How to Submit Your Website to Baidu Webmaster Tools

While Baidu is a Chinese-oriented search engine mostly, if your target market is Chinese-speaking people, then in this guide, you will find how to work with Baidu webmaster tools and how to submit your site to Baidu.

If you are a webmaster and in the blogging field for a while, you should know what search engine marketing is. Many of the 1.75+ billion websites in the world (and still counting…) receive tons of FREE traffic from search engines.

Even ‘Pitiya‘ receives more than 80% of total traffic from search engines.


Not paid traffic, it’s organic traffic.

Although organic traffic is free, it still not an easy task to get traffic from search engines such as Google.

Google uses more than 200 ranking factors to rank web pages on SERPs. However, the initial step of any website or blog is to submit the site to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

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In a previous tutorial, I explained why you, as a blogger, should submit your website to search engines just after the website is ready for public exposure.

I have seen that many webmasters think it’s imperative to present their site to search engines just after setting up the site, even without setting up the website correctly.

Although they added the site to search engines, the website won’t receive significant traffic from search engines.

This is another reason why Google doesn’t crawl web pages efficiently. So, I assume that you have a properly set-up website or blog which already has some quality content, and it doesn’t prevent search engine bots from crawling your site.

What’s Baidu?

Before we take into the tutorial, I think that it’s good to know a little bit about Baidu.

Baidu is a Chinese-based (local) search engine, which is one top ten most popular websites as SEMRUSH web ranking. SEMRUSH is an industry-leading company that offers various digital marketing tools for SEO, SEM, Content marketing, etc., and their website ranking is one of the best in the market. It’s far more than Twitter gets or even Vkontakte.

You can learn more about the Baidu search engine and its origin, founders, and current situation from this Wikipedia page.

Baidu logo
Baidu logo

Baidu is such an important search engine that can drive massive traffic to your website.

But, unfortunately, some bloggers ignore the Baidu search engine’s potential value because they think that it’s just enough to submit the website to Google Search Console and verify the website ownership with Bing webmaster tools (so can get more traffic from Bing and Yahoo) and waiting for results pouring in.

But as a webmaster, every visitor is significant. It counts. At the end of the day, what’s important is how much traffic the website gets, Not from what sources traffic receives.

The visitor coming from Baidu could be your next list subscriber, social media follower, blog post distributor, or a potential buyer. No matter from where they come or what referring sources are.

That’s why you should care about regional search engines like Baidu. So, in this search engine submission tutorial, I will show you how to submit your website to the Baidu search engine.

Submit Website to Baidu Webmaster Tools: The Step-by-Step Guide


Baidu has restricted new overseas signups at the moment. Consider submitting the site URL to Baidu instead over here. The tutorial will be updated as soon as Baidu allows new registrations.

You can submit your website to the Baidu search engine without using a Baidu webmaster tools account. But when you want more insights about your search traffic and want to use Baidu’s free SEO tools, you have to register on Baidu webmaster tools and verify your website ownership.

As a professional blogger, it is important to register with Baidu webmaster tools as it can help to improve your site rankings and overall performance of SERPs.

Step 1. First of all, open up your web browser (Google Chrome recommended) and go to the Baidu webmaster tools Home page.

Google Chrome has a feature to automatically translate from any language to your desired language (if available on google translate). So anymore, you don’t want to worry about Chinese characters!

Step 2. Now click on the “Sign up Now” link as shown in the below screenshot.

Sign up for Baidu Webmaster tools

Step 3. Now you should redirect to a web page with a web form to create your free Baidu account. If you don’t see a page like this (see below screenshot), you can go to this page by using this link. Then click on the “Mail registration” tab if it isn’t already selected.

Sign up for Baidu Webmaster tools : Email Registration
Sign up for Baidu Webmaster Tools: Email Registration

Step 4. Now in the Mail Registration tab, you can see an interface like below. Fill out the necessary fields and click the checkbox to verify that you have read the Baidu User Agreement. Then click on the “Registration” button.

Register Your Baidu Account

Step 5. Now login to the email account which you provided to Baidu when signing up. Find an email from Baidu and click the verification link.

Step 6. When you click the account verification link, you should direct to a web page to verify your mobile number. Verify your mobile number for fully activating your Baidu account. This will also help get notifications whenever someone tries to log in to your Baidu webmaster tools account.

Step 7. Now you can log into your brand new Baidu account by going to the homepage of Baidu webmaster tools.

Step 8. After you logged into the Baidu webmaster tools account, you could see a screen similar to the below one. Click on the “+ Add Site” button.

Add site to Baidu Webmaster tools

Step 9. Put on your website homepage address in the box and click on the “Add site” button.

