Top Twitter Unfollow Tools to Remove Inactive, unfollowers

Within the past few years, Twitter grew very fast. Therefore, many people, especially webmasters, business owners and internet marketers paid their close attention to Twitter over other social networks.

In the beginning, there was not a huge crowd on Twitter. But, after increasing the traffic of in day by day, the organic reach of Twitter decreased significantly. (decreased clicks and engagements)'s organic traffic statistics in generated from's Organic Traffic Statistics for over past few years. (source)

If you have a few thousands of Twitter followers and you follow a few hundreds of active Twitter users, you would know what I mean. In every second, hundreds of Tweets flooded to homepage. So it is harder to market your business on Twitter.

But, it can be done. You need to use specific Twitter marketing strategies for that.

One core of any social media strategy is having a good, quality follower-base.

What I mean by quality followers?

It doesn’t make a sense if you have 100,000+ followers, but doesn’t have the engagement; Not getting retweets, clicks, replies etc.

And one way to determine your Twitter account’s quality (and of course the authority) is analyzing the people who you follow on Twitter. If you follow untargeted, inactive people on Twitter, so you will not get quality, informative tweets as you anticipated.

That’s where you should pay your attention to unfollowing Twitter accounts that add no value.

How to Unfollow People on Twitter

There are two ways you can unfollow someone on Twitter.

  1. Manually Twitter unfollow
  2. Use a Twitter unfollow Tool or Twitter unfollow app.

The Manual Method:

You might have already used this method. You can easily check people to unfollow by logging into your Twitter account and clicking the Following tab.


In fact, manually unfollowing someone on Twitter is perfect, if you know the person and the reason behind it. However, if your goal is to unfollow bulk of people at once without worrying too much on it, then you should definitely use an online tool for unfollowing people on Twitter.

The Automatic Method:

This is the by far the most successful and easiest way to unfollow unfollowers, inactive users, spammers on Twitter. There are lots of advantages you would receive by using a Twitter unfollow tool. Some of them are,

  • Ability to group Twitter Users: Most Twitter unfollow tools have advanced search filters which help you group people as spam ratio, inactive ratio, follower/following ratio, etc. So you can make sure you only remove people who don’t add value to you and your Twitter profile.
  • Mass unfollow Twitter users: If your Twitter account has a large following base, so you might want to clean your Twitter account from a few steps. Also, there might have more personal reasons to unfollow everyone. It is hard to unfollow hundreds of Twitter users one by one. So with the use of a good Twitter mass unfollow tool, you can remove more than one Twitter user just from a one click.
  • Track Twitter unfollowers: Some Twitter tools suggest you who to unfollow. There are lots of signals count when grouping who to unfollow. So if you are in doubt who you should unfollow on Twitter, you can use a Twitter unfollow tool which has this feature.

If you have a large Twitter following (and of course followers) and want to clean up the Twitter account on a weekly basis, you can use a Twitter unfollow tool. It is the best and the easiest way to go as you can save your valuable time and unfollow hundreds of inactive and non followers easily without any effort.

People usually check your Twitter profile and people you follow on Twitter to identify your professionality and personality. What if you're a businessman and handfully following a bunch of spam Twitter accounts accidently?

It's a not a good image to your brand, right?

Yes, so, that's why you should this TWO questions before unfollowing someone on Twitter permanently...

Two Questions to Ask Before unfollowing someone on Twitter

  1. Is He/She worth following? (Are his/her Tweets worth reading, clicking? Can they help me out and How?)
  2. Do you know the particular Twitter user? (A popular brand, organization, influencer, friend, relative etc.)

Best Twitter unfollow Tools to Remove inactive and Spam Profiles from your Twitter Account

Here are my best Twitter unfollow tools. Some might be paid, while others are free Twitter unfollow tools. But, remember that most premium unfollow Twitter tools provide just more than “unfollow” feature. To get more Twitter tools, check out this article: 11 Best Twitter Tools to Dominate Twitter Marketing in 2017

ManageFlitter: The Advanced Twitter User Unfollow Tool

ManageFlitter is one of my best Twitter unfollow tools I have ever used. It is an online tool. So you can use ManageFlitter tool from any device you have and from anywhere you are. To sneak-peak the interface of unfollow section of ManageFlitter, check out this screenshot.


This tool has lots of filtering options and ordering options. Some special ordering options are,

#1: Spam Score:

As I mentioned in above, I hate spammers. And we all hate spammers, right? The special ordering option of ManageFlitter enables you to find people who you follow, but have a higher spam score. (Higher the spam score, the Twitter account tends to be a spam profile. Characteristics of a spam profile: no profile image, fake name, wrong Twitter bio description, nudity related Tweets etc.)


#2: Last Activity

One way to determine a true Twitter user is by finding the date of last activity. Those who don’t even logged in to Twitter since a few months are considered as inactive users. Look at the screenshot below. Can see the last activity date of first Twitter users who I have followed, yet not following me back?


Yes, their latest updates are 12+ months ago. And even they don’t follow me back. Can you show me a one reason why I should keep following them? They just increase the following count of my Twitter account. Don’t make any sense, right?

ManageFlitter also has a robust unfollowers filtering option system.

#1: People who don’t speak English

If you don’t like to get tweets from people who speak a foreign language or the language you don’t understand, why you should keep following them without unfollowing?


#2: Inactive Twitter Followers

If your Twitter followings/followers have not updated Twitter accounts and shared a tweet for a while, you can filter these people easily with ManageFlitter Twitter management tool.


There are lots of ways you can use the ManageFlitter unfollow tool to find and clean out fake, inactive and spammy Twitter followers.

In addition to Twitter Unfollow tool, ManageFlitter provide a few other tools that can make your Twitter account more professional and increase number of quality Twitter followers and the engagements.

CrowdFireApp: A free Twitter unfollow Tool

Formerly known as The CrowdFireApp online Twitter tool provides a few useful tools for Twitter users. Among the tools, Twitter unfollow is one of those free tools.

You can easily find inactive and non-following Twitter users through CrowFireApp.


Even though, CrowdFireApp doesn’t have various filtering options like other Twitter unfollow tools, still CrowdFireApp is a good tool for those who like to a simple user interface.

As a Twitter tool, CrowdFireApp has started widening the features and so you can even now check whether someone has followed another person on Twitter.


How Should You Use Twitter Unfollow Tools? And how often?

Now you have learned two ways to unfollow someone on Twitter; the manual method and the automatic method. Even you learned how to unfollow everyone on Twitter. Not only that, you can also find out who unfollowed you on Twitter. These are the great lessons you learned from today’s article.

Some Twitter tools such as SocialBro have features to force unfollow you from others Twitter accounts. Anyway, you want to maintain your Twitter account neatly, right? So you should be aware of who you follow on Twitter.

Personally, I don’t often use Twitter unfollow tools. Because I rarely follow someone on Twitter (I use this tactic for other social media accounts as well). The people/celebrities/organizations/companies I follow, I know pretty well or I know that I could get something out of them at the end.

If you follow people regularly and want to check unfollowers on Twitter, I recommend you to use one of your favorite Twitter unfollow tools at least once per week. So you can easily manage your Twitter accounts.

'Follow for Follow' is one of oldest and a good method to increase Twitter followers. However, you should know the outcome of it. Basically, don't aim for increasing followers. Regularly tweet quality and helpful tweets. As time goes, your Twitter account will be accumulated with targeted and engaged Twitter follows that not only click on your links, but also retweets and share on other social accounts as well.

So what tools do you use to unfollow people on Twitter? Share your best Twitter unfollow tool(s) in the comment section below.

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