Top 11 Free Bracket Makers to Generate Tournament Brackets

Creating and managing tournament brackets is important for organizing competitive events like sports tournaments and gaming competitions. 

Due to the growing demand for easy-to-use bracket-making tools, there has been an increase in the development of free bracket makers online. These tools simplify creating and managing tournament brackets, catering to the needs of organizers, coaches, and participants. 

They come with features like real-time updates and the ability to handle various tournament formats. Also, they are accessible on multiple platforms, including the web and mobile devices, contributing to their widespread popularity. 

In this article, I’ll explore these top-free bracket makers’ functionalities and unique features. It will offer valuable insights for those seeking practical solutions for their bracket-generation needs.

Before I list the bracket makers, it’s essential to know what tournament brackets are, which individual needs these tools, what to look for when choosing, and the benefits of having them.

What are Tournament Brackets?

Brackets are a tool to visually organize and track participants’ progress in competitions and tournaments. They are typically shown as a tree diagram that clearly and systematically displays match-ups and results. 

These tools are commonly used in sports, esports, gaming competitions, academic contests, and other competitive events. 

Tournament Bracket Format Example
Brackets are a great way to illustrate and track participants’ progress in a competition.

Participants are usually given seed numbers based on their rankings or performance, determining their initial placement in the bracket. Higher-seeded participants typically compete against lower-seeded participants in the early rounds.

The brackets show the pairings for each round, indicating who competes against each other. Winners of each match advance to the next round, while the losers are eliminated from the tournament, depending on the tournament’s format.

Brackets visually represent the tournament’s progression, with winners moving closer to the championship match or final rounds and losers entering lower brackets or being eliminated. 

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the types of tournament brackets:

1. Round-Robin League

A Round-Robin League is a tournament structure where each team or individual competes against all other groups or individuals. This format ensures each participant plays an equal number of matches at home and away.

Points are allocated based on the results of these matches, typically with three points for a win, one for a draw, and zero for a loss. The rankings are established by the total points earned. 

If there’s a tie in points, other factors like goal difference, goals scored, or head-to-head outcomes are used to determine the team’s ranking.

2. Knockout or Single Elimination 

The Knockout or Single Elimination format is a simple tournament structure where a participant or team gets eliminated after just one loss. 

It’s a straightforward setup where the winners keep advancing while the losers get kicked out of the competition. 

This continues until only two participants or teams remain, and they face off in the final match to decide the overall champion.

3. Group Stage

The group stage is a tournament section where participants are split into groups, often with an equal number of teams or players in each group. These groups can be formed through rankings, random selection, or both.

In each group, every participant competes against each other. Points are given based on match results, usually following a point system where teams earn points for wins, draws, and losses.

The standings in each group depend on the points earned by each participant. If there are ties, other factors like goal difference, goals scored, or head-to-head results may be used to rank the teams within the group.

Following the group stage, the best-performing teams from each group usually move on to the knockout stages of the tournament, where they participate in single-elimination matches until a final champion is decided

4. Double Elimination

Double elimination is a tournament style that allows contestants to stay in the competition even if they lose once. It’s more forgiving than other formats because it offers a second chance.

The tournament starts with a regular bracket, and participants compete like in a single-elimination tournament. However, losing a match doesn’t mean you’re out of the competition immediately.

Instead of getting eliminated, the contestant moves to the loser’s bracket, where they can compete against others who have also lost a match. They keep competing in the loser’s bracket until only one remains.

The winner of the winner’s bracket and the winner of the loser’s bracket eventually face each other in the grand finals. The person from the winner’s bracket typically has an advantage as they haven’t lost before.

Double elimination gives contestants a fairer opportunity to showcase their skills, even if they stumble early in the competition. It ensures that the ultimate champion consistently performs well, as they have to win the grand finals from the winner’s bracket.

