Bluehost Discount Coupon: Free Domain + $200 Offers!

Are you searching for the best Bluehost coupon which gives you the maximum discount for Bluehost hosting packages in 2017? So, you’re at the right place. With this exclusive Bluehost discount, you can reduce your monthly shared hosting price up to $2.95. Over 60% OFF! That is a HUGE saving, right?

Without further ado, I would like to introduce this special Bluehost discount coupon which minimizes your monthly web hosting bill.

The Best Way to Get Maximum Discount for Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Bluehost is specialized and well-famous for WordPress hosting. As a matter of fact, They are the recommended WordPress hosting company named by itself since 2005!

So, you won’t regret purchasing a hosting package from Bluehost. Here is the best way to get the maximum discount of Bluehost. Follow steps accordingly. It is a three-step process that is very easy to follow.

Step #1: Click the button below to visit Bluehost’s exclusive page, where the price is discounted. (when you visit through my affiliate link, you will get a discount for Bluehost pricing. And for a small thank you to Bluehost, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.)


Step #2: Click on Get Started button as shown below screenshot. (You may want to purchase another hosting package such as WordPress optimized, Dedicated, Cloud. But, I assume that you want to host your website or blog on Bluehost shared hosting servers. More about hosting packages later on this post)

Step #3: Bluehost currently offers three plans for shared hosting. They are Basic, Plus, and Prime.

bluehost pricing after coupon added

The cheapest Bluehost plan is “Basic.” In contrast, the most popular and the recommended plan is “Bluehost Plus.”

(For your instant notice: ProBlogTricks were hosted on Bluehost for over one year under the Plus Shared hosting package without any error. This package can handle over 20,000 visitors per month very easily. So with my exclusive Bluehost discount, you can get 60% OFF for the Plus shared hosting package.)

Select your desired shared hosting package from Bluehost. I also recommend you buy the “Bluehost Plus” hosting package.

Step #4: Now, here is the fun part. You can get $14.99 or more (depends on what TLD you choose) worth the custom domain name for free of cost.

Quick Note: Foremost try to find an available.COM domain name. Because.COM is the most recognized and professional TLD (Top Level Domain). To assess available domains efficiently, you can choose one of these instant domain search tools too. Anyhow, try to find an a.COM domain. As you see from the below screenshot, you can either get a free custom domain name or map your own domain name.

free custom domain bluehost

For me, I have made it a habit of holding all my domains in one account. So my first and best (maybe) choice is Godaddy. It makes it easier for me to control all domains in one account. Also, I don’t hesitate to declare that hosting domains on a domain registrar will minimize many problems in the future. Ex; when you want to migrate your website from one host to another.

Step #5: This is the last step of getting a hosting account on Bluehost with my exclusive Bluehost coupon code. Once you have chosen the domain, you are at here where you want to fill in account information, package information, and billing details.

bluehost package information

As you see, with just only Bluehost shared PLUS hosting package alone, you get 54% OFF. In dollars, this Bluehost discount code or Bluehost promo code saves you $217.44 in total! That’s is a HUGE saving, indeed.

Step #6: You’re almost done. Check your email inbox for a few messages from Bluehost.

FAQs on Bluehost Coupon Codes

Me personally, in the beginning, I had lots of questions. You know, questions make you more creative and cautious. For example, I had a big question on whether Bluehost’s shared hosting can handle my blog traffic. (I created ProBlogTricks on BlogSpot. I never forget how Google Blogger helped me to a blogger like I am today)

But, I was able to find the answer for my head-scratching query by just asking from their customer support. Their customer support is 24 x 7 available. So you can contact them anytime.

Here are a few such-typed queries you might have in mind. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions regarding this Bluehost coupon code or Bluehost hosting packages. I am a long-term customer of them!

How do I claim this exclusive Bluehost discount offer?

You don’t need to find any Bluehost coupon codes either. It is already added to the link. Just visit Bluehost from this link and claim this special one-time offer.

Is there any country restrictions to get this Bluehost coupon?

The simple answer is No. Whether you live in United States, United Kindom, Australia, or even India, Nigeria, Pakistan, you can use this special Bluehost discount for any hosting package.

In sometimes, Bluehost offers exceptional discounts for Indian residents. So, if you are an Indian citizen, you can get this Bluehost coupon India with the same link provided.

Note: At extraordinary events, Bluehost offers promotional codes for specific countries or religions. But, still, you can use this Bluehost discount coupon to lower pricing by a large margin.

Do you offer a Bluehost discount link for $2.95?

Bluehost organizes special promotions and flash sales on special events and times. For instance, Fiber Monday, Black Friday, Memorial Day, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s day (yes, you read it right!) are a few to name.

When you purchase Bluehost web hosting packages at those times, you can get a discount up to $2.95 per month or sometimes even lower than that. I will update this article to up-to-date with the latest Bluehost coupon to save you huge money.

For what hosting package can I use this Bluehost coupon link?

Any hosting package you want. No matter how bigger the plan is, you will still save money. Higher the plan, the larger money you will save.

Can I use this Bluehost promo code to renew my domain(s)?

Unfortunately, this exclusive Bluehost promo code is one-time use only per account. That’s why this is exclusive! Even though you can buy new hosting from Bluehost with a discount with this Bluehost promo code, you cannot use it for renewing domains, hosting, or renewing other extra add-ons you bought.

There are lots of Bluehost coupon codes available online, why should I buy from you?

