, no moreover, we can't use Payoneer's US payment service to activate Paypal account. Thanks for your valuable comment.

      • Hello Chamal ,

        Can I use Payoneer Europe virtual bank account to verify new PayPal account ?

        The Payoneer Europe virtual bank account is a Savings account.

        I look forward to hearing from you.

          • If you have a PayPal account in Germany, it might work. But, chances are less because PayPal already blocks some bank accounts that are provided by Payoneer. Maybe you want to establish an LLC based on the US to get a PayPal Business account for non-supported countries.

            For what purposes do you exactly want PayPal? I might be able to give you some direction.

  2. Hi
    I'm not sure if it's the right place.. but probably many of the members here know about it
    I'm not an American citizen and want to open an American bank account with Payoneer
    will I need to pay taxes to the US, or I'm free from taxes there.
    Thank you

    • Hi Stef,

      Yes, you're in the right place! You get a US virtual bank account by Payoneer. Payoneer charges a fee annually to maintain their service. Despite that you don't have to pay any dollar for taxes or any service.

      As you get a free online checking bank account, when someone transfer money to your bank account, they'll immediately transfer to your Payoneer account. So even through you have an USA virtual bank account, it will never have money deposited. That's why Payoneer checking bank accounts can't be used for PayPal account verification and money deposit purposes.

      Another thing, when you withdraw money from the credit card, it will also charge some amount. But, if you use the Payoneer card for online shopping, buying digital products etc, you won't be charged any extra fee.

      If you have any doubt about Payoneer US payment service, please let me know. I will happily help you.

      Thank you.

  3. I made my paypal account and verified it by the time when payoneer was accepted by paypal. If i transfer my money from paypal to linked bank of america virtual account (which is ofcourse linked to payoneer) then will it be transferred or not? My second confusion is " when i signed up for payoneer I got bank name and routing no etc in email from payoneer" and i submitted my questionaire and government ID to US payment service .but didn't receive reply about that after… and their status is submitted….. should i be able to receive money from any us company(say Paypal or Fiverr) or before they should approved my questionaire and Government ID card copy ……. Please reply…….waiting for your response!!!!

    • Hi Ehtisham,

      A few years ago, Payoneer virtual bank account supported for PayPal verification. But, since last two three years, PayPal stopped accepting virtual online bank accounts. Because lots of overseas bank account holders used US checking bank accounts for lots of spammy activities.

      As you have a virtual bank account (not a saving bank account), once you get any payment (let's say its from oDesk, Fiverr or Themeforest), the payment amount will be immediately transfer from America virtual bank to your Payoneer account. Then you can withdraw them from your local bank account or local AMT machine or shop online.

      If you received your virtual bank account details such as banking number, routing number etc, then you shouldn't worry anything about it! The questionnaire is optional. It's used to identify who you are and why you use online banking account (ex: If business purposes, what are the businesses: blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing etc.). It is important for Payoneer team to help you in future.

      As my experience, now Payoneer virtual bank account doesn't support for Paypal verification. However, you can use it for other purposes. It works perfectly for freelancing and other online services.

      I hope this answer helped you solve your problems. If you have any problem, please reply me here.

    • We can't verify PayPal through Payoneer. You get a virtual checking bank account from USA. When PayPal try to verify your bank account by adding a few values, they are saved on your Payoneer account, not in bank account (because it is a checking banking account), so PayPal couldn't withdraw them.

  4. So Chamal, here is my issue. Paypal rules in India don’t allow you to buy anything with Paypal balance. I want to be able to pay for digital goods with my Paypal balance. Could you suggest what could be done for this?

    Do you always have to link to a bank account while creating a Paypal account?

    And is having Virtual Credit Cards a good option?

    • Hi Collin,

      Unfortunately, now you can’t use any virtual bank for verifying a PayPal account. I used this method myself as i couldn’t receive money from other PayPal account holders.

      For Indian people, as i know, you can’t send money, but can receive money. Can you withdraw money to your bank account?

      There might have some services that allows to pay for digital products through your PayPal account. I will inform you when i find any method.

  5. hello please if someone in the usa transfer money to my Payoneer virtual bank account , is it going to reflect on my Payoneer account?

  6. Hello Chamal Priyadarshana, I am Dr. Deepak Raj Paudel from Nepal. I want to withdraw my money both from US and Non-US companies. But companies are asking me to mention detail about the bank(name, bank city, bank state and banksteet adress). The virtual bank only has name as first century bank but no other information. How can i get other information of this virtual bank please?

  7. Hello there,

    Very nice and neatly laid out information.
    A little information about me, I am an Indian, but living in Kuwait.
    I have a question. I already have a verified Paypal account, which was verified using my credit card. So there is no Bank Account linked to my Paypal account (but it is verified).

    So can I add the Payoneer virtual bank details to withdraw money from my Paypal Account into the Payoneer account?

    • The virtual checking bank account provided by Payoneer has the US address. But, you don’t live there. So you can’t verify PayPal using Payoneer.

      • Hello Chamal,
        I don’t need to verify my PayPal account, it’s already verified. What I’m asking is can I use Payoneer to withdraw funds from Paypal into my Payoneer prepaid card?

  8. My Question is If I register a US company in Delware. Can we ask them to provide Payoneer account for LLC i have established. We are looking for this as Business Account in US.

    • I don’t know whether they provide virtual bank accounts for businesses. Please contact their support team. They’ll help you.

  9. I want to sell services online and wish to receive payments for that.
    customers are willing to pay but I am unable to take money from them as I am in india.
    I can’t use paypal.
    let’s say I have a virtual bank account .
    now how can I take money from a usa customer
    let’s say that the customer is willing to pay via check , how can I process that, and can I process debit, credit cards online from customers on website..
    please reply pal.