Step 10. The next step is verifying your website ownership to Baidu just like you did with Google webmaster tools.

There are a few available methods. But you are not able to follow all of these methods as hosted blogging platforms like Blogger and Tumblr don’t allow their users to log into the hosting account. So, the best way to verify your website ownership is by adding a few values (CNAME record) to your custom domain name’s DNS area.

I used the HTML tag verification method because it’s quick and easy to follow. Nevertheless, If you want to submit your WordPress website, you have to copy and paste the meta code to your header.php file of the theme. It’s sometimes risky.

Verify Website ownership with Baidu Webmaster tools

You can add the HTML Meta tag to your Blogger blog by navigating to Theme >> Edit HTML and pasting the meta tag code below <head> tag. Some premium Blogger themes offer to add custom codes in theme options settings too.

The same method goes to Tumblr. Go to the Tumblr Theme editor and paste the HTML meta tag to the <head> section of your Tumblr theme.

If you are using WordPress, you should look for Theme Options, and most premium WordPress themes have options to add header codes easily.

Ping your Blog to Baidu Blog Search to Crawl more Pages

Baidu provides a free tool to ping your blog manually to their blog search engine. If you submitted your Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr blog to Baidu webmaster tools, you could also ping the site’s RSS feed.

By pinging your blog, you can expedite the crawling frequency and drive more traffic instantly to your site.

Pro tipWhenever you update your blog (either added a new post or revised older posts), use this free SEO tool to get Baidu-bot to crawl your website.

Go to the Baidu Blog Ping website and enter your blog address or blog RSS feed address, as shown in the below screenshot.

Ping Your Blog to Baidu Blog Search
Ping Your Blog to Baidu Blog Search

Click on the “Submit blog” button.

That’s alright! 😉

Final Words…

Search engine submission is one of the most important things that you should do right after setting up your website properly and at the time that you want to tell search engines that…

“Hey, now you can crawl my site and let other question-heavy people know that I have a few suggestions/answers on my website.“

It doesn’t make sense to try driving more organic traffic to your blog if it doesn’t have enough content/information. Read this post to learn a few tips I followed to increase my website traffic with low, competitive keywords.

Also, if you are really into search engine optimization, then I would recommend give SEMRUSH a try today. Click here to open your free SEMrush GURU account. You will save $229.95 and be able to find keywords, analyze competitor strategies, check backlinks, find keyword rankings on Google, etc. Learn more about the Semrush free trial over here.

Here are a few articles related to search engine optimization I have written in the previous few days.

You can also submit your website and blog to other webmaster tools such as Yandex webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools to get the most out of their free SEO tools to optimize your website for search engines.

If you found this tutorial is informative, please share it with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Does your website receive enough traffic from the Baidu search engine? 


22 thoughts on “How to Submit Your Website to Baidu Webmaster Tools”

    • Go to Baidu webmaster tools page using Google Chrome and after loading the webpage, translate page into English. Bottom of webpage (login form), there is a link for creating a new Baidu webmaster tools account. Then follow about instructions and adding your website to Baidu search engine. Hope this helped.

      • There is no email registration form, just via phone number and they don’t accept foreign phone numbers (formating, too long with country code etc.)

  1. Hi,
    i followed your steps but when i click on the verification link a webmaster page opens but it says to write the captcha but it is in chinese…
    What do i do now ???

    • Make sure your computer doesn't have any malicious program running. In many cases, major websites show captcha page when your computer's IP address is blacklist. However, you can try again and if the program still exists, use Gmail Input tools.

  2. nice info, but when I put code between head section, then click verify button.
    Always baidu said "unable to search verify code" .. is valid for baidu ???
    if valid then why it can not reachable on my blogger head section, even i do correct all things.

  3. hey chamal,I did not get mobile verification page after verifying baidu account. Also it says number format is wrong.How did you submit your mobile number ?

  4. I put my cell phone number to sign up in but baidu did not accept my 10 digit mobile phone number it said format is incorrect, what the process and idea to put phone number there to have code number?

    Hope to hear from any body who knows well about to register.

    • Yeah same here, there’s no way to register without chinese phone number right now.
      Did somebody managed to get through this phone bullsh*t?!

    • Yes, I got a few messages that these days, it’s very difficult to add website to Baidu. But, as we all know, hard works pays off!

      Let me know if you have anything else to know.

  5. Hello, I tried the steps in order to submit my website to Baidu but there is no option to register using email as you posted, what else can I do ?

    • It has become difficult to submit websites and blogs to Baidu. I will update the guide once find a solution. So, subscribe to newsletter to get notified when it happens.

  6. the registration for webmaster tool is not as easy as your guide anymore
    i have successfully created baidu account, but the registration for baidu webmaster tool is just another level


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