Long Tail Pro Alternatives: Best 3 SEO Tools Like LongTailPro

October 27, 2020


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In this new Long Tail Pro alternatives guide, you will find powerful SEO tools to replace LongTailPro and...

  • Why you must check for best Long Tail Pro alternatives, like now.
  • Why LongTail Pro is expensive and you can find many robust SEO tools with much much more features at a cheap rate.
  • How to find best alternative to Long Tail Pro based on your key needs.

I have already reviewed Long Tail Pro SEO tool at Pitiya not a too long ago and not surprisingly it's one of reviews with least rating!

If you want to find best Long Tail Pro alternative, you are in the right place because here I list top 3 LongTailPro competitors (both free and premium) and you can select one based on your criteria.

Do not forget to share what your best alternative to LongTailPro is by dropping a comment below!

Best Long Tail Pro Alternatives for SEO


Semrush Domain Gap tool: Check what keywords your site's not ranking but your competitor.

If you are in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) field for sometime or search an SEO tool, I believe you already know what SEMrush is.

SEMrush is all-in-one, complete SEO & SEM (Search Engine Marketing) toolkit for all marketers.

Some of the key features of SEMrush are...

  • Competitor Analytics (Find keywords your competitor is using instantly)
  • Advanced Keyword research (Unlike what you did in LongTailPro, you can generate many long-tail keywords with high search volume)
  • Site Audit (a feature that you couldn't find in LongTailPro)
  • Position Tracking (e.g: Track keyword ranking on Google search engine result pages (SERPs) so that you can get to known when Google increases or decreases your ranking instantly)
  • Backlink Analytics (another feature that is leagues ahead of LongTailPro)
  • Domain comparison, keywords difficulty checker, Web Traffic estimator, SEO content analysis and much much more.

SEMrush Competitor Analysis: Spy on your competitors' keywords and find keyword potentials and strategies to drive traffic to your site.

In my latest post on how SEMrush can hack your blog growth, I explained why every blogger should use SEMrush toolkit if he/she want to grow traffic and quality of traffic (two very distinct topics that vastly matter for your business). One thing you might've noticed in that post is that, one SEMrush account is enough to accomplish all those things.

Compare it with Long Tail Pro.

You will need another dozens of tools along with Long Tail Pro to accomplish what a single SEMrush account could offer. Check out all SEMRUSH features here.

This makes SEMrush is not only an excellent Long Tail Pro alternative, but also saves you time, money, resources and improve the performances of your campaigns by boosting efficiency.

Verdict: If you do not want to depend on lots of tools to replace your Long Tail Pro subscription, choose SEMrush.

I have been using SEMrush for well over 7 years now and I can only say, get and use it! It only gets better and better. Check out my SEMrush review to learn more about this awesome toolkit.

If you want to test-drive premium features, create your free SEMrush trial account by using this link. (Learn more about SEMrush free trial promo offer here.)



Ahrefs Keywords Explorer: Explore keywords for your content marketing campaigns.

If you run a digital marketing agency and particularly offer SEO services such as backlink building to clients, you might need to look at Ahrefs.

Not only it's a perfect Long Tail Pro alternative, but also a powerful cloud SEO software like SEMRUSH.

Among Ahref's features, here are some of key ones:

  • Backlink checker: Most SEO experts accept that Ahrefs is the industry-leading tool for checking backlinks. As of writing this, Ahrefs contains over 16 trillion known links and crawls 5 million pages every minute!
  • Broken Link checker: If you want to build backlinks to your site based on broken link building strategy, Ahrefs's Broken link checker might be an excellent choice for you.
  • Web monitoring: Get notified whenever you or your competitors win or lose backlink!
  • Rank Tracking, Keywords analysis, Content research and much more.

According to me, like SEMRUSH, Ahrefs is also leagues ahead of Long Tail Pro. The only downside is Ahrefs doesn't offer a free plan. That means you have to subscribe to a paid plan in order to use Ahrefs at all!

Verdict: If you bought LongTailPro for link building and want a tool for link building activities, Ahrefs is a great one.



Ubersuggest: A free Long Tail Pro Alternative

Ubersuggest is a simple SEO tool by Neil Patel who is an industry-leading SEO expert.

Compared to LongTailPro, Ubersuggest provides extra features such as rank tracking and website traffic analyzer.

If you are looking for a long tail pro free alternative, Ubersuggest might be your best shot as Neil Patel bought Ubersugest to provide premium SEO services free. Read more about it here.

Some of Ubersuggest SEO tool's key features:

  • Basic keywords research
  • Basic traffic analysis
  • Site audit
  • Backlink checker
  • Rank tracker

Verdict: Although Ubersuggest by Neil Patel has introduced a paid plan, still it's an excellent long tail pro free alternative particularly if you are a seasoned blogger.

What is best Long Tail Pro Alternative?

For price-wise and feature-wise, SEMRUSH is the best alternative to LongTailPro tool.

Not just because SEMRUSH is an established and powerful SEO toolkit, but also their data actually help you make accurate decisions that impact your bottom line.

If you are looking for a SEMRUSH deal, sign up for a free SEMRUSH GURU account by clicking this link. (valid for two weeks)

On another hand, if you are looking for a simple Longtailpro free alternative, Ubersuggest might be it. Although, you can accomplish a lot with a free SEMRUSH account, free Ubersuggest account will help you in areas such as multiple searches per a day.

So what is your best Long Tail Pro alternative? Comment below.


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