BrandOverflow Review: Is This SEO Tool Worth Investing?

Due to the heated competition over the years and Google’s regular updates, Search Engine Optimization has become more challenging every year passed.

There were Google Panda and Penguin updates that terrified some bloggers. Similarly, known and unknown updates to the Google algorithm fluctuate your organic traffic.

People who stay current win the game and ultimately dominate Google SEO. To stay ahead in this arena, you have to get assistance. Today, I will expose one tool that does this job well.

It is none other than BrandOverflow.

Read this BrandOverflow review from here to the end to determine if this SEO tool is worth your investment.

BrandOverflow Review: Is This SEO Tool REALLY Worth Investing In Your Business?

BrandOverflow Logo

In this complete review of BrandOverflow, you will come to know what is not about Brand Overflow and if it’s worth your time, money, and efforts investing today, considering there are many BrandOverflow alternatives.

What is BrandOverflow?

BrandOverflow is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool that offers multiple tools to improve your online presence and accelerate your rankings and growth in search engines.

BrandOverflow was founded by Ahmed, who is a passionate marketer, and he and his team deliver updates and features regularly.

Since Brand Overflow is an SEO toolkit, it accommodates different tools and features to help you on various occasions.

  1. Rank Tracker
  2. SERP Checker
  3. LSI Keywords Generator
  4. Keyword Tool
  5. YouTube Keywords Search Tool
  6. Question Generator
  7. Keyword Insights
  8. Long Tail Keywords Checker
  9. Global Search Volume Estimator
  10. Keyword Generator
  11. Keyword Explorer
  12. Bulk Search Volume Estimator
  13. Backlinks Checker
  14. Backlinks Monitor
  15. Ranked Keywords Checker
  16. Traffic Checker (Overall traffic estimation for the entire website)
  17. SEO Audit
  18. Bulk Domain Data
  19. Ad Explorer (PPC)
  20. Keywords Explorer (PPC)

I will discuss and showcase many of these SEO tools in this Brand Overflow review. So keep reading.

Unlike most other SEO tools out there, BrandOverflow has its own setup to manifest data.

They collect data themselves by various methods and build a database of their own. Here are stats on Brand Overflow stats.

  • 215 countries are supported. Over 100,000 geographic locations!
  • It is updated daily. Brand Overflow updates SERP ranking for keywords daily so that you will always get fresh data.
  • 5M keywords, 9M SERPs, 3M domains, 3M PPC ads, and 4M backlinks are currently in the database as of writing this Brand Overflow review, and it’s constantly growing.

How to use Brand Overflow

It is very easy to start using Brand Overflow.

Click this link and create your account.

Once done, log into your account over here.

Now, you will see SEO tools available to use.

BrandOverflow SEO Tools

You can use them by clicking on the corresponding box in your Dashboard or the link in the left sidebar navigation menu.

I will share how to use common SEO tools in this Brand Overflow review.

Rank Tracker

If you asked me what the most exciting feature of Brand Overflow is, it is highly likely the Rank Tracker, in my opinion. Why?

Here are several reasons.

  • Hyper-Local Search Volumes — Do you want to track Google keyword ranking at the local level? Brand Overflow has got it!
  • Daily Automated Update — Always stay updated with fresh data on key metrics that matter to you, including exact Google keyword ranking and changes.
  • Add your competitors — Brand Overflow makes it easier to keep up with your competitors’ rankings and compare both simultaneously.
  • Beautiful Charts — Getting to know your SERP ranking is one thing. But getting to know them in a meaningful way is another thing. Brand Overflow nails it with its beautiful charts and features like filtering data.

How to use Rank Tracker

Go to the Brand Overflow’s Rank Tracker section and click on the blue “Create Project” button.

Now, you will see a page where you can enter details to create your rank tracking project. See the screenshot below.

Brand Overflow Rank Tracker
Set up Google SERP rank tracking project in BrandOverflow.

Key features:

  • Cross-domain capability: Do you want to track SERP rankings for your entire brand? Brand Overflow makes it so much easier. For example, you can track Google keyword ranking for your blog, YouTube channel, and Twitter account at once!
  • Cross-competitor domain capability: Just like above, you can add your competitors’ online domains to keep updated on their SERP ranking fluctuations.

Last but not least, you can track Google keyword ranking based on the location.

City based targeting
You can track SERP rankings based on the city.

Want to know what the crazier part is? Brand Overflow allows you to track SERP rankings based on the Zip code location!

