List of Top 10 Premium Responsive Tumblr Themes

This is a short list-article on best Tumblr themes.

Are you looking for a Tumblr theme that could not only increase the uniqueness and brand of your site but also increase traffic to Tumblr and get more followers fast?

Then in this post, you will find the most attractive Tumblr themes on the internet today.


They are premium Tumblr themes. That means they aren’t free!

Yes, you will have to pay a few bucks to get a high-quality theme for Tumblr. But, many professional bloggers have either custom-coded themes or premium themes that come with different benefits over free themes.

One more thing, they are fully responsive. So, your mobile visitors will be easily able to view your blog and navigate comfortably.

Oblivion Magazine

Oblivion Magazine is a magazine premium theme for Tumblr blogs. It has various features some are.

  • Multiple authors,
  • Ask + Submit widgets,
  • Up to 10 categories,
  • Preloader + fancy loading animations,
  • Recent comments widget,
  • YouTube feed widget and Featured posts widget

You got more than 100 options of customization and a whole bunch of features and widgets to play with.


Scribble is a minimal Tumblr theme. If you want a simple yet eye-catching template for Tumblr, so Scribble should be it.

It supports all post types and comes with the Disqus comment system. If you want to add custom pages to your Tumblr, you can do it very easily in this Scribble theme.


Prospekt is a gallery style Tumblr theme perfectly match for travel blogs. It is coming with great features such as infinite scrolling and slide-out sidebar. I don’t know much about the slide-out bar. But, you can preview the theme and look if Prospekt is right for your needs.


Vidy is a premium Tumblr theme for video blogs. If you are a travel blogger and publish video content often, then Vidy might be your best shot!

If you want to learn how to track YouTube video rankings, check out my complete guide on it over here.


Mallow is another high-quality, responsive theme for Tumblr blogs and portfolios.

Even you have a photoblog; you can use this theme on your Tumblr and see how your Tumblr SEO is improved overall. I suggest you check out Mallow theme if you want charm, aspiring, and unique Tumblr theme.


Wave is one of the best premium Tumblr themes online today. It has a variety of types of customization options and provides support for main tracking and comment system platforms. Some of Wave’s noticeable features are;

  • Custom accent colors for personalized customization
  • Fully responsive, so your content looks great on every device
  • Retina-ready icons and text
  • Use an avatar or personalize further with a custom logo
  • Add a featured image to add your personal touch
  • Page support so you can create and manage additional pages
  • Infinite scrolling that automatically loads more posts as you get to the bottom of the page
  • Enter your Twitter username to show your most recent tweet
  • Show your Instagram, Pinterest, or Flickr posts right on your Tumblr blog
  • Visitors can leave comments via Facebook
  • Google Analytics support to track user activity


Another premium theme for Tumblr made by the PixelUnion. Aperture is a professional theme for photographers or photo blogs.

Aperture has many themes and posts customization options. You can use them to get more exposure to your photoblog.


PortFolia is a premium portfolio theme for Tumblr. If you are searching for a good theme for your portfolio blog (to showcase your talents), then PortFolia would be your first choice.

It comes with unique features that others don’t provide such as testimonials, inline contact form. PortFolio’s header slider is something you should take a look at intentionally. All in all, PortFolio is a perfect choice for any portfolio Tumblr theme.


Flow is a grid-based Tumblr theme. Pixel Reven, the creator of Flow Grid Tumblr Theme, claims that it is perfect for inspirational blogs.

So, if you are a freelance worker (ex: doing freelance writing, freelance video editing, etc.) or an agency owner, then you should take a look at this theme. As many freelancers use Tumblr as a platform to inspire their potential prospects and acquire more clients.


The paper is obviously one of my favorite premium Tumblr themes. As in the sales page described, Paper is a full distraction-free theme for Tumblr.

So, if you are a writer and a content marketer, you might be looking for a theme like Paper. If you are in the blogging industry, then you should also use this premium Tumblr theme on your Tumblr as well.

Final Words on Best Tumblr Themes

So, these are the best responsive premium Tumblr themes. There are many premium Tumblr themes for different purposes and different niches.

You can find an excellent premium and responsive Tumblr theme as your needs over ThemeForest and CreativeMarket.

At Themeforest, you will find a wide range of premium Tumblr themes. All of them are fully responsive, and many theme designers support free to support and updates.

One common downside of all Tumblr theme marketplaces is that there are not variety of designs. That makes it’s difficult to find theme that fit your niche and blog.

So, check out any marketplace to buy Tumblr themes and let us know what your best premium Tumblr theme is. Share your best theme name and its features in the comments below.

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