  10. pls advised i have two payoneer mastercard the one has activate but already declined but the another one was not already activated? what shall i do about this situation? thanks all god bless all

  11. It doesn’t work anymore – paypal deletes this “virtual accounts” by payonner, ’cause they are are not accounts in common sense – they work only one way – for receiving funds. And that’s a problem, because paypal rules are about two-way bank accounts: receiving and sending. For users, who verified their payoneer DirectPay accs before 2015 it may be still working option, but not for the new ones.

    • yes, this doesn’t work anymore because you are not getting a US account, just a US dollar account. You can try a service like statespay.com which is geared for travelers but non americans can get an account. This is a US virtual prepaid card geared for US online services.


    • Yes. But, that’s is a difficult thing to control. Even Paypal restrict many people in these days, I don’t think Payoneer will provide saving account sooner.

  13. Hello Chamal,

    I have a verified Paypal account and I need a US bank account so I can receive payments via Paypal Mass Payment.

    What I’m planning to do is to add the Payoneer checking account to my Paypal so it can receive USD then I will withdraw the funds to my local bank account.

    Do you think it will work?

    • You can integrate your Payoneer debit MasterCard to PayPal. However, to withdraw money, you should have added a bank account either saving account or checking account.

      But, as far as I know now PayPal does’t allow to add Payoneer’s checking account.

  14. Then if someone can withdraw a sum of money from his verified PayPal account to his Pioneer MasterCard, can this sum be transformed to his local bank account linked to Payoneer ???

  15. I have a US upwork account that has my picture with a US address. I wish to use this account for my virtual account application. Can I succeed with it?

  16. Great information. It’s really helpful. Thank you for that. I’ll give Skrill MasterCard a try and also try the other two and get back to you as soon as I do so.

  17. Hi dear…

    As you..iam a srilankan person.
    Machan…i want get verified with paypal for receive money.because iam a ebay seller..sad to say all paypal accounts wich i using with paynoeer blocking by paypal team…i have heared some news like these.”it can receive money with malaysian paypal account”

    It is true or not machan???
    If its true..how can i do machan??and whats the support bank and support card to do that???

    Waiting your timely reply..
    Thank you…..

    • Hi Danushka,

      Nowadays, non-USA residents can’t add Payoneer card to PayPal. Older Payoneer accounts with BOA checking accounts could verify PayPal and receive money.

      However, as I mentioned in above, PayPal doesn’t allow to add Payoneer’s VBAs.

      If you want to receive money through PayPal, I recommend expanding your business by opening bank accounts in abroad. For example, with Stripe’s Atlas, you could get virtual bank account etc. If I am right, the fee is $500.

      Danushka, I have not tried this method. Because I have heard that Harin Fernando said that PayPal added Sri Lanka to the list. Check local newspaper for more information.

      I am afraid to say anything about opening a PayPal account in Malaysia. It is cautious.

  18. Hi!

    Am I able with this account to receive WIRE transfers?

    If not, do you know another virtual bank account?


    • You can receive money to one of your virtual banks and then they will be loaded on your Payoneer account. For Payment gateways, they don’t have public payment gateways for online transactions yet. It might be opened in near future.

  19. Hello ,
    I think you missed some thing .
    Your article seems to be good and informative but payoneer is not accepting payments from paypal .
    I recently tries to connect paypal and payoneer and there i found that payoneer is not accepting paypal payments.

    please update /.

    • Yes, in past PayPal accepted VBAs from Payoneer. However, now it is not possible. In the article (the FAQ section), I clearly defined this issue.

      Let me know what you’d like to accomplish via PayPal. Maybe I could suggest an alternative to PayPal.

  20. Hello Brother,
    I have successfully verified my skrill account through i sent them my passport but whenever i am trying to ‘Add bank’ of united state of america the error message still appears just like above pic shown.I am stuck how to handle this issue.
    Ariyan Islam

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  22. Hello,
    I am just getting into e-commerce…
    Can I get paid with my PayPal and will I be able to fulfill orders wth the payments made to my PayPal if the PayPal is of unsupported countries?

    • Hello Ajee,

      My apologies for the delayed reply. Somehow your comment was in spams.

      As you are in eCommerce field, I’d recommend using a different payment platform such as Stripe. Stripe is used by millions of e-commerce businessmen and it supports completely for most eCom platforms such as Shopify.

      You can’t use Payoneer along with PayPal to create a PayPal account in another country. There are some methods. But, they are a bit complicated. Contact me via email if you need any help on this.

  23. Hi, Thank you so much for this valuable post, I’m looking into this for my amazon publishing business.
    I have a question, didn’t quite understood why should i become an affiliate for these us companies to be able to claim virtual bank account?

    • Hi Kate,

      If you are looking to open a US bank account for business purposes, you don’t need to become an affiliate. It’s for ones who don’t already have a business. It’s already mentioned in the post. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  24. Hello, I have two questions.
    1- The master card which Payoneer provide is credit or debit card?
    2- In some places, we require to login to the bank with username and password. Can we get that from Payoneer?

    • 1. It is a Debit card that is connected to your Payoneer account.
      2. You will get checking bank accounts with details such as account number, routing number, etc.

  25. Hi, Everyone,Am In search of a virtual bank account for the US.If you anyone provide these services or know any company. Kindly IB me.

  26. Hi, I want to get Payoneer account for receiving freelance payments but when I sign up it asks for my real bank account details and Id card, but I don’t have those. Then when I searched online it said to open from their one of the partners website to open Payoneer without bank account but when I did it from Fiverr it still asked me bank details. What shoul I do?

    • You have to provide real bank details in your country to verify your Payoneer account. Also, you can register on Payoneer through a partner site like Fiverr.


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