Which Individuals Need Tournament Bracket Generators

  • Sports enthusiasts: Tournament bracket makers are commonly utilized in various sports events like basketball, soccer, tennis, and esports. Coaches, organizers, and fans can use these tools to arrange and monitor tournament progress.
  • Event organizers: Whether a small local contest or a significant esports event, tournament bracket generators are invaluable. They streamline scheduling and management, ensuring smooth matches and accurate results tracking.
  • Gaming communities: Online gaming groups often arrange tournaments or leagues. Using a tournament bracket generator simplifies creating and managing brackets. This enables communities to host fair and competitive events effortlessly.
  • Educational institutions: Schools and colleges may use tournament bracket generators for sports competitions or academic tournaments. This helps students, teachers, and staff organize and track tournament progress effectively.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tournament Bracket Builders

When choosing the best option for your needs, consider these factors to simplify and improve decision-making.

  • Tournament Formats: Ensure the generator supports different tournament formats such as single-elimination, double-elimination, and round-robin to cater to various sporting events and competitions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Choose a bracket generator with an easy-to-use interface for smooth navigation and a hassle-free experience during bracket creation.
  • Sharing and Printing Features: Select a bracket generator that enables effortless sharing and printing of brackets for participants, coaches, and spectators to enhance engagement and participation.
  • Save and Export Options: Look for a generator that allows you to save and export brackets in formats like PDF, Excel, or image files for future reference and easy sharing.
  • Customization Options: Opt for a generator that allows various customization choices, like adding logos, photos, graphics, and team names to tailor the brackets to your requirements.
  • Security: Prioritize a platform that ensures data security and reliable performance to protect sensitive information throughout the tournament.
  • Scalability: Verify whether the bracket generator can handle tournaments of different sizes, from small local events to large-scale national or international competitions, to meet your specific needs.
  • Compatibility and Accessibility: Ensure the bracket generator works smoothly across various devices and operating systems. This enables convenient access and use from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Customer Support: Check for available customer support options to address any issues or concerns that may arise while using the bracket generator.

Benefits of Having Embeddable Bracket Generators versus Not Having Them

Here are key reasons why these tools are essential:

  • Error Minimization: When you automate bracket creation, they reduce the chances of human errors, ensuring the brackets are precise and dependable.
  • Efficient Management: With additional functions like team seeding, automatic scheduling, and real-time updates, they simplify the overall organization and administration of the tournament, making it easier for organizers to manage various aspects of the event seamlessly.
  • Time-Efficiency: They streamline the tournament bracket creation process, saving organizers significant time and effort.
  • Professional Look: These tools make producing visually attractive and expertly designed brackets easy, improving the tournament’s overall appearance.
  • Accessibility: They provide convenient access to tournament brackets from different devices. That makes it simple for organizers and participants to view, share, and print brackets.
  • Adaptability: These tools are compatible with various tournament formats, from straightforward single-elimination to more complex round-robin setups, accommodating diverse sporting events and competitions.
  • Effective Communication: Easy sharing and printing features promote effective communication and engagement among participants and spectators, fostering a sense of involvement and excitement.

What You Need to Know When Creating Brackets

  • Plan your tournament early – Make sure you know what your objectives are, what kind of tournament you want to create and its format, competition duration, locations, how winners are chosen, and prizes, etc.,
  • Encourage people to engage – Most tournament bracket creators have options like social sharing, voting, downloading images of each game that show who competes with whom, etc., The more people engaged with your competition, the more successful it will be.
  • Add details correctly – Make sure terms & rules are placed accurately, prizes, how winners are chosen, and ranking table, etc. on your webpage.
  • Use conversion boosters – Use embeddable countdown widgets (to showcase time remaining in a game or entire competition), count-up timers (to display how much time has gone since the launch of the tournament), social proof widgets (to real-time activity on the webpage), YouTube Galleries (to showcase highlights of competition), and Google Maps widgets (to showcase places where each game is held).

Furthermore, you can use an event listing widget on your website, such as Elfsight Event Calendar, to display all games of the competition and details of them. Create your event widget using the following builder:

Free Bracket Makers to Use to Generate Tournament Brackets Today

1. CommonNinja’s Brackets Maker

Commonninja's Brackets Maker

CommonNinja is a website widget creation tool with 100+ widgets in its catalog, such as comparison tables, Amazon reviews, and contact form widgets for websites. All of CommonNinja’s widgets come with layouts, skins, customization options, and workspace features to manage widgets.