Zip code based targeting
Target keywords based on the Zipcode

Once you have entered the necessary information, click on the “Add new project” to move ahead.

Now, you will be asked to add keywords.

Add keywords button

There are two ways to add keywords.

  1. Enter keywords manually. One per line
  2. Import via CSV file
Add your keyword phrases.

Once done, click on the “Submit” button. Now, Brand Overflow will start fetching data and representing you soon.

Rank tracking analytics page without data
New Rank Tracking Reporting page. It will take up to 24 hours to represent data.

I have already created two rank-tracking projects a few months before. So, I will use them to share how Rank Tracker works in this review on Brand Overflow.

Brand Overflow Rank Tracking reporting page with statistics
Brand Overflow Rank Tracking reporting page with statistics

Here are some details you will quickly gain in Rank Tracking analytics.

  • How fresh the data is. At the top of the screen, you will see when was the last update and when will the next update happen.
  • SERP ranking changes. If rankings are improved, those will be highlighted in green, and if the ranking is dropped compared with the previous day, they will be highlighted in red.
  • Change breakdown
  • Significant changes for the day. Ordered based on the estimated traffic gain or loss.
  • Unique URLs ranked for given keywords and total estimated traffic for the day.

Tick on a keyword that you want to check insightful details about keyword ranking.

Keyword History Report
Keyword History Report. Compare ranking and more.

On this page, you can find information on the keyword history. You can see cannibalized URLs, ranking changes over time, view the current SERP for the project’s location, and search volume history.

Apart from these features, Brand Overflow lets you…

  • Receive Email reports: Get monthly email reports on your projects’ biggest changes and more insights.
  • Enable Google My Business data: BrandOverflow is capable of reporting GMB statistics. So, if you are a local business owner, this feature would be valuable.
  • Dynamic sharing: One of the amazing features. You can share the rank tracking report with others online. This would be one of the most useful features if you run an SEO agency or offer freelance SEO services.

Rank Tracker is one of the best SEO tools in the BrandOverflow. Two of my favorite features are the freshness of data metrics and how accurate they are.

SERP Checker

The next feature I want to discuss in this BrandOverflow review is the SERP Checker. SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. So, this tool makes it so much easier to check Google’s ranking for a given keyword.

What does SERP Checker do?

  1. It emulates the search on Google for a specified location and represents the exact current ranking.
  2. Showcase top 100 SERP results that include SEO title and meta description.
  3. Displays backlinks data
  4. Present related keywords

How to use the SERP Checker

Enter your keyword phrase and select the location. Again, you can go deeper and search based on GEO location or zip code!

Check SERP for a specific location
Check the Search engine result page for a specific location

I wanted to know the Google keyword ranking for my article on How to start a solo ad business in the United States. So the keyword I targeted was “sell solo ads.”

SERP lookup report
SERP Lookup for “Sell solo ads” keyword in the United States for the current day

According to BrandOverflow, the page currently performs well in Google in United States region.

I have used other keyword rank tracking tools like Semrush before. However, even though Semrush is also accurate in its ranking data, I could not find Google ranking based on the ZIP code. Therefore, having this feature in Brand Overflow is advantageous for me.

Keyword Tool

One another vital tool I want to talk about in this BrandOverflow review is the Keyword Tool.

It provides:

  • Everything you need to know about a keyword, Organic and Paid insights, as well as difficulty.
  • Highly related keywords and similarity
  • Top 10 ranked websites
  • Monitor keywords in any location (215 countries are supported)

How to use the Keyword Tool

Like other tools, enter the keyword, select the location, choose the language and click on the “Generate Report” button.

Generate a Keyword report
Generate a Keyword report

For example, I generated a report for the “Agency tools” keyword phrase.

keyword report
Keyword report for “Agency tools” keyword

You will see tons of details about the keyword you entered on this page.

  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Search Volume History
  • Average monthly search volume, CPC, and PPC competition stats
  • PPC keywords
  • Questions
  • Related keywords
  • Top SERP results that include data such as Do-follow & No-follow backlinks

The related keywords are one of my favorite parts of BrandOverflow’s Keyword Tool report.

It represents keywords equal to the primary keyword and showcases the sentiment and trend of search volume over time.

Last but not least, you can download the keyword report and start using them in your content marketing campaigns.

Keyword Insights

Market research is fundamental in the current marketing landscape. If you do not understand the intent of a keyword, it might be harder to understand the customer avatar.

