How to Get Tumblr Followers More, Easily (28 Free Ways)

How to Get More Followers On Tumblr

In this new article, you will find out how to get Tumblr followers fast for free.

Plus, I will share an infographic so that you can use it daily to gain more followers on Tumblr.

Tumblr is particular social networking + microblogging platform that connects people worldwide to share their great works and ideas with no restrictions.

Visual content, especially, artworks dominate on Tumblr. Because many users are accustomed to visuals, the more creative you are, you can get more followers on Tumblr.

That’s why today, I thought to design a unique infographic to show you how to get lots of quality Tumblr followers.


How to Get More Followers on Tumblr – No Promos, For Free

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how to get more followers on Tumblr - infographic

How to Get More Followers on Tumblr Fast

Here are those 28 actionable tips to get more followers on Tumblr. Follow these and gain Tumblr followers.

  1. Like Posts: Entice others that you care about their blog. Let them start a conversation by following you.
  2. Reblog posts: Add more niche relevant content. Build more relationships while building backlinks. One stone, two birds, right?
  3. Follow Others: Why do you wait till others follow you? Follow them first and intrigue them to follow you back.
  4. Comment on other blogs: Be a part of their Tumblr community.
  5. Always be respectful to your followers and other users: Build trust. Be a helpful and kind person. Be their closest friend.
  6. Post on niche topics: Target your audience. Then broaden your niche steadily.
  7. Post-high-quality materials: Never post low-quality content. Improve your Tumblr’s authority. Utilize premium graphic designing tools such as Crello and use a tool like PromoRepublic. PromoRepublic has got thousands of premade agency-level premium graphics in different niches. Learn more in this PromoRepublic review.
  8. Be original: Don’t copy others’ content. Instead, come up with unique post ideas that will generate natural backlinks.
  9. Appeal your audience: Make them have no other choice rather than following you on Tumblr. Maintain a good and consistent post frequency so that you will not only get more followers on Tumblr but also an engaging one.
  10. Tag your posts: Get the most advantage of the Tumblr search. Adding popular tags in your posts will help in getting Tumblr followers naturally.
  11. Be true to yourself: Never abuse other people. Respect for every religion and nationality. Don’t publish ANYTHING that you think they are not right. Being honest and transparent will get Tumblr followers by your followers themselves by spreading your messages around the internet.
  12. Use keywords in the title, image alt attribute, and body: Basic on-page SEO tactics.
  13. Use click-bait titles (Improve CTR): Read my case study to find how I increased organic traffic by improving the click-through rate (CTR).
  14. Analyze SERP rankings and develop a strong interlinking strategy: Interlinking can drastically improve SERP rankings bypassing page authority. Make sure that you interlink at least three older posts whenever publishing a new Tumblr post.
  15. Verify your Tumblr on Google, Bing webmaster tools: Reveal you’re a human, not a bot to search engines. Check out the complete search engine submission guide here.
  16. Post-in-depth articles: Recent studies have found that in-depth posts usually posts with over 2,000 words rank higher on search engines. Use a tool like Semrush SEO Writing Assistant to get SEO-friendly content. Find more SEO tools over here.
  17. Analyze your competitors to find their SEO strategies: Who does know well about your niche rather than competitors? Then, check your competitor’s keywords using Semrush and sprinkle on your articles.
  18. Improve On-page and Off-page SEO performance: You can’t drive traffic to Tumblr without an adequately optimized SEO strategy. Here is an ultimate guide to Tumblr SEO to drive more traffic and get Tumblr followers.
  19. Regularly update your blog: Not many people are interested in outdated content. Update your older versions of blog posts by adding new content, removing outdated ones and revamping the site, etc. People most likely to follow you on Tumblr if they see you are an active user. In addition, the regularly updated blogs will more likely be indexed faster by Googlebot. Find out more.
  20. Post beautiful pictures: Eye-catching images are the core of a successful Tumblr marketing campaign. Tumblr is filled up with captivating visuals. You don’t need to stop on static images. Make use of GIFs, whiteboard videos, explainer videos, and cartoons. You can design beautiful social media graphics for your Tumblr posts using an app such as Crello or Stencil. It has features to add quotes to pictures too. Therefore, it’s a perfect tool for every graphic design needs.
  21. Use a custom theme: Custom themes will shift your Tumblr to the higher edge of a professional blog. Learn the differences between free and premium Tumblr themes from this article. The new look of your site will surely help to gain followers on Tumblr.
  22. Use custom domain name: Using a top-level domain rather than using the default sub-domain is beneficial in many ways. You can search a brand new domain using one of these domain search tools and configure it by following these instructions.
  23. Improve user experience. (ex: navigation): UX or User Experience is the NEW SEO. You want to make it super easier for people to navigate through each page.
  24. Quick loading time: People won’t come back if your Tumblr takes too long to load. Use an online image compression tool such as to reduce the sizes of images without losing quality before uploading them to your site.
  25. Incentivize to increase Tumblr followers: If you asked me how to get more followers on Tumblr fast, incentivizing would be one of the best ways to increase followers. I recommend using Convertful to build content lockers and offering giveaways and extra gifts. Convertful has got extra features such as gamification widgets that will also come in handy. Learn more about this tool in this review on Convertful.
  26. Create social media pages: Social media is an unofficial metric of measuring how much authority your blog has. The more followers your social media pages have, the more followers your Tumblr will earn naturally. Use these social media tools to shift your social media marketing campaigns from zero to top.
  27. Run a sweepstake: One of the fastest ways to get Tumblr followers easily is running a competition where you give away some prizes for following you on Tumblr. You can use a tool like UpViral to create a sweepstake.
  28. Share other people’s content: Post trending content on your Tumblr so that it will get more reblogs, quotes, and eventually more followers. I recommend ContentStudio to discover trending content for any niche topic. (Read my reviews on ContentStudio to learn more.)

