9 Tumblr Benefits Why You Should Use It (What Is It Good for?)

In this short post, you will find out the Tumblr benefits and why you should have a Tumblr (or not!).

Bloggers (people who have a blog) use different platforms to build up their websites and portfolios. Ex: Blogger, WordPress, Brizy (Learn more about Brizy Cloud blogging from here), Wix, Drupal, Clickfunnels

Many people who are new to this extended blogging world overlook (or don’t find) the benefits of Tumblr for small businesses. There are more than just write-n-post features on Tumblr.

I have already talked more about Tumblr and shown you:

Tumblr has really become the next-generation premier social + blogging platform. Recently, WordPress bought Tumblr, and you could expect big things in the future!

If you’re new to Tumblr and/or in doubt about why you should have a Tumblr blog, in this post, I will explain the benefits that you will receive as a person, small business owner, or big brand are.

What is Tumblr good for?

What is a Tumblr? Is Tumblr blog? or a social media network?

Here are several things Tumblr is about.

#1. It’s a Blogging + social networking platform

Tumblr is not just like another blogging platform where no robust interaction between bloggers.

Tumblr is one of the top social networks that allow users to follow each other and like, comment, reshare, etc. Once any of your posts go viral, you know that it would get thousands of views, likes, comments, social followers, and backlinks.

It’s the main benefit that Tumblr gives you, as it’s a social network. If one of your attractive posts gets people’s attention, your post will get more views, and you will be able to capture more leads.

  • Interact with via Live Chat followers and friends as you do on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Like on others’ posts, comment on a status, listen to music, etc.,
  • Reblog others’ posts like you do on Pinterest
  • Discover popular posts by searching as you do on Twitter
  • Have your own blog and share your thoughts in the world.

#2. Easy to use

Tumblr is not like other blogging platforms where you want to use your coding skills and other technical experience to run your website.

It comes up with built-in tools that you can use to ease your works. Ex: Find and Replace tool in Tumblr Theme editor: You should have a Tumblr blog to share your music clips, videos, and photos very easily.

No need to use services to host your files. Tumblr saves your assets on their servers securely. Any person can get it at any time. No Bandwidth limit.

If you are either musician or a photographer, I recommend you create a website on Tumblr. There are thousands of good themes for professionals like you. Click here to check out amazing Tumblr themes for your next Tumblr blog.

#3. Customization

Whether you’re a coding dude or not, you can maintain a good-looking website that gets the attention of people. Tumblr Theme coding docs guide helps create a custom theme for coding experts and newbies, while for marketers and professionals, there are thousands of themes in the Tumblr directory. Also, you can purchase a premium Theme from Themeforest.

I love Tumblr because you can create custom static pages that you can use for different purposes, such as designing custom pages. It’s absolutely very helpful in this era where everything is for people who are ready to pay.

Nothing beats Tumblr static page options as there is almost everything that people what to. If you want to cloak affiliate links, you can do it very easily with Tumblr.

Ex: https://thepitiya.tumblr.com/GetResponse which redirects to GetResponse

#4. SEO Benefit

Who doesn’t like to get free traffic to their websites? I think everybody likes it.

There are many ways that Tumblr helps you boost your SEO performance. Like Facebook, Tumblr posts are crawled by search engine bots such as Googlebot (crawling spider for Google).

That means if there is any term in your text that people are searching on Google, Google will show your blog on the search list (SERPs).

I have learned about Tumblr indexing because if I use tags in my posts, I can get more search views from Tumblr searching also from search engines.

Google crawls Tumblr tags. That means if you post fresh content with relevant tags, you can get more views.

Other untapped SEO benefits of using Tumblr are getting more linkbacks, social shares, and reblogs. Do you know how Tumblr blogs get high page rank very easily? It’s just because there are features called reblogs and like.

When you do any of them, you get a link back to your primary blog. The more reblogs and likes you have means more linkbacks you get to your website.

But it only works for Tumblr primary blogs. If you want to learn how to make your secondary blog the primary blog or vice versa, follow this tutorial about converting Tumblr blog type.

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#5. Build social community

I know there are more hosted-blogging platforms where you can blog and share your mouth of words with all in the world. But could you interact with them?

Or does a blogging platform help you build your community?

I think it might not. Just like that Tumblr helps you grow your social community.

It features your profile and content on other people’s dashboards. That helps grow your blog followers so that you can increase engagement.

#6. Popularity, demography and geography

Another important reason why you should have a Tumblr blog is that the people who use Tumblr. The top 5 religions that use Tumblr are United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, and Canada. (Source)

If you’re targeting paying prospects, then Tumblr will be your next step to market your business.

#7. Higher Engagement

Currently, Tumblr takes the silver medal for having a large audience with the best total per visit time. Guess what social network is the first?

Yes, it’s Facebook. Tumblr users are young, and they are incredibly engaged. Actually, Tumblr is an untapped social + blogging platform by webmasters.

The customers you get from Tumblr are quality and high engaged.

They’re the people who share your content on social media. I have seen that rather than my regular posts, Tumblr-related posts and tutorials are shared most. Amazingly, I just only have published a few posts related to Tumblr.

#8. Build Your Brand

I was amazed at why many bloggers don’t use Tumblr to build their brand awareness. For the Pitiya website, we have thepitiya.tumblr.com blog on Tumblr.

For thenextweb.com, thenextweb.tumblr.com. Big brands make use of Tumblr to build their brand and increase website traffic. As soon as you’re popular, you will have a big fan base.

#9. It’s totally 100% free

Yes, who doesn’t like freebies? Luckily for you, Tumblr is a free-hosted blogging platform. You can start from zero dollars to create your website or portfolio.

Go to Tumblr.com and create your free account. Remember that your username is the primary blog name. Ex: if your username is John, then your primary blog address will be john.tumblr.com.

Should I get a Tumblr?

If you want to…

  • Showcase your art skills
  • Build a small community (and do not want to use Facebook and other big techs)
  • Have a blog
  • Showcase yourself

you should have a Tumblr blog.

However, if you want to make a blog for your business, I do not recommend Tumblr. WordPress would be an easy solution for it.

Conclusion on Tumblr Benefits

Tumblr is not just like other web-based blogging platforms. It is also a social networking website.

That’s why big brands like search engine land and The Next Web use Tumblr to increase user engagement.

If you want to create an engaging user base, create a branded Tumblr blog and market it. The benefits of Tumblr are more than just what you think.

Do you already have a Tumblr blog? What do you feel about the Tumblr blogging platform? Is it worth creating a Tumblr blog?

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