But luckily, BrandOverflow helps you better understand the intent behind a keyword and much more!

Keyword Insights tool BrandOverflow
Keyword Insights

Go to the Keywords Insights tool and enter your keyword. Once done, you will see a page similar to the one below.

Keyword Insights report
Keyword Insights report helps determine the search intent and geography of the searchers.

BrandOverflow Keyword Insights helps you determine the popularity of a keyword over time and trending keywords with low competition.

YouTube Keywords

In my previous article on How to find YouTube keywords, I showed a few different ways of researching keywords for YouTube videos. Using BrandOverflow’s YouTube Keywords Generator was one of those. Therefore, I will briefly address how to use it in this BrandOverflow review.


  • Find keywords for different regions.
  • Find YouTube keywords in different languages (Currently, BrandOverflow supports over 20 international languages)
  • Get new channel and video creation ideas.
  • Find out the search volume, history, and the difficulty of a keyword
  • Generate related keywords and find their similarity and search trend
YouTube keywords search tool in BrandOverflow

Here is the YouTube keywords report for “Crypto.”

YouTube Keywords report includes much information. Make use of those intelligently to grow your YouTube channel.

Not only does BrandOverflow makes it easier to find hyper-targeted keywords for YouTube videos, but it also gets essential metrics such as volume trend, average monthly search volume, and the organic video competition.

Keyword Explorer

Building keyword clusters is a working SEO strategy used by many content creators. BrandOverflow’s Keyword Explorer comes in handy when you want to generate keywords based on the main keyword (aka seed keyword).

It gets top-level suggestions for your main keyword and more suggestions for the top-level keywords.

Go to BrandOverflow and navigate to Keyword Explorer and enter the primary keyword. Watch the short video below to see how I generated a report and what keywords it provided.

BrandOverflow generated keywords on six levels. (0:39m)
  • See grouped keywords on each level
  • See the similarity and sentiment of each keyword phrase
  • Get CPC and search volume for the particular region that you selected
  • Find out the trend of the keyword

If you are a blogger or a content marketer, this tool will save time and provide some topic ideas to cover in your articles.

Long Tail keywords Generator

I discussed why you should use long-tail keywords if you want to rank higher on Google SERP these days in this article.

BrandOverflow makes it easier than ever to generate long-tail keywords (i.e., lengthier than four words) for your content marketing campaigns.

You can see the Long Tail keywords report I generated for the “SEO” keyword in the screenshot below. It is a broad keyword with over 1,500 long-tail keywords.

Long tail keyword generator in Brand Overflow
The Long-tail keyword generator will find hundreds of low, competitive keywords.

I dug one step further by using the filter. If you guess I used the filtered to find keywords that include “what,” you got it right!

Since long-tail keywords are easy to rank and hyper-targeted, you will most likely get good blog post ideas to write content tailored to your niche.

After numerous years, Backlinks are still a ranking factor in the Google algorithm, Bing, and other search engines.

BrandOverflow's Backlink Checker
BrandOverflow’s Backlink Checker

As I mentioned earlier in this Brand Overflow review, BrandOverflow has its mechanism to collect data. Backlink Checker is no different.

Once you have entered the page URL you want to check backlinks, click on the report.

Backlinks data
Backlinks data

On this page, you will find:

  • Linking pages
  • Anchor text
  • Link Value
  • Whether the backlink is Do Follow or No Follow

Ranked Keywords

Competitor research is one of my favorite aspects of SEO. You can learn A LOT from your competitors and generate proven keyword suggestions and article ideas.

Here is how to find competitors’ top-ranking pages and keywords.

Go to the “Ranked Keywords” tool under the ‘Competitor’ section. Enter the competitor’s domain URL and select the country. For example, if you choose the ‘Unites States’, BrandOverflow will provide Google’s United States region data.

Ranked keywords checker
Find ranked keywords for a domain.

Here is the Ranked Keywords report for

Ranked Keywords report
Ranked Keywords report

On this page, you can:

  • See the SERP rank, keyword phrase, and the ranking page
  • The average search volume, CPC, and PPC difficulty of the keyword

Like before, I can use the Keyword filter options to see less competitive, long-tail keywords with higher ranks with Brand Overflow.

Filter ranked keywords
Filter ranked keywords

Remember, the search volume for these ranked keywords is for the specific region. So, you might want to use the following SEO tool of BrandOverflow to identify the total global search volume.

Global Search Volume Checker

Another handy feature I want to emphasize in this review of Brand Overflow is the Global Search Volume Checker.