CommonNinja’s Brackets Maker allows you to create a bracket for your tournament leagues, with many bracket types, customization options, and a visual editor. The best part is you can create a free bracket widget to embed on your website and utilize options such as social sharing to make your tournaments go viral.

You can use the free brackets generator to create a bracket without utilizing many customizations. This is an excellent tool to quickly create a bracket.

CommonNinja Bracket and Tournament Generator
Generate a bracket by choosing the right tournament format and adding participants.

Or you can build a custom tournament bracket with features such as predictions and voting from scratch.

CommonNinja Bracket Widget Builder
CommonNinja’s Bracket Maker supports multiple bracket types. This screenshot illustrates the March Madness (4 regions) bracket type.

Key features:

  • Multiple Bracket Types – CommonNinja’s Brackets Maker provides many bracket types such as single elimination (with voting and predictions), double elimination (with voting and predictions), March Madness (with voting and predictions), Round Robin, Group Stage, March Madness (4 regions with voting and predictions).
  • Add participants – You can add as many participants as possible to a specific bracket (the quantity depends on your plan) and customize their profile by adding a profile picture, ranking number, email address, website URL, description of the participant, and even make the participant “Bye” later.
  • Sign-up page – Unlike many other tournament creators, in CommonNinja, you can set up a signup page where people may request to join as teams or players.
  • Add prizes – You can add prizes for first place and second place and showcase them on the widget.
Tournament Prizes CommonNinja Bracket Maker
You can add prizes for each place in the tournament and showcase them in the HTML bracket widget. See the demo below for an instance.
  • Brackets match randomization & seeding – Enhance the competitive spirit of the tournament by using different ways of pitting participants against each other. Traditional Seeding, Randomization, and By Order are available options.
  • Features – There are a few additional features in CommonNinja’s Bracket Maker, such as 3rd prize match, multiple prizes per competition, a ranking table (a leaderboard with prediction rankings), a participants table (shows a list of players/teams with more details about them), standings table (shows games scores), scores submission, and auto-refresh bracket widget on the website.
  • Customize appearance – The bracket widget creator comes with four layouts (traditional, rectangles, circles, and squares) and a few skins. Also, you can make the background transparent (perfect to integrate bracket widgets into your existing placements on your website) or use an image or pattern for the background. If you want to customize the individual elements of the competition bracket widget, such as the fonts, colors, etc., you can do it using the options under the “Advanced” tab. And, there is a “Custom CSS” option if you want to take the design to the next level with your own CSS codes.
  • Different ways to use created brackets – You can embed the bracket widget on your website by using the embed code. Or export the bracket as an image or a PDF file. The bracket image can be shared with other people or posted on your website or social media accounts. The PDF can be embedded on your website using a PDF embedder widget.

How to create an online bracket widget for your website

Sign up on the CommonNinja website from this link, find the “Free Bracket Maker” widget from the widget catalog, and start customizing your tournament bracket. Watch the following video tutorial to learn how.

Note: You must publicize the bracket by starting the tournament from your widget editor to make the bracket live on your website. To properly start the tournament, you must specify start and end dates & times for each stage of the competition, such as group stages, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals.

Bracket widget HTML code

CommonNinja’s Bracket Maker will provide a code snippet that you can embed on your website to display it.

Tournament Bracket Embed HTML Code

You can embed the JavaScript part once and embed the div element with a unique class in places where you want to display the bracket widget on your website.

<script src="" defer></script>
<div class="commonninja_component pid-0ce7dd39-fbf5-4ecf-a47c-9af0d43563eb"></div>

If your website has other CommonNinja widgets such as number counter, timeline, diagrams, and product catalog installed already, you do not have to embed the JavaScript part again.


Click here to see it on a full-width webpage and view it on a direct link form here.


CommonNinja’s Bracket Maker is free to use. The free plan includes these features & limits: 2 brackets, 16 teams/players per bracket, and 300 monthly pageviews. To unlock features such as voting and predictions, create more bracket widgets, and add more participants per tournament bracket, you must upgrade to a paid plan starting from $16.99 per month.

CommonNinja Bracket Maker Pricing

Click here to try CommonNinja’s Bracket Maker.