I recommend you to check out this Tumblr SEO guide to optimizing your Tumblr for search engines and this competitor’s keyword research tutorial to analyze your competitors. These two articles will make a HUGE difference to your Tumblr marketing campaigns.

Also, I always recommend using a premium Tumblr theme rather than a free Tumblr theme for your blog. You can find a perfect theme from Themeforest and CreativeMarket. They both have beautiful and professional items for every niche.

If you are serious about blogging and want to generate lots of followers on Tumblr, I suggest you follow the steps in this tutorial to convert your subdomain ( to a top-level domain (TLD) (

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Conclusion on Getting Tumblr Followers

You can get followers for Tumblr without spending money on advertising and other paid promotional campaigns.

Yes, there are black hat methods to get subscribers to Tumblr too. But, as you and I know, they don’t work anymore. In simple words, they are USELESS tactics to get more followers on Tumblr.

Even though you used them, you won’t build a real follower base. Instead, you should build a raving audience that will reblog your posts, share on their social media profiles, and even link out to them on their professional blog.

Share your favorite method of getting more followers in the comment form below.

P.S: If you enjoyed reading this article and liked the infographic I have shared, please share it on your favorite social network. Thanks!

FAQs on Tumblr Followers

How can I get Tumblr Followers fast?

There are many ways to get followers on Tumblr. One of the fastest and most successful ways is running a giveaway competition to give away prizes in return following you on Tumblr.

You can use giveaway software like UpViral, Vyper, and Gleam to hold a competition.

How can I see my followers on Tumblr?

You can check who you follow on Tumblr on this page.

You will see a list of your followers and some options to block, report, or follow back people on Tumblr.

How do you know if someone follows you on Tumblr?

Visit your Tumblr blog followers section over here and search follower names using the search box.

How to get rid of Tumblr followers?

Visit your Tumblr blog followers section over here and click on the three dots and select the “Block” option to get rid of follower(s).

how to get more followers on tumblr

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