The “how to check dofollow and nofollow links” keyword phrase is a long-tail one.

The probability of conversion against the cost of competition of a keyword is based on the length. The longer the keyword is, the higher chance it’s hyper-targeted and a huge chance of converting into leads and sales.

Also, if you notice, it is an informational search term.

types of keywords research
The intent nature of keyword

If you look closer into the Global search volume, you would be surprised that the total global search volume is over 1000!

Global traffic volume checker for the keyword in
Global traffic volume checker for the keyword

BrandOverflow’s Global Search Volume checker would surely be beneficial if you want to write content for a global audience!

Traffic Checker

Another SEO tool I want to talk about another SEO tool in this Brand Overflow review: Traffic Checker. If you have used a traffic estimator such as Semrush before, you would be familiar with this.

Check the estimated traffic of a site using BrandOverflow.
Check the estimated traffic of a site using BrandOverflow

The Traffic Analytics reports show different metrics.

  • Traffic Rankings
  • Audience Insights: Average monthly visits, time on site, page views per visitor, and average bounce rate
  • Top search keywords and estimated traffic driven by those keywords
  • Geographic data
  • PPC metrics
  • Social media traffic metrics
  • Similar websites

BrandOverflow features

You find out the best SEO tools of BrandOverflow. But, there is more feature that you would find helpful. I will list several of them in this Brand Overflow review.

Dynamic Shareable reports

BrandOverflow has this fantastic feature that lets you share live keyword ranking reports with your co-workers or clients with a link.

Benefits of Dynamic Shareable reports:

  • No need to share daily keyword ranking manually. BrandOverflow updates it so that your clients have to visit the page.
  • Use your domain name and logo and customize the reports page as needed.
BrandOverflow custom branding report settings

Here is the dynamic shareable report’s screenshot of one of my rank-tracking projects. For privacy reasons, I have blurred the keywords. But, you can see how it will look.

custom shareable SERP rank tracking report of BrandOverflow
Custom shared SERP tracking report.


BrandOverflow allows you to filter data so that you can get what you really need.

Why use Brand Overflow?

You found amazing tools and features in this BrandOverflow review. But, you might be wondering why you should try BrandOverflow while there are dozens of SEO tools. Here are several reasons.

  1. Get accurate SERP ranking for your essential page: I usually track the most important keywords, such as phrases that drive money to my business. It helped me increase my ROI on SEO content marketing. Because of the Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule), I spend more time optimizing pages for those keywords.
  2. Generate shopping keywords: Not all keywords drive money. BrandOverflow makes it easier to find keywords with buyer intent.
  3. Maximize YouTube reach: Using proper video keywords will positively help you. BrandOverflow’s YouTube Keyword Generator is very helpful for professional vloggers.
  4. Get the actual Search engine result page for a specific keyword phrase: BrandOverflow’s local level tracking system makes it easier to see where your and competitors’ pages are ranking on Google.
  5. Drive competitors’ traffic to your site: Self-explanatory. Maybe one of my favorite SEO strategies of all time. Analyze your competitors’ organic pages and compose better articles with updated content. Use BrandOverflow to find the ranked keywords.
  6. Get to know when you lose a backlink: Use BrandOverflow’s Backlink monitor to get in the loop on your backlinks.
  7. Offer managed SEO services: Deliver rank tracking reports and more. Use Brand Overflow’s Dynamic shareable reporting feature to offer branded reports.

I tried to discuss as much as I could in this BrandOverflow review. But, because of its 20 SEO tools and ever-growing features, I cannot extend this BrandOverflow review much more. If you are looking for an SEO tool that returns value for money, BrandOverflow would be an excellent choice.

BrandOverflow Pricing

Pricing is also as important as the services provided sometimes. BrandOverflow has three pricing plans.

Rank Tracking50010005000
SERP Checker2505002500
YouTube Keywords2505002500
Question Generator2505002500
Keyword Tool75015007500
LSI Keywords2505002500
Organic Ranked Keywords2040200
Backlink Checker2505002500
Backlink Monitor1000200010000
Traffic Checker2505002500
SEO Audit50001000050000
Bulk Domain Data2505002500
Dynamic Shareable ReportsYesYesYes
Branded Shareable ReportsNoYesYes
BrandOverflow’s Pricing comparison

All in all, Advanced and Business plans have two times and ten times higher limits than the Starter plan. But in contrast, the pricing is increased fractionally.