As a blogger and internet marketer, I have to pay bills to run this blog and give you more information on new blogging trends and SEO tips. So, however, I have to make some money to sustain in Internet marketing. That’s why I use affiliate marketing to monetize my blog. I will get a small commission when some purchase a product/service from my affiliate link.

If you buy any Bluehost hosting package from this discount link, I will give you an eBook written by me, which teaches you how to drive competitors’ website traffic to your blog easily step-by-step.

Yes, it is beginner-friendly, and you can utilize it for a few minutes. I reveal my secret tool to spy on competitors’ organic traffic in the book.

Buy Bluehost web hosting from this promotional link over here, and after buying, mail me your website (you hosted on Bluehost) and email you used when purchasing web host on Bluehost to chamal [at]

I will send you the eBook for free within 24 hours after I verified your purchase.

When does this Bluehost discount offer expire?

It expires very soon. So, hurry up and grab this exclusive Bluehost web hosting promotion offer!

How do I ask a question/post my review on Bluehost?

Very simple. Post them in the comments section below and I will answer them.

A Brief Overview of Bluehost Web Hosting Company

Even though there are tons of free WordPress hosting services available online today, I highly recommend choosing a low-cost, world-famous, and WordPress-optimized hosting service to host their blog.

Why? Free WordPress hostings are not free regarding the service concerned. On the other hand, selecting inexpensive web hosting as your web host saves you money.

There are lots of hosting companies come today and go tomorrow. But, opting for a world-famous web host not only builds the first strong foundation for your online business but also makes you proud to be a customer of them.

Bluehost is such a world-famous, reputed web hosting company. Recommendation as the best WordPress hosting by since 2005 in a row shows us Bluehost’s credibility, its strong foundation. (that’s why over two million websites are powered by Bluehost!)

Here are a few of those significant features of Bluehost.

  • Unlimited websites, unlimited Disk Space, and unlimited bandwidth (vary on hosting plans and situations)
  • Free custom domain for one year: Excellent deal if you don’t have much money to buy the domain name.
  • One-click script installer: Nervous to get hands dirty with coding and technical stuff? Don’t worry. Automatic script installers such as WordPress installers make it is super easy to build web portals very quickly.
  • Anytime money-back guarantee: Not satisfied with their service? Okay. Just ask them, “Hey, I want to ask for a refund.” They will give you your money back.
  • User-friendly cPanel: Even web hosting works in the complex mode under the hood, Bluehost has made it a lot easier for beginners to use web hosting. Their cPanel (known as Control Panel) is the all you need a web interface to do everything from domain management to restricting directory access.
  • 24 x 7 world-class experienced customer support: Contact Bluehost about your question anytime via online chat, email, and phone call.
  • Over $150 in offers: Don’t have a marketing budget to promote your business? Do not worry either. Bluehost offers you free AdWords credit, free Bing, and Yahoo! Advertising credit at no cost to you.
  • Mojo marketplace: Lack of finding a good theme for your WordPress blog? Buy or hire someone to create one for you at a low price — cheap being, not a lot lower. However, you can get one for a regular deal.
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee: Fear whether other two million websites will break down your website? Bluehost uses advanced technology and current gen’s tools to run their servers.
  • Security: Although the famous Bluehost that was a few years ago is not right now as it was, most internet marketers and bloggers agree that Bluehost’s security system is top-notch.
  • A lot more features that can’t list here. Visit Bluehost to learn what are other exclusive features for your hosting plan.

My experience so far with Bluehost

When I first search for the best web hosting for WordPress, I found everyone talks good things about Bluehost. I didn’t believe them at very first. However, at the time being, after I was a customer of them, I found they are VERY true.

In fact, Bluehost offers the most inexpensive shared web hosting pack at a very cost, like $2.95 per month. (You get this Bluehost hosting discount with this Bluehost coupon) Where would you find such a deal to host your blog for 36 months at $2.95/mo? Not anywhere, right?

That is one reason I am so surprised how they provide such an amazing hosting offer for such a discounted price. (The average market’s shared plans range from $5.00 to $15.00 or more)

I, too, used to search Bluehost coupon codes and found an excellent deal for me. Yes, you guess it right—the “Bluehost Plus” plan.

Since then, I didn’t bother with my web host. I know they do their job pretty right, so I just kept posting quality articles on my blogs.

If you want to save huge money, then you should use coupon codes for any product. This discount code for Bluehost hosting will save about 60% of the money on the “Plus” plan alone.

Over to you

Bluehost is the most admitted web hosting company for WordPress hosting. Before buying any web host, you should use coupon codes.

Bluehost also offers exclusive discounts. For a limited of time, you can save up to $2.95/mo on Bluehost shared hosting plans.

The best way to get that offer is using this exclusive Bluehost discount coupon. What do you think about this Bluehost coupon code? Did it work for you? Let me know your feedback on below comment form.

bluehost coupon

2 thoughts on “Bluehost Discount Coupon: Free Domain + $200 Offers!”

  1. I want to buy hosting for one of my clients but I am confused between BlueHost and SiteGround.

    With this BlueHost coupon I am sure that my client will save a lot of money but I don’t want him to face server downtimes and other technical issues.

    Can you suggest which one I should go for?


    • If your client is affordable to buy a premium hosting with essential features (ex: managed WordPress hosting), I recommend going for SiteGround.

      Bluehost is perfect for startups, but it also has some downlines too.

      If money is not a problem, select SiteGround’s best hosting package. It is the best choice I would take if I am starting over again.


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