2. Challonge

Challonge Tournament Bracket Generator

Challonge simplifies the creation of tournaments, making it easy for organizers to set up custom tournaments for specific gaming or sporting events. It can handle various formats, whether a small local competition or a significant international event.

It offers a range of bracket management tools, including single and double-elimination brackets, round-robin, and Swiss-style tournaments. You can effortlessly create, update, and display brackets, ensuring all participants and spectators are informed throughout the tournament.

You can create a tournament bracket by using the following steps:

  1. First, you need to insert the Tournament name.
Challonge Tournament Game Selector
  1. Choose the type of Tournament. There are three options: Single-elimination, Double-elimination, and Round Robin.
  2. In the third step, you need to select the Bracket size. Here, you can add the number of participants. The platform accommodates up to 126 individuals.
  3. Lastly, pick the game you want. After that, click on the Generate Button.

Challonge’s real-time match reporting feature lets participants update match results, promptly keeping the tournament bracket up-to-date. This real-time update feature engages participants and viewers by providing instant access to the live tournament progress, adding excitement and anticipation to the event.

It allows you to personalize the tournament page by adding custom logos, backgrounds, and color schemes, giving each event a unique and professional appearance.

The platform streamlines the match-scheduling process by enabling participants to arrange games directly through the platform. This reduces confusion and facilitates smooth coordination between players, enhancing the overall convenience and enjoyment of the tournament experience.

The Challonge API takes tournament creation and control to a programmatic level. It allows you to create tournaments on the go and report scores directly from your website or application. This feature lets you define score reporting permissions that suit your user model, providing a seamless tournament experience for your users.

3. OfficePoolStop

OfficePoolShop Tournament Bracket Maker

This tool lets you create an online presence for your league and easily manage tournaments. It’s versatile and suitable for soccer, tennis, bowling, video games, volleyball, softball, and esports competitions.

Running a bracket pool using OfficePoolShop Tournament Bracket Maker

Once your tournament is set up, you can invite players or teams to view the bracket online or submit their brackets.

It supports custom double-elimination brackets for different team sizes, accommodating tournaments with up to 32 players or teams and double-elimination brackets with 16 players or teams.

You have control over the main tournament bracket that your players’ brackets are compared against, allowing you to set specific points for correct picks in each round, including underdog wins.

There’s also the option to configure your tie-breaker, which is particularly handy for low-scoring bracket tournaments like the NHL playoffs. Moreover, you can personalize the tournament bracket page with a custom headline, text, and images for participants.

The bracket maker offers display options, such as showing or hiding seeds, entering scores, and choosing between a simple or modern design with custom colors. You can fill out the bracket online or create a printable blank template.

The tool includes various features, like a player accounting page and prize management. The free version is fully functional, while the premium version removes the site name from PDFs and ads when logged in.

4. Score7

Score7 - Tournament Generator & Brackets Maker

Score7’s tournament creation tool makes it simple to generate tournaments or brackets. You can easily specify the sport or game, the number of participants, and the desired format.

You have a variety of options to choose from, including knockout brackets, round-robin, double elimination, and multistage tournaments. Score7 covers everything, whether you’re organizing a single elimination bracket or a complex multistage tournament with groups and knockout rounds.

Here are the steps to generate a tournament bracket:

Create a tournament or bracket in Score7
  1. Choose the sport you want under the ” select or type sports section.
  2. Select the number of participants. Note that you have an option of choosing up to 64 individuals.
  3. Under the format section, you can choose Knockouts Bracket, Double Elimination, Round-robin, or Multistage, which includes Round-robin groups and Knockouts Brackets.
  4. Lastly, click on the Create Tournament button to generate your bracket.
Creating a tournament and assessing results in Score7

Customization is key with Score7. You can personalize the tournament name, URL, and description. Adding or removing participants is effortless, and you can even assign them to specific groups in multistage tournaments. Enhance the branding of your tournament by incorporating your logo and selecting custom colors that represent your organization or event.

The tool seamlessly manages match dates, times, locations, and referees, ensuring a well-organized tournament experience. With its collaborative administration feature, you can delegate administrative responsibilities to other users, enhancing overall efficiency and coordination.