Therefore, you can use BrandOverflow without worrying about access to certain leading features. For example, Semrush, another SEO tool like BrandOverflow, does not provide keyword cannibalization reports in their Pro plan. Learn more in this Semrush review.

Also, Ahrefs, one of BrandOverflow’s competitors, has 3 to 7 days of rank tracking update frequency. Where in BrandOverflow, you will get fresh data every day.

BrandOverflow Discount

BrandOverflow offered an exclusive coupon for Pitiya readers. Here is how to redeem it.

  1. Signup to Brand Overflow.
  2. Head over to the Billing page
  3. Select your plan & fill out payment details
  4. Enter coupon & checkout.

BrandOverflow coupon code: Pitiya20


Learn how to redeem the BrandOverflow coupon from this tutorial.

BrandOverflow Free

You can sign up for free and test all 20 SEO tools. BrandOverflow recently added a free plan. However, some features and capacities are limited.

BrandOverflow Pros and Cons

I have been a user of BrandOverflow since Nov of 2020. Over the previous months, the BrandOverflow team has regularly released updates, fixed issues, and added new features.

Here are my personal experience-based advantages and drawbacks of BrandOverflow.


  • 20+ SEO tools to grow your business’s search engine presence
  • The SERP Rank Tracking tool is pretty accurate and allows you to target based on the ZIP code location
  • Dynamic shareable reports
  • Sub accounts
  • Team members


  • You won’t find data for some keywords, domains, and pages.
  • You can’t find ranked keywords on the page level.

Is BrandOverflow worth it?

Over the years, I have used many SEO tools for blogging. Some of them ended very well, while many of them were obsolete with nothing special to offer.

Although, BrandOverflow amazed me for some reasons:

  • It went from just several SEO tools to over 20 tools in less than a year
  • The rank tracking tool is pretty accurate and hyper-targeted
  • Over 100,000 geo-locations are supported
  • The introduction of new SEO tools such as Question Generator, SERP Lookup, and Ranked keywords checker.

If you are looking for a reliable and accurate rank tracker with extra features, give BrandOverflow a try.

Brand Overflow Alternatives

In this review on Brand Overflow, you found out how to use Brand Overflow and its features, pros, and cons. But, it is not the only SEO tool in the world. There are many SEO tools like BrandOverflow. Here are some of them:


Ubersuggest is a search engine optimization tool by Neil Patel, the SEO expert and marketing guru. It provides similar and unique features to BrandOverflow.

Brandoverflow vs Ubersuggest

Tracked Keywords1,0001,050*
LocationsCities, Countries, and ZipcodesCities and Countries only
SERP CheckerYesNo
Backlinks CheckerYesYes
Monitor BacklinksYesNo
YouTube KeywordsYesNo
Dynamic Shareable ReportsYesNo
Question GeneratorYesNo
We compared BrandOverflow’s Advanced plan vs. Ubersuggest’s Business plan.

* 150 keywords per project. Seven total projects are allowed

By comparing BrandOverflow vs. Ubersuggest’s data, Ubersuggest has more data. However, BrandOverflow has not had more unique features/tools than Ubersuggest. For example, you cannot research keywords for YouTube with Ubersuggest.

More BrandOverflow Competitors

  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • KwFinder
  • SuperSEO
  • KeywordTool
  • AccuRanker
  • Serpstat
  • LSIGraph
  • RankWatch
  • SEOTesterOnline

Conclusion on Brand Overflow Review

In this review on Brand Overflow, I shared how to use BrandOverflow, features, and several alternatives.

What I have personally experienced over previous months is impressive. The team behind BrandOverflow is very passionate and talented, and they have a plan to make it a more prominent SEO tool in the market.

SEO has become harder since more businesses tapped into content marketing and Google’s regular updates. So, having at least one good SEO tool in your arsenal is critical to ensure you are up-to-date with current happenings.

BrandOverflow is definitely an SEO tool I am looking forward to using often. So, if you found that the features I mentioned in this BrandOverflow review are what you were looking for, give Brand Overflow a try today.

What are your reviews on BrandOverflow? Share in the comments below.

BrandOverflow Review
  • Accuracy
  • Reporting
  • Features
  • UI & UX
  • Data Size
  • Value for money


BrandOverflow makes SEO more fun again by letting you track SERP ranking of existing keywords of yours and competitors and doing other SEO actions such as keyword research, monitoring backlinks, checking competitors’ keywords, etc. 

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