In this new short guide, I will show you how to open a virtual Euro Bank account with Debit card for non-European residents (overseas) without having to visit any European country!

With current major occurrences such as Brexit (Britain's exiting from European Union) and Coronavirus, it's crucial to have a Euro bank account for non-European residents particularly if your business or career is depended on any European country that deal with EUR currency.

So, without further ado, let's find out how to open a virtual Euro bank account with debit card online for free!

How to Open Euro Bank Account Online for Non-European Residents

Here are my Euro Bank account details. I am from Sri Lanka (an Asian country) and I can use my European bank account details to receive Euro money from any European local bank (SEPA).


My Euro bank account is from WireCard Bank AG which is located at Germany as you see from above screenshot and I could send those details to my clients in Europe to send me money so that I can receive them instantly and also withdraw in my local ATM machine which supports MasterCard at anytime.

Here are the steps of opening a EUR virtual bank account for non-European citizens.

Main Steps

No any service will offer free Euro bank account for personal usage. I was able to get one because I was a full-time internet marketer and engaging in variety of online businesses that was not limited to freelancing and affiliate marketing.

Therefore, if you want to make sure that you'd get access to a free Euro virtual bank account, you should apply as a business entity or marketer such as an freelancer, trader etc.

For 90% of people, it's impossible to establish a business entity from scratch just for opening a virtual Euro bank account. Hence, I will drill down on how I was able to get a virtual European bank account as an online marketer and how you can too.

If you followed the steps correctly, I am sure you will not only have a Euro bank account but also other virtual bank accounts for countries & related currencies such as USA (USD), Japan (Yen), China (Yuan), and Britain (GBP). (If you are doing lots of international businesses such as trading and drop shipping, this will be highly useful for you too!)

Become a marketer

If you already have a business, you can avoid this step. But, if you don't have, then follow these steps.

There are lots of ways to become a internet marketer. Having a blog (becoming a blogger), becoming a promotional partner for one or several companies (aka affiliate marketer), Running a YouTube channel (becoming a vlogger), providing online services for clients (aka freelancer) are some of those popular ones.

But, to save your time, I will list what worked for most of people and what might work for you as well.

Set up your online store for free

A surefire way to getting your application approved is becoming an online store owner. 

Click here to visit Shopify and create your free online store for 90 days. (No credit card required)


Create your email list for free

Now you have an online store. But, how do you capture your potential customers?

The best way is building your email list! Click here to sign up for Aweber for free. (Aweber is a popular email marketing service and it integrates with your Shopify store.)


If you want to add beautiful popups and quizzes and Easter egg widgets on your site, I recommend giving Convertful a try. (Learn more about it on my Convertful review.)

Becoming an affiliate partner

To get a virtual EU bank account, you should provide as much as details as possible to entice that you are a marketer. So, becoming an affiliate partner for some companies (European or not) will be helpful.

Click the links below and sign up on each network for free.

  1. 1
    Clickfunnels affiliate — Promote digital marketing products such as eBooks, software, SaaS applications provided by Clickfunnels.
  2. 2
    TradeTracker — Affiliate marketplace filled with lots of European products and services such as Aliexpress.
  3. 3
    ShareASale — Affiliate marketplace for shopping and other products. Read my review here.

Note: If you want to drive traffic to your store via search engines, I recommend using a robust tool like SEMrush. It's one of the best tools out there I use literally on daily basis. Read my review on SEM rush here. 


The next step is apply.

Click here and sign up on Payoneer.


Fill out the application carefully. Do not misspell or fake any detail.


Once you gone through the process and successfully your application is approved, you will be asked if you want to apply for Payoneer Global payment service which is what we are going utilize to create a virtual EU bank account for you.


In this step,  you will have to explain about your online store, affiliate programs that you are promoting and why you want to apply for Global payment service. Once your application is approved for US Payment service, you are also eligible for EU payment service in which you will be received a virtual EU bank account.

I have written an article on how to open a virtual US bank account. If you need further help on this step, I would recommend you to check it out.

Now, once you are approved, you will see your EU bank account details in the Global Payment service section of your Payoneer account.


Debit Card

Once someone sends you Euro money though the Euro receiving bank account of you, the funds will be deposited on your Payoneer account under the EU receiving bank section. But, you cannot withdraw them with your Payoneer US MasterCard which is for USD currently only.

After you received the EU MasterCard for the EURO currency, you can withdraw those money instantly from anywhere in the world.

Visit this page once you logged in and tick the boxes as shown below and click the "Order" button to receive your free EU MasterCard.


Activate your EU debit MasterCard from your Payoneer dashboard by applying secret four digit code that you received via post mail.

Euro to USD

This very unique feature will be extremely helpful in some cases such as converting EURO to USD currency and transfer EURO money to USD money.


Transfer money from EURO to USD

Euro to GBP

Similar to Euro to USD transfer, also you can transfer Euro to Pound Sterling.


Transfer money from EUR to GBP

If you are a UK citizen and want to transfer your Euro balance to GBP, this feature will be very helpful. Learn more about currency transfer feature in Payoneer over here.

Final words on Opening a Virtual EU Bank Account

When considering about the current geopolitics hemisphere and situation where we are in, having access to local banks where you are dealing with is essential. If you are a British, having a EU bank account is more important than ever! 

In this short guide, I discussed and showed you how to open a EU virtual bank account online for free for non European residents.

Do you have any question which is related to this topic? Please drop them in the below. I will help you as possible as I can.

FAQs on Euro Bank Account

How to Transfer Euros from UK bank account?

Deposit your money (Euro on UK bank) to your Payoneer account by using your EU receiving bank account details.

Once money is deposited, you can transfer them in to another currency such as Sterling Pound.

How to transfer euros to Indian bank account?

Deposit EURO in your Payoneer account first. Secondly, convert Euro to USD in your Payoneer Currency Transfer section and deposit USD money to your Indian bank account.

Can I open a Euro bank account in the UK?

Yes, sign up on Payoneer and apply for Global Payment service. Once approved, you will receive a EU receiving checking account for free.


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    Payoneer Fees — Learn what fees you will be charged when working with Payoneer's Global payment service.
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    How Payoneer account works
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    Payoneer review

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