5 Reasons why Premium Theme is better than Free Theme for Tumblr

In the previous Tumblr theme tutorial about free Tumblr themes vs Premium Tumblr themes, I explained you what are the differences between premium themes Tumblr and free themes Tumblr.

I received a lot of responses to that post on social media, asking why should I use a premium Tumblr theme than a free Tumblr theme for my blog, are premium Tumblr themes worth it and what benefits do I receive using a paid Tumblr theme for my blog, etc.

Why exactly should you use Premium Tumblr themes for your blog than free Tumblr themes? Today I will list a few points that are very important for your blog.

Tumblr is not just a micro-blogging platform. It’s also a social network where people can interact with each other easily. You already know it. I have seen that many professional photographers, musicians, and housewives use Tumblr regularly than other blogging platforms.

There are a few reasons why people create Photoblogs and music blogs on Tumblr. One reason is there are compatible tools in the Tumblr dashboard to upload photos and music files easily.

Another thing is Tumblr provides free hosting for your content. So photographers can upload their photos to their private (or public) blogs from anywhere in the world.

As there are different types of people who use Tumblr, we should always look at what’re the important aspects that a Tumblr theme provides.

If you are a freelancer, you’d probably don’t want a grid theme for your Tumblr blog. You may want a portfolio theme.

I already have shared a resource of premium Themes for Tumblr. You can check it and choose a beautiful theme for your Tumblr website.

#1. Features

One of the major reasons why each theme differs from the other is the features. If every Tumblr theme has the same features, so no one will change their Tumblr themes and stand out from their competitors.

Tumblr premium theme creators are creative, innovative. They think about how to create a different theme that is not yet on the market.

Ex: If there is not a Tumblr theme integrated with Facebook and Disqus one can create a Tumblr theme including these comment widgets. And then sell them for people who want one or more of these comment systems on their blogs. It’s one feature that free Tumblr themes don’t have.

You can find such creative Tumblr themes on Themeforest. There are hundreds of premium Tumblr themes that have at least a single specific feature than others.

You can find free Tumblr themes with different features. But no one can beat Tumblr premium themes.

#2. Updates

No need to tell you that theme updating is such an important service that every theme maker must provide. Unfortunately, if you’re a free Tumblr theme user, you might not be able to receive free updates of the theme.

Free Tumblr theme creators don’t have enough time to update their themes and notify you whenever there is a newer version.

If you use a free Tumblr theme, you’ll have the same design, features, and tools after one or two years. But if you purchase Tumblr themes from Themeforest or any other reliable resource, you will receive theme updates for FREE.

#3. Tools & Customizations

The theme industry is very competitive. Tumblr theme creators tend to add more tools and customizations into themes. You can find them under the features and tools section. When they invented any specific tool, they update the Tumblr theme code and publicize it as a newer update. Ex: Core Web Vitals, AMP, Structured Data, etc.

As well as with every specific plugin or tool, there are many customizations. For example, Facebook comments plugin for Tumblr. I have created a Facebook comment plugin for Tumblr with various customizations. .

It’s a notification enabled comment plugin. You can change its skin, colors, CTA font, comment box width, comment order with just a few clicks. Watch this YouTube video to see how Facebook comments plugin works.

#4. SEO

Most Premium Themes are well SEO optimized. Tumblr premium themes load fast and don’t have chunky JavaScript codes which case increases page loading time and sometimes links to a malicious and adult website.

But some free Tumblr themes have encrypted links and they can add any amount of links to your website. If they’re links that search engine bots are allowed to follow, your website will be the next victim of any Google algorithm update.

Many Tumblr themes have tools to add Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Baidu Webmaster Tools verification codes. Also, they have SEO meta tags that help search engines to identify your website content and rank it higher.

In search engine optimization, On-page SEO is very crucial. Because proper on-page SEO strategies can increase your website traffic even you don’t have enough backlinks. Therefore, when choosing a theme for the Tumblr blog, make sure it has at least basic SEO implementations.

Learn: How to Do SEO for Tumblr Blogs

#5. Security

It is no matter how good your content is. If someone can control your website presence remotely, you’re in a trouble.

You should always check out your website’s source code. If there is a link to an external JavaScript file, make sure it’s secure and reliable.

If you can’t identify the proper JavaScript codes (ex: encoded codes), then theme creators are trying to hide something from you. It may be they want to retain encrypted links on the footer moreover and/or want to control your website.

Remember One JavaScript file hosted externally can ruin your website.

Tumblr premium themes in Themeforest are approved only by checking its source code and web compatibility by Themeforest experts.

So, all themes in the Themeforest theme directory are well secured. If you have any questions regarding theme security or theme coding, you can contact the Tumblr theme creator or Themeforest team anytime.


Choosing a relevant theme for the Tumblr blog is the foremost consideration you must think about thrice. If you have installed an irrelevant theme, you cannot get the highest benefits for your hard works.

When deciding what theme you should use for your Tumblr blog, you should choose a premium theme.

Because it’s not only that premium themes are well SEO optimized, have unique features and you receive free updates.

But also those themes cannot be seen on many websites on the Internet. That gives your website a unique and stunning look.

So what Tumblr theme do you use for your blog?


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