It allows you to share the tournament calendar and results with participants through QR codes or user-friendly links. This will enable them to easily access and track their progress in real-time, fostering excitement and competition.

5. BinaryBeast


BinaryBeast is an easy-to-use system for managing tournaments. It lets organizers quickly create custom tournament brackets, handle participant sign-ups, and manage schedules effortlessly. 

The tool currently provides options for Single Elimination, Double Elimination, and Round Robin group stages. Also, you can customize the tournaments with logos, banners, and other branding elements.

You can send invitations or allow participants to join themselves. The platform’s advanced permissions system enables various levels of admin access for other BinaryBeast users. Its updated score reporting system will allow participants to report their match scores like administrators.

The BinaryBeast API permits web developers to fully integrate our tournament services into their websites by allowing remote access to our back-end services. In short, it lets you create a direct interface on your website for users to join tournaments and report their wins.

BinaryBeast has fostered a lively and interconnected community of eSports enthusiasts, amplifying the visibility of various gaming events and contributing to the growth of the eSports industry.

The platform simplifies the process by helping organizers schedule matches, notify participants about their upcoming games, maintain the event’s structure, and ensure players are well-prepared for matches.

6. Bracket HQ


Bracket HQ’s bracket maker allows you to create brackets for up to 64 participants and adequately arrange them. 

The platform also facilitates tournament management, enabling you to input match scores and provide real-time bracket updates. You can customize the appearance of their brackets with various themes. 

Bracket Builder BracketHQ

Also, the platform offers the option to generate single-elimination or double-elimination tournament brackets. To add more competition, you can organize Round Robin tournaments with a built-in leaderboard to monitor team standings. 

Brackets HQ integrates with popular social media platforms and the WordPress website.

7. Easypromos

Easypromosapp Tournament Bracket Maker

EasyPromos is an online application platform with multiple tools to hold online contests & giveaways, create games and quizzes, etc. Its tournament bracket maker enables online elimination tournaments to foster engagement in cultural and sports events or digital campaigns.

Upon initiating a new Tournament Bracket promotion, you’ll encounter a default template that you can easily modify by updating texts, adding participants, and adjusting match dates.

You can upload the names of the competing teams, individuals, or objects, which the online bracket maker can randomly match up for competition. Alternatively, you have the option to arrange them manually.

Each round can accommodate up to 64 participants, with two teams or individuals competing until the final winner is determined. You can display 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 candidates in the initial round.

The Easypromos Brackets app allows for the graphical display of sports tournaments, enabling participants to predict winners for each round. Additionally, it facilitates online competitions where users can make their selections.

Customization options include personalizing the application with your texts and images, including background designs, candidate pictures, logos, and more. Adjust button colors and text fonts to align with your corporate branding.

For those managing more extensive tournaments with over 16 participants or with various categories, the Multi-Stage application allows the organization of multiple rounds or tournaments simultaneously.

8. Tourneysoft


It can create customizable tournament brackets for competitions, including single-elimination, double-elimination, and round-robin.

You can schedule your tournament by dragging and dropping events on a calendar. Adjust scheduling parameters such as date, time, venue, and courts. You can also customize how venues are allocated for each match from various venue allocation formats.

The platform helps you monitor your tournament with scores and statistics updated after each match. Also, keep all participants and fans updated with the latest scores, statistics, and tournament standings.

You can personalize your tournament to match your brand identity by changing colors, uploading your tournament logo, and adding a banner image.

Tourneysoft integrates tournaments into your website. You can bring their tournament widgets to your site. This helps you display tournaments on your website by embedding their widgets into your HTML code. 

Engage your fans by posting feeds, sharing images, creating polls, and keeping them involved.

Connect your tournament to social media platforms by linking your social media handles to your tournament. You can also integrate your Twitter feed into the tournament timeline.

9. Tournament Manager

Tournament Manager Bracket Generator

Tournament Manager is another free bracket maker for managing tournaments. It provides an easy and user-friendly management portal to customize all the tournament details.

Participants can subscribe to your tournaments to access information about the tournaments and their respective matchups.

You can set up single-elimination or double-elimination tournaments with single matchups or series. It allows you to generate brackets for up to 128 players or teams, with the option of automatic seeding.

You can add players and teams from the Tournament Manager database, create new players, or import them from your phone contacts.

The application lets you view matchups in real-time, showing live score updates, matchup locations, guidance to the matchup locations, date and time, field locations, and more. You can also check upcoming scheduled matchups in your user profile.

Additionally, you can download and print high-quality tournament materials such as single-elimination seeded and non-seeded brackets and football squares, suitable for any sport.

10. CommentPicker

Commentpicker Tournament Bracket Generator

CommentPicker provides various online lucky draw tools to randomize names and pick comments from social media pages. CommentPicker’s bracket tool allows users to create tournament schedules for any number of participants or teams without cost.

The Tournament Maker designs a tournament bracket based on single-elimination, knockout, or sudden-death formats. Users can conveniently fill out the schedule online, save it as a PDF, or export it in CSV format for Excel or Numbers.

The platform lets you fully customize the brackets’ appearance, including logos, colors, l and background images. 

Commentpicker integrates across various platforms, including popular social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It has a Team Generator that swiftly arranges people into random groups by inputting a list of names.

This tool permits you to create a tournament schedule. Plus, it offers notifications and alerts for upcoming matches, results, and important updates. 

Participants can receive these notifications via email or the CommentPicker platform, helping them stay connected to the tournament.

You can also generate random teams by specifying the number of teams or individuals per team. It allows you to export these randomized groups to Excel or copy and print them for future use.

11. Online Tournament Bracket Maker

The platform allows you to make tournament brackets using customizable templates in their graphic editor. It’s not just a simple bracket maker; you’ll be able to create impressive designs that will catch everyone’s eye. offers pre-designed templates for tennis, basketball, pitch & putt, football, wrestling, soccer, etc. These templates are tailored for different competition sizes, such as 4, 8, 16, or 32 teams, and can even be adjusted for odd numbers like 5, 7, or 9.

After you’ve chosen your bracket template, you can add text, photos, color, and graphics.

Tournament Bracket Image Editor -

You can print or share the tournament charts online on your website or social networks. Also, you can adjust the layout format with the “Resize” button, and the design will automatically adapt to the new dimensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make my tournament bracket?

Yes, you can make a tournament bracket in different ways. Try using bracket generators online tools for this or using programs like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

First, figure out how many people are participating, the type of tournament (single-elimination, double-elimination, or round-robin), and the rules you’ll follow.

Then, set up the slots accordingly and record the progress as the participants move through each stage. You can customize the bracket to fit your particular needs and likes.

What applications can I make a bracket on?

You can use several apps to create a tournament bracket depending on your specific requirements and preferences. You can access these applications in the Google Play Store or App Store. They include: 

– ESPN Tournament Challenge: 
– Champion – Tournament Manager
– 4League
– Brackelope: Tournament Builder
– Competition Manager
– My Bracket: Tournament Manager
– Challenge Place: Tournament and Bracket Manager
– Tournament & league manager: brackets, schedules

Can you make a tournament bracket in Excel?

Yes, you can make a tournament bracket in Excel. You can use essential Excel elements like cells, rows, and columns to set up the basic bracket structure. You can also use functions like Concatenate to create match pairings automatically.

To visually show winners and losers, you can apply conditional formatting. Explore Excel’s VBA programming for larger tournaments to automate the bracket-making process.

While Excel might not offer all the advanced features of specialized bracket software, it’s a flexible and user-friendly option for crafting straightforward to moderately complex tournament brackets.

Conclusion on Best Bracket Makers

From the article, we’ve learned that free tournament bracket makers have emerged as important tools for organizing and managing amateur and professional sporting events. 

Their user-friendly interfaces and accessibility have simplified creating, sharing, and updating tournament brackets. If you streamline the administrative tasks associated with tournament planning, these platforms will reduce the time and effort required to set up competitions. 

This helps you to focus more on enhancing the overall event experience for participants and spectators alike.

So, you have a clear picture of every platform, and you are in a position to choose the best bracket maker that can suit your needs.

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